Otome Game Review: Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~

Aileen Olazabal is the daughter in a wealthy Arabian kingdom, but unlike Jasmine, she don’t wanna sit around waiting to marry whoever her parents tell her to. Ok her parents aren’t TOO cruel, they give her an option to marry who she wants – provided that he’s some rich dude. Aileen has no intentions to marry or be the queen of Gilkhatar because she’d rather be some farmer or trader :lol:. Even though some of her husband candidates are dudes she is totally ok with, she just wants to rebel against her family cause  she’s a quin rose heroine \( ^o^)/. Aileen then makes a bet with mommy & daddy that if she can earn 10 million gold in 25 days, they will let her do as she pleases.  With this, Aileen’s money gathering adventures begin! Please note, this is the PSP remake of the original PC/PS2/DS game.

Basic Guide

I know how tough it is starting this game, so for those struggling here’s some basic tips that I have found got me through the game quick & easy. When you start the game out, you basically need to go out daily (bottom right area brings you outside the castle) and kill stuff. When you go out, you always want to pick a guy to go with. One because it’s easier and 2 because it will raise affection with that guy. If you go alone that day is wasted, you will not be able to pick that guy again so CHOOSE WISELY. At first make sure you quick save just in case you screwed up.

  • When you first start out, and you go out to town, stop by the north & south markets and sell mom/dad’s lunch box. Do this daily BEFORE you go out to the desert. It will give you 15k which is plenty to buy some beginner potions to heal so you don’t die in battle.
  • The further you go in  inside of an area, the harder the monsters get. If you’re afraid you’ll get beaten or you have no potions, stay in the same area and fight the noob monsters.
  • Don’t worry about making money for the first 10 days. Focus on raising affection and leveling up as well as getting events (such as the die on purpose event.)
  • Your main money making should be from day 13~22.
  • If you want to level up quickly, spend some time in the training room with Lille. You get no drops or money but a lot more exp.
  • Go to the bar EVERY NIGHT. F*** the casino. I’m not kidding about this. The bar will not only give you a scene with the guy but will allow you to buy a drink that will increase one of your stats. I often prefer to buy drinks that increase dodge (Royal Miller), strength (Rouge Sun) and Con (Riraz?? Arrow). The bar is also a great place to sell your junk to Yuu (see next point.)
  • In the first 3 days try to meet Yuu. To meet Yuu first go to the guestroom on day 1 and meet Meissen and Michael. Then on day 2, do something in the morning (training room is good) and then in the afternoon spam the guest room until you get the homo hairbrushing event with Michael & Meissen. On day 3 or 4, take time out in the evening to visit guest room over & over until you trigger Yuu’s event. Once you’ve seen his event, you can visit him in the bar every night to sell him random crap for more than it’s really worth. Do remember though he only buys 1 of each kind of item. Additionally the best thing to sell him are jewels from the treasure room but you can’t go in there unless you’re level 4+ or you have an item that let’s you go inside earlier.
  • If you haven’t had a chance to meet Yuu and regular battling hasn’t gotten you enough money have no fear. By day 16 you should be level 4 or 5 and now it’s time to go in the caves. Bring your potions & needles/yarn (stops enemy movement for 2/3 turns). Quick save/quick load before each battle until you get either Female Elf, Male Elf or a Grand Elf. F&M elves give 500k, Grand gives 400k. If you get a monster other than the elf, just run away, quick load and repeat until the elf shows up. Just doing this for 1 day you can literally earn 3 million if you only kill elves. Therefore you do not need to waste time at a casino that gives you like 1/4 the money anyway and is just dumb luck while Elves drop the money EVERY TIME.
  • If you are aiming for the adventurer end where you need to be level 5 with not enough money or affection over 100 with the guy the easiest way to do this is to buy dynamite from the south shop and blow shit up in the cave! 😆 That’s right blowing things up kills them in 1 hit but the catch is you get no items or money. If all you need is exp though, this is the easiest way to level up. You can go into the training room with Lille but it DOES raise his affection and you have the potential of getting an ending with him instead of the guy you wanted.
  • To do the “get killed by monster” event with each guy you must die IN THE EVENING. If you die in the afternoon or morning, nothing will happen. The CG will appear on your 2nd evening death with your guy and he will carry Aileen home. Try to get this done by day 12~14 because if you wait too long you’ll be a superwoman and nothing will kill you :lol:.

Anyway hopefully the tips above help everyone get through this game. I used Peche’s PS2 guide + the Arabians Lost wiki to pretty much make it through and was able to capture most of the events.

Tyrone Bale – Tyrone is the childhood friend but he’s kind of a chinpira and Aileen can’t imagine settling down with him. He doesn’t get along with her other childhood friend Stuart, she often had to break up their fights, usually over her. Tyrone has an older sister, and his mother is deceased. He likes strong women not frail ones like his mom who will easily die. Because he’s so gachimuchi when they’re in the cave they both get trapped in an opening xDDD He’s also pretty much meat for brains so he thinks with his instinct and isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Around the festival time it’s clear that Tyrone’s got the hots for Aileen and Aileen tells him that not all women are strong and sometimes they like being dominated xDDD. They walk around the festival together and she wraps her arm around his going “I wonder if we look like a couple?” ;D He babbles that he’s unfit for her but eventually gives in and says that they’re “on a date”. As they watch the fireworks at night, Tyrone says he knew that Aileen used to love Stuart and that she may still harbor feelings for him. After the fireworks Tyrone tells her that he hasn’t given up on her and he grabs and kisses her. (*´ω`*) He then apologizes like a dork but she tells him to do it over and they kiss again. (´^ω^`) When he asks her at the oasis how far she’s gone with her ex boyfriend she refuses to tell him cause well it’s private info. He then gets all pissy saying that “oh so you went out with a random guy knowing you weren’t serious about him?” He then says he’s always been in love with Aileen and that if she can date some random guy then she should give him a chance too. He pushes her down on the ground and kisses her. Aileen tells him that because he’s important to her she doesn’t want to date him with “careless” feelings.

