Otome Game Review: Vitamin X Detective B6

This time the story puts our Vitamin X cast into an alternate universe where Minami Yuri is the Chief of her detective agency and the B6 are her employees! They get people asking them to solve cases such as finding a cat or seeing if someone’s husband is cheating on his wife. The T6 have taken random jobs around town (such as bartender or barber) but they do help out with various cases along the way. Ultimately it all boils down to a pair of art thieves and something fishy going on with the Mayor in town.

Nanase Shun – For Shun’s first case they go to check if some lady’s husband is cheating on her,  but turns out it was just some misunderstanding. In the second case they have to stop Tsubasa’s cook Yamada from sleep cooking and randomly chopping up ingredients. Turns out he was stressed so they let Yamada sing some karaoke to Shun’s guitar lol. The 3rd case they try to catch an art thief but have no luck doing it with just the 2 of them. (The student council people Okazaki & Kuze from the first game became the 2 thieves lol). The rest of the B6 join in to help catch them but fail. Shun then gets into a fight with Kiyo over an accident that happens when Yuri bangs her head into  some kind of vase or something. In the final attempt to catch the art thieves, they end up having to go on a nice boat to protect Kinugasa while he sings in his fabulous attire.  The thieves show up, steal that Alexander the 2nd’s jewel thing and run off leaving the ship full of bombs. Shun & Kiyo then join forces to catch the thieves & fat Mayor – who hired them but was really the final boss behind it all. The bombs on the ship were even set up by the Deputy mayor. The ship starts blowing up & sinking and they manage to save Yuri and escape. Afterwards Shun hugs her saying he wants to protect her from now on. In the Perfect End, Shun offers to treat her at a bar and she’s shocked since he’s usually a cheapass lol. He then says he loves her and they make out and she says she loves him too. In the Dream End, Shun like chases her into the park or something and then catches her and hugs her sniffing her hair (ಠ_ಠ).  He then takes her hand and they walk out of the park together. In the Normal End, Yuri trips and lands on Konokage sensei. He accidentally almost confesses to her and she calls him cute so he blushes like a blushing ossan that he is and confesses to her for real. Eh nothing against Konokage but he’s just so ossany it felt kinda weird. I’m not really a huge fan of Shun so I did him to get him out of the way honestly and it was kinda disappointing that he didn’t get a kiss CG.

Sendou Kiyoharu – I did Kiyo next because it seems this game has the story setup in “pairs” where the final scenario pretty much has the guys split up into groups and each  group shares the same outcome…so yea needless to say Shun & Kiyo were together. As usual he spends the route playing pranks mostly on Shun as well as Yuri and laughing like a hyena. In the first mission they have to examine an abandoned building thats full of traps. Turns out a shota is there keeping some abandoned puppies instead. They decide to help the puppies find a home in order to let them destroy the abandoned building without thinking its haunted. In the second case they deal with sleep walking Yamada but to catch him Kiyo throws a freaking rolling pin at the poor guy’s head 😆  In the third case Kinugasa lies saying he lost a hair clip but because of this Kiyo gets frustrated that they can’t find it and gets really immature playing really bad pranks on Yuri. After that the Mayor comes asking them to protect their paintings fromt he art thieves. That night thief Casa Blanca, aka Kaori uses some sleeping poison and puts Yuri to sleep for 3 days as the fail to catch them. Kiyo gets so depressed that he couldn’t protect her that he ends up not working and wandering around in depression. When Yuri finally wakes up she goes looking for him but she later finds out that he was actually nursing her back to health, even though others offered to take turns, he refused to let anyone else but himself do it ( ≖‿≖). Later on Kiyo apologizes while blushing like a dork |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Later on as they leave the park they talk about how anyone who marries Kiyo has to be a tough woman and Kiyo says Yuri’s pretty tough and that she’s on his candidate list – but Yuri’s too busy lecturing him to notice this xDD;; Before the dance, that scene where Yuri runs into the glass vase and hurts her hand and Shun runs in blaming Kiyo for it despite Yuri trying to tell him that it’s not his fault. So then they get in their fist fight the moment Shun calls  Kiyo a chibi (´・ω・`;A). I guess Shun gets even more enraged when Kiyo starts licking the blood off Yuri’s hand 8D;. As usual the scene is same as in Shun’s route with the ship but this time Yuri flies there on Kiyo’s back as he skateboards on deck. After the thieves and the Mayor are caught, the Deputy Mayor’s bombs start going off and everyone runs for it. After they escape, Yuri meets Kiyo in the park and he hugs her telling her “not to disappear” until she sees him “shine” and that everything he puts effort into is obviously for her. She of course doesn’t get it but he tells her to continue being thickheaded until she realizes her feelings too lol. In the Perfect End, Kiyo gets tired of waiting for Yuri to realize her feelings so he confesses to her and when she starts crying he licks her tears off. ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん As usual Yocchin does his hot voice (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. If only Kiyo always sounded this way lol! In the Dream End, Yuri makes some horrible nabe as usual and everyone  freaks out. Kiyo just wants to tease her around, and he never eats her food so he doesn’t care xD; In the Normal End, Kinugasa puts the moves on Yuri and says he loves her. After playing Amnesia I kept having flashbacks to Ukyo for some reason with Kinugasa lol. I guess putting up with Kiyo’s crap was worth it for his perfect ending and all his embarrassing scenes but again, no kiss CG here either.

