Otome Game Review: Starry Sky ~After Autumn~

And so we have the Autumn fan disk. The game features “Another Story” for each teacher which basically starts off 5 years after the bad ends of the first game. The “After Story” then starts off from the “good ends” of the game and goes on until past Tsukiko graduating from college and marrying the guy. In addition, there’s a common route which has 5 different endings for the 5 skittles, that were introduced in the PSP game. Skip to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers as usual..

Mizushima Iku – I wanted to get the one character in Starry Sky that I hate the most out of the way first! In Another Story for Iku, Tsukiko comes back to Seigetsu Gakuen with some of her old classmates as student teachers. Of course Tsukiko ends up co-teaching with Iku while the other 2 go with Naoshi. I thought they’d be like…dating still but apparently not lol. So then they both proceed to wangst because they both like each other but think that the other likes someone else 😆 So then during the school festival Tsukiko’s all jelly of Iku and the female guests and then the Spring guys show up (lol wut) and Iku gets jealous of them sigh lol. Iku decides to take some action (finally) and takes Tsukiko to the star road (part deux) with him. Next everyone goes to the school trip and Tsukiko gets sick AGAIN (damn ho you should stay home not come along and make everyone else sick ww.) So then the 2 of them go out together during the “free day” and they go to the cosmos flower field where they both whine and regret the past. If during this event you hesitate to go there, you get Iku’s bad end where after Tsukiko confesses to him, he’s like “whatever you’ll just run away from me anyway peace out ho”. ( ´_ゝ`) If you go back & pick that the cosmos place was “very important”, then you get Iku’s good end, where he finally shows his true colors ww. When Tsukiko tells him to stop emoing and being an asshat to himself and others, he suddenly bursts out with “I LOVE YOU!” Guess he likes it rough after all and then they furiously make out on the rooftop lol.

They end up dating in the ending. In Iku’s after story, the route begins with them going on a Christmas date and Tsukiko still being in high school. Some months later, in spring, Tsukiko takes Iku to her hometown and they run into Yoh who just fucking refuses to give up on her. I mean DUDE MAN YOUR ROUTE WAS like 2 GAMES AGO. GET OVER IT ww. So because of this Iku & Tsukiko begin to grow apart cause they both end up holding their feelings back (again sigh.) So then on their date fucking YOH calls again and Iku gets pissed that he keeps cockblocking so he’s like “screw this shit I’m going home”. So then Tsukiko gets what’s coming to her and is hit by a car 😆 When she gains consciousness, everyone is there but Iku and then Kotarou gives her a note from Iku which basically tells her that she’s better off without him, and that they should break up. Kotarou then tells Tsukiko that apparently Iku has a midlife crisis every time it gets close to his birthday which is why he suddenly went back to being an whiny bitch. So then fucking YOH comes to Iku telling him to stop moping and to not make Tsukiko upset sighhhh. So then after Tsukiko gets released from the hospital, she runs to Iku’s house and refuses to break up with him despite him telling her to leave. So of course the course of events leads him to pushing her down on the couch ready to raep like Iku expectedly would! But Tsukiko’s experienced now and can see through his fake wannabe bed intruder act so she hugs him and is like “I know you were lonely, let’s make love not war baby.” As usual Iku then gives in and starts bawwing about how lonely he has been. Lol she’s got him figured out so well. So then for his birthday, he puts aside his midlife crisis so he can hump Tsukiko instead \( ^o^)/