Lover end: Aileen manages to get 10million Gold and gloat at her parents who run off on some vacation in shame. She temporarily takes over as queen and starts working with Tyrone as her adviser and lover. She asks him to say poetic lines to her even though he can’t stand saying dorky lines like that xDDD. Aileen’s servant Almeda accidentally walks in on their dramatic love scene and starts laughing until Tyrone threatens to kill him :lol:. They take a break afterwards and get all ichaicha alone together while Tyrone tells Aileen that her dad asked him to make some grandkids for him. He then asks Aileen to marry him and says he doesn’t care about being King and in fact she can have the throne. He only wants to marry her because he wants to “finalize” their relationship rather than just being “the queen’s lover”. Elope End: Aileen gets enough affection with Tyrone but is a bit short of 10 million gold. She gets upset but fortunately Tyrone comes to her saying he wants to “take her away~” because he doesn’t want her marrying some random dude and she don’t wanna marry a random dude either so it’s all good! And so they run off together and become mercenaries. She says she love him and demands that he call her Aileen instead of ojou like he always does. (´^ω^`) Adventurer end: Aileen levels up to level 5 but doesn’t get enough money or a dude’s heart and says, fuck this sheit I’m outta here. And so she basically runs away from the castle and becomes a super skilled fighter whose power level is over 9000.

She thinks everything was supposed to be awesome but then she happens to run into Tyrone in a bar! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ He notices a scar on her arm and he rages that her “battle buddies” aren’t protecting her properly. Aileen’s like “damn dude if you just tell me you love me I’ll jump into your arms” but he just goes on thinking she loves Stuart and that he’s not fit for her. Sigh. He then goes on to say that he’ll protect her for the rest of his life and she’s like “lol that’s a proposal” and then the entire bar claps ε-(*´∀`|萌| And so basically Tyrone ends up coming along on her battle adventures with her like in the elope end. Childhood friend end: If you basically ditch Tyrone before he goes over 99 affection and instead whore around with Stuart without getting him over 99 you basically get the 2 guys fighting over Aileen at the end. She’s become a merchant and she does some dangerous work so Stuart babbles that she should be his wife so he can grab the throne. Tyrone tells him to GTFO because he’s her protector during her missions instead xD. They continue arguing while Aileen rolls her eyes. Merchant end: Basically similar to childhood friend end but I guess sequentially it comes “before it”. Aileen becomes a merchant and Tyrone vows to protect her. I usually don’t like the beefcake characters but I enjoyed Tyrone a lot. Last I heard Konishi was as Blood so it was interesting seeing him voice a more passionate character immediately after. Even though he always fights with Stuart I still think the trio are all adorable together.

Stuart Sink – Stuart’s only goal is to be king so he just wants Aileen to STFU and marry him already. He doesn’t like drinking and he has a pretty strict attitude so he can’t always handle Aileen’s carefree ways XD. She friendzones him at first to the point that she doesn’t even care if he sees her naked while she’s splashing in the oasis. Stuart jumps in the water with her grabbing “oh so you don’t care if I look at you” as he stares at her wet seethrough clothes… and thats’ when she starts realizing they’re not just childhood friends anymore.(✧≖‿ゝ≖) Of course he ends up cockblocking himself because he thinks he’s gonna drown in 2 foot water if Aileen lets go of his hands. xDDD Stuart apparently has a major fear of water and a fear of the dark and so always clings to Aileen while babbling his tsun-nami. She knows that he tries to be all cool  but since she’s known him since they were kids she can see through his narcissistic acts. Stuart began taking on hitman jobs when he was younger saying he was tired of “hanging out with his childhood friends.” He gives her the present he never gave her when they were childhood friends because he got into a fight with Tyrone. The present is a fugly giant ass diamond ring which she calls giant but accepts it as a present from his “past self”. Stuart’s dad had the hots for Tyrone’s mom and there were rumors of an affair but Tyrone said that his mother was never unfaithful. Stuart’s mother was only married to his father Joshua for political reasons and she eventually killed herself because she knew he didn’t love her. She invites him to go to the festival with her, but he starts getting flirty with his fangirls so she’s like screw this and leaves. Stuart suddenly gets upset and runs after her saying that she can’t be alone without him and they argue back & forth until he buys her a dress.

As they watch the fireworks he says that he only uses money for himself and not others. When Eileen asks him why he bought stuff for her and he pauses saying “it was for him.” After they watch the fireworks, he walks her back home and then hugs her going “I didn’t enjoy the fireworks at all but as long as you did it’s fine.” He then babbles on that he doesn’t want her near him but he also doesn’t want her out of his sight. Dude, your tsundere levels are out of control now xDDD The next day Aileen finally convinces him to have a drink but it has very little alcohol. Despite this, he gets extremely drunk and starts rambling on top of her asking her if his breath smells like alcohol xD. The following day Aileen gets into an argument with his father Joshua who says that a “royal marriage” will fail just like his did and he doesn’t want his son to be unhappy. Aileen tells him to STFU and it’s he who doesn’t want Stuart to be happy and that things will be fine between the two of them. Stuart finds her and tells her not to get involved on his behalf and she slaps him saying it’s because she likes him. He grabs her and pushes her against the wall and says he loves her too….while squeezing her wrist lmao. He then says he won’t be gentle with her and kisses her. I don’t even know what this dude wants anymore. He’s kissing her  while going “I hate you!” lmaoo. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Love End: Stuart and Aileen pretty much take over the throne but he’s afraid his father is gonna want to use this for his political advantage. He knows that his father is aware of his love for Aileen and is afraid he’ll use it to hurt her. Stuart then suggests he and Aileen drop everything and run away together but then changes his mind telling her to forget it.

