Otome Game Review: Amnesia -Later-

This the fandisk to Amnesia. There’s “New World” which is like another story to the original story where Mary Sue still has no memories. The After Story takes place after she regains her memories in the original game and then there’s other bonuses like Waka World and Girls Party. Additionally you get a chance to reflect on your past journey with Orion.

Toma – In the new world scenario, everyone decides to go see fireflies  so they dress up in their yukatas and head out to the mountains. Mary decides she wants to sneak into the school  so she and Toma sneak in at night. They almost get caught so they hide behind a desk cuddling together. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) In the after story, Toma asks Mary to live with him a bit longer for her safety from the crazy fangirls. They end up making curry together and end up sleeping in bed that night because she insisted, despite Toma insisisting he sleeps out in the hallway. Mary then grows a pair and kisses his hand saying she did it because she loves him. Toma then complains the next morning that he had to hold back his urges to ravage her while she slept soundly 😆 He then kisses her on the bed and goes off to work. While he’s gone, bitch-leader Rika shows up with a CD full of all the internet shit about Mary. She then babbles on about how Mary shouldn’t be thanking her for all the shit they did to her. (I completely agree, why don’t you tell her to GTFO!?) Then they both realize they’re crazy weirdos who had long time 1 sided loves 😆 Rika apparently knows the best stalking spot for Ikki at the maid cafe so she takes Mary with her to take a peek at Ikki & Toma working :lol:.

Sadly Toma’s got like Mary-stalker-dar on and he totally catches them and is likw wtf are you doing here. Mary convinces Toma that Rika’s no longer an enemy and Toma’s like “whatever I’m gonna leave early so I can take you home cause I don’t trust her.” He then tells Rika that her stalking plans have come to an end cause he knows all the possible stalker spots and he’s removed all the hidden cameras. STALKER INTERCEPTION! After they go home they discuss about how they were both in love with each other forever and then the next day in his room, Mary finds a photo album full of…..pics of herself. He admits it’s rather stalkerish but then she’s like “oh it’s ok cause I had my own collection of pics of you thanks to Shin” :lol:. They’re meant for each other! The following day they go shopping where Mary admits to have saved over all of Toma’s game dada. She then ends up dragging him to the lingere shop again where the worker from the last lingere store apparently works half the time. He gets harassed by the worker shoving all sorts of lingere in his face for Mary xDxDxD. Later that day Toma gets a call to “meet someone outside” and then Mary hears Orion’s voice telling her to go outside and get Toma.

When she runs out she finds Shin punching Toma in the face in regards to him locking up Mary in a cage and putting sleeping meds into her food. When Mary says it’s because Toma was protecting her and Shin calls them both idiots. /(^o^)\ I strongly agree Shin. Later they decide to get together for old time’s sake and have nabe where Toma sits with an ice pack to his face while Shin continues being tsuntsun. After all the harassment stops, Toma tells Mary to go home but she’s like glued to him so she says she doesn’t want to. He then says he’ll ask her parents to permission to marry her but when he calls his mom she’s like “I heard you guys are living together from Shin! We already approved you guys getting married since elementary school, so why didn’t you come to us!?” ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ And so on August 28th I guess they sign their papers and get married? (No ceremony I guess..) They then go to an amusement park on a date where they profess their love to each other on the ferris wheel and make out I guess. Erm yea I guess that was rather short…oh well Toma is kinda kimoi that it’s hard to see any of his scenes as cute…except maybe the bed and hiding behind desk scenes xD.

Shin – In New World, Shin & Mary walk around random places searching for the fireflies. Because they walk around in geta too much, she ends up injuring her toes until they bleed.  When she tells Shin her feet hurt & he notices he’s like “Why didn’t you say something!?” That’s because she doesn’t talk Shin :lol:. He takes her back to his place to take care of her foot and Mary asks why everyone wants to see the fireflies so badly. Shin tells her that the previous year she couldn’t see the fireflies so everyone at the maid cafe wanted to take her to see them this year. In the after story, Mary comes over to Shin’s house to help him study. Afterwards she gets upset that he’s so busy studying he never shows her any TLC. Finally when he walks her home he kisses her saying that he’s always holding himself back for her sake. The next day Shin calls and ends up cancelling their date plans because of a sudden special class he has to take. He comes to pick her up after work and says he came to apologize for cancelling their date. He then complains that all the places she wants to go on a date are crowded places to just “kick back” when he  wants to be somewhere alone with just the 2 of them. Mine & Sawa tells Mary to stop beating around the bush and TAKE INITIATIVE GURRRL.

