Otome Game Review: MIYAKO ~Awayuki no Utage~

This is the Miyako fandisk. Izumi holds a party for the shigoryou and after everyone is all pooped out he shocks everyone by saying he’s disbanding their group. He also then tells Sangou that she’s gotta go around and get close with all the members to collect some magical shells and be the best shikigami like no one ever was. 😆 Oh well any excuse to get cozy with the guys works for me!

Ichigou – Ichigou’s tsundere levels were over 9000 this time around but I’m okay with this 萌(♡´∀`♡)え. His scenarios included going shopping together and having Sangou get lost and attacked by some hooligans. Ichigou saved her as usual and gave her a hina doll that he bought just for her. Later on Sangou somehow manages to get a fever (even though she’s a shikigami?) and Ichigou tries to take care of her but since he’s never been sick he screws up really badly xDD. There’s a flashback to how Ichigou & Nigou were split by Seimei from the suzaku and he named them by telling them to turn around and randomly going “you’re no. 1 and you’re no. 2” 😆 After Sangou gathers all the shells, Izumi reveals that his brother Rei was the one who set everyone up and that they’re not disbanding after all.  Ichi and they both watch the falling spring snow mixed in with the cherry blossom petals as Ichi hugs and then kisses her. ε(*´▽`*)з  In the after story arc (?), Seimei goes out on some mission and tells Ichigou & Sangou to homesit. The two of them start cooking and Sangou burns her hand so Ichigou licks it then realizes what he did and freaks out 8D. They have an argument and then Sangou accidentally tears his kimono so the two of them go to her room to sew it up. When Seimei comes home, Ichigou asks if he can call Sangou by her real name, Saiyuki and Seimei’s like whatever idgaf why are you asking me permission :lol:. Ichigou’s so happy that later he pops into Sangou’s room piss drunk, topples all over her while calling her name, and then uses her as a body pillow as he spends the night with her. ( ≖‿≖) Next day he wakes up embarrassed about what he did and when they go out together he says he feels like an idiot from what he did while he was drunk. He says he loves her name and when Sangou asks him to call it over & over, he kisses her and tells her he’ll call it when he needs to! xDDD

Genshin – In Genshin’s route Sangou gets a fever and he takes care of her at his place. Later on they go take a  walk in the forest over by a creek. They eat lunch together and he pulls a piece of rice off Sangou’s face. (*´ω`*) Afterwards they run into some children who say they want to celebrate Genshin & Sangou’s wedding lol. They do a cute fake little ceremony as Sangou & Genshin stand there holding hands. There’s also a flashback to when Genshin first ran into Izumi at night on the streets and the following day Izumi approached him and asked him to join the shugoryou. After the revealing of Izumi & Rei, Sangou goes to the waterfall bridge where Genshin is waiting. Genshin then is all like “I want you Sayuki-san” and he kisses her COVERING UP THEM BOTH WITH HIS STUPID UMBRELLA. LOL WTF MAN. I was about to flip a desk but fortunately his umbrella went flying away so I was able to see the kiss CG xD. In the after story, Nigou complains to Genshin that because Sangou is busy making lunches for Genshin she’s been slacking off on cooking for himself & Ichigou. After that Sangou & Nigou go off to save some baby nuko. They run into some stray dogs who want the bentou she made for Genshin but she’s like DETERMINED TO PROTECT THIS BENTO ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Fortunately Genshin comes and scares them all off with his evil eye. They bring the baby nuko back to Genshin’s place and all the children take care of it. Genshin says they can’t keep it here because most animals are afraid of his eyes and will usually run away. After Genshin walks her home that night he’s all like I DON’T WANT TO LET YOU GO and here I am thinking HELL YEA but all they end up doing is having him lie in his lap while they watch the stars. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) But then all was good cause the baby nuko came back and lied on top of Genshin without being scared of him. x3 Sadly this was IT to Genshin’s route. I was shocked and just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy I checked and he only had 6 Cgs in the gallery all filled up. Sigh..how disappointing. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Abe no Seimei – During the shell gathering, Sangou gets stuck in the rain until Seimei comes to her with an umbrella being tsuntsun as usual. XD As they walk home he gets wet and Sangou tells him to take his kimono off but he’s like (/ρ\)いやーん and tells her he’ll do it himself. She even accidentally walks in on him changing until he tells her to GTFO. (Guuurl shoulda stayed xDDD.) She does end up helping him dry his hair though and then he grabs her and rolls into the futon using her as his heater. (*´ω`*) He ends up falling asleep that way and they spend the night together. Sangou even takes initiative and kisses him while he’s sleeping 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 . The next morning Seimei’s arm falls asleep from Sangou sleeping on it all night and so the two of them have trouble getting up – until Ichigou & Nigou hear them haha 8D. Seimei makes up some dumb excuse to get them to leave so that they don’t see him & Sangou cuddling in bed together XD. In the 2nd scenario there’s more rain again and this time Sangou catches a cold again. This time Seimei takes care of her while she’s lying in bed. We also see a flashback when some rich guy from the capital recruits Seimei to come there to help people out with his onmyoji powers. A few days later that guy ends up dying along with Seimei’s current shikigami disappearing due to its time limit and energy loss. Turns out that guy was Raikou’s father and the following day Izumi & Raikou ask Seimei to work for the capital.  After Izumi’s party thing ends, Seimei and Sangou watch the cherry blossoms & snow falling as Seimei says he wants her to be  with him as a lover not as a contracted Shinigami. In Seimei’s after story, he goes off on one of his long trips again leaving Sangou alone with Nigou.