Their awkward relationship continues as he babbles that she should have chosen him in the first place instead of going after other guys xD. He goes on how he’s jealous of her ex but she says she’s jealous of his fangirls /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. He says he can’t marry her because if he does, she’ll then have some side lover and he’ll get so jealous he’ll kill him. Aaaaand so finally he asks her to marry him and says she can use his money as she pleases as long as she doesn’t cheat on him or try to divorce him (*´ω`*). After this they end up humping in the throne room becuase he kicked all the servants out キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!!  Elope End: Stuart and Aileen run away together cause she doesn’t make enough money. And so after they get married they’re shopping for new paintings to put into their new house together. Since he’s jealous as all hell he always makes Aileen stay home. She complains she wants to go on dates with him like a normal couple. Adventurer End: Even after Aileen becomes an adventurer, she runs into Stuart at the bar who’s like I’ll never leave you again! She drunkinly punches his chest but he just accepts it and lets her hit him. He tells her that she should dump her adventurer buddies and just hang out with him XD. He then threatens to kill any dude who laid eyes on her (ㆀ˘・_・˘) Oh Stuart you. He then becomes really overprotective of her getting hurt in battle and doesn’t want her going out to fight without him (because he defeats everything xDDD). He then concludes he’ll become her “training partner in bed” (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Trader End: Aileen becomes a trader and she keeps selling alla her goods to Stuart knowing he loves her enough to buy them 8D. I’m not sure if Stuart is a yandere or a tsundere because he’s had traits of both but I just can’t hate him. His dad’s a huge dickhead so I guess it runs in the family but Stuart is a lot more caring about Aileen. Also Suwabe (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ

Lille Sluman – Pronounced as “Lyle”,  Lille is Aileen’s teacher. He’s taught her skills like picking locks and he helps her train in the training room near the castle. He never wanted to be her teacher because he can’t stand kids but he couldn’t refuse his mother’s request cause he was old and a NEET. Lille is long time friends with Roberto (because they used to be deliquents together) but they aren’t exactly bffs either. He couldn’t stand young Aileen and in fact calls her a クソガキ when she would do stuff like steal his shoes. Aileen never even knew about his mother’s death because he left the funeral early so he could do his teaching with her. Anyway obviously after spending so much time and watching her grow Lille has obviously fallen for her. He seems nice but really he’s haraguro and tells her he likes picking on the girls he likes. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Eventually he tells her he loves her beyond their student & teacher relationship and he complains that he wishes she’d make him hate her since he can’t lay a hand on her. At the festival they watch the fireworks together and Aileen feels like there’s distance between her and Lille, though she’s not sure if it’s because of their age gap. Love End: Aileen reaches her goal and confesses to Lille that she loves him beyond student & teacher and doesn’t want to marry any other guy. Turns out though, if Aileen had failed, her mother intended for her to marry Lille anyway because he’s the son of her best friend. \( ^o^)/ He then says everything she did was a waste of time and he takes her to his private room to make out (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. He then basically says he couldn’t lay a hand on her because of their studen/teacher relationship but he made sure no other dudes latch on to her xD. They then get randy by the book shelf as he grabs her boobies.

Elope End: Aileen doesn’t reach her monetary goal and she runs to Lille and they both confess their love for each other. She then says she doesn’t want to marry anyone but him, and then he tells her how he used to think she was a disgusting child but now he changed his mind! 😆 They hug in his room and then decide to elope together. Adventurer End: Aileen becomes a super skilled fighter as usual but runs into Lille at a local bar because she wanted to see how he was doing.  She starts calling his name because she’s drunk but he’s actually there and he’s like “omg why are you here!?” In a drunken stupor she latches on to Lille saying how she wants to be with him and that she’s in love with him. She asks him to leave Gilkhatar with her but he’s like no honey you gonna be staying here with me. Aileen can’t say no when he grabs her hand and starts licking it… (/ρ\)いやーん. Trader End: Lille tells Aileen to do her best with hew new merchant job. She shows him some expensive ring that she managed to get cheap, and he asks if he can buy it from her. He then tells her that if she accepts his marriage proposal she won’t be able to be a “plain ‘ol merchant” anymore. He then officially asks her to marry him. Roberto & Lille End: Roberto hits on Aileen when Lille shows up and tells him to back off bro. And so basically they fight over who she should hang out with XD. Lille’s route was pretty tough since you had to spend time in the training room and while that leveled up Aileen’s level & affection with Lille, it gave 0 drops and money. Due to this I had to pretty much balance things out on my own by going to the caves and spamming treasure room to sell stuff to Yuu at the bar in the evenings. Without Yuu it might have  been a quick save/load marathon for elves so having him helped a lot. Anyway as far as Lille is concerned, I actually liked him a lot particularly because he had a lot of similar thinking to me xD. He was definitely a haraguro and was a bit yandere in some of his ends but he was a sexy ossan 8D. If all ossans were like him I’d probably hate them less in other games :lol:.

