Otome Game Review: Hush-a-Bye, Baby

Sorry game’s too old to have an opening movie xD

Nakai Kihiro is an idol but she sucks at acting and has a very strong willed personality to the point that she’s seen as a bitch by others. One day a soul reaper named Mori comes to her telling her that she should have died 4 years ago in an accident. The reason she’s still alive is because Mori overslept for work a few minutes but on earth 4 years had passed. Mori tells her that she’ll send her to the past to get hit by a car and then she will take Kihiro’s soul. Kihiro refuses to go back to the past or to die period, so Mori then makes a deal with her that she can live as long as she can snag a bishie in 7 days. This seems like a simple task, but not for our heroine Kihiro who despises the idea of falling in love, thanks to her catching her ex-bf fucking some other whore. After catching them in the act she ran out of the school and this is when she got hit by a car. So for the next 7 days Kihiro decides to try being a dormat otome game heroine in order to change her fate.
Omi Yukihisa – Omi-san is Kihiro’s manager and so she figures he’s the easiest target and directly tells him that she wants him to be her lover. She uses the excuse that there’s a jinx and if she has a lover she will be a better model for the CF makeup line she was chosen for. They do their pretend lovers thing but Kihiro realizes she likes her manager/idol relationship just the way it is and cannot picture them as lovers at all. She then ends up testing his patience by being bratty and saying how she hates being a fake bitch at all these stupid interviews and that someone else can do that shit in her place. He of course then tells her that she can be replaced and it’s such a huge shock to her and she feels stupid about her own immaturity. Omi is of course a mature adult and tells her to calm da fuck down and that he’ll support her to his best ability. The next day Kihiro finds out that Omi’s a manager for a more famous idol as well and that’s why everyone always said bad stuff behind her back. She threatens to punch all the assholes in the face and then locks Omi in a conference room demanding he tell her why he was secretly managing another idol. He says that he never “lied” to her because he never said he wasn’t managing another idol – he just said he had “other work” to do. Kihiro yells at him saying that she was just a “side job” to him while his real job was with the other idol at the bigger company. When they first met in the past, Omi asked Kihiro, 14 at the time, why she wanted to become an idol. Her prompt answer was that all men are lying assholes and that she wants to become an idol to tempt and fool them in revenge. Omi then tells Kihiro that she may not believe him, but his time with her was more important than his other job. He also informed her that he was forced to take on the job of working with her or he would be fired so it’s not that he wanted to do a “side job” for shits & giggles. He then admits that  the past 4  years he was so focused on Kihiro that he didn’t even think about a relationship with other women.

Kihiro then confesses her feelings by saying that she’ll beat up any hoes who hit on him. (*´ω`*) She then adds that she can’t be all cutesey and dormatty for him and he says that it’s fine, as he will continue to be strict on her regarding her idol work. Omi then says he’s been in love with her since 4 years ago and then Kihiro takes initiative and kisses him. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! That kiss was pretty long and detailed too lol…. (*´д`*)ハァハァ So then Mori shows up on day 7 saying that she’ll save Kihiro’s life but instead she will take her lover’s, Omi’s life instead. Kihiro’s liked “do I have to choke a bitch!?” and she tries to attack Mori but she says that the contract’s been set and she will take Omi’s life. After Mori disappears, Kihiro runs to Omi and hugs him crying, and tells him to hate her. He says that he won’t do so until he hears a valid reason and she says that he won’t believe her anyway. Omi says that he will believe her no matter what and so she tells him about Mori. Desperate to make the best of her last moments with Omi, Kihiro asks if he will have sex with her but he says that it’s not the “last time” and that he won’t let her die so he refuses. They just sleep in the office all night and conveniently there’s a shower in there too lol so it’s no problem for them the next morning. Suddenly Mori shows up saying she will take Omi’s soul, and he’s in complete agreement with this and Kihiro rages saying she’s against it. Mori gets tired of dealing with them so she’s like “whatever you can live” and so the two of them live happily ever after as lovers and partners. In the epilogue 2 years later Kihiro becomes a more popular idol, getting more jobs in gravure as well as releasing her first solo single. She was also able to throw away her innocent girl image and be her true self. She still continues her relationship with Omi but they keep it a secret and despite that, still work hard together as manager & idol. Even though at first look I thought Omi would be some gross ossan character, when I finally played the game he was actually really sweet and caring. Biggest thing of course was him putting up with Kihiro’s wild personality but when he tamed her it was actually quite adorable (*´∀`)むふ♪

Yuizaki Isshin – Isshin is the other male idol that often works with Kihiro. He’s dumb or something cause he can’t read simple kanji like 台本 (script). Kihiro decides to start her quest on stealing his heart when she finds him making out with a dog named Rice, complaining that it would be better if the dog was a female. 😆 The next day her manager rages at her that someone took a photo of her and Isshin with the dog and now it’s like a huge scandal. She then goes to talk to Isshin about it but he’s too busy talking about Rice and she calls him a dumbass and that this is gonna turn into a scandal. She tells him that if any paparazzi ask that they’re just “good friends” and nothing more. Somehow this sets off some stalker switch in his head and he ends up following her around even more 😆 Omi takes care of things by writing on the photo that the 2 look like CLOSE SIBLINGS and that Kihiro should grow up and become sexier so she can one day find REAL LOVE. Kihiro rages but of course nothing she can do since this is all for the scandal to die down. When they hang out more together, all Isshin can think about is how Kihiro is like a pet dog to him or something and he’s completely oblivious to her feelings (of both love & hate lolol.) It’s so bad to the point where he thinks that her trying to hit on him is just an act for her drama and tells her to brush up her acting skills. Kihiro is shocked since she wasn’t acting but she can’t say anything back and when she finds out her entire time at the cafe was just an act she storms out. When she talks to Omi, he tells her that Isshin takes his acting very seriously and that he starred in a serious and dark movie before. After watching that movie, she asks if Isshin can help teach her how to act better and he agrees. Afterwards he offers to give her a ride home on his bike and she gets all embarrassed when she has to put her arms around his waist. (*´ω`*) After this Kihiro continues coming to the studio to practice acting with Isshin and she gets better to the point that people praise her acting skills.