Madarame Mizuki – Mizuki’s cases are always solved by Toge while he sleeps like a bear. In his first “case” is them both getting locked up inside the agency with Tsubasa’s auto-lock system because Yuri left her card key in her dirty laundry. In the second case is the sleepwalking Yamada thing again. Later on they go help Masaki sell some stuff at his food cart and Yuri brings her black cookies which don’t sell, but eventually she sells them all cause they look nasty but taste good. The next case is trying to catch Black Rose & Casa Blanca again from stealing stuff at the art museum. They succeed and are hired again, but Mizuki got injured. The case continues when they split up to catch the thieves and this time Yuri goes in a group with Mizuki & Goro. Mizuki and Goro are asked to be models, Goro of course as a trap to replace the 2 models who cancelled to come to the fashion show. They decide they will wear the Alexandrelite stones on their clothes and so they make a bunch of replicas (or rather they magically appear next to Mizuki somehow lol) while Mizuki gives Yuri a kiss on the forehead telling her to take a nap. At the fashion show they catch the thieves and find out they were working for the Mayor but before they can catch the Mayor, he sets off a bunch of explosives inside the building. Mizuki saves Yuri from falling rubble due to the explosion, but injures his leg in the process. Masaki and others show up including the 2 thieves, and they help Mizuki and Yuri escape the exploding building. In the Perfect End, Mizuki confesses that he loves Yuri and then kisses her. Like wtf how fair is that, he gets a freaking kiss CG! He spends most of the route sleeping like a bear and bitching about Masaki being a “puppy” and he gets to make out with Yuri. Real nice. In the Dream End, Mizuki takes a nap in Yuri’s lap. In the Normal End, Masaki tries REALLY HARD to hit on Yuri as they sell cookies at his cart together. Afterwards he’s so tired he falls asleep on the bench next to Yuri and falls asleep on her shoulder. GDI the other teachers got to freaking hit on her poor Masaki -_- So yea if Mizuki getting a kiss CG wasn’t irritating enough, screwing Masaki over made me flip a desk. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Fumonji Goro – Ah I am just going to say Goro had the best & my most favorite route in the game. In the first case, they try to solve the case of some crazy stalker dude chasing after women with love letters. When the stalker chases after Yuri who’s acting as bait, Goro comes after him with his giant hammer. The second case is with Yamada’s sleepwalking & carving animals out of cooking ingredients again. They solve the case and at the end Yuri pats Goro on the head as a reward (♡´౪`♡) The next case Goro goes looking for a tie pin for Nikaido cause it’s something Yuri gave to him and that’s when the Mayor comes in with his art thief case. The thieves manage to escape and Yuri gets hurt protecting Goro so he feels guilty afterward. Nikaido tells him that he never lost the pin and it was just to test Goro but Goro failed and he realized it too late. Feeling guilty for getting angry at himself for not finding the pin Goro starts crying. ლ(இ e இ`。ლ) No bby don’t cry! He runs off to be alone and Nikaido tells Yuri to wait for him to get up on his own 2 feet. After that Goro decides to think positive and they all join forces with the other B6 to try and catch the thieves. Just like with Mizuki’s route, Goro & Mizuki are asked to be models at the fashion show and they decide to wear the Alexandrelite stone once more. As before they catch Black Rose & Casa Blanca and find out that they were just hired by the Mayor & his Deputy to act as thieves for them.