One day when she’s cleaning she finds a letter left in her room and it turns out to be a love letter xD. When Seimei briefly returns home to get some items, Nigou tells him about the letter and he’s like “oh so while I’ve been gone you’ve been flirting instead of doing your duties eh?” He goes back to his job incredibly pissed saying he’ll take care of things when he returns while Sangou feels guilty. As she cleans the house with Ichigou & Nigou, she trips and falls on her back knocking herself out. So then Nigou & Ichigou run to Seimei and as usual Nigou makes things up  saying that Sangou’s in grave danger xDDD. When Seimei runs to her he’s like panicking and apologizing for leaving her and she’s like(;´・ω・)…エ?  When Seimei finds out that Nigou made shit up he is PISSED. \( ^o^)/ He rages but then lets it go and when Sangou says it’s all the letter’s fault, the moment he sees the letter it’s clear that he’s the one who wrote it Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! In fact then one of his shikigami’s flies out of it so now everyone knows Seimei really did write it, and he’s extremely upset that Sangou didn’t get the message xDDD. As a punishment, he tells Ichigou & Nigou to go run laps in the forest while he has his sexy time alone with Sangou. (/ρ\)いやーん First he tells her to drink a ton of sake, and then teases her by going “Were you lonely without me? Do you love me?” ( ≖‿≖) He then says the reason he never brings her along on his missions is he’s afraid of losing her. So then as Sangou tries to pour some more sake for him she’s too tipsy and ends up spilling it all over herself. Seimei’s like “oh I know of a better way to drink this” and starts licking her arms. (ノ´∀`*)ノイヤン!He then kisses her and afterwards she ends up sleeping in his lap all night (*´∀`*)ノ。+゜*。 Gah man that sake scene made me explode xDDDD I am so M for Seimei rofl. But then I was like NOOOO WHY IS IT OVER. Sigh the length of this game makes me cry a river.

