Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera

It’s Kazuki Yone month! I’ve decided to take on the task of playing every Hiiro no Kakera game that I can, so prepare for a back to back Hiiro marathon! I will probably conclude this marathon with Hakuoki Reimeiroku so you should know what to expect on this blog for the next month or 2. Kasuga Tamaki, a bratty ojousama, goes to live at her grandparents’ house and on the way there she runs into a bunch of blobs. Before she gonna call Ghostbusters, she gets rescued by a hot bishie! He then uses some awesome onmyouji power and blasts them away but our dumb heroine starts bitching & complaining about how scared she is. The dude identifies himself as Takuma and says that he was asked to guide her home by her grandma. Tamaki starts freaking out cause she’s been going to an all girls school for a while and has no idea how to act around men. Takuma explains to her that the round thing she ran into was “god” and that there are various gods like god of the river, god of the bridge etc. Once they reach her grandma’s house, granny explains that the blood of the Tamayorihime runs in their blood which is why they can see spirits. With this in mind Tamaki must now seal the Onikirimaru before someone bad gets their dirty hands on it, and if she fails she will die and the world will end. Granny would do it herself but she’s way past her expiration date so it’s now time for Tamaki to take her place. Luckily our ojousama has a harem of hot men and cute fox demon to protect her.
Oomi Suguru – Suguru is 25 so he’s seen as the older mature man and a gentleman by Tamaki. Personally I was terrified cause he reminded me of Sannan from Hakuoki OTL;. Suguru’s the leader of all the dudes who protect Tamaki because its been their duty to protect the Tamayorihime for many years. One of his hobbies is online stock trading which comes as a surprise to Tamaki since she imagines him sitting in his kimono all day drinking tea. If Tamaki needs to be a damsel in distress he’ll always be there to hug and comfort her with his large pedobear arms \( ^o^)/ . Suguru explains to her that the school was built in the meiji era and was originally created to control the onikirimaru seal and the seals for all the gods that wander the sacred ground this village is built on. Later that day Tamaki finds a photo of him as a child with his mother, he catches her but is nice about it & explains that his mother died when he was younger so he pretty much spent most of his time alone being raised in this household. One evening she runs into his room and finds him with his hair up and glasses off…and thinks it’s some guest woman xD; When she finds out it’s Suguru she runs off in a l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il  fashion because she realizes she’ll never be as beautiful as him..even though he’s a man XD;. Suguru secretly does some snooping around regarding Fiona sensei and Aria which makes granny upset but despite her warnings to stop, he continues. Tamaki then gets jealous since I guess her boobs are like 5 times smaller and she feels like she’s a child in comparison for Suguru’s affection. They fight Aria & Fia like a million times and eventually they decide to join forces with them to defeat Drei. Then Suguru decides to be a hero and sacrifice himself in order to keep the seal from breaking…but sadly they all come back home with Fia and Aria, nobody seems to give a flying fuck about the poor guy (´ε`;).

So then while he’s playing pattycake with Drei, Tamaki finds out that Kiyono betrayed her since that suspicious ossan was her dad, and tells her to GTFO. She then gets so upset she sits in her room like a hermit refusing to eat dinner until the loli & the watermelon chest lady tell her they’re worried. So finally Suguru shows up and tells Tamaki to leave the village because he’s come to steal the 5 hougu (ritual implements???) from her. Turns out he just wants to destroy Onikirimaru so that the Tamayorihime descendants can be freed from always protecting & sealing it. Tamaki then overhears her grandma talking to Kiyono’s dad saying that she had intended to sacrifice Tamaki to the Onikirimaru but since her powers never awakened, she will use Aria instead. The 3 of them then run from baba’s house and they run into Kiyono who tells them all the adults in the village know about the sacrifice system and it’s better if they all run away from this village. They fight some oni that attacks them and then run for the school where Kiyono admits that she’s actually 23 years old :lol:. So then the erojiji shows up and they fight him followed by Kiyono’s dad who says he’ll cooperate in finding a way to seal the Onikirimaru without sacrificing anyone. When they get to Drei’s house Tamaki yells at Suguru saying that she wants to help him stop the sacrificing ritual too and doesn’t want him doing everything on his own. Somehow this lights a fire under his ass and he kisses Tamaki saying he won’t treat her like a child anymore and he’ll cooperate together with her to destroy the Onikirimaru. O RLY? What a quick change of heart you have Suguru, considering you weren’t around for 70% of the route. So then they fight Aria’s 2 servants who have betrayed her followed by fighting Kiyono’s dad again as he’s Mr. Final Boss because he wants Onikirimaru all to himself!

