Otome Game Review: Heartful Chance!

This is a free English otome game made by Studio Sprinkles. You can download it at their site. The heroine Eimi is a 17 year old high school student who’s having a midlife crisis apparently. Her friend(?) Charlotte is conniving bitch who blackmails her into writing a love letter to her crush. She forces Eimi to sneak into the boys locker room to stuff the love letter she wrote on Charlotte’s behalf into the guy’s locker. While looking for Tetsuya’s locker, Eimi runs into a half naked dude named Kouhei. Eimi drops the letter in the locker Kouhei points her to, and runs out in shame. After Charlotte successfully starts dating Tetsuya, she tells everyone with her big fat mouth and now the entire school appoints Eimi as their love letter writing princess.

Henri – Henri finds Eimi bawwing when Kouhei asks her to write him the love letter. He tells her to STFU because she disrupted his sleep in the tree. She later starts hanging out more and more with Henri and decides needing to talk to someone she spills her problems on him. When he tells her that her problems are pathetic she gets mad and tells him he’s a heartless bastard who doesn’t understand a maiden’s pure heart! Henri feels like a jerk and walks away but after school he makes it up to her by taking her to the roof top & showing her the sunset view. He then tells her a sad story about how his girlfriend of 5 years was hospitalized…and then fell in love with one of the doctors there so they broke up プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  And now the ho wants to get back together but Henri doesn’t know what to do lol. So they make a deal where Eimi will write a letter to his girlfriend for him and he agrees to help Eimi forget about Kouhei. He tells Eimi that she just fell in love with a vision of Kouhei she created in her mind. I guess it works and so the next year’s Valentine’s Day comes and while Eimi’s forgotten about her feelings of Kouhei, she’s now got Henri on her mind. (´^ω^`) He them drops the bomb on Eimi telling her that he’s the radio DJ she’s been calling every night. And so on Valentine’s Day, she sees Henri giving a letter to his ex thinking it’s the letter she wrote and she goes to be depressed alone on the roof. Turns out Henri actually gave his ex a break-up letter and in fact he’s in love with Eimi XD. Realizing it’s mutual they kiss on the rooftop & live happily ever after. I actually got Henri’s ending first because the fact that Kouhei forgot Eimi’s name after she tried so hard to talk to him pissed me off lol. Henri ftw! XD

Ishida Kouhei  – First thing Eimi does after running into her naked man to be is stalk him on Facenote and download all his pics :lol:. Luckily for her, turns out that the guy whose locker she shoved the letter into was Kouhei’s friend so Kouhei introduces himself to Eimi properly saying he’s happy for his friend since now Tetusya & Charlotte are dating. He even sends her a request on Facenote which makes Eimi explode in happiness, since she has no experience dating anyone and never thought anyone would care about her. Turns out it was just because he sent a request to everyone at the school and the next day he doesn’t even remember her name! (|||❛︵❛.) Taking advice from a Radio DJ, Eimi decides to try getting to know Kouhei better. Unfortunately all that ends up with is him asking her to write a love letter for HIM to give to HIS crush. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So anyway if you flip to the head of the coin, you will go directly into Kouhei’s route. Being upset after giving him the letter she wrote, shit slaps her in the face further when the Geometry teacher gives her a mountain of homework. Fortunately since Kouhei is the president of the math club he offers to help Eimi out. But then he finds out that she’s been using his photo as her desktop wallpaper プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. When they go do the math homework Eimi’s too busy drooling over Kouhei to pay attention whicih pisses him off :lol:.  Afterwards they get some cotton candy and he tells Eimi she should forget about the guy she likes since it only makes her sad. Oh you. The day before Valentine’s, Henri tells Eimi not to be sad and that another chance could come. Eimi wangsts until Valentine’s Day to which then Charlotte tells her Kouhei’s been looking for her. When she finds him, he tells her that he can’t write the name of the girl on the letter because his handwriting is ugly. He asks Eimi to write the name but then tells her “she should know how to write her own name”. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Oh you sly dog! Kouhei asks Eimi to forget her first love for him but Eimi’s like but you’re my first love xD. And so they officially become a couple. And so then Henri shows up and congratulates Eimi telling her that he’s the radio DJ and thanks to her sob story their program got really popular lmfao. Oh well Kouhei’s route wasn’t so bad but I till think Henri’s story was a lot more interesting to me!


Just don’t mind us.
Who are you!?
If it’s a tail…

Henri Good End
They are asking me something..
What are you doing up in that tree!?
If a head comes up…
I think that is the sweetest…
I..I’m just admiring you.
Call Kouhei

Kouhei Good End

This game was really cute! Short & sweet :D. I think I had meant to play their other game that came out around Halloween but I was too busy with my Hiiro no Kakera marathon at the time.  The GUI is my favorite part of the game. I just love all the pink xDDD. While Kouhei’s story was kinda generic, I actually really liked Henri’s story a lot! So yea Henri was definitely my favorite character. As far as critique I’d just say make the text larger & darker since it was hard to read in some places. A skip button on the actual menu would be nice and maybe some kind of sound effects when I click on things.  There were a few grammar issues here and there but I guess seeing “Coz'” in one of the sentences really made me raise an eyebrow :lol:. Otherwise I enjoyed the game a lot and some parts were really funny. I also found the heroine to be extremely hilarious:

Looking forward to any new games they come up with!


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  1. What a pain… I have DirectX 9c and windows xp but… Everytime I try to run the game… I just can hear the music. The window of the game becomes black… Some kind of problem with my graphic card I guess…:C


  2. Lol nice review! Studio Sprinkles is one of my favorite English otoge makers. If I remember correctly, there is another one they released before this one. Witch Spell if I’m not mistaken. My otome heart trapped in an oba(a)-san body adores the lightness and cuteness of the stories and the characters of the games they make. And like you, I look forward to any new games they release. ^^

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