Otakon 2012 aka I hate Kodak

And so Otakon 2012 has come to an end. I came for Kakihara’s autograph and pretty much mission accomplished so I guess overall it was productive – except for the horrors that is my Kodak Z5120. More on that later though, let’s just start with the con report!

The Lodging

I decided to stay at the Hyatt this year because it connected directly to the con center. Due to this I had no issues staying at a 1AM panel (Mangagamer) and going back home without worrying that someone was going to mug or harass me. In fact due to me only really using the skywalk, I don’t think I’ve run into a single homeless bum all weekend. This is probably the first time in all the 4 times I’ve attended Otakon (2002, 2004, 2006 and 2012.) Oh I just realized I seem to only go to Otakon during the even numbered years. 😆 Due to the Hyatt also being an expensive hotel, it was pretty much weaboo free. Yes there were weaboos (and I wanted to murder one on Saturday night for talking on the phone until 2AM in the hallway) but the hotel was nice enough to send security over like 10 times to tell that stupid biatch to shut the fuck up (and also gave us a free complimentary breakfast which we didn’t think we’d have time for until our fucking train home got delayed. トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽)

The Panels & Events

  • Friday Night Fan parodies were great – particularly AMV Salad (which was basically like AMV Hell from back in the day) and the Sailor Moon parody. The Conan was okay but since I never saw the series it wants’ as funny as it was probably intended to be.
  • The Mangagamer panel said they’d discuss visual novels but when I sat there seeing their new releases I quickly realized they only want to discuss eroge.  I also had a feeling that if I got up in the middle of the room asking them why they won’t license otome games, all the kimootas in the room would have booed me out or told me to get back in the kitchen or whatever other gender related insult you can make. Still though, I think its really pathetic that most of their licenses are nukige. Only EF seemed like a worthy pick up to me but everything else was basically “fuck and rape some milfs and spooge all over them YEAAAAAA also this loli is like 32 years old YEAAA.” Needless to say when the Q&A started we left to go to sleep since it was like 1:30 AM by then anyway.
  • Spoiler the panel was pretty funny. They didn’t actually spoil anything that I cared about and they spoiled games I’ve never heard of or will ever play so I guess it was mostly for the lulz? Though I personally found their panel at NYAF a few years back a lot funnier. I guess when they make fun of stuff I don’t know/care about, it’s not as funny. Also I guess they will never actually spoil Hellsing.
  • On Saturday I had a bunch of panels that I planned to attend but somehow that all flew out the window and I pretty much spent the day running from 1 cosplay gathering to another taking photos and in between I’d be visiting the dealers room or artists alley. When I actually did want to attend a panel, they filled up so fast (aka people were too lazy to get their asses up & leave the room) that we never got to go in to begin with. I think I ended up spending my free time resting in the hotel room playing Clover Alice before going to dinner and yet another photoshoot. Due to staying up till  2Am the night before, I was dead tired and ended up going to bed at like 9:40PM completely missing out on the Saturday night fan parodies which I really wanted to see. Also I  started feeling like I was catching some con flu so I chugged some airborne before falling asleep (only to be awakened by the stupid cow weaboo at 1AM and raging to security until 2AM that night.)

Dealers Room & Artist Alley

Since I stopped drawing I decided I’d go see if I can buy stuff from artists in the artist alley. I did buy a cute print of Kaito & Miku but that’s it. It feels like every table was selling mainstream/popular stuff that they thought would sell – and maybe it did to everyone but me. I was looking for either UtaPri or other otome game fanart or fanart of more niche anime like Penguindrum. Sadly all I found were people with a million buttons, Madoka, Kuroshitsuji and original stuff which was really good but – sorry I like fanart on my wall. I can’t connect to an original character no matter how beautiful your art is therefore I cannot buy it (and I really dgaf what original artist social justice pioneers think of this because this is true for most people. I know because I’ve manned artist alley tables at 3 conventions.)