Roberto Cromwell – Roberto is the casino owner and he’s always on standby for Aileen to choose him as her husbando. He of course loves gambling and used to be this badass with Lille back in the day but now he’s a chicken and is afraid of ghosts, vampies & dark caves :lol:. Though if anyone messes with him in the casino, he’s not afraid to bust a move. He’s the 7th child in a 12 sibling family and they often played cards together. When he grew older he left the house and never bothered coming back since he said it was too boring for him. He goes all |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ when Aileen wears his hat and she says he has a fetish of girls wearing his clothing xDDD. When she starts jokingly talking and comparing him to Curtis he gets all pissy saying he doesn’t want her talking about other guys! He then says how he wants the person he loves to only think about him and even Aileen starts getting embarrassed at their sudden youthful love comedy situation. When Aileen comes to wake up him up he threatens to kill her thinking she’s his bodyguard but soon as he sees her he instantly changes back to Mr. Nice Guy xDDD. He then gives her a key to his room so she can visit him any time she wants to. (*´ω`*) At the festival, after the fireworks, Roberto tells her that he may seem dumb but he likes to read and he’s actually pretty smart or else he’d fail at gambling. The next day they show off about their ichaicha relationship and piss off poor Lille. On their final visit to the cave Roberto tells Aileen that she’s cool but at the same time cute as he kisses her ear. x3  Roberto also gets jealous thinking that she’s dating Lille and asks if he becomes like him, that she’ll like him. He then confesses that he loves her more than Lille as he hugs her from behind. At the bar the following night he gets all pissy hearing about Stuart and pins Aileen down on the table and kisses her. He also tells her that being a farmer is boring as shit and he’d never go back to that life that Aileen so desires. By then Aileen is all deredere for him and they kiss in the morning on the final day before the deadline.

Love End: Roberto is upset and bored that Aileen is busy focusing on her royal duties instead of him. He reads romance novels apparently and says according to them Aileen might be cheating on him! She’s like stop making shit up, I got work to do and tells him if he wants to “play” he can go alone to the casino xD. Roberto decides the only way he’ll get to ichaicha with his girlfriend is to help her do her work so they get it done and go “rest” in her room. While they cuddle he tells her he only wants to be the king of the casino and doesn’t care about the throne. He then asks her to marry him. Elope End: Roberto says he loves Aileen and  asks her to run away to one of his casinos since she didn’t meet her 10million goal. Unfortunately while Aileen wished for a happy sweet life with Roberto, instead she ends up being on the run with him from people who are after his head. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ And so they basically end up being on the run between all of his casinos until guys come after him again. Adventurer End: Aileen is an awesome adventurer but she loses to Roberto in a card game at a bar. Afterwards he’s upset that she ditched him like that and asks what the problem with him was. She says that if she stays with him she’ll corrupt herself and become a wild gambler like him or something. He says too bad you’re coming with me guuurl but fortunately it’s not back to Gilkhatar so they can live happily ever after.  He says he’ll show her the world~ and kisses her. ( ≖‿≖) Trader End: Aileen brings Roberto some kind of weird magical book where as you read it, the story shows you “an illusion” of what’s going on. Roberto makes a bet with her and if she wins, he’ll buy the book for 10x the price. The challenge is to beat him in a game of darts, but of course she loses. He shows her how to do it right but then buys the book anyway. He then gives her a frowny face saying that he wants her to pay more attention to him and visit him more often. He then tells her since she lost the bet he wants her. (´^ω^`) Poor Aileen wants to  do her “normal job” but she can’t resist him xDD.

Shark Brandon – Shark is a famous trader and the owner of the Giklhatar hospital. I thought he’d be like this macho gachimuchi dude but he in fact admits to being the weakest of the bunch since his focus is trading & medicine. Not only that but he’s also very weak to Aileen. The first time Aileen sees him in a doctor outfit she burts out laughing 😆 ( I don’t know why I think he’s pretty hot in it xDD.)  She calls him a roach and makes fun of him and even puts the moves on him but the guy just blushes and takes everything. (´^ω^`) Shark actually has a pretty deep story. He has a younger adopted brother named Maze who is sick and is always in the hospital. He’s kind of a brocon because technically Maze reminded Shark of his long deceased brother so he adopted him like his own brother. In the past when he was young, Shark’s actual younger brother was also sick and their parents threw them out and no hospital would take them since they had no money. The younger brother ended up dying and Shark vowed to take revenge on his parents and all the hospital staff for refusing to save his brother’s life. He studied his ass off and became a trader to make money and eventually he took over the hospital that refused to take his brother and he killed all the assholes in it lmao. Sweet revenge!! Maze thinks that if he gets better he won’t be a “brother” to Shark anymore so he always takes the wrong medicine doses that could be fatal. On the other hand while Shark wants Maze to get better, he also feels once Maze is healed, he won’t think of Shark as his brother anymore. So basically you got this double side misunderstanding drama and Aileen just rolls her eyes about how ridiculous it is. She spends a lot of time visiting Maze and he tells her various stuff about Shark. Shark lives in his hospital room so if there’s an emergency he can be summoned at anytime, though he doesn’t let any patients or nurses in there.

