The Otome Game Dummy Head Mic Trend

Most otome gamers probably already know about this but since there may be new visitors at this site I figured I’d give a brief run down of what it is. (Also I’m trying to give an excuse to rave about Amemakura :lol:)

If you’ve played or watched my broadcasts of Kannou mukashi banashi you should be familiar with a 3D dummy head mic recording. Basically the mic looks like a big fugly head and the seiyuu will then spin his head around it speaking in different areas and the mic actually records it that way! This way when you listen to the CDs it’s like the guy is literally behind you whispering in your ear <●><●>ハァハァ. The trend is catching on with games like Diabolik Lovers that will also feature the dummy head mic as it is originally based off the drama CDs.

Now normally I’m like whatever drama CDs but my eyes caught this Amemakura thing where they basically have the sound of rain in the background with the dude whispering in the foreground. Perfect! I always liked to fall asleep to rain now I can have guys with sexy voices on top of it! 😆 So I decided to post a clip here from Volume 6 featuring Suzuki Tatsuhisa as Taku, your childhood friend who’s a gadget otaku and has been in love with you forever and ever…but as usual you’re too dense to realize the poor guy’s feelings but he’ll keep trying anyway! ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Please put your headphones or earbuds on for maximum quality of this clip!

…but…I’m tired of the childhood friend position.
Aaah…hurry and fall in love with me already.
This way I can hold you and kiss you every day and take special care of you.
Hey, I’ve been hugging you all this time and holding myself back….give me a reward. You don’t mind right?

Kissing your hair is not satisfying enough…
…I want you more and more…I want all of you so much I can’t stand it.

Hey…I think I want a bit more reward…a kiss on this cute forehead…

..and on those white and soft cheeks…

…and then…I really want to take your lips but I’ll just grab another one on the cheek.
I’ll let it go as this today…because I care about you a lot.

I want to wake you up like a prince and his princess but I’ll save that for when you realize my feelings.

When you wake up today…er I mean once again….I will tell you that I love you.

Hey…but please don’t think that I’m just saying it for kicks & giggles. You better be ready.
I’m going to get you before another guy snatches you away. I’ll make you my one and only.

You got it? So I will hit on you as usual today…and someday you’ll fall in love with me, ok?

Hey…I think it’s about time you gave me a yes, don’t you think? I love you this much after all.

Excuse me while I

So yea needless to say after hearing Tattsun a 2nd time via Dummy Head I can say I’m a fan of his dummy head micness and I hope to hear more (◉◞౪◟◉ ). Admittedly I was falling asleep to the other tracks but once I got to this clip my sleep flew away somewhere 😆

If this isn’t intense enough for you, you can always have yanderes screaming in your ear by listening to the Diabolik Lovers CDs. Anyway I can certainly recommend trying these things out if you’re a fan of seiyuus. If you just play otome games for the characters and the voices don’t matter to you then this may not be your thing. For me? I think I’ll attempt to go to bed with it tonight and hope I don’t end up freaking out over track 5 again イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

The good news is Amemakura will be made into a short otome game, kinda like Starry Sky and that’s definitely on my to buy list!


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  1. Holy crap! I think I just had a hot flush! I am so glad no one was around to see me have that reaction!! It was so hot!! And creepy in a way…MUST SPREAD THE NEWS!!

  2. It’s quite nice isn’t it? Check out my broadcast replays I believe I still have the kanno mukashibanashi portable broadcast replay on the last page which uses the dummy head mic throughout.

  3. Holy crap…. I actually got shivers down my spine listening to that!!! O_________O
    That was super freaking AWESOME.

  4. I think the Soine CDs are like this? But I didn’t like them because the random music in the background grated my ears when trying to sleep. Also there’s Kanno mukashi banashi CDs

  5. I really really love you for posting this! I been searching for months after a 3D drama CD where the seiyuu only speaks softly or/and whispers, and listening to this sample just made my day! 😀
    I’m also a fan of Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s voice (not to mention that his unbelievably good-looking irl).

  6. oh I didn’t realize corpse party had dummy mic lol xD
    oh well I suppose that would be quite creepy when used for horror things XD

  7. I love dummy mic when playing otome but recently played corpse party book of shadows and suddenly had a creepy ghost girl next to my head.
    It scared the crap outta me so bad!!!!

  8. Interesting microphone dynamics, but… Am I the only one who thinks this guy sounds like he’s stoned?

  9. Lol well now you can be up to date on the Drama CDs I suppose? xD haha
    I think I prefer the dummy head mic use in otoges too, because I like pretty pictures and words with my voices XD I hope it catches on with more companies because it really just adds another level to the game lol but mostly because I like hearing ikemen whispering in my ear (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ hahaha

  10. Thank you, I’ll try harder o3o but I won’t complain about Yandere Heaven, these psycho screams quite amused me

  11. It’s really easy to find just about everything else, though, even if I don’t listen to these. O_o I can’t tell you where to find it here, but do look more! Use Google! Use forums! PS. Some forums have memberlocked sections but being a member is easy!

