Pangya Tomahawk Features

I haven’t really done any decent Pangya posts in a while but I saw Japan posting info on the next Pangya season so I figured I’d post some things of note.

New course will be called  “Grand Zodiac” which is basically a “Hole in One Mode” that allows you to just sit there shooting HIOs over & over. There’s no freeway and it’s just little islands with greens on them. Great way if you’re trying to practice to get better at chipping.

Zodiac High Wings – doesn’t say what they do yet but I saw Kooh flying around with them in the video:

New Character System – When you’re a noob instead of only being able to choose from Hana or Nuri, you will now be able to start with whatever character you want.

Papel Shop Auto Mode – Remember how aggravating it is to press the dumb papel like 100 times? Well now there’s auto mode! You can just sit there and let it papel its happy way while you go make a cup of coffee. 😆

So Long Family Mode! – They’re getting rid of Family Mode forever! Instead they will be implementing a mode that allows you to play on your own! Oh my god it’s a miracle! No more having to play with hackers & cheaters and people who keep spamming non Englishcomments. A long awaited feature for those who like to play or practice solo or not deal with idiots when their friends aren’t online.

They will also be adding Card Holic Vol. 3 (lol whatever honestly) and you can watch a preview trailer below:

Hopefully we’ll be seeing this update in the summer or fall on Global. Until then I’ll probably be ignoring Pangya as all the events lately are too grindy or it’s just a dumb money chugging lottery.


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