Being a doctor he always nags Aileen about her health so at the oasis he tells her to drink water. Aileen tells him that she’ll only do it if he “feeds her mouth to mouth” as she grabs and kisses him. HELL YEA I like my heroines proactive (`ゝω・)vィェィ.  Afterwards shes like “I only do this with you….is that what you wanted me to say huhu” XDDDD Love End: Shark & Aileen handle the royal duties (since Aileen’s parents ran off as usual) with Maze helping out once in a while because he finally got better.  Shark says that Maze will never become a royal dude like him because he’d rather him become a trader instead. Maze then says that Shark & Aileen are more like mom & dad to him now and he wants a “little brother” soon xDDD. They they go into his room where he complains that Aileen won’t marry him but she’s like “I never said I wont lol” as she jumps on top of him in bed. She then says they should “try their best” for a little brother for Maze (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Trader End: Since Shark is a trader too, I guess this is the perfect ending for her to become a trader in :lol:. He helps her with analyzing pricing of objects and says she’s the best trader in Gilkhatar. She then gets all sassy and starts hitting on Shark and he’s like (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Elope End: Shark tells Aileen he loves her, and he always gets what he wants!  And so Aileen runs off to live with him at the hospital. Adventurer End: Aileen becomes an awesome adventurer but she runs into Shark and they make out in a dark street corner realizing they both still have the hots for each other. Assistant End: Aileen becomes Shark’s medical assistant at the hospital. Shark complains that he can’t get used to her calling his name but I guess her nurse uniform turns him on 8DD. He then starts trying to hit on her in his private office saying he likes her with or without her uniform on (but she calls him an erojiji ww.) Anyway strangely enough I really liked Shark’s route!! From looking at his character design & voice actor I didn’t think I’d like the man but he was so charming and cute on multiple occasions I couldn’t resist. ( ≖‿≖)♥

Curtis Nile – Man I didn’t think Curtis would be such a big deal but  I’ve gone completely ドM for him lmao xDDD. Who woulda known that this super badass assassin dude would grow a soft spot turn twisted love for Aileen lmao. Curtis was raised in the slums and is the leader of the Gilkhatar assassin guild. He hates the heat so most of his work is done at night when it’s a bit more cool. He’s also a randy troll and  he licks Aileen on multiple occassions with his reasoning being “oh you’re just so delicious.” Aileen of course can’t resist him from the start (and neither could Quin Rose since he has 7 ENDINGS) and finds him rather sexy xD. He’s done a lot of hard livin’ and he once had to kill a young shota because the guys he was after used him as a shield. He didn’t want to kill the shota but to do his job he had to :v Curtis is impressed by Michael’s strength (since he’s a demon) and tries to get Michael to be in his assassin guild but Meisen rages xDD Aileen visits his bumly house but he feels a little embarrassed that it’s maybe too poor for her tastes but Aileen doesn’t mind. He eventually loses his cool and tells her he doesn’t understand how she feels and says that he wasn’t raised rich like she was. He feels like the other guys who were raised in a rich family are better suited for her. He then pushes her down on his bed and kisses her saying that if he wanted to be king so badly he’d just kill Aileen’s father. He agreed to be a candidate but not “marry” her, though he says that he’s hanging out with her because he’s probably in love with her. At the festival some guy hits on Aileen and when Curtis politely tells him to lay off his woman, the dude refuses. Curtis then pulls out his daggers and says the guy must be a suicide volunteer and the dude freaks out and runs off. Curtis then grumbles that Aileen was looking for someone but then starts babbling like a dork when she tells him it was him. As they watch the fireworks he quietly says that if he ever retired his killing career, it would be by Aileen’s side. (´^ω^`)

On the way home Aileen says it would be lonely if he left the city but he grabs and kisses her saying that he’s basically already too much into her to let her go. ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ  -When she tells him she likes him during their cave grinding, he says there’s no way she’d ever like someone named “Curtis Nile” whose name sends fear through people’s minds. He also says she’s a weirdo and by being with him she’ll never come “ordinary” like she’d want to. That night she gets drunk and says that trying to lay a hand on her is disgusting and he takes that as a compliment xDD. Love End: Aileen takes over her parents duties as always and Curtis comments that he doesn’t mind being her secret lover. They cuddle in bed together after she’s done her work and he points out that he’s only with her because he loves her, otherwise he’d kill her lmao. He then gets turned on when she babbles that she’d kill for him and he says he wants her to become his family since he never had one. (*´ω`*) He then says he wants to make babies…BUT THEN FOR REASONS UNKNOWN TO ME CHEZJKA SHOWS UP AND IS LIKE IMA KILL U BEEITCH to Curtis. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Apparently she used to be trained by Curtis and she rages at Curtis for screwing Aileen and not wanting to marry her. After Almeda shows up he takes a raging Chezjka away while Curtis says that he’d prefer to be her lover from the shadows because he doesn’t want to be king. He  basically wants to be like her husbando but not make it official because his name has too much bad stuff attached to it. Adultery End: So similar to the lover end, but since Aileen doesn’t make 10m or level up high Curtis decides he’ll stick around and be her manwhore anyway :lol:. I mean it’s really no different than the lover end but I guess its more shameless & naughty since Aileen was forced to marry some gross ossan. They end up making out & humping in her room while she tries to hide her moans from whoever’s outside knocking on her door. Either way it was (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ so I’m awwwright with it….as long as I don’t think about the fact that technically the person she was forced to marry would have been Lille right? orz lol. He then says eventually he’ll kill her husband cause he wants her all to himself. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