So then turns out he’s not actually her dad and he takes and like throws her against some rocks and kills her. Tamaki rages saying she will kill him but Suguru stops her and tells her to run away cause they can’t have their Tamayorihime dying here now. After Suguru and Fia go to fight the Ashiya jiji, our boob lady then joins Kiyone in yuri heaven. So then Suguru’s all like I love you we’re bonded together forever and they make out in the forest…and not a single fuck was given that day. The final battle is with Ashiya, and then he turns into some gachimuchi horned beast man, as if staring at lolis and huge breasts wasn’t already enough in this route. So of course as expected Tamaki’s Tamayorihime power wakes up and she suddenly transforms into pretty miko Sailor Tamaki and with Mitsuru, Aria, and Suguru whose power levels go over 9000, kicks the bad guy’s ass and seal the stupid sword. ( ´_ゝ`) Afterwards Kiyone magically returns saying that she woke up finding herself healed and she saw Ashiya walking away so he probably used Onikirimaru to save her. Then Suguru shows off his loli prize and picks up Tamaki and carries her off to his love nest while all the other girls cheer them on 😆 In the epilogue she continues her raburabu life at grandma’s house with Suguru while taking care of all the leftover gods wandering the village. Omg honestly I couldn’t wait for this route to be over. I spent 12 hours with loli and ara tits desuwa and by the time Suguru showed up we suddenly got this ROMANCE shoved in our faces and I just couldn’t be excited about it. Like where the fuck were you the whole game! Why do I have to spend 12 hours with chicks if I’m not playing some eroge or something asfasfas. I liked Suguru at first because he seemed like the mature sweet guy but when he just kept being dropped out of the scenario and by the time he was finally there permanently I really couldn’t give a damn. Needless to say being my first route of the game I was far from pleased but maybe it’s good I got this drag overwith orz.

Inukai Shinji – Shinji is the cute shota of the group and even when all the other dorks make fun of Tamaki, he just just smiles shyly at her and tries his best to help. (*´ω`*) His guardian powers haven’t fully awakened but he does try to protect Tamaki despite being yelled at by Mitsuru. Things get weirder when she also tells him straight forwardly that she doesn’t want him being near her. Later on Tamaki hears some BL vibes coming from the bathroom and finds nearly naked Shinji and Yuuichi trying to give O-chan (the baby fox nuko) a bath ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Shinji is a peaceful dude and if a battle can be avoided he would prefer that. One night Tamaki overhears Mitsuru crying at Shinji saying that she doesn’t want him going out and fighting or he will die. She goes on to say she doesn’t want him disappearing from her again just like in the past and then runs off. Tamaki overhears all this and part of her wants Shinji by her side protecting her but then she’s guilty and says he should go after Mitsuru instead. Shinji says that if he does that he’ll just be showing his weakness and he wants to stand by Tamaki and be strong. He then hugs her saying he wants to protect her and be by her side. (´^ω^`) That night granny asks if Mitsuru loves Shinji and she nods but granny tells her that she must not be in love with him. When they sneak into Drei’s hideout it’s revealed that Shinji is part of Logos and wanted Aria to get her hands on the 5 ritual charms so that they’d take them and leave the village alone. Instead Drei has other plans and he kidnapped Mitsuru to exchange her with Tamaki because he wants the tamayorihime’s powers.

Fortunately Shinji’s powers awaken and he’s able to use attacks to protect Tamaki from getting taken away (by that bitch Mitsuru too lol.) Sadly this doesn’t do much and Tamaki passes out finding herself at Drei’s hideout with Aria telling her to hand over the Onikirimaru and nobody gets hurt. Mitsuru then comes in and says she wishes that Onikirimaru would be taken away from this village and that Tamaki is a princess who doesn’t know shit. When Tamaki tries to run away with Shinji he acts like a loser and is like “sorry I’m here on my own will!” Turns out he’s actually Mitsuru’s older brother (eww incest) but in Mitsuru’s family a twin brother is bad luck so they gave him to the Inukai family for adoption. He was then locked up in the shrine in the village to make sure that his powers never awakened. So then Aria found him and took him in as one of her 5 servants so he was freed from the shrine exile. In order to be free from the Onikirimaru protection duties, he was to be a spy for Logos. Shinji then said that despite this his feelings for Tamaki were real and he really did want to protect her. Then they realize Drei is just using all of them and when Shinji tries to get Mitsuru out with them she starts crying and bitching at Tamaki for cockblocking her glorious twincest. So of course the jealous bitch sides with Drei so she can get Shinji all to her crazy bro-con self. Then Drei admits that he wants to become god and he’s killed a bunch of people to achieve this (see Full Metal Alchemist 😆 ) and Shinji’s like wooohh shit what have I done! So then they try to rescue Mitsuru part 2, who bitches about Shinji picking Tamaki over her again but fortunately Yuuichi and Takuma, who I thought dropped off the face of the earth, show up to help save Tamaki. So then Mitsuru’s like NOO SHINJI STAY WITH ME and he’s like “just come with US” and shes like NOO NOT WHEN THAT OTHER BITCH (Tamaki) IS AROUND GRR (#゚`Д゚).