Dealers room was bootleg heaven. NOT GONNA LIE. The same dealers were selling the SAME WALLSCROLLS all over the place. That means if bootleg dealer 1 was selling them for $20 the bootleg dealer 2 was selling them for like $15 only 1 table away. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ I was able to find that small utapri charm for $2 cheaper 1 table away! I was even able to find a family of stuffed penguindrum penguins but since the large ones were $40 each I only ended up buying Kanba-penguin x3. My best dealers room find was of course this:

The actual pillow I got at Century21 for like $20 lmao. So no you don’t need to pay like $50 to buy one on the internet when your local bed bath & beyond/C21 probably has this in store. You just need the 19″ ~20″ by 54″~55″ inch one. This is totally someone’s fanart printed on a dakimakura but the quality is nice and it was only $60. Pretty sure the utapri bedsheets (which were fugly in my opinion) cost like $120 so screw that.

Kakihara Tetsuya

Ok I guess this is pretty much the only reason anyone is reading this post (and the only reason I’m posting this here instead of my anime blog – which nobody reads anyway lol.) So anyway Kakki was precious and adorable but his staff were a bunch of crazy nazis. At Ai Nonaka’s panel I heard she was like TAKE MY PHOTOS YO but at Kakkis the staff ran around to people going DID U TAKE PIC JUST NOW!? JFC calm down dude. Needless to say it was difficult getting photos or videos of him but you can find them floating around the web somewhere.  Thanks to strategic planning I was the 4th person in line for Kakki’s autograph. One of his staff asked where I was from I guess because I had an otome game in my hand instead of like fairy tail crap like most of everyone else?? When I came up he looked at what he was about to sign and went OOH AMNESIA! I’m like yep I love otome games and I also liked Koakuma Bancho from Renai Bancho 8D!! He said thanks and then said my Japanese is pretty good lmao ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Afterwards I said thank you to him and then he told me Thank you very much in English. I was shaking as I walked out of the room xDDDD. I didn’t go to his gundam panel mainly because Bandai’s bullshit pissed me off and I feel sorry for anyone who had to buy Gundam shit they don’t care about just to get Kakki to sign ANYTHING.

Some highlights of his panel include him singing the Cutey Honey opening and yelling out “Lucy, ore ga moetekitaaa!” (which I suggested because the girl who requested it didn’t know how to phrase it in Japanese and  I’m pretty sure what she wanted to say in English was so inappropriate that I was hoping to uh…change the way things were going to make him less uncomfortable.  ) He mentioned how he’s doing a live with Namikawa and he also mentioned that he prefers doing cool characters rather than hot blooded ones. He even gave an example of a cool character WHICH SOUNDED JUST LIKE SHIN FROM AMNESIA CAUSE HE WAS LIKE “Naniyatterunda baaaka” sdghklsjd xDDDD So needless to say ladies, Kakki enjoys playing sexy voices for otome games more than yelling out like a maniac in animus (`ゝω・)vィェィ. A friend of mine who was on press got to be in a group interview with him and so I asked her to ask him what he thinks about otome game fans in America. From what I understood his response was that he was really happy to know that there are fans of the games :D. I’m hoping I’ll get to see a transcript of that interview somewhere so I can get more details on his response. Anyway overall I had a good time at the panel (except the shitty staff) and I’m really glad I got a chance to go to it without sacrificing his autograph!

Fuck yea he drew me a heart lmao

My Camera is a PIECE OF SHIT

I bought a Kodak Z5120 on Woot.com for $150 because it had 26x optical zoom. This was great for taking all those sniper photos from the top of the escalators but if I wanted to take photo of someone up close? CRAP CRAP CRAP. Not only that, but between photos it took like 10 seconds before it let me take the next shot. It was so bad that a few cosplayers would get obviously frustrated as I stood there going COME ON U FUCKING CAMERA I NEED TO CHANGE THE GOD DAMN  SHUTTER SPEED. (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!! My old Canon also runs on this shitty CCD garbage but oh man it is SO MUCH FASTER and also it actually has image stabilization. Well what am I complaining about the obvious for, Kodak went bankrupt & sold their camera business for a reason. I must have been an idiot thinking that it was a good camera based on like 5 people’s reviews. Anyone who thinks this is a good camera must have switched from a polaroid or a film camera from 1996 so of course it’s “good” in comparison. But you know what my freaking cell phone takes better pics, BEHOLD:

