Pangya World Championship 2012

I called it:

Igari-san wins again! I wasn’t about to stay up from 12AM – 6AM so I’m glad my prediction came true as obviously I missed nothing that I didn’t see last year.

As far as Pangya Global scores? Pardon me but (´_ゝ`)クッククク・・(´∀`)フハハハ・・( ゚∀゚ )ハァーハッハッ!! Maybe if they stopped having a shitty way of gathering their participants & winners, we’d actually have a decent chance! Lol! Also the thailand stage for holding the tournament is so ghetto. Everyone’s like gathered around in a circle staring and burning a hole through all the players. Amazing any of them could play properly without freaking out this way.


4 thoughts on “Pangya World Championship 2012”

  1. from what I heard, the stream was so fucking bad nobody overseas could watch it anyway lol so I feel sorry for those who stayed up and ended up having to waste their time (and sleep)

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