Shinji’s like no dude calm the fuck down ho but this takes too long and Drei manages to catch up with them. SIGH. Anyway thanks to reinforcements they manage to return home but then Mitsuru goes apeshit and acts like she doesn’t know anybody. When they do some research this is when Shinji discovers the truth about him and Mitsuru, also confirmed by granny. Shinji starts freaking out but Tamaki hugs him telling him it’ll be awwright. The 2 of them then go to Mitsuru and he tells her that he’s always loved her but not as a “woman” and he didn’t know why until today. He then says he’s in love with Tamaki and after this Mitsuru goes batshit and captures Tamaki saying she will return her to Drei. So then while Tamaki tries defending her from the homewrecker, Shinji shows up and tells her that HI WE’RE SIBLINGS YOU CRAZY HO CALM YO TITS. Mitsuru of course knows this and doesn’t give a fuck and continues babbling about how she wants to be with Shinji. Just as luck would have it Drei shows up with Aria who asked tried to sacrifice herself to save them but he’s like lol whatever and disappears with Mitsuru saying he’s waiting for them as his mansion. Granny then tells them to go get the 5 ritual charms back from Aria or else the world will peril, and says if Mitsuru gets in the way to kill her 😆 When they get to the house Tamaki’s last attempt to make Mitsuru stop being a wangsty bitch fails and she sends a curse on her but Shinji pushes her out of the way and gets cursed instead. There’s apparently no way to way to reverse this and Mitsuru’s like “OH FFUUUUUU”. Tamaki decides to try to take some of the curse off Shinji by kissing him and that’s when she awakens her Tamayorihime power and saves them both. After this Shinji’s power levels go over 9000 and he beats Drei down enough for them to rescue Aria but not get the 5 charms back or save Mitsuru. Whatever ho nobody cares about you.

So then Shinji vows to always protect Tamaki because he loves her not because he’s actually one of the 5 assigned guardians. They then smooch and Tamaki transfers her Tamayorihime power so he officially becomes her guardian. So then Drei shows up with his Mitsuru puppet who he combined with the Onikirimaru but then she manages to gain consciousness and cries begging Shinji to say the name of his important person. Shinji of course says it’s Tamaki  haha but this time I guess Mitsuru finally gives up and asks if she can still be by their side as Shinji’s sister lol. Anyway after much dragging on, Tamaki becoming Tamayurihime and Shinji leveling over 9000 part 2, they finally defeat Drei in his fug form. So then I don’t know what the fuck Tamaki was on but when Shinji asked her afterwards “can I still be by your side” it took for Fia to be like “um he’s confessing to you” for her to realize he likes her. Wow really? You kissed twice and he said he’d protect you because he loves you and you didn’t get it? What the fuck Tamaki ( ´_ゝ`). In the epilogue Shinji & Tamaki take care of all the gods in the village. Wow that was insanely long too. It became more obvious in this route that they would constantly fight the bad guy, run away (or the bad guy would run away) then they’d be forced to fight him another 10 times. This route too me 11 hours to play including me skipping most of the first 3 chapters. Wow holy shit I really could have done with half the Drei battles and half the Mitsuru drama. Omg Mitsuru seriously she’s such a stupit bitch I wish she died. Somehow she magically came out okay after all that but she deserved to die. Also lol consitency what’s that? Boob lady survived in this route. The omakes for Shinji made my ears bleed, also when he screamed. I know a 34 year old man voices him but why does it sound like a 24 year old woman…too shotaey for my tastes. ┐(‘~`;)┌ I guess some of his CGs were cute but most of his route was him babbling about how weak he is or trying to tell Mitsuru to stop being a crazy bitch.

Atori Mahiro – When Tamaki first meets Mahiro she instantly pisses him off by calling him an elementary school kid (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He rages so hard he takes his anger out on poor Takuma and only afterwards does Tamaki find out that he’s actually a year older than her XD. Mahiro’s hobby is motorcycles and he was promised that he’d get one for staying in this village. He often makes fun of Tamaki and seems to have his sights set on big boob lady but it’s just because he’s a massive tsundere. After the battle where Mahiro & Takuma get their asses kicked, Takuma bitches at Tamaki saying she doesn’t understand how they feel. Then Mahiro tells her that they are just tools to protect her and to not try and dig into their hearts. He then tells her not to get in their way during battles and to stop hanging out with them in school, saying that they’ll take care of everything on their own. I guess Takuma gets over the sand in his mangina first because he ends up punching Mahiro when he yells at Tamaki “what the fuck should we do then!?” and then the 3 of them start getting along again. In order to make them get along even further granny asks Takuma and Mahiro to come live at her house with Tamaki. They get along so well Tamaki thinks that the other 2 are having BL relations in the bathroom when she walks in on Takuma washing Mahiro’s back. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Mahiro tells Tamaki that she’s dumb not to realize that Mitsuru is in love with Takuma but he only sees her as a sister. (LOL Mahiro you couldn’t  be more off….) That night he tells Tamaki that he has plans to go to America and ride all over it on his motorcycle (lol what silly dreams you have.) He concludes with an apology for his behavior and promises he will protect her.

