Otome Game Review: Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~

To make up for the lack of romance (or any character development) in the first game, Otomate released this fandisk! All that stuff that I enjoy about otome games that was just NOT in the original game – ALL HERE BABY. All those キュ━.+゚(○゚Д゚○)゚+.━ン moments and adorable scenes all jam packed into one disk! Beware, major fangirling ahead 😆

Atori Mahiro – Well anyway I ended up on Mahiro first somehow after taking some stupid popquiz making sure I stayed awake through all of Hiiro no Kakera. Mahiro & Tamaki continue their married quarrels while everyone rolls their eyes xD. Later thday while Mahiro’s sleeping and dreaming about Tamaki stealing his yakisobapan, she ties his hair up in ribbons and scribbles on his face with a marker プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. When they walk home she apologizes for it and then when he leaves her she gets sad so he’s like “stop making that sad face or I’ll take you home.” Tamaki’s like “ok take me home (´^ω^`)” and Mahiro was like (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン and told her to stop making those kind of jokes until she’s married xDDD. The next day Tamaki goes into the old book library to study on being a Tamayorihime like granny wants her to. Mahiro stops by and helps her and at the end of the day tells her that he’s glad that she was the Tamayorihime and its because of her that he’s still alive. After she does her ceremonial dance for the Tamayorihime she finds out that Mahiro left because he’s leaving for his trip to America. She then runs after him and he asks her to come with him and to stay at least until Spring. They arrive in America god in the middle of some bumblefuck dessert and Mahiro’s like “as long as we have love & peace it’s aawwwriight!” 😆 The other choice it  was some boring shit with Aria, Ashiya and Zwei to remind me of how much I hated the first game. The ending was the same and the only CG you picked up was of Zwei with longer hair. In the 2nd special story, Mahiro asks her on a date but she says she promised Mitsuru she would clean the storage cellar with her. Mitsuru of course acts like a bro and goes out so that it’s just Mahiro & Tamaki together alone~(*´ω`*). As fate would have it, the door has an auto-lock and it locks the 2 of them inside \( ^o^)/ .

They both sit under a blanket to keep warm and until Tamaki ORDERED HIM as Tamayorihime to go in there he was all tsuning and refused xDDD. Sadly before they can start making out all the other guys find them but they keep quiet and Mahiro suggests they just stay in there until morning (/ρ\)いやーん. In the fall festival story, baby fox nuko learns how to change shape so he turns into a shota. Afterwards Tamaki puts on her kimono and goes to the festival where she runs into Mahiro and Takuma being the bro that he is, leaves the 2 of them to “do the patrolling.” After she does her evening Tamayori dance, Mahiro grabs her and pulls her head into a hug saying he’ll be by her side. (*´ω`*) In the other ending for this they run into the bad guys who came to enjoy sell Yakisoba at the festival EVEN THOUGH THEYRE FROM LIKE EUROPE プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. After the dance shota baby fox nuko hugs Tamaki and licks her cheek ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ In the Valentine’s day story, O-chan in shota form steals and eats all of the giri choco that Tamaki made xDDD. So then Tamaki grabs whatever’s left and gives the giri chocos to everyone except Mahiro. Mitsuru then tries to give her yuri chocolate to Tamaki and Tamaki thinks its just an extra giri choco Mitsuru made for her to give to someone and gives it to Shinji instead lmfao. At the end of the day she gives Mahiro the choco and she’s so embarrassed to “feed him” that she shoves it into his cheek lmfao AND THEN SHE SHOVES ONE UP HIS NOSE LMFAOOO xDDDDD. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ In the Christmas special (which was originally DS only special but was ported to Aizouban), when doing xmas preparations, Tamaki goes out with Mahiro & Zwei. While Zwei goes to buy some stuff Mahiro almost confesses but then ZWEI COMES BACK AT THE WRONG MOMENT OTL xDDD. Later they all have their Christmas party and afterwards Mahiro and Tamaki are alone in her room. Since she’s too chicken to give herself to Mahiro ( who was like insanely hot (*´д`*)ハァハァ ) she instead gives him a kiss xD. Well at least she took the initiative and not just slapped him or ran away or something lmfao.  DAWW EVERYTHING WAS SO FUCKING CUTE MAN THIS IS WHAT THE FIRST GAME WAS MISSING afsfasa. P.S. I love Mahiro |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