The following day Shin comes over her place, but then says he lied about studying and really just wanted to be alone with her. When he goes to kiss her she resists and acts all stupid and he gives up and goes “Do you REALLY love me? You keep running away from me.” MARY FUCKING SUE YOU MAKE OUT WITH CAGEBOY BUT NOT WITH THIS DARLING WHO STUDIES HIS ASS OFF FOR YOU щ(ಥДಥщ). So yea Shin gets kinda pissed off and leaves. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) They make up afterwards and then Shin takes her to a surprise party at the maid cafe to celebrate her getting released from the hospital. Ikki, Sawa & Mine tell Mary to stop being a prude and ATTACK DAT SHEIT. Mary decides she loves Shin enough so she makes up an excuse to come over his house saying she wants to hear his bass. When she comes over his bass string is broken so instead she says she wants to get “closer to him”. When she jumps and clings on him he’s like “stop trying so hard >_>” and basically it goes nowhere. They end up studying/reading books until evening when she leaves. They do make a promise that if Shin gets an A on his exam he’ll spend an entire day with her. SIGH WHAT IS THIS PRUDE SHIT YOU FUCKING GOT IN BED WITH CAGE BOY ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻. So then after Shin takes his exam a few days later, he comes over to Mary’s house so he can use her to relax. He hugs her from behind and kisses her on the cheek…BUT THEN LETS HER GO CAUSE HE CAN TELL SHE’S GETTING NERVOUS ABOUT CHEEK KISSING. Jesus christ what is this kindergarten? ( ´,_ゝ`)

So finally after his exam they go on a date to the zoo where she feeds him her bento. Afterwards they go home and she asks him to stay a bit longer. Shin gets pissed at her cockteasing but stays, and before he leaves he kisses her saying that they may as well get married. She asks him to kiss her one more time and they end up making out all night because Shin realized he needs to take it “slowly” for this love walrus. The next day they go studying in the park where he gives Mary an engagement ring passed down from his mother. (*´꒳`*) He asks her to marry him and she stares like a stupid log until he’s like “uh can you say yes or something” and she finaly says yes. Gdi. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) In the epilogue, he comes to visit her at the maid cafe on his way to class where Mine & Sawa tease them for being all raburabu. Thar be no rage like the rage I have against Mary in this route…especially playing this right after Toma pissed me off to no end. I mean god damn isn’t Shin like the poster boy for this game? Why does he get the biggest shaft in this game?? God I like Shin so much but him getting constantly screwed over by Mary’s stupidity just made me feel sorry for him the whole time щ(ಥДಥщ).

Ikki – In New World, Mary goes on a drive with Ikki & Kent. They go to Shinano in hopes that there will be more fireflies in that forest. So then while Mary remembers about why everyone wanted to show her the fireflies she fumbles and trips into Ikki’s arms. In the after story, Mary leaves her current apartment & moves in with Ikki. Her perverted personality shines through when she opens his closet to put in her clothes and instead ends up staring & sniffing his clothes instead. 😆 He tells her his rules are to kiss each other, hug, say I love you to each other once a day xD.  That night after they both take a bath, they look at his old high school album where there’s pics of him dressed as a trap maid for the school festival プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. He says some sweet words to her before going to bed (but they don’t sleep together) and the next morning she walks into him half dressed. (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) ●REC (oh wait that’s just me.) The next day Mary’s stupid father comes over telling Mary that Ikki’s a manwhore like he was in his youth and one day he will tire of her. He finishes by saying that Ikki’s “true love” is far in the future and that she should return to her own place. He asks if she will ask him to sleep in the same bed that night but she says “not yet”. God damnit. It was ok with Toma right off the bat but Ikki and Shin get screwed. SIGH.