During one of the battles with Zwei, Tamaki finds out that once they seal Onikirimaru, Mahiro will die. When she talks to Mahiro afterwards, he says that he isn’t going to die and then starts babbling something about them sharing a futon 😆 Eventually Fiona sensei admits to Mahiro that she’s Fia and asks them to help save Aria but Mahiro gets pissed off calling her a lying ho. He then gets all tsun when Tamaki says she’ll go help but then gives into his dere and takes her hang going “I change my mind I’m going too!” xD;. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Aria refuses to be saved and then boob lady dies again thanks to Zwei. Tamaki finds out from Mahiro that when he was younger he tried to run away but got caught and granny told him if he runs away, all the other guardians will die. Instead, Mahiro must die in their place because he’s the descendant of the crow demon. Tamaki is all like “noo let’s run away, you don’t have to die!” and he’s like “look guurrrl, if I run away, the world will end and nobody will protect you….doesn’t the defeat the purpose?” Tamaki continues bitching saying fuck the world if Mahiro has to die and Mahiro has to once again tell her that it just can’t be helped and tells her she should return home to her parents. Yuuichi says he was ordered to bring them both back so he won’t let her run off and Mahiro’s like sorry but I’m gonna let her run away. Tamaki yells saying she won’t run off and then babbles how Mahiro shouldn’t care so much about her decision but he’s like “I LOVE YOU THATS WHY I WANT YOU TO RUN AWAY YOU IDIOT” and then he grabs and kisses her. (´^ω^`) Thanks to the Tamayorihime power he gets from kissing her (lol what is this Negima…) he turns into his demon crow form and says how he wasn’t prepared to die before but he now has no regrets left. Yuuichi and Suguru jump on the loser bandwagon and tell them that they should find a way to make everything better without having to sacrifice anyone. When they leave Mahiro & Tamaki cuddle in his wings together and he says he’ll try to think of another way out of this.

When they get to Drei’s hideout Tamaki then has to convince a hysterical loli that her boob friend is dead. Zwei then admits that he was working for Drei the whole time and that if anything happened to kill everyone so they all end up fighting him. So then granny shows up going “lol I still have my tamayorihime power” and says that everything was in order for Mahiro to wake up his guardian powers so that they would be more effective in sealing the Onikirimaru. She then says that they will sacrifice Mitsuru as well (lol oh well good riddance to that ho!) and locks Tamaki in her room putting a barrier around it so she can’t escape. Takuma the bro comes to Tamaki telling her she’s gotta use her Tamayorihime powers and break the barrier and go to Mahiro. She manages to break it but when she finds Mahiro, he’s possessed by some thousand year old crow demon spirit. He then says that he wants to pay for his sins (his sins being survivor guilt lol)by sacrificing himself for the Onikirimaru and adds that Mahiro’s soul is prepared for this as well. Tamaki says that he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself and he’s like “oh wow I don’t?? (´・ω・`)” and so that’s when Mahiro’s soul wakes up and he grabs and kisses Tamaki. Afterwards he asks for an answer to his confession from before and she says she loves him as well. Afterwards Mahiro goes to fight Zwei, Granny realizes “oops I guess I shouldn’t have done that!” and regrets being a treacherous old hag. After Mahiro defeats Zwei, he thanks him saying he’s now freed of Soul Eater forcing him to kill people. Together Mahiro & Tamaki destroy the Onikirimaru and both return safely. In the epilogue Tamaki goes away somewhere and then comes back to Mahiro and he welcomes her home. Lol wut I don’t even know what the point of that was but whatever. I like Mahiro because he’s a tsundere but when he yells it’s almost as bad as Shinji. Ugh my ears were beaten with a board in this route but I guess the tsundereness made up for it. At least his omake voices were so  |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ lmfao. Also thankfully in this route there was enough Mahiro to keep my attention unlike the last 2 disasters 🙄

Komura Yuuichi – Yuuichi seems to be a terrible insomniac and he can fall asleep practically standing up – which becomes awkward when Tamaki introduces herself and he falls asleep before she can finish her sentence プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Yuichi’s 1 year above Tamaki & Takuma and a vegetarian. Most of the time he spends sleeping at the library, but despite this Tamaki still likes to drool over him whenever she gets a chance to. Yuuichi has powers to create illusions to make people invisible which helps when Tamaki is almost caught spying on Fiona sensei. Yuuichi has the Naruto complex because he doesn’t want to get close to humans being a descendant of the fox demon. His route mostly overlaps with Shinji’s (hooray I skipped most of the drag…) and in this one they reveal that Shinji wants to free everyone from the Onikirimaru b/s and plans to destroy it. So then Tamaki gets captured at Logos and eventually Yuuichi comes to save her, then hugs her in front of everyone, while Fia covers Aria’s eyes. 😆 He gets badly injured in the battle and then Tamaki starts whining out of guilt even though Mitsuru tells her that Yuuichi isn’t only thinking about her becaus of his “duties”. When they return to Drei’s place to get the 5 ritual elements back, as usual Yuuichi tells her to run away and that it’s his job to protect her. Tamaki’s like “uh no” and he’s like “don’t worry you are a human and I’m a monster so its awwright.” Tamaki gets pissed and is like “if you hate me so much just say so! ( ಠ益ಠ ).

He says he’s never once hated her and their romantic moment is cockblocked by the loli sigh. They battle again and Zwei this time betrays Drei saying that his soul is more delicious or something, and in the meantime Yuuichi and Tamaki escape. Yuuichi then babbles for like the 10th time that he’s a monster and she’s a human and he will protect her as his duty – sigh I get the point Otomate ( ´_ゝ`). I guess the constant pushing away of Tamaki caused the opposite effect, because instead she fell in love with him started getting all depressed and crying because he keeps avoiding her. Then for reasons unknown to me the plot suddenly moves on to granny telling Mitsuru & Tamaki that Shinji is Mitsuru’s twin bro. Tamaki gets sick of hearing Yuuichi’s b/s about him being a beast that she comes to him one night saying she loves him but of COURSE he rejects her saying she’s just projecting her feelings on to the closest person to her afshajs. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ So then they go fighting back to Drei’s house for the umpteenth time against Ein & Zwei and on the way back they run into zombie Drei. Shinji then gets used as a puppet and has to fight against Mitsuru so they have a kotodama bitchslap. Amazing how sensible she is in this route rather than being a crazy psychobitch in Shinji’s! While she confesses her undying twincest love to Shinji, Fia comes and beats him down before he can kill Mitsuru. Drei returns with a vengence planning to sacrifice Aria, Tamaki and Yuuichi for the Onikirimaru and so they fight..again.