Nikaido & Masaki show up to help add reinforcement and they knock out the Mayor & Deputy and everyone starts running for it the moment all the bomb traps start going off. Goro uses his hammer & breaks down everything in his path to help lead the way out. Case is solved and the Mayor’s arrested. Afterwards Goro confesses that he loves Yuri and says when he becomes a proper detective for her, he wants to hear her feelings. (๑→ܫ←๑)  In the Perfect End, a year later Goro asks Yuri to tell him her feelings as he calls her out to the park one day. Finally Yuri admits that she’s been kinda holding herself back as well and says she loves him. Goro grabs her and they make out in the park as he says he loves her as well .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。. In the Dream End, all the guys compete for coupons to get Yuri to do whatever they want and Goro keeps winning so he can take her out on dates as a reward (●ゝω・●).  He wins again and he hugs and kisses Yuri on the cheek. He quietly whispers for her to go shopping with him and says he loves her while kissing her again. In the Normal End, Yuri comes to Nikaido’s bar and he confesses his love to her. Nikaido’s meh ending aside, I just loved Goro’s route. It was so obvious that he was trying his best for Yuri and since the trapness was minimized this time around I got a lot more manly Goro and it was quite satisfying (♡´౪`♡). Also hell yea for Goro getting a kiss CG. If Mizuki was the only one in the game who got one tables & heads would roll. ( ಠ益ಠ )

Kusanagi HajimeAce Ventura Kusanagi Hajime: Pet Detective! As usual thanks to Hajime, Yuri’s agency is like a zoo with all the animals running around. The Mayor asks them to find his lost wig but they refuse cause Hajime’s cat asked to find one of his cat frends first, and Mayor rages saying he’s more important. Kiyo then splashes water on him and then Goro shoves some nasty cake down his throat giving him diarhea and not letting him use their toilet プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They find Elizabeth the kitty up in a tree and Hajime  climbs up & rescues her and then her owner shows up & thanks him. In the second case it’s sleepwalker Yamada again. Hajime’s brilliant plan is to setup one of those traps with a stick and a basket and some food inside of it. For some reason, it actually works. In chapter 3 the Mayor & Deputy come to them once again with the art thief case. The thieves knock Yuri out and steal the artwork so Hajime vows to get revenge. For the grand finale with the art thieves, this time Yuri goes with Tsubasa & Hajime where Tsubasa auctions all his fugly art pieces in order to lure the thieves in lol. It works of course and then Hajime fights with Black Rose thief telling him that if he doesn’t surrender here he’ll really become a bad guy…but then the Mayor shows up and shoots Black Rose in the shoulder. The bombs start going off in the auction building so they all escape as usual. The floor crumbles and Tsubasa & Hajime grab Yuri by the hand to save her. They escape via Tsubasa’s helicotper thanks to Nagata. Now this is where I have beef because Tsubasa’s endings absolutely SUCKED. In the Perfect End, Hajime decides to go on a “journey to become a better detective” for a few years and confesses his love to Yuri before he goes. He kisses her on the cheek before he jumps on his nice boat. What the hell honestly why do you have to  “go away”. You think I’m gonna sit here and wait for your ass when I have like 5 other hot men all around me? 😆 In the Dream End, they have a competition again like in Goro’s route and this time Hajime wins so he asks Yuri to feed him some cake, while the other guys rage in jealousy. In the Normal End, Yuri and Ootori (who’s actually a barber in this game) have a drink at the bar as he professes his love to her. Man I was hoping for something good with Hajime but in the end it was just like a giant zoo that only led me to disappointment. (◞‸◟ㆀ)ショボン

Makabe Tsubasa – It’s Engrish time! First case some lady asks them to find a ring for her that was her engagement ring left by her husband who died on the day of their wedding. Tsubasa didn’t know this and was gonna just buy that lady a new more expensive ring and then felt like an asshole after the lady slapped him & ran off. They do end up finding the ring and  Tsubasa apologizes for everything. For the case with Yamada, Yuri offers a “hug” coupon for those who can solve the case. They take pics of Yamada wandering at night and show it to him and tell him to relax. Afterwards Tsubasa says he’ll save the hug coupon for later. For the art thief case Tsubasa’s busy finding stuff for Ginji that he tells Yuri to go do the case herself and the thieves end up easily stealing the artwork. Afterwards Tsubasa feels guilty and shuts himself off and there’s a lot of awkwardness between him & Yuri. Afterwards Tsubasa & everyone else in B6 apologize to her. After they stop the thieves in the park they all go to have dinner and while everyone’s busy eating, Tsubasa kisses Yuri on the cheek saying it’s just a “greeting” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン In the meantime all the other B6 cockblock and steal his food lol. As in Hajime’s route, they go to the auction and then the thieves steal the stone and run off and by the time they notice its too late. They split up to look for the thieves,  and then Yuri trips and hurts her ankle. Tsubasa finds her & carries her on his back and with Ginchan & Ootori’s help they catch Black Rose. So then the toupee team Mayor & Deputy show up and set off all their bombs.