So needless to say I’m just gonna ebay off both of the other cameras and stick to my cell phone for a while. A cell phone camera sounds so bootleg but seeing how my phone uses CMOS and both of these crap cameras use CCD there’s really no contest lmao. I’m a camera noob but thanks to the Kodak camera being so fucking terrible, I realized how much difference a camera brand/quality can really make. In an odd way I started remembering my college photography classes and pretty much spent all weekend using Manual mode because all the automodes were utter garbage. I’m not sure if I’m ready for a DSLR. They are brutally expensive and then you need to buy all the damn lenses for them and seeing how I rarely ever have an opportunity to take photos like this (the next time might be when I go to someone’s wedding in January) I don’t even know if it’s worth bothering. All I ever wanted was a point & shoot camera that didn’t weigh a ton of bricks and took decent photos in poor lighting. I guess maybe I’m just asking too much lmao \( ^o^)/.

Other Complaints

  • It was hot as all fuck all weekend and the BCC staff clearly don’t give 2 shits so the ventilation was god awful. It was so god awful that I had to reapply deodorant like twice a day because I felt like I was in a Sauna no matter where in the BCC I went. I don’t ever remember Otakon being this disgustingly hot. Sure there were areas fulla BO but there was always at least parts of the center that were cool enough to take a break or rest in. Nope. Not this year. Not anywhere. If I wanted to take a  break, I ended up going back to my hotel room.
  • Panels were only cleared for 18+. This is why I wasn’t able to attend some panels (that were fan panels not even guest panels) because people would walk in and sit in the same panel room for hours whether or not they gave a fuck about the actual panel. This means people who actually wanted to see the panel never got a chance to even go in.
  • I really wish people wouldn’t cosplay at restaurants – especially hotel restaurants. Seriously dude, your fucking room is 3 floors away, put on a tshirt & shorts, eat your fucking breakfast then GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND PUT ON YOUR COSTUME. I don’t appreciate trying to get some fucking french toast while your stupid wings smack me in the fucking face. オリャ-( ゚Д゚)ノ====┻┻゚ロ゚)フギャ!! Also I didn’t appreciate a bunch of DBZ reject cosplayers (or whatever the fuck they were) loitering in front of the entrance to my hotel and using the stairs as their skateboard/jump ramp. Seriously where the fuck do you think you are, go die in a fire you fucking idiots.
  • THIS IS AN ANIME CONVENTION, PLEASE STOP FLOODING IT WITH ADVENTURE TIME, HOMESTUCK AND AVENGERS SHIT. Oh my god I really don’t care who is butthurt over this statement but this kind of shit belongs at New York Comic Con or something. I would have rather seen like 60 Narutos and 70 Madokas then all the Homestuck idiots I ran into. Not because homestuck cosplay is annoying (other than stupid looking) but because THEY ALL ACT LIKE FUCKING MORONS. They run around screaming like they’re high on speed and while I’m at a photo shoot trying to take pics, they’re singing It’s a small world or some shit and the guy trying to tell people where to lineup can’t even be heard. The Avengers people – there are SO MANY of them that they end up hogging most of whatever area they choose for their photoshoot so either 1. you can’t get through because it’s a wall of bystanders or 2. the other cosplayers can’t find a place to do their shoot so they are forced to go elsewhere. This means that I go to where they are scheduled to be shooting and bam they’re gone because they had to move somewhere else to do the massive Avengers mob taking up half the floor. Adventure time I didn’t even recognize until JP pointed them out to me but it’s one of those American cartoon things that I’m just like “come on dude, there’s gotta be at least an ANIME you’re into that you can bring to an anime con instead of this Adventure time thing right??” I don’t mind when once in a while you see non anime cosplay at an anime con, hell there’s anime cosplay at comic con. However it really becomes a problem when it’s so many of them and then it gets to the point where ANIME cosplay becomes a rarity, what the fuck honestly. And yes I have the right to complain about this because I wanted to take so many group shots/individual cosplayers and the lack of anime cosplayers (and i’m sorry gijinka pikachus don’t count) + my camera being a piece of cow dung pretty much the cherry on top of this shitcake. (#゚`Д゚) P.S. What the hell is up with Kora? That was pretty huge too and I know absolutely nothing about it but I let it slide because it’s at least trying to be anime style.  I guess at least I’m happy I managed to find some otome game cosplayers (all like 10 of you) so props to you boys & girls for keeping the spirit alive!!
  • The GuideBook app this year was the best thing ever. In the past every year the paper schedule would be out of date the moment you got to the con. It was useless and shit would change  and you’d never know until you get there only to find out the event’s not there anymore. This year though they had multiple info tables with an updated schedule as well as a live updated schedule via the guidebook app. This is probably the best thing Otakon has done in the last 10 years.