I guess Aria got sick of their bullshit as much as me cause she was like “damnit would you awaken his true powers already you stupid ho” and Tamaki bumbled around for a bit but eventually kissed him while crying a river so it would awaken his fox powers. Afterwards he tells her how disgusting his fox form is and when Tamaki asks him what he thinks of her, he says he thinks nothing and all his actions up to now were just a lie to get her to be willing to fight. SIGH ( ´_ゝ`). So then I don’t know why he suddenly has a change of heart and says he loves her and he wants her to run away because he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Tamaki confesses to him for the umpteenth time and this time he accepts it and says he won’t ever leave her. Then they kiss. I should be happy but I’m like ふ━━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━━ん at this point. So then they fight and kill Drei and manage to bring Shinji back to normal. I took a nice nap during those 2 hours 😆 Afterwards Aria gets all dere and says she thinks of Tamaki and Yuuichi as her older siblings and thanks them for everything, and all 4 of them leave the village. Ummm okay… (ಠ_ಠ).Well if you couldn’t tell already this route was as fun as watching paint dry. It’s disappointing to me because I really like Namikawa Daisuke but aside from TYB he keeps getting cast into these annoying angsty characters. Hell I woulda been fine with the stupid angst if the route was 1/4 the length sigh. Didn’t help that he kept disappearing on & off and hell even Aria got frustrated with his bullshit. I give props to Tamaki for putting up with his crap that long, I woulda kicked him in the head and gone for Mahiro instead if I was her :lol:.

Onizaki Takuma – Takuma is a dork who loves crossword puzzles and taiyaki. Bitchy girls are his type so Tamaki is right up his alley!  At first he was kind of annoying when the moment Tamaki tries to help he just yells at her saying that unless he turns into a monster he has 0 chance of winning. Le sigh. This time it’s Mahiro who has to knock some sense into him. One night Tamaki sees Mitsuru crying to Takuma that she doesn’t want to see him get hurt anymore and that it’s not worth protecting that HUSSY (Tamaki.) Tamaki sees all this and rages 1. wtf bitch and 2. how dare you steal my man (cause she has no idea that Mitsuru’s in love with her oniisan at this point.) Takuma knows she’s there and tells her to come out when Mitsuru leaves, explaining that he doesn’t care about no contract – he just wants to protect her on his own will. After Takuma and Mahiro move into Tamaki’s house, now it’s Takuma’s turn to be jealous cause he starts to think that she likes Mahiro, and he even confirms that but is all happy to hear that his assumption is wrong. ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ Unlike the other guardians who have some animal spirit in them, Takuma’s got a massive problem that inside of him is an oni, which was once sealed by the Tamayorihime. If that oni wakes up he’s afraid he’ll destroy everything around him, including those he loves. So of course with uncontrollable inner demons, we got the Inuyasha effect here and Tamaki is his Kagome having to stop him from going berserk due to the BEAST WITHIN! So then granny locks Tamaki in her room again saying to never come out until it’s time to “serve her purpose” because she tried to stop Takuma from releasing the BEAST WITHIN! Then the old bitch pressures Tamaki into telling Takuma that she doesn’t need him anymore even though she wants to be by his side deep down inside. She then moans in her room about how she misses him, and then breaks her granny’s crappy barrier so she can escape.

Tamaki then realizes Takuma he’s the man of her dreams and their souls have been intertwined back for thousands of years. In the past the oni in Takuma killed Tamayorihime and he would constantly show up in Tamaki’s dreams apologizing for what he’s done. Mitsuru then biches at her saying she doesn’t know shit, just cause she’s basically the undertaker of the Tamayorihime line while Tamaki gets to be the heroine with all the hot mans protecting her. The ossan shows up then telling Tamaki that if she seals the Onikirimaru without the 5 spiritual elements, she will have to sacrifice herself and die. Granny locks her up inside the cellar or something and all she can think about is how she will die while picturing Takuma in her head. Suddenly our hero shows up (thanks to baby fox nuko telling him where she is), breaks down the door and rescues a crying Tamaki. He says that he’s been kicked out of the guardianship officially but he will now protect her on his own will. ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!They attempt to run away but are caught by granny & ossan. They manage to escape (and fight off Ein on their way) to the school where Tamaki lets an unconscious Takuma rest in the classroom. When she uses a cloth to wipe the sweat off his body she  notices the multiple scars on it from fighting with Logos and when he starts babbling that he wants her to run away, she hugs him sayin she’s not going anywhere. When they go to Drei’s shack, Takuma turns into his demon form and tells Tamaki to run away with Aria. In the meantime Takuma keeps trying to fight the demon within him while Tamaki can’t decide whether to stay or hit the road. Sadly it’s too late and his demon form grabs her by the neck and lifts her up. So then just like in Inuyasha, Kagome er I mean Tamaki  kisses Takuma saying she loves him, and this tames his INNER BEAST! (did I mention beast enough times? 😆 ) After they return to granny’s house and Takuma is resting, O-chan comes to Tamaki and shows her an image of the conversation that Takuma had with him. It basically has Takuma talking about how much he cares about Tamaki and how amusing she is to him .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。.