So then when Tsukiko graduates & goes to college Iku’s like “I’m not holding back anymore if you know what I mean rowr”. He then decides to stay at her college apartment for the night of his birthday and by now he’s less angsty about celebrating it. So for his ultimate birthday present he of course takes Tsukiko’s virginity lol….AND OH MY GOD THAT↑ KISS CG (*ノノ)イヤン Holy shit Starry Sky going to be R-18 soon? 😯 Anyway in March they go to the boardwalk near the beach and for some reason it starts snowing…so Iku asks her to marry him, and then chomps on her nose er I mean kisses her. In the first ending, Iku and Tsukiko move in together and hump after Naoshi & Kotarou visit them. In the 2nd ending Iku & Tsukiko move in as usual and decide to get married in 6 months. They then go visit Yui’s grave to inform her that they’re getting married and the 2 of them break down in tears, with Iku babbling about them being reborn and meeting again some day etc blah. In Iku’s true end they hump and then get married in some foreign country, while Tsukiko wears some grandma wedding dress 😆 In Iku’s extra story, they’re like prolly in their 30s or something and been married for a few years and Iku asks Tsukiko to make him a bentou. But then oh noes drama ensues when Naoshi eats some of the bentou she made for Iku and she gets SOOO UPSET about it and stops talking to him. Lol give me a break 🙄 It was so obvious they were just completely out of ideas and I was reminded of how pointless Azusa’s route was in After Summer. Like yea maybe I should be sad that Iku & Tsukiko cry at Yui’s grave but they didnt’ seem to really give a shit about it before and suddenly you expect me to care? The worst part of Iku’s route of course was THAT NECK. OH MY GOD THAT NECK. After I saw it once I could not unsee and I pretty much spent the rest of the route laughing to tears until I’d (*´д`*)ハァハァ once in a while during Iku’s kiss CG lol. Oh well I didn’t expect too much from Iku but that extra story was just extra painful to sit through.

Hoshizuki Kotarou – In Kotarou’s another story it’s like with Iku, Tsukiko comes to be a student teacher but for some reason she still works alongside with Iku >_>. And just like in Iku’s route she wangsts about how she still loves Kotarou etc. After the school festival Tsukiko asks Kotaro to go to the Star Road with her even though his reaction is like ( ´_ゝ`)ok. She tells him that she likes him, but only as a “teacher” and then she gives him a birthday present which he refuses sigh. He then accepts her scarf (like he needs more scarves) and then during the school trip she gets sick as usual and spends the entire free day being pampered by him. I mean I know he’s a nurse, and nursing is his thing, but really can’t you think of better plot devices than having Tsukiko also be a bear? She then ends up babbling and confessing how much she still loves him, and he crushes her flag with his “I love you as a former student!” ww So then she attempts to confess to him on her last 3 days of being a student teacher and he whines about how he’s not fit to love someone OH MY GOD WHY AM I HAVING FLASHBACKS (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ So then on her last day, she finds Kotarou sitting outside the school gates angsting so she hugs him from behind saying she’ll never give up and he starts crying and admits that he likes her too. Lol whatever. 🙄 They go on a date together and Kotarou picks her up in his hot ride with his pimp suit so needless to say Tsukiko finds herself making out with him in the car some moments later.

She gets home late and runs into a very worried mama Suzuya and then she’s like “oh shit I hope he didn’t see me coming from da pimp car” ww. The next day in school she trips like a fool right into Suzuya’s arms and Kotarou sees it and gets all jelly. Things get worse when Tsukiko’s classmates start jokingly saying that Tsukiko and Suzuya look like they’re dating and Kotarou gets pissed and is all like “who knows maybe they ARE”. Tsukiko gets pissed off and tells Suzuya to f off and that she’s going home by herself. One day Suzuya asks her privately “are you going out with Kotarou? Don’t lie I can tell lol.” Tsukiko’s like oh shit “yea I am” and Suzuya promises not to tell anybody. He then goes to Kotarou and bitches at him for ignoring Tsukiko and saying that if he won’t take her feelings seriously to break up with her (so Suzuya can be an obvious rebound ww). Needless to say, that the next night Suzuya confesses to Tsukiko and says he knows everything about her and it’s just weird that the 2 of them aren’t going out. NOO SUZUYA NOO DON’T BREAK MY HEART NOOO oh my god why u do dis honeybee. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Tsukiko starts bawwing and saying that she cares for Suzuya as a childhood friend but as a lover she wants Kotarou. AND JUST AS EXPECTED while Suzuya is hugging Tsukiko Kotarou walks in on them and gets upset and walks away lol. Oh my god drama 😆 Suzuya yells at Tsukiko to run after him, and when she catches up to Kotarou of course he has the completely wrong idea /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

