Otome Android App Review: Hakuoki ~Hijikata Toshizo~

hoho your racist barriers can't stop me Otomate m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ

So yea I finally downloaded this app which is basically a really fancy calendar & alarm clock 😆

There’s one available for each Hakuoki dude and it costs approximately $6.50 USD and about $2.20 for the downloadable winter contents. So what can you do with this?

Wake up!

You can set up to 6 alarm clocks. I haven’t tested it yet but I do believe your dude of choice will  say something to wake you up. I guess since I have no idea where my Okano voice file went I’ll have to wake up to Miki Shinihirou now instead 😆

Event calendar. You can add your own events or you have the option of turning on Otomate’s event calendar which will notify you of any release information for their stuff. For example the above is the release date for Gekka’s drama CD!

As usual if you poke or swipe around Derekata’s (or your dude’s) body he’ll say random stuff to you! When it’s night time the background will change as well. If you buy the additional downloadable contents you will get more voices as well as:

A new outfit for him! Well all he does is put on his shinsengumi coat but I have a feeling Otomate will probably release download contents to give us more sprites in the future. I hope they release one where he has his hair short cause that’s just (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ. Additionally the winter content gives you that snowy background.

Anyway was it worth it? I’d say it was especially if you really do like Hakuoki. However I highly recommend only buying YOUR FAVORITE character because this stuff gets pretty expensive as they will probably release more new content in the future. You can get this for both iphone and android. To get the iphone version you need to make a separate account for the Japanese market or something? (Not sure about this as I have the android version.) For android it’s rather tricky. You will first need to root your phone (if you’re not rooted give it up and shed some tears). Once you’re rooted, download the Market Enabler app, and spoof it to make you load the Japanese android Market. Once in, you can purchase the app using a Visa credit card.

Good luck and happy fangirling! (ノ´∀`*)ノ

Edit: As of 2/7/2012 the app still randomly pops up for no reason. It’s REALLY annoying when I’m working or something and suddenly my phone’s like “I WAS WAITING FOR YOU” UGH. Otomate claimed to have fixed it but no they really haven’t. If this crap isn’t fixed soon I’m gonna have to uninstall it until further notice.


4 thoughts on “Otome Android App Review: Hakuoki ~Hijikata Toshizo~”

  1. yea I silenced it so it shuts up but it’s still annoying xDDD gotta root the phone to get it ^x^; you can check my FAQ for more details on that stuff 🙂

  2. Oh damnnn youuu Otomate!! O:

    Aw, well, at least you can silence all media so then he won’t pop up right?

    Oh yeah, how do you make it work on the phone? /sigh, i wish they just made it easier for us to get the japanese games without having to go through so much crapppp!

  3. lol yea I literally had to create a profile for my phone to “silence all media” so that if he does pop up, you can’t hear him. I wish Otomate would fix this crap. They claimed to have fixed it last update but they totally didn’t :(((

  4. lol, I was going to get this app. I just recently got an android phone but from reading your update…-___- random pop-ups just sounds terrible!! I wouldn’t want my phone doing that when I’m in the middle of class or something. wow!

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