Abduction End: Basically similar to the elope end, but Aileen doesn’t really have a choice since if she refuses, he’ll throw her off a balcony ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!!. Curtis comes to “take her away” whether she likes it or not and asks her to elope with him XD. Aileen refuses so he pretty much knocks her out and takes her away anyway to live in some random shack and he calls her his waifu www. She’s like “I’m not your wife!” and he’s like “so what are we” and Aileen responds with “kidnapper and victim!!” Technically I guess it’s rather terrifying because he pretty much keeps her confined to his room and tied to the bed as he spoon feeds her and calls her “oku-san”. ((((´・ω・;`)))) He tells her if she accepts his marriage proposal, he’ll stop keeping her tied inside but he will never return her to Gilkhatar because he doesn’t want her marrying some other dude. Aileen can’t resist him though cause she’s already been in love with him and it’s just a matter of her princessly duties that she’s battling with XD. She ends up giving in to her desires for him and says she loves him and they end up screwing anyway /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Elope End: Similar to the abduction end but I guess this time around Aileen actually voluntarily agrees to run off with Curtis. This time though, they don’t have a peaceful life because people constantly keep coming after Curtis trying to kill him (and failing of course.) He then says that this kind of exciting lifestyle “turns them both on” so it’s a blessing in disguise for them to uh hump later lmao xDDDD.  Trader End: This end actually forced me to spam Black Jack for a whole day at the Casino because I had to be under level 4 and I was 90 exp from leveling up and by now I’ve sold every possible valuable thing to Yuu xDDD. Oh well it was certainly an experience I’m glad I never really had to repeat in other routes! Curtis basically saves her from some guy and as a repayment asks to stay by her side.

Achievement Adventurer End: Aileen becomes a strong adventurer but Curtis still hangs by her side because he loves watching her kill stuff. She knows she’s still not at his level and when he tries to get ichaicha with her in the cave some cockblocker monster shows up. Curtis gets annoyed and flings 2 knives at it killing it instantly telling Aileen he wants to get BUSAAYYYY (in a dark muggy cave) xDDD Adventurer End: Aileen becomes a strong adventurer but then she runs into a very passive aggressive Curtis at the Gilkhatar bar. He is NOT pleased that she ran off without him and and Aileen’s adventurer friends ask if its ok for her to hang out with Curtis but she tells them it’s fine (for their sake) and drinks with him (though she herself is terrified.) They talk and Aileen knows that its all her fault for running off so she jokingly goes that she used to love Curtis. Suddenly Curtis breaks his wine bottle with 1 hand and asks if she’s dating anyone. He then asks her to break up with whoever she’s dating or else he’ll kill them. He then takes her hand while blushing and says “okay fine I won’t kill them if you marry me hehe.” xDDD He says that he still loves her even now as much as he did before. He says he also retired from his assassin guild and so that should not stand in the way of their marriage xDD. Wtf he didn’t even do that in the love end lmao. Aileen freaks out and punches him but he lets her punch him instead of getting out of the way because he loves her that much daww xDD. As she treats his wound he tells her that now that he’s normal she has to marry him as he grabs & kisses her. Aileen agrees as long as they do a year of catching up first (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。). Man no matter what, the adventurer end felt like the BEST END to me. Also I find it odd how in the Love end Curtis didn’t wanna marry Aileen but in all the other endings he’s like LETS GET MARRIED YAY! ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  I had trouble deciding a favorite character in this game since I liked everyone a lot but uh..at this point it’s kinda hard not to make Curtis my #1… (〃ノωノ) I do admit he was rather terrifying in the abduction end but then I remember the shit that went down in Amnesia & Gekka and I laugh heartily.

Meissen & Michael – Michael basically latched himself on to Meissen and often BLs it up with him. It’s all because Meissen is his magic power feast so he constantly praises how great he is while Meissen rages that he can’t get a date with any of the ladies. Meissen tells Aileen that he and Michael pretty much use each other so it works out for the both of them. He also tells Aileen that she reminds him of his younger sister. He also says he came to Gilkhatar because his younger sister Alicia was killed by someone in Curtis’ guild. (I was told in Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama the heroine dies if you get a bad end so this explains it! XD) She ends up going to the festival with Michael & Meissen stalking her lol. Michael ends up stress eating like a pig and saying everything is less prettier and cuter than Meissen xDDD. A few days later Michael looks into Aileen’s head and he can tell that Simone has sealed herself inside Aileen. Apparently a bunch of gods got sent into people to reincarnate and the 2 sibling gods Simone & Rorei were the focus here. Simone became the goddess of Gilkhatar while Rorei become the god of Rune Venus. Rorei split and one half of him reincarnated into Alicia and the other into Meissen. (Could explain why Meissen is a siscon?? And could explain why he is attracted to Aileen?) They didn’t seem to go to deep into this story which is a shame as I would have liked to see more on it. An And so since Aileen never makes her 10 million, Meissen & Michael basically come take her away via Michael carrying her like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder and Meissen in his arms. \( ^o^)/ And so basically we get a 3P end  as Meissen grabs Aileen and kisses her on the cheek babbling about how he’s a man on mission to find love or something. He then convinces to get Michael to kiss Aileen and Aileen realizes that despite being a douche, Michael is hot and a good kisser. She then rages how she hates them both and Meissen says how he loves them both. ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  If you start the game fresh, borrow like 20k from Meissen and then skip to the last day and don’t have enough money to return, you get the debt end. They tie her on a neck chain and take her away from her parents. Not much different from the other 3P end except this time with added bondage! 😆

Other Ends – Bad End: Eileen doesn’t make enough money and her parents decide her husband for her while they laugh like idiots. Guardian End: If you basically roll around your room and only visit the bar in the evening, you will trigger events with Aileen’s guardians.  In this one Aileen pretty much plays match maker for  Chezjka & Almeda  because she knows that Almeda is in love with Chezjka. Eventually he confesses to Chezjka and grabs and kisses her at the bar. Aileen don’t feel like hanging out & watching their love scene so she goes home lol. And so Aileen doesn’t make enough money or grab a bishie and instead Chezkja & Almeda ask if she wants to run away with them. They end up going to study abroad together and the 3 of them graduate but unfortunately Aileen ends up being a 3rd wheel while the other 2 ichaicha together ww.  Yuu End: Basically Aileen becomes a merchant with Yuu and he says he loves her…as a part of his collection because she’s rare and interesting to him. SO NOT WORTH THE EFFORT (thank god I used a friend’s save –;)