Then granny has to ruin the moment by coming into her room telling her that in order to stop Takuma’s powers from going apeshit again, she has to die….and then she tells Takuma he has to die for Tamaki wtf!? Sigh. ( ´_ゝ`) Why don’t you die you stupid hag. The afternoon before the deadly ritual, Takuma and Tamaki take a walk in the forest where he says he loves her and they kiss. That night Takuma finds out that they planned to only sacrifice Tamaki all along and then he fights everyone saying he won’t let anyone kill her. In the process he turns even more into an oni and his hair grows along with his beastly arm & horns. He says that this is just his guardian power that was sleeping inside and nothing to worry about. Granny then admits that she was jealous of Tamaki because she was just binded to her fate of sealing the Onikirimaru and she never had a hot mans to rescue her. After granny is taken back to the house, Takuma tells Yuuichi and Mahiro to  take care of her & Mitsuru while he and Tamaki go and fight the Onikirimaru’d Ein. And…that’s that, in the epilogue Tamaki says she’s going back home so that she can come back here? Um okay whatever 🙄 Takuma hugs her the end. Well I admit Takuma’s route was definitely an improvement on most routes and it even made me キュ━.+゚(○゚Д゚○)゚+.━ン  when he showed up to save Tamaki out of the cellar….but the last part was just so anticlimatic lol. I guess I was so used to loli & miss big tits along with Drei hogging the screen time in all the other routes that when the fight with Ein ended I was like “oh what that’s it ??” Takuma’s blushing still was so cute and it was seriously underused. Woulda been so much better if they used it more often, but otherwise he was just a plain’ ol’ nice guy…so nothing really stood out about him to me that much. (´・ω・`;A) Also maybe others will disagree with me but for some reason I don’t think Sugita Tomokazu fits as a VA for him…for some reason I feel like Suzuki Tatsuhisa or someone would have been better. I dunno something just felt OFF lol. For being the main guy his route was sure a lot shorter than like…Shinji’s or something but at least he showed up in most of it so I wasn’t rolling my couch in boredom.

Kutani Ryou – Ryou is obviously the guy they added last minute because he doesn’t appear to be anyone’s routes but his own. The good news is this also allowed me to skip through most of the drag of the game! When I first met Ryou my impression was 誰だテメ? but that all changed the moment he became Tamaki’s loyal puppy (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. He bitches that Tamaki’s like a wild horse but I think deep down inside it turns him on…well I guess more like outside since he has a massive Tamaki-stank fetish. He warns her not to tell anyone about him and then threatens granny not to stain Tamaki with the “blood smell” that she has stained herself with. Sadly he can’t keep his secret too long because Yuuichi finds out about him and tells Tamaki that he should stop messing in their business or he’ll die. Additionally Yuuichi mentions that he thinks that Ryou’s real family is actually Shinji’s family, the Inukais, since Shinji was adopted. This would explain why he feels that Ryou has the dog spirit within him and Shinji does not. Ryou then decides he’s “interested” in Tamaki and decides to stay at granny’s house for a while saying he doesn’t give a damn about the “guardian crap”.  Granny then tells them that Ryou was Inukai’s real son that they lied saying he wasn’t born and gave him up for adoption. He then biches saying he doesn’t give a shit if he’s a “real” guardian because he doesn’t want to be used as a tool. He then admits that the “guardian spirit” within him is what told him to get closer to Tamaki but at the same time it’s what irritated him the most. He concludes by saying he wants Tamaki to destroy the Onikirimaru, not seal it.

Shinji of course gets sand in his mangina and gets almost Mitsuru level annoying (sigh twins) in regards to not being the real Inukai son. Then that night she walks into him taking a bath and promptly stares at his hot naked man body /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. The next day he tells Tamaki that Mitsuru and her baba have been sacrificing and killing people in this village for the sake of the Onikirimaru. He then asks Mitsuru how many people has she killed and she’s like “well you’re a guardian of Tamayorihime!” and he’s like “if that’s what it takes to be a guardian than fuck dat sheit ( ಠ益ಠ )”.  So then the route basically became Suguru’s route all over again and despite the exact same dialogue/scenes repeated I couldn’t skip through any of it sigh. Basically Tamaki, Mitsuru & Kiyono run off to school until Ryou uses his doggy nose and sniffs his way to them (´^ω^`). Then Shinji shows up to get them but fights with Inukai butthurt about the family lineage again until Takuma shows up and punches Ryou in the somach for kicks & giggles. He and Yuuichi then take Shinji back to grandma’s house and leave Ryou and Tamaki at school. Ryou then gets all dere and when Tamaki comes near him in the classroom he hugs her saying he never had any friends or anyone close to him so he was always jealous of the other guardians who had each other. Afterwards they go fighting Drei and while Mitsuru & Fia keeps the bad guys busy, they tell Tamaki & Ryou to make out to wake up his guardian powers. Ryou then grabs Tamaki and kisses her so hard she orgasms and then he goes to fight Zwei 😆