So then they go to the principal’s office and make out and every misunderstanding is resolved. Tsukiko then asks Kotarou to screw her once she graduates (*ノノ)イヤン They go to the shrine together for New Years and then Kotarou’s sister has some tea with her and is like “so how far did you two go :333” On her graduation day Tsukiko gets randy and asks Kotarou to take her virginity…but instead she takes him to meet her parents where he asks permission to date her. Kotarou’s birthday is coming up again and Tsukiko asks Suzuya to teach her how to cook so she can make something. So of COURSE Kotarou sees her with Suzuya at college and gets all jealous and misunderstandy again sighhhh. ( ´_ゝ`) Fortunately this is cleared up when he comes over her place and she presents him his birthday dinner that she made thanks to Suzuya teaching her how. This all ends happily when Tsukiko’s like “my other present to you…is ME! TAKE ME NOW! *jumps up on dat…” *ahem. 😆 You guys think I’m joking, but that’s what it took before Kotarou took her seriously and then they humped so hard Kotarou was crying lol wut. And so 2 years pass, and Tsukiko decides to become a teacher so she does student teaching. Then they get into some stupid argument about how she doesn’t just want to be a good WIFE she wants to be Kotarou’s WIFE 🙄 and Kotarou says they should live together and they kiss and make up oh my god I wish I cared.

So then Kotaro & Tsukiko move in together and everyone & their grandma childhood friend helps them move, even freaking Yoh. Go away Yoh. So anyway in ending 1, she gets into ANOTHER STUPID ARGUMENT with Kotarou about him saying that she’s fine without him, and she gets soo upset she runs away from home and JUST SO CONVENIENTLY SUZUYA CALLS HER TO COMFORT HER IN HIS ROOM. OH MY GOD DUDE ARE YOU LIKE STALKING HER FROM THE SHADOWS. WHY IS THIS SCENE EVEN HAPPENING (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ And of course they get over it and have makeup sex 🙄 In ending 2, he asks her to marry him by slipping engagement rings on both of their fingers while Tsukiko’s sleeping. She wakes up and bawws and then they make out with their morning breath (eww). In ending 3, before the ceremony, Kotaro rolls around on Tsukiko’s wedding dress outside in the grass and then she kisses his nose. (ಠ_ಠ)In the extra story Kotaro & Tsukiko are about to make out when Koharu comes from behind and then glomps Tsukiko instead. Then Kotaro says that he’s completely satisfied with Tsukiko’s small boobies. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Later on Koharu gets drunk with Tsukiko and says she wants Kotaro & Tsukiko to have babies. WHY COULDNT THE WHOLE ROUTE BE LIKE THIS (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Sigh this route was just so painful to sit through. At least Iku’s neck provided me with amusement but the only fun part about Kotarou was his sister Koharu and she was only around near the end meh. The fact that they needed to have Suzuya show up & cockblock & make Kotarou jealous 3 times is just pathetic. Poor Suzuya, he’s been reduced to a dramatic plot device. Meh I wasn’t expecting much from Kotarou’s route to be honest but I’m sad that it came out worse than I thought it would.