As usual GREAT CHARACTER & STORY, TERRIBLE SYSTEM. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Thanks to a friend I got a save file so I was able to see all the hilarious bar and casino events as well as some really GOOD events for characters like Stuart. ;_; It’s really upsetting to me because had I not had someone to give me a save file I would never have gotten to see them because I have NO idea how they triggered or what the trigger was. As I was playing this, there wasn’t any complete guide available so I was pretty much stuck figuring things out on my own using a PS2 guide and the wiki with a few people updating it here and there for the PSP scenarios. As always with their PSP ports you have to rubberband your skipping but since this is mostly RPG with not that many repeated common scenes, I didn’t actually need to use the rubber band this time. They got lazy on the sprites as always (though extra lazy here when there was only 1 outfit for everyone.) Groans aside the remake is MUCH more pleasing to the eye over the original:

Just look at the difference 😆 Shark isn’t even hot in the old one! He looks like some sleezy ossan and Roberto looks like some kind of massive douchebag!! XDDD I’m glad they did the complete remake because I don’t think I’d ever want to replay the old version with that kind of art being my “reward” for going through the systematic RPG hell. While the story itself was pretty much copy-pasta throughout the whole game (same  date scenario, same oasis scenario, same sand storm scenario..you get the picture) each character was unique on his own time. Each one reacted different so it was almost fun to see “how will xyz react during the fireworks scene!” Also for once a male character close to the heroine DIDN’T fall in love with her! I was surprised to see that there was a cute little romantic scenario going between Aileen’s guardians, even if it gave her a 3rd wheel ending xDD. My top 3 are 1. Curtis 2. Shark 3. Stuart. I still love everyone else but those 3 just stole my heart, and I guess it’s really QR’s fault for giving Curtis so many endings that I couldn’t resist him /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. If you don’t mind RPG grinds, I will say I can recommend this game. Once you know what you’re doing it goes by quickly. The only thing is I recommend it if you wait or find a PSP walk through so you can easily get all the scenes I missed on my own initial run. It’s hard to try and follow guides/magazine pages/wikis and try to piece things together on your own (´・ω・`). I hope at least my quick start guide at the top can help you get started. This did pique my interest in the continental series and I’ll probably give Crimson Empire another chance (thanks to friend having a save for that as well) as well as Mahoutsukai to Goshujinsama.


27 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~”

  1. I see. So some internet police(lol) nagged you about the way you say your opinions in your own blog (.____.) I’m gonna miss your tumblr posts!

    And in arabians lost, well, it’s not that I don’t like the art but it just felt like they all look the same to me now, lol. I’ll give it one another try when I’m out of my busy mode xD

  2. I dunno man I saw the older art and I liked the new one a lot more lol. I guess to each their own but I definitely prefer the new art over the old one! Definitely give it a shot, I think you will get used to the art style as you play.

    AS far as my tumblr I’ve pretty much directed everyone to the root of the problem here

  3. Oh well if it’s easy then woohoo! Lmao not a fan of difficult stuff xD;
    I play QR games for the scenarios/moe situations so as long as the system isn’t “impossible to get through” then I’ll pretty much play anything they throw at me.

  4. It’s not hard, no. It’s really, really easy. THAT is exactly why I hated it. If you’re going to have a game system, at least have the courtesy to make me do something other than mindless clicking! If not, then stick to not having a system. I’m fine with VNs with no systems and VNs that also happens to be games, but not some sort of half-assed hybrid.

    ….okay the Alice games also use that same turn system thing but then they actually have some thought behind it. There’s a GAME. The system balance that Mahoutsukai uses has….well it’s their first game, so yeah, it’s crap, and the plot is less interesting and the writing took its sweet time getting to the juicy bits. But it is their first game. And it’s not like it doesn’t get moe when it’s time to get to the business of being moe. So I don’t hate it. I just have really mixed feelings about it.

    (Late reply is late, but still.)

  5. Thanks for the review~♪
    I played the DS ver. before so I can’t help but feel an 違和感 playing this. (v.v”) the new art is nice but the older ones were more…個性的? I don’t even know if I should play this. maybe I should pick it up again later instead of dumping it in my backlog :’D

    out-of-topic: what happened to your tumblr? Dx

  6. I LOVE her ponytail omggg and her cute buns with Lille x333 I think Aileen is such a great heroine. She’s a little less whiny than Alice so I might like her even more than Alice perhaps xDDD;;;

    I’m using a screenshot plugin on my PSP (google psp screenshot plugin) since not all games allow you to take screenshots freely. I don’t think Oumagatoki has screenshot option available but I think the newer quin rose games do (Arabians might have had one as well.)

  7. Thanks for the mini-guide! I also tried this on PC way back when I first started playing otome games but gave up because the system and artwork wasn’t really living up to the standard. Is it just me or does Aileen look really cute with ponytail in Tyrone’s ending?

    Oh and sorry for the off-topic question, but I’m playing Oumagatoki (first Quinrose game on PSP for me) and I can’t figure out how to take snapshots? Even in the CG view the usual buttons does nothing OTL

  8. Yea I hope you give this a chance. It can get frustrating sometimes but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy! Good luck!