In this battle granny dies, Aria & the 5 elements get taken and while Ryou accepts his fate as a guardian, Tamaki is back to fumbling around not knowing what to do with herself. Fortunately Ryou takes charge and shuts her up by telling her he protects her because he loves her and then they smooch. So then I don’t know what the fuck crawled up Yuuichi’s butt & died but he comes up to Ryou going “I won’t acknowledge you as a guardian!” ( ´_ゝ`). Ashiya’s the ultimate bad guy once again and once again we get the dejavu of poor Kiyono getting beat down cause the ossan ain’t go no love for her. They fight Ashiya’s demonic steroid form as before (lol replace Suguru with Ryou!) and afterwards Fia says they’re like beauty & the beast プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ In the epilogue he’s like Tamaki’s puppy dog always asking for her attention and refusing to let her go hang out with the other mans because he wants her all to himself. (´^ω^`) I liked Ryou, I liked him a lot but because his route was so much copypasta I wish there was more of….Ryou being Ryou! I just couldn’t get enough of the guy but having to sit through Suguru’s ending copypasta was irritating. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Also wtf Otomate I expected some ぺろぺろ Cgs but there weren’t any! Guess I’ll have to hold my excitement for the fandisk >_>. Also even though I have no fking idea who this unknown seiyuu is, he reminded me of what Midorikawa Hikaru would sound like if he wasn’t so god damn nasal all the time. What a pity – if I had a choice I’d rather listen to this guy than Midorikawa any day.

This game was SO BORING that most of it flew over my head. It was so bad that I would just let it run on auto-mode while I did dishes, cleaned the house and took a nap on the couch. ( ´_ゝ`) Sadly because of this I think I missed the whole deal with the stupid sword and the Tamayorihime and you can checkout domshiki’s post on it since she actually paid attention. Let’s see, they fight the same bad guy 20 times and is like on & off at which point I’m like “can’t we just cut it down to 1-2 major battles and leave the rest as “preparation”??! I guess they learned their lesson in Hakuoki and made battles as “fade to blacks” and Chizuru would just give us a rundown afterward. In Suguru and Yuuichi’s routes I felt like I got more aquainted with the boob lady and the loli than I did the guys. That’s right this game seems to want to develop the characters of SUB characters than MAIN characters. I have no memorability of anybody except Takuma, Mahiro and Ryou because everyone else to me just faded behind the random shit going on in their routes. The game would often switch POVs but it wouldn’t say WHOSE pov and it would be so sudden I’d zone and then have no idea what’s going on. I dunno man I was really excited when I found out Tamaki was all bitchy and the guys would make fun of her so when the game started I was really enjoying myself. This all quickly went downhill when lolis and titties was all I saw for 8 hours. Come to think of it aside from lol Tamaki, EVERY FEMALE IN THIS GAME ANNOYED ME. Aria because she was a brat, Fia because she wanted to be Aria’s mom so badly and was that annoying “ara tits desuwa” stereotype, Mitsuru cause she’s a stupid incest cunt bitch and granny because she’s just a jealous ho who’s pissed that she never got laid for like 90 years. As far as the dudes go, Yuuichi’s a fucking emo edgelord, Shinji’s voice grated my ears because he sounded like a female (even though he was voiced by a 34 year old man!?). Suguru wasn’t around enough for me to give a shit about him, Takuma was alright but Sugita felt like a miscast, & Mahiro was adorable but his voice also grated my ears. Ryou was sexy but his route was copypasta from Suguru so his sexyness was shortlived. It  made it even more obvious that Ryou was  added in last minute or something. That’s okay though he was a pretty sweet character and well honestly they coulda just removed Suguru for all the shits I gave. I loved O-chan though, he was a cute little fuzzy thing I wanted to take home and make my pet ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ . Also wtf the bad guys are bad in one route, and good in the other. The only CONSISTENTLY bad guy was probably Drei sigh whatever. The drag/overpadding of this game really took my attention away from it and there was just too much fighting and not enough romance. You can’t expect me to give a crap about romance & kissing when I just spent 8 hours looking at miss big tits wondering where the guy I’m after is at. I heard the fandisk makes up for this massive problem so I am looking forward to the reward for sitting through all this crap lol.

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  1. YES SOMEONE AGREES MAHIRO WAS ALSO MY FAVORITE IN THE GAME!! takuma is to annoying i thought the makers were gonna his good cuz he is the main character out of all the guys.[it was not good [takuma] i out off all of them i liked mahiro

  2. ひぃぃっ(゚□゚*)My bad. Mahiro. Shinji (major brain death)

    I guess Takuma only stood out to me in the first Hiiro no Kakera, when he was more tsun and less dere toward Tamaki. After that, he becomes too mellow (^▽^”)

  3. By Makoto do you mean Mahiro? And Shinichi = Shinji? 😆
    I dunno I loved Mahiro the most, Takuma was just OKAY for me…nothing really stood out that much I guess :/ Suguru wasn’t really around in his route so not like you missed out on well…anything.