The following day Kent comes over their place to give Ikki some advice and he complains that he’s always (*´д`*)ハァハァ  around Mary xDD. After Kent leaves Ikki makes himself comfortable in Mary’s lap and she asks him to put on his glasses so she can (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ herself rofl. When she says she wants to call Ikki by his full name Ikkyuu cause Kent calls him that….he burts out laughing the moment she says Ikkyuu san. He tells her that when he was in kindergarten and all the girls made fun of his name, that’s when he made that wish to be popular with the ladies. That night Mary chickens out AGAIN and they don’t sleep together despite school starting and they aren’t able to be with each other all day like before. The next day some fanclub bitches try to trick her into going with them to get beat up but Rika saves her and tells them to GTFO. She gives Mary some shiitake mushrooms she made for Ikki and Mary takes them home (except lol I woulda thrown them out tbh…what if they’re poisoned xD?) The next day the fanclub bitches come to harrass her again, but even though she refuses she gets a photo from one of the fanclub bitches drinking & laughing with Ikki. She decides to ignore it and go shopping and then gets a call from a worried Ikki who meets up with her outside. When she asks him about the photo he says that it’s a photo of him from the past, before they were even dating, so he never went out with any of them to begin with.

He then tells her that he loves her so much he has trouble holding himself from ravaging her but she’s like “it’s awwright come at me bro, I’ll take it all.” ( ≖‿≖)  And so that night when Mary tries to tell Ikki that she wants to sleep with him she fumbles like an idiot again making Ikki so frustrated that…..he just stop waiting and TAKES HER! キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━  The next day her dad comes to cockblock and be annoying saying that Mary’s too young and that Ikki will eventually get tired of her. Ikki then kneels down and asks for permission to marry his daughter and finally Mary’s dad gives in and agrees. And so in the epilogue they’re both at their private wedding ceremony looking at the starry sky. (♡´౪`♡) They see a shooting star and Mary makes a wish that Ikki’s eyes return back to normal and says she makes that her wish every time she goes to the shrine etc. I’m so glad Ikki took the initiative in this route…cause I was about to smack this stupid woman again. I’m also glad she had the brains not to trust the stupid fangirl bitches and instead trust Ikki instead. Definitely improvement over Shin & Toma and the wedding CG was beautiful *_*. Also lol yea she totally got laid. Shin shoulda just done the same thing but I guess they left that role up to the older character rather than the younger one.

Kent – 俺の嫁ktkr。 In the new world they go on a drive with Ikki again to look for the fireflies. Kent acts all tsuntsun saying it’s not good to take a young girl on a drive with 2 older males but Ikki’s like “no problem, if one of us does something the other one will stop him! ^_^”ww.  When they get to Shinano, Kent & Mary go into the forest to look for the fireflies and he leaves her alone for a bit because he thought he saw some lights in the distance. When he comes back he apologizes for leaving her alone. They sit together and share his scarf xDDD |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ In the after story, Kent tells her that to prepare for them going abroad she should practice her English. When they talk about their parents’ approval of the whole thing Kent says his parents already consider her his future waifu (well he skips that part but ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪). When she comes over for dinner Kent’s mom is disappointed they aren’t going to live together and the dad’s like “you guys are gonna marry anyway what’s the big deal?” xDDD They ask Mary to take care of Kent while they’re in London. (*´∀`)むふ♪  Mary says she wants Kent to rely on her more so he says he wants to know how to take the cover off a futon and how to  do laundry. (๑→ܫ←๑) He tries really hard to put the futon cover on but ends up taking 20 minutes and does a crappy job anyway.