Anyway was it worth going? I’d say so. Usually Saturdays at anime cons are the peak day but for some reason (probably thanks to Kakki) the peak day for me was on Friday. It also helped that Friday morning I decided to visit the Baltimore Aquarium and see some fishies & monkeys before going to the con to line up and run to more photo shoots.

Oh well, mission accomplished. Hopefully no anime cons will be calling anymore male seiyuus I care about anytime soon because I think I need a long break before I trek off to another happy fun time in 105F. And now have some cosplay photos and gander at Kodak’s “QUALITY”.


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  1. That is why I bought a proper camera. If you use the single focus ones, a phonecam is sufficient, but then you realise the limits. In photography, size (of the lens) does matter.

    AND THAT is why tablets should have a proper USB port. For a proper camera. Or at LEAST a damn SD slot. Then you can pop your camera SD card and find the photo.

  2. Oh I see thanks for the explanation – I did want one with the flash attached. I’ll see if B&H has it so I can try it out in the store first. I think I’m done buying randomly online from reviews then realizing it’s not for me.

    Also my Galaxy S3 camera is REALLY good the only thing it lacks is a decent zoom which is why I’m opting for a normal camera…otherwise it pretty much suits my needs (and since I have internet on it I can upload pics /send to friends etc)

  3. I see no firmware issues with mine. Basically 3,5,7 = entry, mid, photo weebo levels respectively. The 5 series have no internal flash, the 3 does. The touchscreen on the 5 was nice though but in the end it was not worth the extra. 7 was a bit too much for my price range.

    Like a computer, the first thing you should ask yourself: What are you going to use it for? It’s no point buying a top-end gaming rig to use it just to email and surf the net.

    I basically went with the F3 because i) camera phones suck, ii) my ancient Kodak digital camera was okay outdoors, but indoors always had lighting issues iii) casual photographer only.

  4. Thanks for the advice! From what I’ve been reading on amazon it seems like the F3 has various firmware issues though? I wonder if there’s been a fix for this. I like to buy my cameras from Costco since they have a generous return policy but I’ll check Amazon’s return policy (or maybe B&E camera in NYC) and see if I can play around with it before throwing $600 into the wind |D

    Oh I just found out Sony is releasing an NEX-6 which seems to address the manual flash issue and better firmware on the screen. Maybe that will be worth trying?

  5. NEX-F3. You can take narcissistic pictures of yourself with it. The fact that I own one is besides the point. I am quite impressed with it. You can set it on fully auto or fully manual adjustment for the shutter and apertures. For most purposes, auto is enough but what impressed me the most is the low-light ability. Using the manual adjustment, you don’t need to use the flash most of the time and you get pictures that are WYSIWYG. I have done pictures in a room with just a table lamp giving background illumination and you would think that the ceiling lights was on.

    The NEX series are compact and light enough compared to the standard DSLRs unless you want to be a photography weebo. They now use standard SD cards. I recommend getting the 18-55mm zoom lens as your standard as it gives you some flexibility. Don’t worry about the digital zoom too much. With the optical zoom@16megapixels, you can work them through photoshop.

    The main disadvantage of EVIL cameras is that in bright light, it is difficult to see the LCD.

    I did contemplate the NEX-5 series but didn’t feel the touch screen and additional functions were worth the money for my level.

    Samsung and Panasonic also sell similar cameras but only the Sony and Samsung ones have large CCDs. Canon don’t even have one out yet until the one omo pointed out.

    FYI, it’s small and compact enough that I sling it to work everyday in the pouch it came with (free gift since it had been just released for only a month). It’s just slightly bigger than a waist pouch.

  6. well at least I was able to grab a bit of video. good thing my cell phone is extremely advanced enough to do that lmao 😆
    the kakki thing was brutal anyway. if you didn’t have someone holding your spot in the autograph line you wouldn’t have been able to see his friday panel and vice versa. I just got really lucky I had someone being a spot holder for me ^^;

  7. GOD, I’m so mad at myself for moving out of the states when Kakki’s going there. I wanted him to sign my WoF game because that’s when I first hear his voice and fell in love ;____;

    Though it really sucks to not be able to take any pictures… WHY STAFF WHY.