Yuri gets blown away somewhere until Tsubasa finds her and pulls her out once again with Hajime. Nagata comes to save them all once again in his helicotper. Afterwards they all go to Yamada’s restaurant to have dinner & celebrate victory. While everyone’s busy beating up Gin-chan over food, Tsubasa decides to use his “hug coupon” and hugs Yuri. In the Perfect End, he takes her to a restaurant where Nikaido an everyone else are gone and its just the 2 of them. He asks if he’s become a suited enough detective for her and she says yes. He then glomps her asking if she will accept his love and she of course says she loves him as well and they make out as he spats his feelings for her in Engrish. Sigh wish there was a kiss CG here… In the Dream End, they all play some card games against Nagata and keep losing one by one until Tsubasa beats him.  He wins another hug coupon from Yuri sand says he’ll use it next time when the 2 of them are alone. (〃ノωノ) In the Normal end, Gin-chan tells her that she’s too nice to everyone and everyone’s fighting over her. He tells her he may be an unfit man for her but he loves her. Yuri  is kinda lame though and tells him she wants to get to know him more first. ( ´_ゝ`) Ok. Ah so nice to hear Tattsun make sexy voice Tsubasa – even if I have to hear Tsubasa’s stupid laughter. I’ll take that laughter anytime over his grating Iori voice from TYB.

Nagata Tomoya & Appends – Append stories were kinda short and not really worth writing about I guess. The appends with the teachers did have some CGs though but they were mostly “pairs” so its like seeing a bunch of random 3P endings with the T6s. The last 2 endings were like harem ends with Yuri getting drunk with the T6 and then having the B6 tease her and scare her. The final end were both B6 & T6 throwing a surprise thank you party for her. I thought I had finished the game but apparently Tsubasa’s butler Nagata has a route lol. Well it’s only 1 chapter but still it was surprising ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. Sadly there really wasn’t even much to it to be honest. It basically starts off in Chapter 6 of Tsubasa’s route and instead of Yuri being found by Tsubasa, Nagata finds her and helps her instead. Afterwards he starts hitting on her during the celebration dinner until Tsubasa cockblocks him /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ In the Perfect End, everyone asks who Yuri likes one year later but she avoids the question and instead drags Nagata with her to the park…only to realize she’s cold so he gives her his jacket saying this is what happens when she’s not “honest with her feelings.” Bleh. In the Dream end, they have dinner and let Nagata join them or something – no CG here meh. Honestly if you’re gonna give him endings like this why even give him a route. Why not GO ALL THE WAY D3P what’s your problem. щ(ºДºщ) Also it didn’t hit me until I played TYB Jelly beans that Nagata was voiced by Miura aka President from TYB. Gosh that just made him like a million times more appealing  and well his “final scene” before the credits was rather sexy until Tsubasa cockblocked XDDD.

Wow that was short! So short I finished it in like 4 days. (ಠ_ಠ) The layout done by HuneX as usual was pretty awesome and I loved all the chibi characters as well as the cute little map (rather than the standard menu like in the original games.) I kept thinking this game was done by Rejet but it’s actually because Maeda did the art but everything was just D3P & HuneX I guess! The BGMs were mostly the same from the first game with a few new ones added on but I liked them all so no complaints there. They even added some character songs for all the “route pairings” which played in their respective endings. The game OP song was pretty catchy as well. While the original game took me 3 days per route this one took me 3 hours per route – so you can probably tell the difference here. Anyway time for the complaints!  Shortness aside, since each route is self contained, why couldn’t they have thought up of some..original detective cases? In the end, only the first case was unique to each guy but essentially the chef case & the art thieves were the thick of the plot that was common in every single route. The fact that you can’t skip through common scenario made me feel like I was seeing the same story 6 times. The lack of romance! Okay yea I know this isn’t a fandisk and we already got the romance in X to Z but come ON this is an OTOME game why do some characters get a kiss CG but others just get some sparkly bubbles shit faces near each other crap. I sit there catching every single line, give me some reward man! I feel like the original Vitamin game was a lot more rewarding in that aspect, if not in CG form, at least in dialogue form. On the topic of artwork, Maeda’s art in TYB is SO NICE, so what the fack is going on in this game. Why do the original concept art sketches look better than the finalized pics. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! The character mania was nice but I wish they had uh…hotter lines? I really couldn’t give a damn about them acting as your “brother” or doing some shiritori. Do what Arcana did and add some makeout voice overs in there or something damn man. ( ´_ゝ`) As always, the humor in Vitamin X was enjoyable. I love B6, I love Gin-chan and Masaki and even Nagata but I feel somehow let down by this game. While I wanted more romance, the game is so short that for the most part even when the romance happened it was so sudden I was like wut (biggest culprit: Mizuki for obvious reasons.) Knowing all of this in advance would I still have played this? Yea probably, as I can’t really hate the Vitamin cast after all the good times we’ve had. Now if they could just make another game like with X to Z and use the Z cast as well….I would be a happy fangirl. I am seriously having some Ten & Nachi withdrawal here. Also I don’t think it will happen but I really wish they’d just chuck all the old ass sprites and completely redo them with Maeda’s new art style as well as with his new CG style – it would just be fabulous max.