He then ends up falling asleep next to Mary on the couch and she falls asleep with him…but has a dream about when she told Kent that she hates him for saying horrible things to her after her dog died. He then tries to kiss her but Mary doesn’t get the hint and he gets embarrassed and gives up ლ(இ e இ`。ლ). He then walks her home and asks if she can also teach him how to cook. The following day Kent picks Mary up from work and they go shopping for ingredients. She teaches him how to make nikujaga  and afterwards he asks her if they’re really at a “proposal” stage yet when they’ve only even kissed once. Mary suggests that they should kiss more and before he leans over to kiss her, they’re cockblocked by the cooking timer. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) So then she goes to look at the weather outside and he hugs her from behind saying he wants to continue where they left off….and before they can kiss again…HIS FUCKING CELL PHONE GOES OFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU STOP IT STOP ITTTTT ლ(இ 益 இ`。ლ)!! The next day Kent calls her over to his place just so he can have her by his side while he works. She makes him some coffee and he says that some day if they’re married it will be like this too. (*´꒳`*) Ikki tells Mary that Kent’s birthday is coming up and suggests Mary do a secret surprise party for him. She has to lie to Kent saying she needs to shop for “personal” things and then asks Mine & Sawa to help her pick something out.

Unfortunately they run into Kent when they go shopping \( ^o^)/ . Mine manages to talk her way out of it and they’re able to successfully get him a gift without him noticing. So when she invites him over on the 23rd he’s like “oh yea I forgot it was my birthday” and realizes what she was hiding from him at the department store. Turns out Kent also made a cake for Mary and now they have 2 cakes for his birthday :lol:. So then Mary gives Kent the green  scarf she bought for him and he thanks her for picking it out for him. They light the candles and she asks what he wished for but he pushes her down saying he wished to kiss her a 2nd time. He asks if Mary will make his dream come true and of course she says yes so they end up making out (and in my mind doing other things) the rest of the night. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ The next day she comes over his place and flips through his recipe book and then he pops the question and slips the ring on her finger. キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━   And so in the epilogue they’re in London shopping for groceries together and holding hands. (♡´౪`♡) HNNNNG|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Oh my god Kent was the most precious thing ever ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ I was so sad his route ended so fast….I could just watch it over & over…

Ukyo – In new world, Mary goes to see the fireflies with Ukyo but he tells her to stay away from here and he does  have his spazz a bit. He returns to normal quickly & immediately apologizes. They go to a spot where he thought he saw some fireflies last time and finally they see the fireflies yay! Four routes without fireflies I was about to be like “wtf is the point (  ゚,_ゝ゚)”.  While they watch the fireflies Ukyo tells Mary that he loves her. (*´∀`)むふ♪ In the after story Mary finds herself in Ukyo’s arms and he’s just saved her from the laboratory explosion. In the After Story Waka says that he wants to have a wedding ceremony at his store and says Ukyo and Mary should be the first couple :lol:. Afterwards Mary asks if she can come over Ukyo’s place. Before she goes home that night he grabs her  and gives her a kiss on the forehead. (๑→ܫ←๑) The next day the go shopping at the department store for some items for Ukyo’s apartment. He goes on a rant about it’s not like he wants to have his way with her in a large bed and he’s only buying it for convenience and no ulterior motive! 😆 Afterwards Rika & her bitches meet up with them asking for forgiveness for what they did..of course to proceed with the game you have to forgive them but….I really wanted them to just diaf and gtfo. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) So on their way home Ukyo starts panicking going “Why do you love me anyway? I’m scary, I have mood swings, my hair is long etce tc” but Mary’s like “lol I just love everything I guess!”

The next day Ukyo comes to her maid cafe and all the guys get extremely jealous so they plan to put habanero hot sauce into his tea or something xDDD. Ukyo ends up eating it anyway with no problems プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Afterwards he’s like “I can tell all the other guys are jealous but whatever I’m not giving you up to anyone ever again.” ( ≖‿≖) He then invites her over to his place to show off all the furniture that he bought. At his place he goes to bring her a drink  but he trips on her bag and spills it all over her. She changes into her waitress uniform until her clothes dry and Ukky can’t hold himself back so he hugs her. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Before Ukyo ravages her any further her runs out to the convenience store to get more tea. In the meantime Mary finds a  notebook full of notes between him and someone else arguing. It’s clearly him and his “other self” but I guess she doesn’t remember this and  starts to think that he may be cheating on her with some other girl. She gets upset and decides not to think about it or mention anything to him. The next day when Ukyo comes into the maid cafe Kent puts oyster sauce in his coffee because everyone knows that it’s his fault that Mary’s upset. Rika then comes into the store being Mary’s bff and kicking Ukky away while trying to give Mary advice about what happened. Rika then goes to Ukyo directly and asks “are you cheating on Mary!?” Ukyo’s like “Wtf no she’s my only one!” He then asks Mary to leave work early to try to explain himself to her. He tells her abuot his other personality and Mary’s like “I want to meet him!” and Ukky’s like “NOOOO! (;゚д゚)”. Of course she doesn’t listen and when she comes over his place a few days later, she finds him sleeping….and when she goes to wake him up it’s his evil self. His other self then jumps on top of her saying “I won’t kill you but I always did WANT you…”.