Haruki Naoshi – When I first saw the guide for Naoshi’s route and how short it was compared to Iku & Kotarou, my heart sank. Anyway in Another story this time Tsukiko ends up student teaching with Naoshi. She recalls how they had to break up because the school board found out about their relationship (yet this was so not a problem for the other two!) So then the skittle squad (lolol) all pretend to be busy with the festival cleanup so that they setup Naoshi & Tsukiko to meet there together. (*´ω`*) This of course goes just as keikaku and Naoshi asks Tsukiko to walk together with him. At the school field trip, instead of Tsukiko getting sick, she gets drunk with Naoshi & co. Later on she goes to that flower field and Naoshi finds her there and they make flower headbands together while blushing profusely. When Tsukiko attempts to tell Naoshi her feelings he stays silent and before he can answer she gets embarrassed and tells him to forget what she said before running off. On her last day of student teaching she talks to Naoshi on the rooftop and tells him that she still loves him and cannot give up on him. He then admits that he still loves her as well and wants to start over and date her once again. They both then cry and smooch on the rooftop. I did the bad end for Naoshi’s another story where basically he regrets not accepting Tsukiko’s feelings during the school trip and letting her go off on her last day of student teaching.

In Naoshi’s after story, he and Tsukiko continue their secret relationship and the 5 skittles all decide to plan Naoshi’s birthday party. Kanata gets all shocked when he hears them saying that Tsukiko likes Naoshi, and when the skittles suggest to put a huge bow on Tsukiko and have her go “I’m the present~!” he rages 😆 Anyway they end up throwing him a surprise party in the classroom, and later on Tsukiko & Naoshi go to watch the stars on the roof where Tsukiko says she might want to be a teacher in the future. The next day Kanata is like “do you like Naoshi” and Tsukiko’s like “!” and blushes and he’s like “but why! He’s a teacher!” Sigh not this shit again (ಠ_ಠ). And of course Naoshi gets all jealous of Kanata because he can be by her side normally but Naoshi’s a teacher blah blah blah. So then Kanata goes to talk to him telling him that as long as Naoshi’s feelings are true for Tsukiko, he will support them. The next few days everyone spends time studying for the teaching entrance exams, and then Naoshi tells Tsukiko that his friend Hiroki has finally woken up and wants to meet her. On her graduation day, Tsukiko & Naoshi make out in the classroom since she’s no longer his “student” and then the skittles all tease the 2 of them and congratulate their “getting together”…because they saw them making out ww. Then they all demand that Tsukiko & Naoshi kiss in front of them and so Naoshi kisses Tsukiko on the cheek. 😆 Some months later, Naoshi helps Tsukiko move into her new college dorm, and then she joins the archery club, meets Makoto, and hangs out with Suzuya & the Skittles. When she and Naoshi go on a date the following weekend he admits that he’s jealous that she has a man harem at college and she says that he has no need to be because he’s the only apple of her eyes!

So then Tsukiko’s all sad because he has to go back on the bus and she totally wants to hit dat but Naoshi has to be all proper & shit, saying her parents will worry. Tsukiko’s all bummed out the next day so the skittles take a stupid photo of her and send it to Naoshi ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ So then due to them both being busy, they keep missing each other cause they’re so busy so Tsukiko gets all mopey and has to get Makoto to tell her to “call your boyfriend ho”. By the time Tsukiko decides to call him, he’s already at her door and she starts bawwing. He stays and cooks her dinner and says he wants her to meet Hiroki. Tsukiko asks him to stay over but he’s like “NOOO I MUSTN’T!” Seriously dude why you keep cockblocking yourself? ( ´_ゝ`) The following weekend Tsukiko goes to visit Naoshi’s house and then runs into his younger brother Naotarou…who keeps making fun of Naoshi’s height XD. Then they go visit Hiroki, and he tells Tsukiko all about his past with Naoshi and how Tsukiko is his first girlfriend (lol how sad.) Afterwards Tsukiko comes back to Naoshi’s house and they have nabe with Naotarou, where Naoshi gets drunk as usual while babbling about how he will introduce Tsukiko to their parents. Naoshi passes out & falls asleep so Naotarou tells Tsukiko to spend the night since who knows when Naoshi will wake up. He then leaves saying he’s going to a friend’s house so that he doesn’t cockblock them 😆 When Naoshi wakes up he reluctantly lets Tsukiko stay over but doens’t lay a finger on her until she grabs him and is like DO IT NOW DAMNIT so he finally humps her \( ^o^)/