Douman – (after notes) In Douman’s after story I thought it would be all cute and romantic – and it was until they ran into a cave where there’s some 300 year old chick who’s still alive because she also ate a mermaid like Douman did. Douman’s like man I feel your pain and then they leave her and go cuddling in the woods….until a pack of wolves come after them. Sigh. Seimei shows up and I’m like “TAKE ME WITH YOU BBY” but instead Sangou’s like “noo I wanna stay with Douman don’t take me away” and Seimei’s like pft fine and leaves. And so Sangou & Douman continue their wandering journey or something. Bleh I honestly never did like Douman and despite them possibly adding cute romantic parts, they were few & far between and the ones we did get just felt meh to me. Douman – Well I never really liked Douman in the first game so I was just doing his route for the sake of doing it. It has some weird flashback where it has him feeding some kind of medicine (?) or something to Sangou but he looks like this huge pedobear lmfao. I guess they just love reusing the “Sangou gets sick” plot or something in this game. Anyway after he shoves the liquid down her throat they end up making out. Some time later the two of them go kyakya ufufuing at the beach together. So after all the imaginary scenes are over, Douman’s like “uh yea I dunno why I’m back” and Sangou’s like ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Then I like started falling asleep in the flashback they showed for Douman’s  lackeys because honestly as much as Idgaf about him I gfaf about his 2 dudes even less no matter what their sob story is. Ihikio’s route was actually kinda sad (idiot villagers etc) but since she had no sprite and well neither did he..it was just seeing a bunch of text  which really made  me tired… The flashback for that psychopathic hino satoshi character was even worse because he kept yelling & laughing like a crazy hyena after his sister died. JFC man I wanted to punch a baby everytime he started laughing. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) And so after that whole flashback nonsense it just shows Douman and Saiyuki all raburabu under the moonlight. Bleh how exciting! I do Douman’s route only to see a bunch of flashbacks for his gooneys.

Nigou – In Nigou’s route it shows Nigou making friends with some kind of doggy, watching him ask another doggy to be his girlfriend and then have puppies. Sadly both the father & mother doggy get eaten by a wild wolf and only the puppy is left who Nigou names Onikiri Jr.  Later on Sangou & Nigou do a test of courage with all his animal friends and gather in some abandoned shack at night and tell scary stories. So then as if on CUE, Sangou gets sick AGAIN sigh. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Fortunately as other routes, it was cute and when she drinks the medicine she spills some on her face Nigou licks it off. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  But then he realizes how bitter it is and starts flipping out xDDD. And so after the whole quiz nonsense with Izumi, Nigou DISAPPEARS AGAIN. Omfg why is this happening again. ヽ(。_゜)ノ  In his after story, Ichigou starts feeling sick and the reason is because Nigou returns! Consequentially, because Nigou returns in his human form, Ichigou turns into a chicken \( ^o^)/ . And so they spend time with Ichigou being the chicken this time constantly complaining about it while Nigou’s like “sigh you’re so cute and pretty why are you complaining!” Additionally, Nigou also tells Sangou that if he’s in love with her, it means Ichigou loves her just as much becase they’re pretty much one heart xDDD.  And now they basically randomly switch between one being human and the other being bird etc. I guess this is kind of a 3P end? I mean it’s OKAY but I really wanted something better for Nigou seeing how his ending in the last game sucked. Yea sure this is a happy end but it’s also a bootleg harem end  and it feels rather unsatisfying. (ㆀ˘・_・˘)

Minamoto Yorimitsu (Raikou) – So following the sickness pattern, in Raikou’s route she’s waiting for him on some date but he’s late and because I guess it’s cold she gets sick. She ends up staying at his place and being taken care of by him and his sister Yoriko. He starts freaking out and blaming himself for it but then ulitmately just feeds Sangou some porridge in bed (but of course he spills some all over her face from shaking too much.) There’s a flashback of Chibi Raikou & Chibi Izumi battling it until Izumi tricks him and finally defeats him. Raikou then protects Izumi from some kind of arrow shower and injures himself. Sangou makes Raikou some dinner later on and then he’s so happy to eat it because normally he has to do taste testing/sniffing Izumi’s food for poison. After the balls tripping utage thing ends, Raikou’s hair magically becomes short again and then after the Rei revelation thing, they get all cuddley in the moonlight like all other routes. Sangou asks Raikou to train her and when he starts groping her and realizes what he’s doing he starts freaking out. So then Yoriko shows up and complains that his marriage plans with Sangou aren’t going anywhere. When Raikou goes to ask permission from Seimei, he tells him that Shikigami’s lifespans are short and she can disappear at the end of her contract. Seimei tells Sangou then to sit her butt down for the next 3 days at home and though she misses Raikou, fortunately Raikou decides to stop over the next evening. He says he will do anything she wants him to and so  Sangou asks if he can come visit her every day while she has to sit at home. After visiting her on the 3rd night Raikout starts bawwing saying that this evening is Sangou’s last day of life and that her contract with Seimei will end and she’ll turn back into a paper doll. So then Seimei comes back finding the two of them bawwing and he’s like “yea our contract is over…as my shikigami, so yea you can have her now” \( ^o^)/ . So then Sangou & Raikou spend their evening alone getting ichaicha…or so they thought except that Seimei, Izumi & Yoriko were spying on them the whole time xDDDD.  Raikou’s route ended cute but it was mostly flashbacks with him and Izumi so it felt a little underwhelming to be but he was moe most of the time I guess.