    I’m just saying this because it’s really a shame if you like this sort of thing and can find nothing but Yandere Heaven. There’s TONS of this shit out there.

  12. because of you I’m listening Yandere Heaven now eAe now I’m into this stuff

  13. yea same for me, (though that’s inexcuseable because I get B’s log now lol…should actually read those drama CD pages)
    I hope the dummy head trend continues beyond CDs as well. I mean CDs are nice but I often get bored because they are too shallow lol

  14. i don’t know of any english drama CDs but I did listen to vol 1 with Tachibana Shinnosuke of this series and he’s pretty much spouting nonsense about counting sheep so…even if you don’t understand I think it’s effective of putting you to sleep either way

  15. yea same for me, that was my first time and then inoue kazuhiko’s like ear rapin’ me lmfaoo…it was weird XDDD
    I think inoue is too old to be doing these kinds of things rofl.

  16. I like Drama CDs but I don’t usually hear about them until an otome game comes out based on them, or if someone else informs me/I see it on someone else’s blog xD lol
    Yeah seriously, I think all otoge company should seriously invest in dummy head mics, it makes the games just 10x better o(*^▽^*)o~♪ I think the dummy head mic helps immerse one into the story better too, because it’s more like you’re actually reading and in the story rather than just… observing a flat screen with pictures and words :p lol

  17. *Puts headphones on*
    Lol what is hee sayi–
    *He sounds RIGHT there as he switches to the left ear*

    It’s interesting though…I’m kind of interested in hearing an english drama CD now, for better or worse.

  18. I got to experience the dummy head mic the first time not even knowing it existed when I played Kannou Mukashi Banashi. Boy was I surprised. XD The earring scene with the navigator had me flinching around and giggling like crazy. His voice is so deep and sexy and to have it right in my ear.. Ahh! sensory overload!

    Anyway I love the drama cds that use dummy head mic, I listen to them to go to sleep. I definitely will listen to this volume of amemakura tonight~

    I hope the game gives him a happy ending or else Ima cut xDDD

    Too bad you don’t like that dummy head stuff. It was weird to me at first but now I love it (*´д`*)ハァハァ

  20. I only found out about it after the teaser for the game came out and i’m like WHOA lol well it doesn’t help that I don’t usually pay attention to drama CDs.
    I hope more otoges use it too, one of the huge reasons I loved KMB is because of the dummy head *_*

  21. welcome! I’m about to listen to volume 1 tonight because the profile of the guy who is “born in NY and raised in Cali” amuses me. I love dem half gaijin characters! lol and I like Tachibana xD
    I will review it for sure, *_*

  22. Yea my DGS I got came with a mousou este with suwabe lmfaoo man that was hot (*´д`*)ハァハァ
    I only have these on phone when i listen but then I take them off lmfao oh my god I can’t have that shuffling xDDD

  23. Okay, say it with me now, AAWWWW. I feel so sorry for him ;__;
    I feel like the girl is a total /bleep/ because, dude, he’s practically confessing to you right now and you’re still saying no? Gee.

    Btw, I have got to be the only person in the world who doesn’t fancy this new technology. I first heard about it in Dolly Oriental, when I was a total Ishida fan. It made me feel dizzy and made my ears feel ticklish. Yeah, not a big fan of it.

    Also, the person they’re talking to in these drama CDs are so… dense and M. I mean, dude, come on, make a CD for us, S people, with tsundere/S guys. THEN, I’ll be happy to give the world of drama CDs/dummy mike a second chance.

  24. Omg… I didn’t even know something as amazing as Amemakura existed (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Must…get…. having the rain and the guy whispering in your ears sounds really ho- I mean, romantic. 8D lol awesome, they’re making a short otome game out of it too? I shall definitely have to get that. Seriously though, dummy head mics are the best. I hope every otoge from now on uses it \o/ it definitely adds to the effect in my opinion lol (/ρ\)いやーん it really just ups the level of the game haha

  25. Thanks for translating this track.
    Glad you like dummy head mic CDs too.
    I listened to all the Amemakura series.
    1, 3, 5 and THIS are my favorites 🙂

    When the Shinozabu 7 game comes out please do review for it too! ^_^

  26. A CD came with B-Log’s magazine the last time I bothered to buy for…they used the dummy mike.

    MY GOD IT FREAKED ME OUT THE FIRST TIME!! TALK ABOUT SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!! I actually felt I was in the room with them, the voices got distant and the whispering in they ear actually made me blush.

    It’s really awkward when I’m running my iPod and walking and it randomly starts on shuffle because I instantly turn around and look to who’s talking.

  27. That sample is pretty sexy. Wish there was some soft BGM playing in the background, though (like Mousou Esthe–now that puts me to sleep!). Anyway, I liked this volume better than the last one I listened to (4, I think). Hope the upcoming game will have dummy mic parts too.

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