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Otome Game Review: Hush-a-Bye, Baby

Sorry game’s too old to have an opening movie xD

Nakai Kihiro is an idol but she sucks at acting and has a very strong willed personality to the point that she’s seen as a bitch by others. One day a soul reaper named Mori comes to her telling her that she should have died 4 years ago in an accident. The reason she’s still alive is because Mori overslept for work a few minutes but on earth 4 years had passed. Mori tells her that she’ll send her to the past to get hit by a car and then she will take Kihiro’s soul. Kihiro refuses to go back to the past or to die period, so Mori then makes a deal with her that she can live as long as she can snag a bishie in 7 days. This seems like a simple task, but not for our heroine Kihiro who despises the idea of falling in love, thanks to her catching her ex-bf fucking some other whore. After catching them in the act she ran out of the school and this is when she got hit by a car. So for the next 7 days Kihiro decides to try being a dormat otome game heroine in order to change her fate.
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