Fortunately Orion saves the day by ringing the doorbell and that brings Ukyo back to normal and he tells Mary to GTFO. She runs out and sees Orion who tells to “save Ukyo” and that she’s the only one who can do it. She returns to Ukyo’s place and he’s like argh why are you back!? Mary then takes his hand and remembers everything that happened before she woke up. She says she won’t let it go and that she loves him. She says she will spend the night with him saying that she’s not afraid. So then of course not to soon after Evil-Ukky comes out going “are you stupid? Why are you still here? or are you expecting something?” Mary tells him that she knows that even though all he could do was be “evil” he’s still part of “Ukyo” and that she loves them both. She then kisses him and mid kiss he switches back to regular Ukyo who then starts panicking and going “omg did he force kiss you!? Ima jump off a roof to punish him!” Lmfaoo xDDDD. And so on October 1st Mary dresses up in wedding attire for advertising purposes for the restaurant and Ukyo gets upset that he doesn’t get to dress up as her “groom”. So then he grabs her princess style and runs off with her instead while all the guys rage chasing after them xDDD. While they’re running Ukyo says he loves her and gives her a kiss before continuing their chase x3.  Daww Ukyo’s not my fav but his route was so adorable…actually it reminded me a LOT of Natsuki from Uta no Prince Sama…with the whole “I love the both of you” thing was practically identical lol! Not that I’m complaining as I thought it was done fairly well and was cute in the end!

Waka & Girls Party – So basically here you get to uh get some brief Waka endings. In New World he basically gives you a break down of how his clan captured fireflies or something and tells Mary that she should go hang out with her man harem instead of him. In the Strict Army Leader world, Mary gets harassed by some nasty otaku who threatens to write bad reviews of the maid cafe if she doesn’t let him take pics or hug him. Waka rages at him and tells him to GTFO. Afterwards he takes Mary to the park where he tries to teach her how to fend off kimo-otas in the future and tells her to enjoy her next day off. In the No-Talking Waka world, he saves Mary from some drunks who hit on her and then says he’s “killed off his emotions” so he can “feel people’s better”.  Afterwards they play some board games at the cafe with just the 2 of them. In the Okama world route (lol its called Onee but seriously okama) he breaks one of Mary’s earring so he offers to go buy her a new one. After they finish shopping he takes her to a garden cafe where he admits that he speaks like a woman but he’s not actually gay. In fact he actually has interest in Mary and he tells her to come see him in a year if she has interest as well. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) In the Assassin world, Waka walks Mary home as Toma & Shin stalk them raging that she and Waka had a nice “atmosphere” going :lol:. When they call to ask her about it later, she’s like “I dunno what you’re talking about lol bye” and hangs up on them. m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ In Girls Party, basically Mary gets with Mine, Sawa & Rika to discuss about all the guys. Mine acts like a tsundere at the firefly thing while Rika tells her that she ran into some guy while she had toast in her mouth and then they switched bags and he asked her out saying it’s DESTINY!! Doing Girls Party also unlocks all the guys profiles including Waka – who is actually only 28. I thought he was older for some reason. Also I noticed in Toma’s profile his favorite animal is…a human. No wonder he thinks putting people in cages is ok. (ಠ_ಠ)