After they finish Naotarou sends Naoshi an email saying “best wishes ♡” XD Just then Tsukiko rolls over and she’s like all naked and grabs Naoshi in her sleep almost giving him a heart attack ww ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ In ending 1, Naoshi asks if she will move in with him once she graduates and gets her teaching license and they make a pinky promise to do their best. In ending 2, Tsukiko does her teaching internship and she gets home bummed out that she messed up so Naoshi makes her feel better with hugs & kisses lol. In ending 3, they get married traditional Japanese style. MEH. SERIOUSLY EVEN HOMARE GOT A WESTERN WEDDING DRESS what the hell is this shit. I can’t stand traditional wedding attire because the girl always starts to look like some old hag =_=. Just before they kiss, the Skittles show up & cockblock them and then give Naoshi some children’s candy ww. In Naoshi’s extra story, Tsukiko & Naoshi have 2 kids, a shota who looks like him and a loli who look like her. Their names are Naomi and Naoki ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ . They make plans to go to the amusement park but it rains the next day so the loli & shota are all upset. So then Naotarou shows up with some childrens clothing that he designed for the kids. He then plays with the kids while Naoshi and Tsukiko smooch in the living room. Naomi tells Naoki to find his own waifu and not get in the way of mommy & daddy’s raburabu. Naotarou then leaves to go get raburabu with his own wife while the kids fall asleep with Naoshi on the floor 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌  Daww Naoshi’s route was the best. Seriously it’s the only route I enjoyed. It wasn’t too long and full of angsty filler but everything was to the point and the skittles, Naoshi’s bro & their kids were just so darling (*´ω`*). It’s really a pity the rest of the game was such a drag but at least this was the one saving grace. To get Naoshi’s missing 3rd CG in his gallery you HAVE to do his bad end in After Story meh. In this ending he basically breaks up with her when she graduates and the CG is Naoshi visiting Hiroki in the hospital. So depressing. You just couldn’t let me have 1 enjoyable route without going through some wangst could you Honeybee ヽ(`Д´#)ノ.

The 5 Skittles – The general route basically has the 5 multi-colored hair guys doing stuff with Tsukiko as a group. They pull pranks on Naoshi, study together, watch the stars together, and then finally the route ends with them all graduating and bawwing. Also Makoto wanted to hit dat sheit when he met Koharu 😆 The route then goes on further into their college life as well. In college there’s a huge event where they try to give Makoto (pinky) love advice to get him to stop wangsting and be a man and confess his feelings. Too bad he gets rejected and then the credits roll. Wut. (ಠ_ಠ)In the end they all go to an izakaya & get drunk and ultimately Tsukiko’s fate is decided by who she drinks with lol. I did Takuya’s (blondie) ending first, in which he says he likes Tsukiko and starts a “bet” on whether he can make her fall in love with him. In Kensuke’s end (orange), he confesses to her after walking her home and Tsukiko’s like “I’ll answer you when I gather my feelings~!” god whatever ho. 🙄 In Kouji’s ending (blue), he’s all tsundere with his “if you want you can go out with me you know!” ww I had no idea he was a tsundere! What a pity he got barely any scenes in the game. In Makoto’s, he asks her a million question on what her type is, and somehow starts to think that her type is her father (ew?!?) so then he says he likes her but Tsukiko admits that she never saw him as a man or as boyfriend material. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。 She says that she wants to get to know him better before they start dating lol. In Morio’s ending (green), he says he will do his best in his judo competition and if he wins he will confess to Tsukiko. How disappointing! I was hoping the 5guys would all have a cute lovelove CG but no they only got chibi CGs to go with the general route. (´・ω・`) I think I liked Takuya & Makoto the most but that’s because they actually had memorable scenes in my mind.