Omi Suguru – I took a compatibility quiz the 2nd time around (rather than the story quiz) and I figured I’d get Suguru the moment I picked the “reliable oniisan” figure lol. Tamaki tells everyone how she’s been coming to Suguru’s house a lot and making him dinner (´^ω^`). All the guys get jealous and rage at her by stealing her bento at school. Her female classmates are like “kyaa are you gonna get married soon!?” lmfao. Tamaki comes over his house that day and after dinner she asks him to teach her to paint kanji so he takes the opportunity to get up close & personal from behind haha 8D. Tamaki’s mind is blow and she gives up writing cause her concentration flew out the window. Then he like babbles about his angsty past about being an unwanted child and Tamaki’s like “I’m here for you bro” and then he tells her he loves her a million times. He then blushes and asks her to marry him and slips an engagement ring on her finger. (〃▽〃)ポッ The other half of that route was just some crap with Aria and Fia meeting flashback and how Fia was just a homonculus that was created in a lab. Man if she was created, it musta been by some erojijis who gave her a HUGE RACK 😆 In the special winter story, Suguru & Tamaki walk around and find other guys doing random stuff like fishing, crossword puzzles and getting pumped about pork meat time sales. When they get home he wipes the snow off her head with a towel. In the fall festival, they walk around the booths together but Tamaki trips like a bumbling idiot and her geta falls off so Suguru fixes it and puts it back on her leg. After the Tamayori ceremony Suguru admits that he’s sad that she’s now got a bunch of man guardians so he asks if he can take time out to have her all to himself. Then he says he’ll have her all to himself tonight >:3. In the O-chan ending of this arc, Tamaki runs into Kiyono who’s doing fortune telling with Ashiya. She says that she’s from a family of onmyoujis and she’s selling curse dolls and love potions /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. For Valentine’s day when Tamaki gives Suguru her real choco, and then he takes it and stuffs one into her mouth lol. \FEEL MY HAPPINESS WOMAN!/ In the Christmas story Tamaki hangs out with Suguru & Fia for the preparations. After the party they watch the stars together and drink some hot green tea. (´・ω・`)……meh. I was kinda disappointed with Suguru (again). His route was kinda watered down and I felt like any potential he had for being a bit of a kichiku megane was totally untapped! Oh well so much for that I guess 😐 Maybe it’s just because Mahiro was so much better and this was such a let down in comparison.

Inukai Shinji – In Shinji’s route they play in the snow and then eat lunch together when Tamaki picks some rice off his face since he’s a kawaii desu shota. Shinji then says he’s worried about living here Mitsuru comes in bitching saying Shinji should return to the Kotokura house. Then she starts saying how soon Shinji and Tamaki will be like a married couple doing naughty things together lmfao. From incest wacko to lesbian, what an upgrade she got ww. When they make nabe together they get all close and Shinji asks if he can kiss Tamaki but fucking Mitsuru cockblocks again. GO AWAY HOMEWRECKER. Later they do the tamayorihime ceremony and Shinji says he’ll be by her side. In other part of the route Shinji tells Tamaki how some talking dog once told him 8 years ago that he’d meet a goddess and lol here he is. In the winter special story, Shinji and the other dudes plan to make a gift for Tamaki for always dealing with their crap & pretend that instead they’re having a meeting on how to become more popular with the ladies. They end up knitting various stuff and Mahiro rages and then makes a 4 fingered glove lmfao. At the end of the day Shinji gives her a scarf he knitted himself and they take a walk outside. Daww how precious xD. Tamaki then takes the scarf and puts it around both of them as they walk home with their arms linked.(´^ω^`) For the autumn festival, they walk around together and get some cotton candy. The ossan gives them 1 to “share” and while Tamaki eats it Shinji just stares and drools at her lol. After the ceremony Shinji hugs her and she tells him to stop apologizing and asking questions and just BE A MAN BOKUKUN. In the O-chan end Mitsuru is like an evil witch forcing Fia & Aria to sweet around the shrine like an evil witch lmfao xDDD. Fia then explains this is all they can do because all the other bad guys failed at getting part time jobs 😆 Valentine special was kinda meh she just gave him the choco and he happily accepted. In the Christmas special Shinji & Drei go out with Tamaki to get the preparations. Shinji buys Aria a necklace while Drei is away and while they’re getting all ichaicha and ignoring him he shows up going “are you two done yet? ww” After the party Tamaki asks why Shinji was nice to her while all the guys made fun of her. He says that she looked like a pretty girl he wanted to protect. Then Mitsuru acts like a bro (surprisingly) and turns the lights off in their room so that they can get busy and Shinji takes advantage of the opportunity and gets all manly pushing Tamaki against the wall and kissing her. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ If only he was like this more often… lol. Well Shinji’s Cgs were really cute but I guess kinda meh over all (´・ω・`;).