Orion – Orion’s route takes place after Ukyo’s ending and basically Ukyo decides to go take photos overseas. One day while walking around Mary finds a shota in a hoodie sleeping in the park but when he wakes up he says he’s fine and runs off. Suddenly Mary starts having flashbacks like there’s “someone else” with her. She then runs into him again when his grocery bag rips in front of her apartment and she offers to give him her tote bag to use. Since Mary’s bored without Ukyo, Orion entertains her and talks to her telling her she should tell her boyfriend that she’s “lonely”.  Mary hears from Waka that a new flower shop has opened up and turns out the shota she’s been talking to is running it. She decides to go see him and he tells her that he likes talking to customers and helping them, which is why he learned a lot about flowers. She asks him if his name is Orion and when he says yes, Mary starts crying. After they walk home they exchange phone numbers so they can email each other later. Before she goes home, he gives a rose by the name of “Amnesia”. The next day Mary decides to bake some cookies for Orion but she screws up and burns them all making her apartment stink like burnt charcoal.

Suddenly Orion comes running to her place worrying that something might happened. Suddenly Mary has flashbacks to the past with the school explosion and her time with Orion. She then hugs Orion going “it was you all along” and tells him “welcome back”. ( ;∀;) イイハナシダナー  She asks him why he didn’t tell her about himself the first time but he says he didn’t want to freak her out by saying “oh hai I was a fairy in your head for 2 months.” He says that they have a lot of trouble financially but that’s why the run the flower shop and Neil is a teacher. Orion says that he can’t leave Mary in Ukyo’s hands and when Ukyo calls they have a convo with the 3 of them. He tells Ukyo that he’s gonna grow up to be a sexy beast in 5 years and will take Mary away (♡´౪`♡). Ukyo’s like whaaatttt and says he’s gonna finish his work ASAP and return to Mary xD. He then asks her to pick a new Japanese name for him (lol I just left it as Orion xDD) and then he decides that on this day it will also be his “birthday”. And so on October 6 they hold a 12th birthday party for Orion. He thanks everyone and starts crying. (´;ω;`) Neil & Ukyo show up but they’re like “omg how are we supposed to jump into this atmosphere” xD.      ウワァァ━━━━━。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。━━━━━ン!! Man I had to wipe the tears from my face because this really was the end. The preorder drama CD was pretty funny because everyone kept bullying everyone else until they all realized Ikki was making them fight amongst themselves and when they went after him, he ran for it. 😆 I’m not a fan of drama CDs but I guess it was fairly entertaining (especially Shin having to say romantic lines Ikki wrote ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \).

TOO SHORT! God I paid $82 for this game and I finished it within a week with most of my gameplay being during my commute to work. I’m sure if I just sat down and played it all weekend, I would have finished it in like 2 or 3 days. (´・ω・`;) I got the regular edition so it wasn’t as horrible as the people who probably paid crazy money for the limited edition. The fandisk wasn’t bad. I did enjoy it, and even girls party was funny because of the stuff they said about all the guys. I was happy they gave Orion a route and the guys routes were fairly sweet as well but again…..TOO SHORT. I feel like I wanted more (and especially more for my money to be honest…) The pre-order drama CD was fairly entertaining but again it doesn’t really make up for the lack of content of the game itself. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) I also wished they gave Waka a real route not just short blurbs with a “complete” CG (ok so it was a hot CG but still…). So yea I guess if I didn’t buy this game I might be complaining less but for the price I paid I wanted more content…or else it should have only been like 3800 yen or something. There’s PSP games out there that cost the same price but have like 5 times the content. Oh well this is coming from Otomate who charges you $2 for a pack of 4 stickers when $2 can get you an entire decopic app meh. Maybe buying the Amnesia Twin pack might have been a better value but I only wanted to get the fandisk oh well. I would definitely say it’s worth playing if you’ve played the original game but for the price –  I’d wait for a sale or borrow the game from a friend or something. ( ´_ゝ`) (Or wait for the stupid yen to drop in value…………)

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15 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Amnesia -Later-”

  1. I’m more amazed by the fact that heroine with no name and Toma are leading a happy life here as if nothing’s happened or something after he shoved her in a dog cage for weeks. XD;;

    Another great review anyway!