Miya Izumi – I left Izumi for last since it seemed like he was the main lead of the fandisk with his whole awayuki no utage nonsense and the stuff with his brother Rei. Yoriko helps Sangou dress up in a special kimono just for Izumi. After she’s dressed up, Izumi starts putting some lipstick on her mouth with his finger and then says he’s disappointed that now he can’t kiss her. Instead he kisses her hair and and says he knows that she’d never want to be a “kept waifu” who sits in the palace all day doing nothing. The next day while doing errands for Seimei, Sangou ends up falling into the lake and Izumi finds her and takes her back to the place telling her to spend the night. Needless to say she gets sick AGAIN ヽ(。_゜)ノ and so Izumi ends up taking care of her. The next morning Sangou wakes up with Izumi asleep on top of her in a pile of half finished paper cranes xD. He wakes up and jumps into the futon with her and rolls around together. (ノ´∀`*)ノ Later, there’s a flashback to Izumi and Raikou sitting on top of the palace roof like they did when they were kids. They also show Seimei joining the shigoryou with Ichigou & Nigou. Erm yea that was it and so then after the revelation with Rei, Sangou meets Izumi under the moonlight like in all other routes. They both say they love each other and then Izumi kisses her but it looks like he’s kissing her cheek and HIS WHOLE HEAD BLOCKS BOTH OF THEIR FACES. GDI I WANNA SEE KISSING MAN (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻.

In the after story, Sangou’s doing her waifu training so she can be the proper one for Izumi. In addition, Yoriko starts calling her “Shiroyukizakura-sama” and acting like fancy & proper to her but Sangou isn’t too happy because she doesn’t feel natural in this new position. It gets even worse when she can barely even see Izumi because he’s too busy doing his emperor duties and so she spends most of her time with Yoriko. Eventually Izumi can’t stand being away from Sangou for that long either so he ends up sneaking out to see her. They cuddle in a carriage as they go to a place far away so they can enjoy some time alone to themselves – all while Rei poses as Izumi to entertain all the rich folk. They get to the river bank where with Raikou’s help they run away where no one can see them. Izumi tells Sangou that he has rich dudes constantly coming to him asking him to marry their daughters but he don’t want  dem hoes, he only wants his bby Sangou. They go into the woods and place hide & seek together and before Izumi can find her she starts panicking thinking he had to suddenly leave or something and ditch her xDD. When he’s about to kiss her they hear Raikou looking for them so they hide behind a tree and make out before he can find them. ( ≖‿≖) I almost flipped a table thinking we’d never get a real kiss CG but fortunately at the end we did. Izumi’s after story was cute but I felt like that Awayuki part was really….odd. The flashbacks practically had nothing to do with Sangou and before I knew it it had ended and I was like wut that’s that?

Cafe Miyako & Others – All the Miyako dudes work at Cafe Miayko and Raikou’s sister takes Sangou there one day. Even Douman is working there as a “new hire” xDDD. Sangou ends up helping out at the kitchen with Nigou. At the end Nigou serves her some chicken coffee. Special mini omake opens up after you finish all the characters which shows a panoramic CG with all the characters saying various stuff. In the Omoitsuki section, Seimei tells Sangou to burn one of his old books but instead of burning it she decides to read it. Seimei  then tells her that it’s not a regular book and that the last few pages are missing. He then tells her the continuation of the story, and then hugs her from behind asking her not to disappear from him (since I guess the story was similar to theirs.) Also when I went back to get some Cgs I was missing, they apparently had a body switching episode where Izumi jumped into Seimei’s body and Douman jumped into Ichigou’s Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Additionally Genshin jumped into Raikou’s, Nigou into Douman’s, Raikou into Izumi’s and Hokuteki into Nigou’s. It all happens because of Nigou’s rainbow tofu or something.