Komura Yuuichi – Here Yuuchi and Tamaki returns to the village with Aria & Fia after some months since they left in the previous games. When they get home baby fox shota nuko glomps Tamaki and makes Aria rage at him to the point that he cries & run away lol. Tamaki doesn’t realize who it is but Yuuichi does and says he won’t tell her cause it’s amusing. He then acts like a shit and says he’s gonna go home instead of come over to Tamaki’s place SIGH. ( ´_ゝ`) So of course instead of spending time raburabu with Yuuichi she spends time studying her Tamayorihime crap with Aria. She then falls asleep and has some crappy dream but fortunately she wakes up to Yuuichi rubbing her hair and laying down next to her. He offers to help her with her studies and then points to baby fox nuko who’s still there and Tamaki still has no idea that it’s O-chan (´^ω^`). Later when they go for a walk and he turns into the shota again and says he wants to be a guardian too so he learned how to change shapes. He then confirms with her that just because she’s the Tamayorihime it doesn’t mean that she’s not allowed to get married or fall in love. Also I have no freaking idea why in this route Tamaki had no idea who Ryou is but did in all the other ones (ಠ_ಠ). After the tamayorihime ceremony, Tamaki gets a fox harem full of fox shotas, actual foxes and a hot dude who’s got a fox demon inside of him. Lmfao alrighty then! The other part of Yuuichi’s route has a CG of Aria sleeping in Fia’s lap. The rest I didn’t pay attention to because really, I don’t care. In the special winter story, Yuuichi tells her he’s going to a college far from here so he’ll have to move into a dorm there. He then takes her to the woods where he says the guardians buried a time capsule. Tamaki then gets all sad and ronery about Yuuichi leaving for college and starts crying so he kisses her forehead.

Just then all the other dudes get there and they dig out the capsule and go through all the stuff in it. So then Tamaki says she wants to be with Yuuichi but he tells her to graduate high school and then apply to the same college as him next year. So then Mahiro’s like “alright lets all have a celebration for their engagement and our loser party” www. I love you Mahiro (´^ω^`). For the autumn festival, when they walk around the booths he clips a flower into her hair. After the tamayorihime ceremony, he like hugs her but oh my god Kazuki Yone what the hell, he looked like some crazy rapist the way she drew his face. LMFAO CREEPED OUT MAN. In the Valentine’s Day story HE LICKS THE CHOCOLATE OFF HER FACE FUUUCK YEA. Oh my god finally Yuuichi does something hot, I almost fell asleep sitting through everything else so far. (*´д`*)ハァハァ In the Christmas story, Yuuichi uses an illusion to turn their room into the school rooftop but Tamaki tries walking around in it and runs into walls and chairs instead :lol:. So then clone Drei summons some crap but baby fox nuko stops him. Tamaki tells them to stop being dumb and to clean the house the old fashioned way. Mitsuru and Drei then offer them both items to make the other drunk/fall in love with the person they want lolol. After the party she comes to the school library where Yuuichi makes the illusion of the atmosphere when she first met him. He then kisses her hand and says he loves her. Meh, hand kissing. I thought it would be something sexy after that Valentine’s Day event…lol oh well. Anyway other than that Valentine’s Day scene…I’m disappointed. I swear sometimes Tamaki looks as much of an emotionless log as he does in the CGs of her with him. Disappointing from beginning to end Yuuichi senpai.

Onizaki Takuma – Tamaki returns from her parents house after 3 months to a ronery Takuma who’s so happy to see her he’s suddenly like “whoa I never realized how hot my g/f is ww”. Since granny’s dead in this route Tamaki says she wants to take on her role and continue being the next Tamayorihime. When they get to the house Mitsuru says she will be Tamaki’s servant like how she was to granny (although I doubt she was les for granny in the same fashion >_>.) Takuma’s against her being the tamayorihime because the Onikirimaru is sealed anyway and he doesn’t want her overworking herself and using her powers. Tamaki’s like “wtf man I just wanna be with you” and he still babbles against it so Tamaki gives up and starts walking away….until he realizes what a dumbass he is and he hugs her from behind saying he’ll be by her side. Lol Takuma you dork ^^;. While they’re hugging Shinji & Mahiro come out and call them for dinner and then Mahiro’s like “god damnit Shinji did you see that! Introduce me to some hot chicks I wanna enjoy my youth too!” xDDDDD Mahiro srsly I love you. 😆 Mitsuru acts like a bro and after everyone goes home she goes out and leaves Takuma & Tamaki in the house alone together. After Takuma says he loves her and she says the same back he asks if he can kiss her. Sadly before they can, baby fox nuko cockblocks them with his “nii~!” xDDD ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Before Tamaki does her  ceremonial dance Ryou’s like “I need to make sure you’re suitable as Tamayorihime” and Takuma steps in saying he knows Tamaki well enough to know she’s fit for the role. (Also don’t touch mah woman stance ww.) Afterwards everyone goes home and Tamaki asks Takuma to make her his one and only Tamayorihime and he  says he will and hugs her.