SIGGGHHH this game was just mentally frustrating. Everything was just drowning in wangst and even when Naoshi’s route was happy and wonderful, they still made me drown in wangst because I had to play his bad end to get a missing CG (ಠ_ಠ). The common route with the 5 guys was so pointless for me because I was a PC game player and so I didn’t get familiar with the guys until now. Sadly they didn’t do much to get me to care since most of their scenes were all for 1 and 1 for all like the 5 musketeers. Iku’s route had nothing redeeming (except his porn kiss CG) but at least Kotarou had his sister and Naoshi had his brother to entertain me. Bringing back the spring guys to NTR was the worst thing they could do. It’s like they figured “well the spring guys were lame, and the teachers plot is lame…let’s combine them for some excitement!” No, stop it. Thanks to this I now think of Suzuya as a yandere stalker, I hate Yoh more, and the respect I had for Kanata from After Spring was just thrown out the window.  Most of the game just felt like it dragged on and they were pulling plot lines out of their butt (lol Tsukiko getting mad over some fucking bentou.) It’s just so amazing how much better After Summer was and how much worse this game is in comparison. I guess because most of the “drama” from the original game was pretty much resolved, they out of ideas like they were with After Spring. Naoshi’s route is the only worthwhile thing in the game to be honest. I mean I didn’t expect much out of Iku, but Kotarou’s route just irritated me. Maybe the entire point of the game was to be wangsty? Did it say somewhere that it was going to be wangsty? I must have not gotten the memo. ( ´_ゝ`)


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  1. Those images of Iku’s neck…have forever traumatized me (and inspired many horrible things). LOL. I think this season is the only one I’ll be skipping when I decide to play the games.

  2. I started playing his Another Story route and immediately started tearing up. But everything after that is all fluffy & cute & adorkable so … get his bad end out of the way so I can be completely overjoyed with his good ends. XD

  3. I am going into this game even before reading this review full well aware of how cockful of wangst this game is. I’m probably just an emotional masochist >>;; but your review raeg made me lol. I look forward to all the wangsting~ and Naoshi’s end CG is just >///< so adorable ❤

  4. sorry I haven’t played this game in almost half a year so I don’t remember anything. try checking one of the links under my otome game guides section to see if they have a walk through!

  5. Hello. Regarding Kotarou’s Route. I’m currently on After Story right now. I checked the memorial page only to find that Episode 4 is missing. Do you know how to get Episode 4? ^^b

  6. Well since a lot of the dialogue is spoken I think knowing vocabulary is more important than kanji. My kanji knowledge is pretty halfass so I can’t give any advice for you in that field sorry x-(

  7. Hey there! Just one question about all the Starry Sky games. How much Kanji would you need to learn to be able to play and understand everything? Like, would you need to memorize over 2,000 like you would to be able to read an average Japanese newspaper?

  8. yes those are the games they just happen to come with a drama CD which is where your confusion probably was. After Autumn is so bad though I don’t think I recommend it at all xDDD The summer disk btw is After Summer which is the fandisk to Starry Sky in Summer so I’m not sure if you’re looking to buy that or the original so I figured I’d give you a heads up.

  9. glad that Naoshi’s route is good at the very least. i don’t care much for Aozora’s route in winter but they had better not give some crap story for Kazuki and Tsubasa!!! the Hiroki hospital scene was just torture

  10. kuma> otome.girly.jp should have all of them

    Emma> well Hakuoki got licensed so that should be in English soon lol. I know the feeling, forced myself to learn Japanese cause I wanted to understand as well xD glad you like the reviews! 🙂

  11. I love reading your reviews. You’re my fucking hero. Whenever an english patch (or I magically learn the Japanese language) comes out for the other games (outside of Spring). Imma play them. Hard. :DDD

  12. LOVE your reviews ^w^ got interested in playing Starry Sky because of them. But srsly, I’ve been looking all over for a guide for the ‘after’ games, where did you find yours? D;

  13. haha that’s interesting. I know Suzuya was in Kotaro’s route but the way they made him all stalkery just ruined it for me @_@

