Otome Android App Review: Osawari Danshi ~Pet Inu Gijinka~

Well if you haven’t had your fill of poking your Hakuoki guy and want something more エロイ there’s the Osawari Danshi series.

I got the doggy one because the art was cute but I lucked out because it’s also voiced. I have no idea who voices my pet dog JIRO but |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  So Jiro-kun here asks “where do you wanna touch” because you know normally he’d be your dog that you’d grab everywhere but…yea he’s magically turned into a shota. xDDD If you get him in the right spot then..

You get a heart and once you get 5, you will get the special scenario. If you don’t get 5 hearts in 9 tries, you have to start over. Lmfao yea it’s such a waste of like $2.50 or whatever but it’s a good time killer and Jiro is so facking adorable I just can’t. (/ρ\)いやーん If you go to the maker’s site, they specify which of their sawari series apps have voices and which don’t. Honestly I think the voice makes a HUGE difference as far as value is concerned so I would only go for the voiced ones. As with the Hakuoki app, you need to root your android phone to buy the app from the market. Strangely, they accepted my Discover card lol. I am thinking about also getting the Koakumakei Kare one as well XD.


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  1. lol, so i just dled this app to see if i could get it without rooting my android (cause I don’t want to do that) haha and surprisingly, it worked! o.o!

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