Otome Game Review: Koi Machi ~Kare wa Osananajimi~

The story is about our heroine who’s got childhood friends that she’s very close but then starts to grow apart with as they grow up. The story starts in the middle school arc and goes all the way to the adulthood arc as she experiences the pains & relationships of growing up!

Hirose Yuuji – Yuuji is the one who always cared about her the most and well he’s had this ongoing crush on her for like his entire life. He’s a good student and always helps the heroine study but stuff starts crumbling when his mother leaves the family and then his older brother Itsuki runs away from home.  His father also passes out sick and Yuuji just starts freaking out but fortunately the heroine is there to support him. This kind of thing pretty much spills over into the high school arc where in order to get away from all the stress, Yuuji secretly joins an indie band. He becomes this badass singer but when rumors start spreading about him, the teachers say that he’s unfit to be student council pres and that he won’t get into medical school. Pressured to become doctor by family and jealous of his older brother Itsuki (who has since returned and became a doctor), Yuuji’s stress spills over into his college arc! In college he’s all like “oh noes we don’t spend time with each other” and so he says they should break up. He also gets jealous when the heroine comes over and has a nice chat with Itsuki, but well it doesn’t help that Itsuki’s had a thing for her and constantly hits on her as well 😆 Finally Yuuji gets over his bs and gets his shit together when he proposes to the heroine to be married. He becomes doctor and she becomes nurse after they graduate college. I actually liked Yuuji a lot and he was the character I had the least trouble with as far as picking choices. I guess I’m just good with those meganes ww.

Ogawa Haruka & Takeru – Haruka & Takeru are Ryuu’s younger twin brothers who look a million times hotter than him when they grow up. Haruka,  the more mature one, sacrifices his own happiness for his bro even though he has major crush on heroine. Takeru however tells Haruka to stop doing that and to just go with the heroine. I ended up getting enough still cards to open up Takeru’s CGs so I didn’t bother to go back and do his route (since after doing Haruka’s route he kind of annoyed me.) It was a really short route to be honest and it started off in the adult hood arc cause I guess they didn’t want you hitting on little shotas or something haha.

Aoki Makoto – Makoto gave me grief because  I guess I picked the wrong choices and got a bad end on his middle school arc. Unfortunately due to the stupid system I could only reset & start over in the high school arc but I did manage to grab the missing CGs thanks to some still cards I got from the gacha. To make things even more irritating, his stupid sister Saya is a creepy stalker who’s had a crush on him since forever. She’s actually his cousin (dad’s sister’s daughter) and was adopted by his family cause her parents died in a car accident. In the high school arc, Makoto became a badass delinquent  until heroine kept nagging him to stop and he fell in love w/her again even tho they broke up in middle school. Makoto talks to Saya telling her he don’t love dat ho and says he loves heroine and wants to do randy things with her (๑´ლ`๑)♡.  In the adult arc heroine is working as an OL and he’s in college. Makoto now has a major complex that he’s a poor college kid while the heroine’s coworkers make fun of her saying she has to pay even though she’s the girl. They make up about it and then Makoto graduates and takes over the family kimono business and since the heroine plans to marry him, she starts a “bride training” by being forced to go through kimono making hell lol. I actually kinda felt sorry for her to be honest because I sincerely wanted her to have a happy ending, not a kimono-slavebitch ending sigh.

Hirose Itsuki – Itsuki is Yuuji’s older brother. He runs away during middle school arc because their mom left them and remarried some other dude. The game actually has you start with the high school arc and by then while the heroine’s in HS, Itsuki’s studying to be a doctor in college. Itsuki acts like he’s really a carefree loose guy but its just a cover up because he’s easily hurt. He goes to go-cons but only cause his friends drag him there. Makoto thinks Itsuki dumped Saya (since they used to date in high school) but they broke up obvioiusly cause she’s a crazy stalker bro-con.  Itsuki falls for heroine , hitting on her like every route to be honest. One day Yuuji sees them kissing and punches Itsuki telling him not to play around with the heroine but he gets upset cause he didn’t want to fight with Yuuji cause he’s a brocon too XDDD. Eventually Itsuki begins dating the heroine and makes up with Yuuji which concludes the high school arc. In the adult arc he becomes a nurse at their old high school and Ryuu’s twin bros keep saying that he’s cheating on the heroine with one of his students. She catches him with that girl and gets upset so he tells her the girls like on death row with some incurable disease so he felt bad & did her a favor by going on 1 date with her before her surgery.  The heroine forgives him and sometime later, Itsuki gives her a ring as a placeholder until they can officially get married. He says he plans to become a doctor in case Yuuji wants to pursue his music career (which of course doesn’t happen lol.) Ah Itsuki was really cute, for some reason I kept imagining him being voiced by Ono Daisuke 😆 If only this game had voices I think he’d probably be my favorite character.