In the other part of Takuma’s route, Aria resurrects Ein’s soul where he thanks her for saving him. Afterwards Tamaki asks Aria to come live at her house. In the special winter story, Takuma tries to impress Tamaki by being like the other dudes. While they have lunch in the classroom alone together, he tries to talk about inarizushi like Yuuichi, then tries to be all pumped like Mahiro. After he’s so happy Tamaki made him a giant taiyaki, he tries to be like Shinji and calls her senpai and Tamaki’s like “we’re in the same grade wtf.” xDDD Then he tries to be a smooth talker like Suguru and then says “Tamaki let me eat you~!” like Ryou. HAHAHA omfg. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ハラいてぇww Tamaki then thinks Takuma is cursed or something and says she will rid him of it while he’s like “I’m not cursed stopppp!” He then explains to her that he just wanted to change his image so she’d like him better but Tamakis like “just be yourself I mean that’s who I originally fell in love with so…” (´^ω^`). That day walk home holding hands like a bakappuru xD. In the autumn festival, Takuma & Tamaki go goldfish catching and she sucks at it so he takes her hand and tries to teach her how. After her ceremony he shows up late so Tamaki whines about it and he grabs her and pokes her with his giant nose saying he’s sorry. What is going on with the art in this game lol. In the Valentine’s Day story, Tamaki asks him to eat the choco in front of her and he does with an extremely massive blush on his face. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ !!!!! In the Christmas story, Tamaki goes out with Ein and Takuma and instead of picking which tree to chop down all Ein wants to do is having gachimuchi competitions with Takuma. Takuma then treis to invite Tamaki to have some alone time after the party and she like ignores him lmfao but afterwards he tells her to wait for him (*´ω`*). Afterwards he meets her by the shrine and says he loves her now and forever, no matter how many times their souls are reincarnated. Daww Takuma was cute! The extra winter story and Valentine’s day were definitely my favorites. Such a cute dork xDDD.

Kutani Ryou – Alright all the Ryouwan service I wanted in the first game is here since his route begins with him grabbing Tamaki and biting her ear イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! He does it to make sure that she has no “other smells on her” hahaha イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 Tamaki asks him to come to school more often or he’ll get left back again and won’t be able to graduate with her. The next morning Ryou comes to wake her up and Mitsuru says he should return to the Inukai house. Ryou’s like “I’ve not become a guardian I’ve become TAMAKI’S ONLY GUARDIAN so the rest of you can f yourselves. ( ´_ゝ`)” He then says he’ll live in Tamaki’s house as her guardian because if some other guy is gonna live here he’ll go nuts lol. She then asks him to read and study about Tamayorihime history but he refuses and so she makes a deal that she’ll do whatever he wants if he reads at least one. He bitches that it can’t be anything perverted and that it has to be AFTER he reads but agrees anyway cause he’s a good doggy 😆 So afterwards he’s like “ok as promised I won’t touch you but ILL SNIFF THE FUCK OUT OF YOU WAHAHAHA” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ LMFAo xDDDDDDDDD After the Tamayorihime ceremony, Ryou says he wants her to be the way she is whether she’s Tamayorihime or not. He then pushes her against the shrine wall and says that he’s gonna make her his (/ρ\)いやーん. In the other part of the route, Kiyono and Ashiya’s spirits show up linking hands saying “yo my friend hope you’re doing well!” and then disapear.

