Mobile Otome Game Review: MuneKyun! Kare wa Idol

Ok so basically this is the same as my introduction but since I finished 4 routes I figured I’d post an actual game summary (only took me like 3 months with the dumb fatigue system… ಠ_ಠ) Please read my intro post to get the idea of the game plot.

Kashiwagi Shun – At age 21, Shun is the leader of COURAGE and now our heroine’s new step bro. He’s pretty chill and laid back and acts like a good brother but yea as you know with all step brothers…that doesn’t last too long. In fact it’s quite obvious that both she and Shun are like madly in love with each other until celebrity rumors pop up about him dating some obnoxious model ho. The obnoxious model ho also makes fun of the heroine and says she should stay away from her “Shun”. It gets so bad that Shun decides to leave home and stay at a hotel for a few days for the parazzi to calm the freak down. When he comes back the heroine is all upset and stuff and avoids him until his last concert where he is alone with her in the dressing room. He tells her he cannot see her as a sister and that he’s madly in love with her and she admits it too. The end! Well good end anyway. There may be a true end but lol yea I can’t be bothered to go through another month of repeat dialogue and daily fatigue etc. Not sure what the hell you even need to get the other end as I had like 45 affection with Shun go figure.

Takumi – Uh apparently he’s too cool to have a last name lol whatever. Takumi is perverted and obnoxious, 22 years old. Okay so technically I should like him but he gets so obnoxious it actually grated my nerves near the end. He basically acts like he totally wants to hang out with the heroine, then he’ll start ignoring her for days and days and hanging out with other hoes. The other hoes start laughing at the heroine thinking she’s steppin out of line trying to get with Takumi and when she starts to give up, BOOM HES AT HER DOOR AGAIN. Sigh the man just can’t make up his mind until the heroine finally is like ok go f yourself dude and that’s when he finally cracks. He admits that he’s really in love with her but he’s afraid to be in a steady relationship because up until now every woman he’s ever been with has hurt him! (Including his whore mom or something.) So yea what better way to take your wangst out than on the one you love! 🙄 So yea he admits that he loves her and she forgives him for the good ending. Lol whatever Takumi you can still go f yourself as far as I’m concerned.

Mahiro – Mahiro is the token jailbait. I could say he’s a shota but he doesn’t really act like the typical otome game shota (being like “hi im 18 but i act like im 10!”) Either way, Mahiro is 17 and the heroine is presumably 20 so not only is he jailbait but we got that “oh noes I’m in love with a younger guy!” scenario going on here. At first Mahiro is like the cute little brother to the heroine but in fact he’s actually been in love with her the whole time!! Of course being 17 he’s still an immature brat and he acts like nobody likes him even though he’s quite popular in his class. He’s so popular that he has bitches lying and spreading rumors that they’re dating him when they’ve been rejected by him ages ago. Of course, Mahiro only likes dem mature ladies. Mahiro also loves cats so on one of the dates they go to a nuko cafe but when the cat he always visits is with another dude getting pet, he calls her a bitch and says he don’t need her if she’s cheating on him. God dude grow up it’s a fucking cat lol. So yea shit hits the fan when his stupid fangirls call the heroine a cougar and tell the heroine to stop butting into other people’s relationships. So now she thinks Mahiro has a g/f and keeps avoiding him until he finally gets her to listen to his side of the story and apologizes for his bitch fangirls. He says he’s never seen her as  “sister” but always as a “woman” and they both baww as they hug each other and confess their feelings in the COURAGE dressing room.

Kazuki – Uh Kazuki’s route was kinda lame and short and I didn’t even get a CG for his good ending bleh. Kazuki seemed like the perfect guy to the heroine because they got along really well and it made her fell all warm & squishy inside. He’s got a massive hobby of skateboarding but not only that, he also loves filming & editing videos. Yay seems like my type of dude! Well everything was going well until his BFF (whose name I forgot) fell in love with you! Not only that but Kazuki’s like “oh noes I must help my friend out” and so he asks the heroine to give the guy a chance and the heroines like WTF MAN I LOVE U INSTEAD fdafsf. So yea needless to say, BFF asks heroine out, heroine rejects him, Kazuki’s like “y u do dis” and heroine tells him to die in a fire. So then a few days later on the news she hears that Kazuki’s got a bloody lip and it turns out its because he asked his BFF to punch him in face…cause he fell in love with the heroine after she confessed her feelings. So yea after she emoed and cried for many nights he came to her room and hugged her saying he’s in love with her. Yeaaaa that was really anti-climatic. Suddenly you’re in love with her? Alrighty then. I didn’t get too much affection raised either so maybe that’s why I got like no CG goddamit. Sigh whatever honestly lol.

There’s actually 2 more guys, the hairy ossan manager and the movie actor who aren’t “in the” band but just associated with it. The actor guy felt like a massive douchebag in some of the routes and the hairy ossan is not remotely appealing….so yea I won’t even be bothering with their routes to be honest. I actually thought the game was written really well. Whoever wrote it I wish she’d write more games. She really gave both the heroine, and her friend Erisa really funny personalities. I secretly hope that they’d someday turn this game into a PSP port with a deeper storyline and voice acting but yea fat chance I guess. If you haven’t checked it out yet though I do recommend as this was one of the more interesting mobage I played.

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  1. I thought Yugo was really nice! LOL Well…at least he was in his route! He seems calm and mature but when he opens up he becomes more cheerful and childlike. I was very impressed when he finally confessed the heroine in his Good end. Basically, his management company actually called the heroine and told her not to hang out with Yugo anymore because it’ll hurt his career. So, the heroine avoids Yugo and he finds out why he goes to her place and calls her up saying he wants to talk to her and will wait all night outside until he can. The heroine decides not to go to him at first but then and starts raining. She gets worried because he’s in the middle of filming a new movie and he probably has to shoot a scene in the morning. The heroine goes out to him with an umbrella. Yugo tells the heroine he knows and says that likes acting and wants to be in good films but he doesn’t want to be popular like an idol and he can’t cut himself off from relationships. He then hugs her
    Well of course the heroine can’t say no and hugs him back LOL

  2. thanks for the summary lmfao. seems kinda standard I guess xD. I think Shun’s route was probably the best one in my opinion so give that one a spin unless you’re curious about the ossan manager 😆

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