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Otome Game Review: PANDORA ~Kimi no Namae wo Boku wa Shiru~

Our heroine Isora Kanna attends class with her 2 friends Kazuto & Yuuki and after school suddenly their school gets bombed. They run into the school building when some dude comes and tells Kanna that she must come with him and then she passes out. When she wakes up she finds herself in some military base and some ossan named Maximillian tells her that she’s in some other country now because THE WORLD’S AT WAR with suicide bombers running left & right. The totalitarian army is fighting the freedom army and Sujiku, Kanna’s home town is somehow caught in between. On top of this, Kanna’s parents hid the on-switch for a weapon of mass destruction in Kanna’s genes! She’s now their ultimate weapon girl whether she likes it or not, but at least she has hot army dudes protecting her.

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Otome Game Review: Hush-a-Bye, Baby

Sorry game’s too old to have an opening movie xD

Nakai Kihiro is an idol but she sucks at acting and has a very strong willed personality to the point that she’s seen as a bitch by others. One day a soul reaper named Mori comes to her telling her that she should have died 4 years ago in an accident. The reason she’s still alive is because Mori overslept for work a few minutes but on earth 4 years had passed. Mori tells her that she’ll send her to the past to get hit by a car and then she will take Kihiro’s soul. Kihiro refuses to go back to the past or to die period, so Mori then makes a deal with her that she can live as long as she can snag a bishie in 7 days. This seems like a simple task, but not for our heroine Kihiro who despises the idea of falling in love, thanks to her catching her ex-bf fucking some other whore. After catching them in the act she ran out of the school and this is when she got hit by a car. So for the next 7 days Kihiro decides to try being a dormat otome game heroine in order to change her fate.
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