  2. not really seeing how all the routes take place directly after the original game? also if you only play this game you’ll probably get the completely wrong impression of the original so I don’t recommend.

  3. Um, can this be playable even if I only finished Kent’s route in the first game? (._.) I think I want to play this but I don’t think I can bring myself to play the first.

  4. Hina san, you are so fast ^^ Toma… is kinda creep me out since he still using the cage lol. Ikki and Ukyo route is so adorable (≧∇≦). And I am so glad they include Orion this time ^^

  5. maybe cause its clear she’s a MASSIVE BRO-CON or something….or maybe abuse turns her on I dont know (ಠ_ಠ)
    They did reveal that in the past she’s tried to confess to Toma like a million times and she stalked him too so…2 peas in a pod I guess? XD

  6. Omg that 3rd Kent CG is so cute! (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥ and that Waka CG is hot (* ̄∇ ̄*)I really have to finish Amnesia one of these days so that I can play this. XD;; But why the heroine is only proactive on Toma’s route, didn’t she get a traumatize even just a bit? ;w; She should have flown back to Shin right away lol

  7. I don’t care about the age difference, he’s cute! Besides I had to put with sexing up so many lolis in bishoujo games that stuff like in games doesn’t even faze me anymore.

    Yeah, technically Toma is also a childhood friend, but he’s also her brother and he’s a psycho. The childhood doesn’t seem to have as much importance to Toma as being her brother does anyways (hence why he was so annoying about what he wanted in the first game). So maybe it’s a combination of Shin being a childhood friend and a genuine nice guy, and in most shoujo manga I read those guys also get shafted for the jerk. So Shin gets double shafted.

  8. erm I didn’t really want a kiss CG with Orion seeing how they made him “12” in game and the heroine is 19 >_>. lol Shin punching Toma was glorious 😆
    technically though Toma is a childhood friend too though so it’s dumb that Shin gets shafted but Toma scores tbh lol

  9. I agree that it was too short, and I was so disappointed that Orion didn’t have a kiss CG. I don’t care if he’s a shota he’s sooooo cute. I was so bored and pissed at Toma’s route that I left it on auto and left my psp alone for most of it, but I did check it out just at the moment Mary finds out Shin punched Toma. I just wanted to ditch Toma at that moment and run away with Shin. I replayed that scene after I read Toma’s profile where it says his favourite animal is humans. Go screw yourself with a pitchfork Toma!

    And then I played Shin’s route….*sigh*. Why Mary, why? Why reject your sweet, hot and caring childhood friend but jump at the chance of sleeping with your psycho brother?! This is probably because Toma won the pool, so like the Japanese audiences, Mary had to be turned into a stupid doormat masochist in this game. Because Shin is the poster boy for this game, so there’s no excuse for him getting shafted. On the other hand, he’s a childhood friend and these almost always get shafted in otome games, so maybe the pool isn’t at fault here, just crappy cliches.

  10. omg I NOTICED THAT but I thought I was seeing things xDDDD I guess it wasn’t just me 8D
    Yea I wanted to throw everything possible at Mary fucking SUE in Shin’s route…lol the damage was hard after Toma too XD

  11. Haha I agree with you on a lot of things. I was also getting serious UtaPri vibes with Ukyou, that just seemed really similar to Natsuki/Satsuki. And argghh Shin’s route almost made me flip a table, then pick it up and chuck it at the heroine @^@ Why was she so stupid there?? But his proposal CG was really cute, I loved how similar it was to the one when they were kids

    And Waka’s bonus CG was uber hot, but I am disappointed that they didn’t make a full route for him…but I loved the fact that he took you to Arcobaleno lol

  12. lol yea me too but now I just imagine he’ll look probably like Neil 😆 xDDD
    yea the lack of a real Waka route is such a disappointment… Otomate…..

  13. Oh yay your review is out! I love all the guys but I’m still sad over the nonexistent Waka route….snicks…anyway,Orion ftw I really wanna see a grownup sexy version of him seducing the heroine hehe

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