  14. Lols Naoshi-sensei’s loli is my japanese name xD

    Kotanii’s route is my fav though. Cuz Suzuya is thr :)(eventhough he is a stalker but he cried!!xD)
    If saying about the story, i like Naoshi-sensei’s route the most. So sweet when he and his kids was sleeping.
    Iku’s neck!!!xDDDDDD
    Epic xD

  15. Oh wowww could NOT stop laughing at that neck like wowwwwww that’s epic man. I think that’s something they should do to all the sucky chars. Make them have some amazing physical attribute that you can just focus on throughout the whole route as a distraction.

    Whaaat I was totally looking forward to Kotarou’s route… T-T He was so awesome. =/

  16. FlyingOnigiri> Congrats you’re the 5001st commenter. XD Yea the Iku neck is probably the most memorable thing about After Autumn

    Mimichii> Skittles route was soo boring honestly I don’t even know what happened after I sat there for 4 hours lol. Naoshi’s route was really the only worthwhile one. It’s so strange I never really disliked Kotarou but this game definitely made me dislike him :s

    Rina> They included bad ends for everyone but as if I’m gonna sit through even MORE angst with Iku and Kotarou 🙄 I think some fandisks have bad/normal ends but the angst level here is just unbearable lol

  17. Didn’t have any expectations on this game in the first place actually. After Summer set the hurdle way up high! Will still play this nevertheless though, lol.

    Didn’t care much for Naoshi in in Autumn, but he seems so dear here! And I’m a big sucker for baby/family endings so… yeah (≧ω≦) Will probably just use the skip function to go through Naoshi’s bad end to get the CG. Why bother including a bad end anyway? This is a fan disk for heaven’s sake (¬_¬)

  18. Ok, so I was extremely disappointed with reading Kotarou’s path because his In Autumn path was really good… and with Iku all that emo crap I was totally expecting XD and his neck @_@ Oh god, his neck lawl that picture of his neck and the sky…. oh god XD

    I am actually kind of ok with Iku and Kotarou’s routes being crap, because really all I wanted to play was Naoshi’s route XD (I’m a Leo, I’m biased :P) and if his had been crappy I would have cried and then rage quit lol

    I’m pretty disappointed with those 5 skittles too…I was hoping it would be like After Summer where they get their own routes and CGs…. 😦 Oh well lol guess Naoshi’s route and the skittles routes will be the only ones I play lol I hope After Winter will be better!!

  19. OMFG. That picture of Iku’s neck (and I don’t mean the original one…LOL) made me LOL way too hard than I wanted. XD Thanks for reviewing the game! I’ve been lurking for quite a while, so this is my first time commenting on your blog. Haha.

  20. I was thinking of doing that, and I probably will. That way, I’ll feel 2x more happy when I play his ラヴラヴ routes. ァィ━━(つ∀`*)━━シテルッ!!

  21. Lol maybe if you play Naoshi’s bad end first to get it out of the way, it won’t leave such a bad aftertaste it like it did for me (´・ω・`;A)

    ——–After reading—–
    ; w; I hope something good happens in After winter~ Buuu– I still don't wanna play Naoshi's bad end. -dies- I'll do it anyway, for the extra CG. WHY HONEYBEE? WHY?! The only Character I look forward to playing. //shot Honeybee loves seeing us in pain. OTL;; Fff– Ahem, and that neck thing, I will never get over it. =w=; It's gonna entertain me while playing Iku's route at least. xDD

  23. …You had your hopes up, EVEN when the first shots of the op are like ”How can I come to believe in you/Is a person like me allowed to love somebosy/etc”? I appreciated the Spring having actual appearances, as random NTR as they where, since like that it’d didn’t feel like the trio was a case of Tsuiko’s imaginary friends and Kanata wasn’t that bad after the initial ”You are the what now!?”