Ogawa Ryuu – Ryuu is the sports dude in the kendo club. Unfortunately his kendo club senpais bully one of the members and then start bullying him. The bullying escalates and heroine tries to help him but he doesn’t want to look pathetic in front of her. The stupid asshole who was bullied fell in love with heroine and almost raped when he found out that she likes Ryuu. 🙄 Ryuu saved her but they both got locked up in the gym equipment shed before his big kendo match. Fortunately Yuuji & Makoto found the asshole and got the keys and let them out just in time to win. Afterwards Ryuu forgives the dipshit who locked him in (why) and then he and heroine both confessed they like each other and walked home holding hands which concludes the junior high arc. In the high school arc jealous bitches and Ryuu’s other female childhood friend make the heroine all jealous. Then like out of nowhere Yuuji confesses his love to heroine and is like I’ve loved you for 13 years and I can be better for you than Ryuu! Heroine’s like noo I love Ryuu so Yuuji goes to Ryuu directly and tells him to stop being an asshat and recognize her feelings. (Which btw makes no sense because I thought they were dating in the middle school arc but whatever.) Heroine then bawws and Yuuji punches Ryuu and tells them to go have fun with each other like a bro. Ryuu tells heroine to be together forever etc. In the adult arc, Ryu has trouble with his job & relationship with the heroine because he’s too much of a pansy all of a sudden. He wants to hit dat sheit but is afraid to and heroine thinks that he don’t care about her or something. In the meantime Yuuji decides to be like a massive dick and hit on her telling Ryuu that he’ll take her away if Ryuu doesn’t show her his love or w/e. Sadly it doesn’t help that Ryuu’s twin brothers keep cockblocking him whenever he gets a chance to ww. So then when finally Ryuu grows a pair and kisses her, suddenly his dad like collapses and is hospitalized. Ryuu is all worried about his family so the immediate thing is HEROINE PLZ MARRY ME. But yea I kinda failed and didn’t get the good end and so Ryuu dumped me and 3 years later I ended up marrying Yuuji. Well seeing how I like Yuuji more than Mr. Gachimuchi I actually see this as a great end! But yea I wasn’t about to start back from the high school arc to get Ryu’s good end so meh whatever honestly. Ryuu’s arc was just wtf to be honest especially with Yuuji randomly coming in to be a huge NTR lol.

Overall I thought it was a cute game. The stories were really interesting I think the Hirose brothers (Yuuji & Itsuki) were the best characters overall. I enjoyed Makoto as well but the frustration with his ending and the fact that the heroine had to take shit from his family afterwards kind of annoyed me lol. Makoto’s sister Saya was a stupid homewrecker bitch and I really just wanted her to diaf most of the time. The only gripe was for some reason between each arc (Middle School, High School, Adult) it felt like everything was reset to square one. Like wait weren’t you guys dating in the middle school arc, what’s this whole “We need to confess again” nonsense?? I sincerely wish that a game like this would be turned into a PSP port but I doubt it seeing how it seems the original artist of the game went MIA as all the new stories they’ve been adding had pretty hideous artwork on them. Oh well it was nice while it lasted so if you have a mobage account do give it a shot.


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  1. I actually do take brief notes while I play the game. I don’t note down “every single scene” but only stuff that I think matters and that I’ll want to include in my post. On the other hand some of my otome blogger friends take notes on every single scene and write novels for their posts so to each their own I guess XD Good luck with your blog!

  2. sorry for asking this non-relating question but, do you take note when playing game so you can review it later? or you just have an amazing memory that can remember everything? 😀
    i’m asking this because i want to start a blog that review otome game in my language, so i’d like to ask opinion from a senpai 😀 Thanks!

  3. Having a game be in English isn’t a motivator for me to buy it lol. I like voices in my games so I only buy games/apps that are voiced ^^;

  4. Ah… Itsuki… he is so adorable xD

    Right now, there is a lot of otome games in mobile phone ^^ Btw did you try Shall we date? I just bought the game yesterday and it is surprisingly cute and it’s in English ^^

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