VitaminX Detective B6 Limited Edition / Game


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  1. Thank you, and I would love to, though I’ll hold off blog exchanges for now since I will keep changing stuffs on my blog for the time being, but please accept me later (●´∀`●)

  2. hello 8D!
    I guess for Vitamin fans you’d enjoy this game? I think I just have a lot of love for vitamin series (and games Maeda draws) so while I feel like there should have been more I guess I can’t totally hate it xD;; It’s much much shorter than the original games! I’d play Vitamin X to Z for all the romance stuff tho~

    you can stalk my blog all you want 8D Or better yet if you want we can exchange links as it appears you are also an otome blogger ( ≖‿≖)

  3. ooh thank you so much for the review *(*´∀`*)☆ I bought this a little while ago but I wasn’t sure how long it is since the original VitX was pretty long (or not?) and since the game didn’t sound all that great I’ll just shove it to the farthest reach shelf and do it on my free time┗┐ヽ(′Д、`*)ノ┌┛

    … but I love Tsu-kun engrish too since it was just so asdsfdgfdg adorable ♥(ノ´∀`)とにかく、はじめましてひなのさん~私はひなのさんのブログのストーカーだ。(it sounds scary i know) よろしくねー☆

  4. yea I can understand your disappointment to be honest….the music is nice but the game is just ridiculously short and the lack of romance is just… ( ´_ゝ`)

  5. Just read your overall thoughts, and I agree with you completely! I just feel like I’m not working hard enough for this game. I’m slightly bummed since I forked over the money for the LE this time around.

    I am am having major Nachi withdrawals too. More specifically, major Hojo twin withdrawals. :3 I really do hope there’s going to be an alternate universe Z game. The Z characters have weirder shenanigans so I think Hunex/D3P could really cook something awesome with them.

    But really, I just miss short-haired Hajime. XD

  6. yeah, thinking back yeah…glad I’ve got an *early warning.
    I might be weird but I kinda liked Shun’s hairstyle, in fact, I actually think he has the best looks! (Alright, I’ll admit I’m biasedx10000 here since I likely to love red-head peeps by default MOST of the time) xD I’ll admit that his hairstyle in vitaminx was coooooler though (∀`*ゞ)テヘッ

  7. But what’s wrong with the artwork?

    I thought it’s actually decent, although the seiyuu is of a doujin level rather than commercial. Also it’s only partially voiced, so I guess you won’t be touching it even more now.

  8. oops your rage somehow threw this into my spam filter lol XD
    Aw you should still play it cause it’s so short lmfao xDDD Yea I dunno why only mizuki & goro got kiss Cgs but I like Goro so at leas I’m somewhat satisfied xDDD?

    I can relate to shun’s cheapness but his hairstyle is what kills some points for me xDD; Mabye it’s good you read the review so now your hopes won’t be as high so you’ll have less of a disappointment? (๑´ლ`๑)

  9. *curses D3P* Why u no make Shun’s kiss CG!!!!????((((ノ`皿´)ノ ⌒┫:・┫┻┠’. ザケンナァアアア!! I officially claim my lost of interest in this game(will prolly play it anyway). lol

    Now, I can officially go easy on playing my games around because I know I can’t expect that thing I expect the most in this game. (I’m Shun’s fan, we share the love for 100円ショップs and buying cheap things and music and all(I even started thinking he might be my male gaming world equivalent) XDD) Ahem, funny review as usual… though I wish i never read shun’s route… (・A・)

  10. I have a backlog that’s gonna last me into 2013 lol. I didn’t really like the artwork in it and I’m a seiyuu fan so I do prefer games with voice actors I actually know. I think Koori reviewed it (or maybe the first game?) anyway.

  11. If you don’t have too much of a backlog, there’s an English patch for the game The Second Reproduction (queen of darkness mini sequel, no mini games or city sim in it). It’s pretty rare for otome games to be translated, so maybe people can get the heads up on that game if you write about it.

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