  8. That one lady in the blue body paint. The actual character is a summon in the Final Fantasy series, so her appearance constantly changes with each game. I believe the Shiva that that woman is cosplaying as is the X version (which is also my favorite version).

    Also, lmfao at the Team Rocket cosplayers. It’s called cosplay, not roleplay, people. Jeez! Sometimes I think those people use the cosplaying as an excuse to harass/grope others. At least ask the other party if they’re OK with going along with it. :/

  9. yea I think I read somewhere that some Team Rocket cosplayers were harassing some of the pokemon cosplayers and some Hetalia cosplayers were being assholes. I guess cosplaying a niche unknown thing (like an otome game) will probably be safer for those who do want to cosplay lol. Also who is Shiva FFX? I only took pics of people I know so maybe they accidentally got captured in one of my photos XD

  10. Replying to myself, yay. >__>

    I just noticed the cosplayer as Shiva (FFX version). Holy shit! You’d have to have an awesome bod to pull that off. 😀

  11. I’ve always liked looking at cosplayers, probably because I’m too chicken to do any actual cosplaying myself. I’m really digging the Panty & Stocking cosplayers, especially those demon sisters (I forget their names). I think your pictures really captured that great atmosphere. 🙂

    But I have heard horror stories about cosplayers…getting WAY too in-character. Probably another reason I don’t wanna cosplay. >_>

  12. lol yea he was a real jerk! I saw him go up to a girl in the row next to us a few minutes later and inquire her about her iphone. jfc it’s like I was filming a porn movie in there or something XD

  13. Yea! I remember you saying it in Japanese! You sat right behind me. Lol I can see myself in that video.
    You almost got in trouble for taking the video right? Cause that guy came over hahaha

  14. I said it too but I think he reacted to the girl behind me who also said it? I said 三ヶ月 in Japanese 8D I think that day I had a white shirt with purple flowers on it and a gray bagpack but yea as I said I didn’t stand out lmao. But yea it sounds like you were behind me. I may even have caught a piece of your costume in my kakki video lmao not sure if you can see it after I cropped it XD

  15. Yea! I was sitting in like the first seat in the 2nd row in the right section! xD
    Were you the one that said “three months” when he asked how long it took to record one episode?

  16. lol yea we went to this one restaurant at a hotel where for some odd reason everyone was actually NOT dressed in costume. My guess is it was fairly expensive for the weaboos and they preferred all the Japanese places/cheap foodcourt food instead.

  17. My husband was my line holder which is the only reason I was able to get Kakki’s panel & autograph in xDD;;
    Also he got sick on the 2nd day of the con so he woulda been useless anyway!

  18. At least there was one~ I’ll celebrate the day I find something like this here on Germany’s cons…

    I guess it’s because I am afraid the consciousness and awareness of German fans about Japanese seiyuu is…not big. There are plenty of fans but I am sure way more weeaboos and newbies and those who don’t care…we don’t really celebrate our own voice actors, either. (We do have voice actor workshops sometimes but never led by a voice actor of fame/never with anything about our voice actors.) I still vote for him to …IDK, visit his hometown, where one annual convention is held, or JapanDay because Dusseldorf is the city with the most Japanese in Germany and stuff. …I can still hope.

    Heeh, what do you mean your husband wasn’t there to keep you company when there are muggers and homeless creepers creeping around there? xDDDD

  19. your story reminds me of the restaurant my boyfriend and I went to at youmacon 3 years ago. Everyone at the con who ate there ate in cosplay, but me and my boyfriend dressed up before going because it was a fancy restaurant and for that reason the server for a table treated us especially well probably because we were one of the first well mannered people he had the pleasure of serving all day and also probably because he thought we weren’t con attendees.

  20. oh maybe you were sitting right in front of me lmao xD I vaguely recall someone in that cosplay sitting directly in front of me =D Were you in like the 2nd or 3rd row in the right section? If so then yea most likely I was right behind you. I have nothing to stay that stands out about myself since I wasn’t in cosplay xD.