She wants to hear Isshin praise her too but when he doesn’t she throws her bag in his face and runs off. Feeling bad about running away like an immature brat, she goes back to him and apologizes for her behavior. He then hugs her and she admits that she wanted him to be proud of her and they both get all (〃▽〃)ポッ and finally Isshin leans down and kisses her saying that he likes her. Kihiro admits that she likes him as well and they continue smooching. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ After he has to leave (since they gotta leave separately to be safe) Kihiro asks him to say he loves her one last time but he refuses and she calls him a cheapass. He then smiles and says he loves her before walking out the door. ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン。o+゚ WHY IS THIS GAME SO OLD BUT SO CUTE LOOL. So as usual Mori shows up telling Kihiro that she will take Isshin’s soul instead of hers. She runs to Isshin’s house and says she didn’t mean for him to become a sacrifice in her place and she shows him the tattoo that Mori left on her neck. When he hears about the whole soul reaper business he’s like “lol I bet she has high HP and MP” but then says that if the contract she made is true, he’ll just have to take it like a man. Kihiro cries saying that she loves him and that’s why she wants him to run away so Isshin hugs her saying he’ll try to think of a way to save them both. One thing leads to another and they end up having sex (/ρ\)いやーん and afterwards Kihiro complains that it hurt like someone was stabbing her with a knife. 😆 The next morning they have some ichaicha raburabu yakiniku until Mori crashes their party saying time’s up. Isshin decides to kick some ass so he steals Mori’s scythe but that doesn’t do much so Kihiro asks once more for Mori to save Isshin and to take her life instead. Mori agrees to spare both of them as long as she can get her scythe back and when they return they celebrate by making out .。゚+.(´∀`○)゚+.゚。. In the epilogue they are allowed to continue dating as long as they keep it private…and Kihiro continues to attempt to do it with Isshin after failing because she’s afraid of the pain lol. DAWW WHATEVER IT WAS SO CUTE *_*. Ono Daisuke did such a good job with this character and overall he was a lot of fun since he and Kihiro were so much like each other.

Daww what the hell this game was so cute! BUT SO SHORT! Omg man it was written so well for something that came out 5 years ago. I was just (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ  and ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚д゚*)―ン。o+゚all over the place. I just love how the heroine doesn’t take anyone’s shit and she wants to kick in the face anyone who says shit behind her back. Other then a great heroine the most memorable thing in this game was the music. Oh my god man I have no idea where the hell they got all these BGMs from but I felt like dancing in my chair the entire time 😆 I did some research and it looks like it’s someone called Fragile Online – most popularly known for his Touhou music. The art obviously wasn’t the greatest but the scenes were so well written and so adorable…


Funniest part was with Isshin and his whole dog thing…I kept getting flashbacks to Vitamin X with Hajime and his animal obsession…AND THEY WERE BOTH VOICED BY ONO DAISUKE プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Only thing that bugged me was auto mode was SO FAST. Like oh my god man I had it on the LOWEST setting and my eyes could barely keep up with the pace of the text. The fastest setting was so fast it could almost be faster than skip mode on some of Otomate’s games lol. I also wish that Sakurai had a route but he was just this mystery hair stylist who could see Mori and that’s about all we saw of him. The game is very short and will probably take you maybe 7-8 hours to complete, faster if you read faster than I did. Anyway overall I really enjoyed it and I wish whoever wrote this game would write more otome games but I think this may have been her only work. WHAT A SHAME JAPAN HATES STRONG WILLED HEROINES or we coulda had a better genre of games in the future. Oh well. (´・ω・`)

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  1. o poo. i bet ppl in japan were like EW WTH IS THIS STRONG-WILLED HEROINE LET’S BLACKLIST THIS AUTHOR >.> btw LOL @ featuring the hairstylist on the main page of the game but then not giving him a route.

  2. lol yea I like how he’s featured in the like splash image and on the chara page but does he get anymore than like 10 min of scene? nope! almost reminds me how the black ranger never got a route in hotokenser lol

  3. Sakurai kind of looks like Mr Angel from that doujin game, and you can’t get either of them, what a pity.

    Sounds like a cute, interesting game, why haven’t I ever heard of this before? Maybe because it’s so short. Anyways, it’s a pity heroines like Kihiro aren’t more popular. I don’t get why otome players in Japan hate strong heroines, because it seems foreign players are the opposite and dislike the doormat heroines. It’s either a case of values dissonance, or it’s because if you have strong heroines, you couldn’t have those BS rape routes that end with a love ending, and we know how important that is to otome fans *glares at every single 18+ otome game*

  4. I WAS THINKING THAT TOO – WHY CANT WE GET WITH THE WHITE HAIRED GUY ( ಠ益ಠ ) lmfao. lol yea what you just said is the reason I am staying away from R-18 games now ^^;

  5. Aww there’s only two routes?? I was thinking there would at least be three lol and maybe even a fourth like KE did with the girlxgirl route in an otome game… Why doesn’t this author write more otome games!!?? ;_; I was pretty turned off from this game ’cause of the artwork, but now that I’ve read this review…. I want to go and get it now!! Plot>artwork, forever lol xD I like this heroine, she’s so badass lol

  6. Yeaa seriously I recommend it. I was ehh about the artwork too but the story & romance scenes were so cute and the heroine was a lot of fun! It really is a pity there aren’t more games like this :/

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