    Well at least they even stayed true to the wangst by even having the credits song be about someone ‘angsting to the blue moon’ 😆

  24. Fumiko> I Hope after Winter is better…better than this ugh.

    domshiki> Naoshi was totally okay until they forced me to play his bad end (obvious wangst) to get his missing CG of him visiting his friend in the hospital. I guess if you don’t care about that, then his route is a-ok. But yea Iku’s tampon somehow got transfered to KOtarou this time 😆

    Hazuki> I Love Naomi she is so cute x3333 I was sad about the skittles too. They gave them such a LONG common route….would been better if they used that time more efficiently to be honest =_=

    Rin> Lmfao yea umm….I recommend Naoshi. That’s about it. Otherwise it’s 14 hours of wangst.

    Koori> I had my hopes up! Cause after summer was so great!XD The NTR from the spring guys was totally unnecessary >_>

    Luna> I think she was okay in After Summer but here she feels like a blob of gel that just floats in a sea of wangst. Each route took me 7 hours so be prepared 😆

  25. Wow, you’re fast. xD
    I started to play it yesterday and the first Episode I played was “After Autumn”. (Because I had a feeling that no matter which Another/After Story of the guys I play, it will be full of all that emoing I already loathed in the maindisc.) But I couldn’t sit through it until the end and had to take a break as Tsukiko started college, because the whole story seems so boring and pointless to me. I don’t care much fore the 5 dudes either. xD Since they messed up with After Spring why couldn’t they just give those guys at least a decent ending in After Autumn? xx It sucks, since Suzuya is one of my favorite guys. (Well, but more for his personality than his storylines. xD)

    I’m not even finished with one After Story and I’m already fed up with Tsukiko. x_x Seriously, can’t they give her at least some talents and a backbone? In the beginning of the Series I actually liked her, but now she just gets on my nerves. @_@
    Contra-Tsukiko: doormat, damsel in distress, crybaby, workaholic,
    Weakened Immune System (She get’s a fever by standing in the rain? xD), low intelligence, can’t cook (She can’t even shape a Onigiri nicely…), can’t knit, and so on..
    Pro-Tsukiko: attracts men like bees to honey, enough said.. xD

    Well, I’m going to finish the Episode “After Autumn” now, or more precisely I’ll try to finish it now. xD

  26. Well, I guess the intro was kind of the warning for wangst…? It did have the three main wangsts listed there lol

    Though seriously, the after games feel like such a rehash of the originals so Spring – All about Tsukiko, no plot. Summer – shunen bondind about archery!…and ok fluff. Autumn – Wangsty overgrown manchildren, add the Spring guys actually appearing instead of characters ie Tsukiko going ”And then my childhood friend x did this/made x expression”

  27. LOL sigh not again. As if After Spring wasn’t bad enough. Suddenly my motivation to play After Autumn has just flown out the window. This is just like Suzuya / Yoh’s After Spring route + wangst + extra crap to make you rage lol. Iku makes me lol so hard thanks to the giraffe god pic you made, but heck Koutarou’s route sounds like a very painful experience. (/;◇;)/ヤメテー

    …I’m starting to lose whatever hope I have left for honeybee lol.

  28. Man…I’m so disappointed that the Skittle/Rainbow group didn’t have their own routes like the Baka Trio in After Summer! *sigh* Really so far…it’s looks like After Summer is the best of the “fan disks” LOL
    Naoshi and Tsukiko’s kids are adorable…and want Naomi said LOL girls really do mature faster than boys XD

  29. oh LOL i was actually hoping this wud be half decent and that it’d patch up iku the wangsty period blood tampon xD but srsly even naoshi’s route was wangsty? fuck dat shiet.

    guess i was asking for too much of honeybee. awesome review, made me lmfao as usual xD

  30. the review is full of rage >.< but i do get y its like that, the game was very lacking and repeat of storyline was getting even me bored
    anyways, theres still After Winter so dont give up yet ^^ cant wait to watch ur next broadcast

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