  21. Aaah! I was at Kakki’s panel too! Maybe I saw you? Did you ask any questions?
    I was the girl cosplaying XiaoYu from Tekken in all pink xD

  22. ah in my sidebar I have an FC2 blog I started for my screenshot dump ^^ I disabled all comments though to avoid anymore drama b/s lol

  23. what?! GDI. I… actually like the way you talk *///shot*;
    no more otomege screenshots then? I will miss you!

  24. Thanks for the camera tips I’ll keep that in mind! My phone only has 4x zoom so if I were to go to an event like this I’d probably want a larger zoom so I can randomly capture Gintama characters with funny signs on escalators like I did here 😆

    Either way for big vacation events I will probably need a new camera but hopefully by the time it comes up something nicer/faster/less shitty will be out. I should have realized about Kodak but I’ve always used Canon for a long time and their cameras have always been “good enough” so I never thought something could be WORSE 😆

    I don’t think SLRs are for me honestly. It was so heavy my arms actually started to hurt from carrying it :/ (Probably didn’t help that I had no camera strap for it, fucking woot.com) The only reason I hated Sony cameras is because they used their own SD cards or something. Do they still do that? Cause that was the one reason I didn’t want to buy from them anymore.

  25. If I didn’t know any better I think you had a pretty okay time! Thursday and Friday were scorching hot so it was no good going anywhere. I was at the O’s game Thursday and man I had like 4 cups of ice.

    1. Yeah, you just described why I now have a Sony NEX-5 and why all these camera companies are going with those mirrorless compacts with APS-C censors. Point-and-shoot cameras are no better than the top end cell phone cameras now. Mirrorless exchangable lens cameras might still be too big for what you’re used to though, but you can go to B&H or something and play with it before you decide what you like. The 5N, C3 and F3 all take great photos at low light and are designed for people used to point and shoots. Canon is coming out with a new one that is even smaller later this year but that one is $800.

    2. Tell JP to write his up on the anime blog lol.


    Fuck yea he drew me a heart lmao

    Fuck yea I got a heart from Hirano and Nonaka~

  26. I haven’t either actually! Last time I went to an anime con before this was 2009 XD; Yea some people think an anime convention is a place to act like anti-social asshats.

  27. Yea I mean most dakimakuras there were of half naked girls as well….that Kaito was some kind of rare find 😆 xDDDD
    Yea I always expect to see non anime cosplay but not when it takes up 50% of whats in the con -_-;

    It’s odd that Kakki won’t come to a German anime con I mean he wouldn’t even need a translator! XD The location of the BCC is actually nice (by the harbor & all) but since they don’t give a fuck in Baltimore about anything that led to all the massive hot rooms and terrible line control etc. Also not to mention homeless bum creepers who thankfully I didn’t run into this year.

  28. I am not gonna lie, I was waiting for this post because of your Kakki fan account, hahaha! I’m so envious, he’s one of my fave seiyuus too 😀

    By the way, by your “anime blog” did you mean the breadmasterlee Tumblr? Did you delete it or something, ’cause I can’t access it anymore.

  29. I mean it didn’t feel any different than other anime cons I went to except for the massive amount of non anime cosplays & panels which was a disappointment tbh lol

  30. I always wanted to go to an anime con in US. I hope I can go one day =)
    The quality of the cons are much much better than year, for sure u.u
    Loved your kaito dakimakura *3*
    Also the petit figures *_____*

  31. I am envious of your dakimakura (German conventions only sell dakimakura bootlegs with female characters and gdi I am someone who craves for a male on there okay?) and the penguins, gods, the penguins!

    Hm, I think conventions are fine for whoever wants to cosplay, even if it’s (online) comics. I admit, though, it gets annoying when there are too many of them. Then again, I get annoyed when there are too many cosplayers of the same series in general OTL

    Kakihara, can’t you, like, come to Germany once? I fucking hate how boring German conventions are and how ugly the locations are. (I mean, i saw videos of American one and beautiful locations for shooting and it’s clean and nice and asdfghjkl I wanna go to an American convention someday.)

    Congrats on the signed Amnesia! I know I and many more will be forever jealous now xDDDDDD

  32. I haven’t been to an anime con for years, but as usual there’s always those annoying con-goers and staff being rude as shit. Totally glad for you getting Kakihara Tetsuya’s autograph! And that dakimakura… ♥_♥

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