In the special winter story she promised to spend the day with Ryou but when he gets to her house he has such a high fever he passes out. She takes him inside the house and puts him inside a futon while she nurses him back to health. He then thanks her for changing him and says he loves her and is glad he got to know her. He then falls asleep and tells her to spend all night with him haha ;D. At the autumn festival, he runs around grabbing food from various booths then goes “I change my mind I wanna eat you instead” and starts licking her neck ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ Lmfaooo Tamaki’s like “oh god stoppp” xDDDD He’s like “to be continued after your ceremony huhu” and runs off. After the ceremony he pushes her down on the ground nad is like BE MAH WOMAN and she’s like “alright wanchan i get the point I’ll be your woman just get along better with others (´^ω^`)”. The wanchan of course agrees lol. For Valentine’s Day, he makes her feed him the chocolate with her mouth and then they make out in the classroom xDD. For the Christmas scenario, Tamaki goes with Ryou to look for Aria and he asks her to meet with him alone after the Christmas party….saying he wants to “test their bonds” (〃ノωノ). Sadly Tamaki meets him in the forest and trips like a bumbling idiot and sprians her ankle so Ryou has to carry her home on his back. Well Ryou had his sexy ぺろぺろ moments but I guess I’m a bit disappointed? I feel like there should have been more to it? Or maybe it’s just the Xmas story was kinda meh.

Well overall I guess I’m satisfied. Even the routes that were boring as sin at least were short enough that I didn’t have to suffer too long. Just like with the first game aside from Mahiro, Ryou and Takuma everyone else just kinda blends into the background. I did like Shinji’s Christmas story but Yuuichi and Suguru….lol 誰だったっけ? O-chan to me was a cute shota but honestly I think I prefer him as a fox. His va sounded like she was high or something when talking so I prefer him to be a cute baby fox nuko and just go “nii!” I almost wish I saved Mahiro for last because honestly he was the best route. All of his stories were so freaking |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  that even though Takuma and Ryou had cute stories here & there, they weren’t ALL that great. Also someof the derpy CGs for Takuma and Yuuichi would just ruin the moment for me. It was almots as if Kazuki Yone colored it but it was drawn by someone else!? I don’t even… After doing that story quiz once you could just pick which guys route you wanted to do but I also tried out the “compatibility” quiz once and ended up with Suguru OTL. The only part of the Aizouban that I haven’t completed is the fortune system. It only allows you to do it once a day and I’m still missing at least 3-4 in each section so I guess I’ll leave the game around and try to get my daily fortune to complete the gallery.  Anyway I’ll be moving on to Hiiro 3 next since the characters are the same and I’ll jump back to 2 since that’s where we start getting different cast members. Overall I do recommend this fandisk if you played the original Hiiro because it’s basically all the romance/cute scenes that they forgot to include in the first game.


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  1. really the only story mode i liked was mahiro he was my favorite stayed up ail night just to play his

  2. rinko> no sorry I am not. all of their games are fulla crazy psycopaths and I’m just not into that (or their art style for that matter)

  3. So, there is no connection with charas from previous parts?
    Anyway, thank you! Now it’s more clear for me xD

  4. Thanks for advice, unfortunately I have this one – Hiiro No Kakera Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou Portable. Which part is it I wonder…

  5. Nataly> uh well you can start with hiiro no kakera and then play this fandisk since they go back to back. personally I then jumped to hiiro no kakera 3 because its a direct sequel and then I plan to jump to 4 because the voice actors are the same as the games above. I’ll probably play 2 last because they remade it so that the cast from this game no longer appears and its like its own parallel universe. I guess you can try playing it the way I am ^^

    Mimi> omg yea I love Mahiro in his own route and in other people’s routes. I seriously just wanted a Mahiro after so I could play his route 6 times 😆

  6. Dear Hinano, could you recommend me the order for playing Hiiro no Kakera games? I’m completely lost myself in this quantity… I have a Hiiro no Kakera game on my psp, but I’m afraid it could be not the first one… or it doesn’t matter? xD

  7. MAHIRO ❤ agh, my heart~ i love you so much Mahiro hahaha xD He's so adorkable lol I thought he was gonna be the broody type because of his looks but I'm so glad he turned out the way he did lol and that youth comment, I burst out laughing when I read it hahaha! Takuma is pretty adorkable lol and Ryou is just yummy xD Lol

  8. I love Mahiro too but not because he’s short….because he’s a loud mouthed tsundere 😆 The baby fox nuko O-chan was a lot shorter than he was xD. I normally don’t like shotas unless they’re like “older” shotas (short dudes who are older) so Mahiro was definitely my #1 in this game x3

  9. (*´ェ`*)ボー

    Oh my, I have a feeling, that if I ever do decide to play this series, it would probably be because I have this love for Mahiro for some reason. o wo;; (I like short guys. //knifed) He’s seriously probably the only reason I would play.

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