  9. Thank you so much for the guide. I played this game before on PC and abandoned it because the system is annoying ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) and never touch it again. But judging from your review I’ll definitely play this game again ^-^ And the art for PSP looks good ^-^ And OMG Curtis why you are so adorable ♥‿♥

  10. Yes Curtis is indeed ハァハァ xDD
    Though the others had some moments of their own so I won’t count them out (especially Stewart omg)
    How’s your mom enjoying the game? 😆
    I thought Meissen was a siscon so when he wants to hit on other ladies I’m like “wait what’s this!?” xD

  11. really? I heard it was really easy I’m surprised to hear that. I mean I played Real Rode and now this so bring it on I guess? 😆
    Yea I think it’s great that the side chars have lives cause otherwise they’re always just like “THERE AT THE RIGHT MOMENT” cause clearly all they have in their life is the mary sue heroine (cough otomate)

    Yea I love how in QR games the females, aside from the heroine, are pretty awesome. Like how I think Vivaldi is awesome but I don’t really wanna yuri it up with her 😆 I like her as an aweosme BFF character though!
    I admit Almeida was a bit moe xDDD But I’m happy he got with his woman it was cute anyway x3

  12. OH thanks for the tip. I vaguely recall going back to Aileen’s room and then it giving me a choice of going with another guy so I guess I forgot about that.
    Regarding Meissen lmao DUDE I LIKE SPAMMED HIM LIKE CRAAAZYY at some points I just gave up and would try the next day which is when it would trigger -__-; I don’t know what the deal with that is.

    I’ll probably use your “all bribes done” save to do CE when I get to it XD

  13. Wow! An arabian Final Fantasy otome! Or something like that… What a strange game xD.

  14. Congrats on finishing~

    Though tiny nitpcks – 1)you can actually choose who’m to go with over& over as long as you make Aileen go to her room, then exit.
    2) Doing 5 visits before/after each Meissen scene seems to trigger them a lot, including Yuu usually appearing if you added another few visits on that days morning
    (see also – some tiny details in the summary like how it wasn’t Roberto that decided to help, but Aileen suggesting it to prevent further possible destruction of her paperwork etc)

    Thankfully the daytime system is ditched in CE so it’ll be a lot less frustrating

  15. Mahoutsukai was more aggravating than Crimson Empire IMO. Crimson has a game. Even if it’s frustrating, it’s a game, you can masochist yourself out of it if you’ve played some grindy dungeon crawlers. Mahoutsukai forces you to use a game system, but it doesn’t have a game.

    Still, Selas. My bias is obviously speaking, but.

    BTW, one thing I like most about QR is that the side characters actually have lives outside their roles for the heroine’s little story. Very few games do that IIRC, because who wants to see hos when moege is all over the place and you bought this thing for the dudes, I gather. But I love it when they do. And QR’s girls act more like real girls than most, plus they have boys who aren’t interested in you. (Who is sometimes more moe than the targets, much to the players’ sadness.)

  16. I-i want the cg’s >o<
    Can u send me the link of cg's so I can download it? /puppyeyes
    I try to play the ds version but I can't find the site who's still have this game T.T

  17. レビューktkr! Curtis(*゜∀゜)=3ハァハァなんてエロいんだ!Im glad you continued this game even it has stat raising /level up elements Lol メイセンとマイケルクリスモンに攻略できるけどシステムがな~ BLは嫌いけど、メイセンの酔っ払ったシーン(なんで俺がモテないんだ連呼してるシーンw)はクソワロタ覚えがあるwレビューお疲れ様~!

  18. I mean for CE, I watched some of your broadcast so I know you played most of it, and well QR are heavy but they are so rewarding…

  19. I’ll probably attempt playing it my first before giving up completely. Also despite what you may think I actually already finished watching all the scenes in Arabians via the scene gallery 😛 I only missed a few of the bar scenes. I pretty much got everything else so I’m gonna move on to Clover Alice now 😀

  20. Nothing against using a save file it will still take long to see all the scenes,

    the turn system in Mahoutsukai tired the hell out of me after 2 routes (since it gave you NO breaks unlike CE one or HnK) so I just got a save file and watched the gallery instead… it still took me 8 days to watch the whole thing (admittedly I was in the middle of school works and actual work and also doing everyday stuff like eating and going out)

    Since CE also got RPG elements it probably is for the best to just watch the gallery, but then it will make you miss the side events and those have some romantic (and funny) scenes in them (making you wonder why the hell they aren’t in the gallery) or you could bribe your way to get just those and see the actual routes in the gallery.

    I maintain that that is probably the best order to see it tough

  21. I’m probably just going to use KOori’s PSP save for playing CE. Thanks for the guide sadly it’s too late since I was able to watch all my missed scenes with her save xDDD
    If only I had run into you earlier ^^; I recall them mentioning the assassin thing too but then he went LOL IM JUST KIDDING or something. I never played Mahoutsukai so I figured no point of me mentioning this lol.

  22. http://mblg.tv/urako0/category/2/ here’s a guide for the psp ver. that should give all the scenarios.
    I tough that Meissen was there because an assasin from Gilkhatar ATTEMPTED to kill Alicia and Onii-san wasn’t going to let that go unpunished. I will be glad to help you get started on CE as I have played it 5 times already -.-U If you want an early advice the playing order I find more fitting is Edvard, Michael, Bryon,Marshal or Rambures (since both are just so great but I guess marshall is the better of the 2?) and end it all with Justin.

  23. Well seeing how I missed like 14% of the side scenes I can’t say I’m proud of my timing xDD;; At least my “fastness” will help me get through the remaining Alice games before Diamond comes out!

    I’m so late though lmao, will read this the moment I get back.

    /skims final thoughts
    Glad to hear you’re giving Crimson Empire another chance though 😀 will try my best to catch those streams, sleep deprivation aside.

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