Well for the money I spent on this I feel like I only got 1/4 the value. I bought the limited edition which came with 2 drama CDs (which were short & uninteresting) and a mini artbook which had images from various magazines that they advertised Miyako in. It’s nice but I wouldn’t say the whole set was worth $100. Each route was basically some balls trippin’ festa with an after story for each character. There was the “digest of the last game” but I mean..I PLAYED the last game…I don’t need to read a block of text and see the same CGs again….. (ㆀ˘・_・˘) The thing is though, this section is actually necessary if you only played the original Miyako game on PSP or bought the twin pack – as it contains CGs from the PC port. To try and make it longer, the revelation scenario would repeat in every route. I literally had to just turn force skip on because the game wouldn’t let me skip even though each time I was starting to memorize the exact lines each character would say.  The Sangou-gets-sick plot was getting tiring by the 3rd route. I mean seeing how short the game is I could have  wanted a variety of cliches to be honest. The game barely had any choices, but the ones it did were pointless & annoying. They were basically quiz questions to see if you “paid attention” instead of choices that actually affect in game play?? The only one I recall being a “game play” choice was in Nigou’s route. (´・ω・`)

Things got really weird when in the “common” scenes the art work was like…a completely different artist. I have no idea who the artist is but it was a completely different style than the sprites and the other CGs and felt really awkward. Complaints aside, the OP & Ed themes were great and the characters would say Sayuki’s name if you left it default. Ichigou & Seimei’s routes were my favorite. Izumi, Raikou and Nigou were cute but it felt like a lot of time was wasted on other things instead of focusing on the two characters.  Genshin & Douman felt shafted and their routes were rather boring. I didn’t expect much since their routes were kinda boring in the first game too but since it’s a fandisk I was hoping they could make things a bit more fun. Well they did: Cafe Miyako. Oh my god this was my favorite part of the game but sadly not a single CG and the whole thing ended within 20 minutes. (´・ω:;.:… Also despite completing the gallery in full, I couldn’t figure out how to open the stupid omake with the cast comments & stuff. That’s annoying, way to make the confusing as fuck system even more confusing! ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) I checked and I guess I’m missing 4 scenarios that I haven’t done yet god f’king knows where. I guess that body switching side story and Sangou’s birthday celebration was the most entertaining part of the utage lol. Anyway overall disappointed… I guess I have to just assume that my money was spent for beautiful art and the dynamic CGs but the story & content was total crap. I think this will be the last game I buy that has “Otomate” listed anywhere in the credits…

MIYAKO Awayuki no utage Limited Edition / Game MIYAKO Awayuki no utage Regular Edition / Game

14 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: MIYAKO ~Awayuki no Utage~

  1. Oh come on, Otomate’s far from being my favourite company (I’ve been, ah, disliking them for a while) but that last part was rather harsh. You don’t want to miss it if they strike something good again—fairer statement would probably be, Last Fandisk EVER You Goddamned Greedy Ripoff Bastards, or *cough* try before you buy. Preordering otome games are risky business IMO; I don’t order before reviews even if it’s from a company that never missed with me (this is what happens when the main market segment hates you).

    That said, I thought you meant ‘they could just make another Hakuoki Yuugiroku’ as a joke a few weeks back. Imagine what I felt when they threw up That Yuugiroku’s Teaser Page. I mean, wow Otomate what is going on with you? Did you have a mass staff exodus so you can’t do anything but crappy moneygrab fandiscs or something? Haven’t you learned from your successes that fans are the best things and you shouldn’t abuse them ESPECIALLY as VN makers? Was this a result of a greedy exec gone mad or just a studio going stupid after seeing easy money?