  4. Your review made me LOL so hard as always (≧∇≦)/

    Yeah, I’m probably being biased here since Hiiro no Kakera was the first otome game I ever played, but I liked Takuma’s route. Just not the other characters ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ” Makoto acts too much like my little bro for it not to be creepy, Shinichi sounds like the younger sister I never had, and Suguru…well, I didn’t even attempt his route.
    Too pedo. Too much. (ಠ_ಠ)

    The artwork was awesome though, and the music (y)

  5. Reiko> yea it was pretty much like you said. it was so stupid though that she’d be like bitchy in 1 route and then be like kYAA /bawww in another lmfao. I zoned out so much but fortunately I’m making it through Hiiro 3 and it’s significantly a lot less padded so at least that’s a relief lol

  6. Ahaha. I totally get what you mean. I got the game because I like the art and character designs but the story was sooo draggy. I couldn’t even get pass the second battle before putting it on hiatus. XD The cute and funny moments were few and far in between (at least judging from what I’ve played so far) and the whole playing process was like “zzzzzz KYAA zzzzzzzzzzzz KYAA zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzWTFzzz” for me lol.

  7. LOL after playing this the other games seem so much shorter and I had more patience when it comes to dragfests XD Btw; iirc in the DS version they DID include a peropero CG for Ryou in the Valentine’s side story.

  8. Yea whenever o-chan showed up with his Nii~ I was like (*´ω`*)…but yea omg Suguru and Yuuichi gah sigh. I guess since this is like my 60th or something otome game ( i lost count ) my brain flew elsewhere lol

  9. This was one of the first otome games I’ve played so I sat through the WHOLE game paying attention to the story for each route oAo;; I agree that it was really draggy at some parts and made me want to flip tables but I do like this series XD; HnK 3 will be better!

    And true dat about O-chan, throughout the really long routes it’s the only thing that kept me playing >A<

  10. lol im pretty much the same thought as you but I didnt quit cause I wanted to write a review. suguru is the most boring character I think, even in the fandisk.

  11. I’ll be honest and admit that this and Crimson Empire were the only games I dropped. Crimson Empire because the gameplay was very hard to manage, and this because it was a complete borefest. I believe I did Suguru’s route first, or at least it’s the one that made me quit, after the fifth hour of nothing but boob lady and loli I just went “DONE!”. And I’ve played some crappy games, so kudos to you for being able to finish this.

  12. omg man Mahiron is my love now hahaha. I don’t care if he’s short when he does DAT SEXY VOICE (;´Д`)ハァハァ/lァ/lァ/ヽァ/ヽァ ノ \ア ノ \ア / \ ア / \ ア Seriously him and Ryou are like all I see, everyone else’s is just floating on the side (especially Suguru…man talk about shafted.)

  13. Hahaha all the pain and suffering and draggy-ness in this game will probably all be made up for in the FD… 😛 I love Mahiro though lol even though everything he says is like talking in caps or something lawl xD I love the tsundere boys hahaha ❤

  14. Well I’m enjoying the FD and Mahiro’s route was just hngggg |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ so I guess maybe the suffering paid off ? XD But lmfao about shinji I can’t wait to hear him! He seriously sounds like hes voiced by a girl that’s amazing! lol

  15. yeah, I hope that u will enjoy the fd cause I REALLY enjoyed the fd despite the fact that the actual story was boring…the only good thing about the game is the characters…and btw, Shinji’s real(?) voice was really manly just to tell u. u can hear it when u do ヒイロノカケラ. I was surprised when I first heard him from the sample voices. IS THIS REALLY THE SAME PERSON WHO VOICED SHINJI??? yeah, amazing how voice actors can change their voices 🙂

  16. Rae> If you passed it up till now yea you might as well not bother lol.

    FlyingOnigiri> I’ll play 2 soon as I finish playing all the games related to 1 xD (so im gonna play 3 first rofl)

    HolyLeonheart> Surprised you liked Yuuichi since he emofagged about himself 90% of the route but he was pretty & namikawa voiced him so that was the only up side! I heard FD is nicer as well so I’m looking fwd to it x3.

  17. Thank you for the review!!
    I love this game x33 Oh well, not the actual storyline, but the characters. (Mostly Takuma, Yuuichi and Sexy Ryou)
    I got bored after one or two routes as well because it’s all the same!! Good thing I went for Takuma first, then Yuuichi. I stopped playing after I finish Ryou’s route =w=
    I like the fandisk better than the original though. And HnK 2 has totally different set of characters and it was quite interesting. (The new HnK that was not done by Kazuki Yone is good as well, but storywise, it’s boring too =w=)
    And OMG, I was thinking of the same thing! When I first heard Ryou’s voice I was like… hmm.. his voice really reminded me of Midorikawa Hikaru, but he’s not in the cast, so who is this unknown seiyuu? (But I LOVE his voice, yes, it is a better version of manly!Midorin’s voice)
    Sorry for my rambling and thank you again for your review! I love reading your reviews, they’re very amusing x33
    P.S. YES, O-chan is soooooooo cute!

  18. Hiiro no Kakera 2 was better. *cough* /shot ANYWAY. Thanks for reviewing this…it makes me think twice before attempting to play this game. XD (yes I played the second one first. lol)

  19. LOL. For some reason, I’ve always passed this series up, Now, I’m completely turned off forever. (^^);; Awesome, and hilarious review as always, and I’m looking forward to your upcoming Hiiro posts.

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