    1. the only reason to preorder for me is to get all the preorder bonuses – cause then after that I’m kinda like meh I missed the first press I don’t feel like buying it now. (strange mentality I know lol.) I think they did have a staff exodus since Yone’s gone, the SYK/CZ artist is out of commission, DC/Musketeer team split off into their own division, and the writer for beast master/arcobaleno went toodles. So yea all they can do is tell noobs to trace and shitty writers to vomit shitty stories. From now on I’ll just ask friends to rip me copies of games or something instead if they claim that it’s good or use ye olde google as far as anything Otomate. I knew they were hit or miss in the past but this year is ridiculous.

      1. Do you know where DC/Musketeer team moved to? I’d like to follow their work I really enjoyed Musketeer.

        Also do you know where beast master’s writer went?

        I really hope something good will come out this year from otomate but I have my long backlog if not.

        1. I wish I knew but I’m not sure. I think the DC team is still with otomate but they like branched off so I believe they’re doing Confidential Money all on their own without otomate’s team meddling so that may be a good game. Not sure about beast master writer but I found out she also wrote Takuyo’s old game “Kaito Apricot” so I plan to play that eventually.

  2. Oh, you’re done with it already? Daww, and I missed the last day because I really haven’t been well this week. I hope I recover in time for Alice.

    And you paid 100$ for this? Gessh, I only paid that for BWS after it went through customs, and I got 2 drama CDs, the artbook and cellphone charms. And while the game isn’t as long as I would like, it’s at least 2 times longer than this. I mean you finished 2 guys in one day, and the cafe Miyako thing!

    Seriously otomate? Glad I didn’t buy BrC then, I don’t wanna give them any money while they’re like this, I might not even buy last hope before I see some reviews. Which will probably be the last game I buy from them in a long time if I buy it.

    1. I’m sure BWS is longer and probably more interesting (guro stuff aside). Yea it was definitely not worth it. I’ll probably rip the drama CDs and put them on my phone since let’s face it, who the hell even has a CD player anymore?? I can’t wait for BroCon reviews, I sense impending doom.

      1. I wasn’t that hipped for BrC, I just have a slight interest in it because I am a brocon with no brother, but they’re only step siblings so meh. So for me, given their latest offerings, the worst that could happen was for the players to open the boxes and find no game, it’d only have a note saying “sorry it’s not done yet, we will send the game to this address in 2014.”

        But for the people who got hipped for it because of the novels, the plot will probably be short and disappointing, and it’ll only seem long because of an overly complicated system. BWS as an amazing half brother, so the only I am even going to check it out is to see if the system is bad.

        BWS is definitely a lot longer then this, it just feels short for me since one of the first otome games I tried were QR games, so my views for a short game are influenced by that. All games are short compared to QR. But it took me two days to get a game over that doesn’t even count as a bad ending, and at least 3 more hours to get to an official bad end, so I definitely wasn’t ripped off in that regard.

  3. Told ya Miyako FD was pointlessly short and has weird CGs. I mean, I literally stopped after the third time playing, because I just can’t stand it anymore. Goodness.

    But don’t worry. If I spot a good otome game by Otomate, I’ll let you know. There has to be at least one good game in the midst of trashy ones. ….I hope. I don’t know, Otomate used to be my second favorite company because I am a sucker for pretty CGs (aka Kazuki Yone’s arts).

    Then everything went downhill and Takuyo replaced their position.

    1. yea ONE of the Cgs by the other artist I liked but most of the others looked really WEIRD 😕

      Otomate used to be my 2nd favorite too but I think I’m moving on to Quin Rose…all of otomate’s releases this year have been fking awful orz

  4. …glad I didn’t waste money on this.

    Quinrose has always been my fave… followed by Broccoli, I guess. Previously it was HuneX (for LoveRevo).

  5. its funny,how before..,i read that you dont like Quin rose game..,(Mahoutsukai to Goshujin.?) but now you like it ..=D

    1. er no it was crimson empire lmfao that games system is really bad!!!
      but all their other games ive played i enjoyed a lot xD

  6. I saw one of the guys and was like….he has the same hair-do as Heisuke toudou sort of , lol i guess there a fans of the style.

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