Otome Game Review: MIYAKO ~Tsukiyomi no Yume~

So a while back when I finished DCGS I was so pumped to hear Sanctuary had a new game coming out and then my hopes were crushed so hard when I found out it was to be a PSP only port! Fortunately they decided to be awesome and some years later they released it a PC port with an extra route! Best port ever! (´^ω^`) So our story starts when a girl finds herself summoned by an Onmiyouji who claims that she is his shikigami “created” to do his bidding. The girl has no recollection of who she is but she feels like she was a human and her name is Sayuki. Sadly her new master, Abeno Seimei, is pretty demanding and tells her that if she doesn’t accept her fate as a shikigami, she will disappear.  Seimei then brings her to Izumi at the capital to work, to do things like console quarraling married couples or deliver love letters. Unfortunately some of the jobs she has to do also require her to fight demons. Will she be able to get used to her new life as Shikigami #3? Skip to my final thoughts to avoid spoilers.

Abe(no) Seimei – Seimei is a pretty demanding sadistic bastard. He threatens to abandon Sayuki if she doesn’t do as he says and he forces her to do a million chores like his own personal maid lol.On top of all of this, every night Sayuki has dreams of someone asking her “save” somebody. During one of the missions, Sayuki gets posessed by souls of women who were thrown away by their lovers and so they seek revenge on men..manipulating Sayuki’s body to strangle Seimei. She overcomes them and begs Semei to “live on” and he then uses a spell to help release her of the spirits. The spirits of the women then thank Sayuki. The following day Sayuki apologizes for grabbing him all over like that but then they both admit that they weren’t exactly unhappy with that predicament |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ When she hurts her leg by tripping & falling down, he actually lifts her up & carries her home despite grumbling that she’s heavy 😆 From here he basically starts getting all dere and even jealous when Sayuki spends more time with Izumi. At one point, Seimei asks her to perform a difficult ceremony to split the magadama inside of him, and for her to receive half of it, while he’d contain the other half. Obviously Sayuki wants to forever be by his side because she realizes what a sad & lonely guy he is so she agrees. During the ceremony, she is able to see into his heart where she finds out that he’s the son of a fox demon named Kuzunoha – and also the woman that Sayuki met in the forest and in her dreams. She asks Sayuki to take care of her son in her place and so Sayuki returns back to reality where Seimei tells her the ceremony succeeded.

When they go battling against the maou, to fully defeat it, Seimei relies on the ceremony he performed with Sayuki and then he turns into his fox demon form. After they defeat the demon lord, everyone’s like “why the hell didn’t you tell us or ever used that form before?” Seimei looked at Sayuki saying that “he found something to protect” イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! When he tries to go battling on his own leaving everyone behind, Sayuki follows him and shoves it in his face that she’s not letting him be alone just because he’s a fox demon. Seimei gets all dere and gives in (´^ω^`). Sadly the bad guy shows up and kidnaps Sayuki, but since Seimei’s a fox demon and he didn’t die from all those attacks, he comes to save her. Douman and Seimei then both admit to the fact that Sayuki is not an ordinary Shikigami and then she finds out the magadama inside of her will go out of control if not destroyed. Douman tries to kill her but of course Seimei saves her again saying that she doesn’t need to give up her life for the magadama – and that he will control it with all his might if it goes out of control. So then Douman’s not through with them yet and their battle continues until Seimei opens up a can of whoopass and summons a Suzaku to defeat him. After Douman’s sent through the doors of hell, Sayuki bawws in Seimei’s arms and he finally decides to tell her what the deal is. He explains that his father, who was a human, decided to derail into a path of wrongdoing (due to a curse or such) and so Seimei was forced to turn into a fox to stop him. Sadly he couldn’t control his fox powers fully at the time, and he killed his mother by accident (which is that image of a fox biting into the shoulder of his mother that Sayuki saw during the ceremony.)

The jewel that he used to transform was also given to him by his mother. After this incident, Seimei went around looking for whoever turned his father evil, and he ended up at the capital (Miyako) only to find out it was Douman. The reason he did this apparently is because Seimei’s father had the sacred sword which was needed to perform that ceremony Douman was trying to do earlier. Since his mother had the jewel (magadama) and father had the weapon it would be the perfect combo. Seimei then created Sayuki out of his own blood so that he could split up the magadama at anytime in case Douman attacked them again. Seimei then smiled and told Sayuki that she’s like a “person” and not just something created to “protect the magadama”. He also warns her that he hasn’t fully gained control of his fox powers and that they may go out of control again, which is why up to now he’s never had anyone close  to him. Sayuki says she will always be by his side, not as a magadama container but because she loves him. Sadly before she can confess and before they start making out, they’re cockblocked once again when the doors start opening and some hairy demon ossan comes out, followed by a not so happy Douman lol. The red moon is gone though, so now he can no longer do the ceremony. Sorry tough luck, see you in 600 years 😆 Out of rage Douman decides he will destroy the capital. So then battle ensues and somewhere in between that Douman makes a yo’ mamma joke (kidding) which pisses Seimei to the point that he goes berserk and turns into fox demon form and falls through the doors to hell.

With the help of Suzaku, Sayuki tries to chase him down but he’s so out of it he bites her in the same fashion he bit his mother. Fortunately Sayuki can take it like a man and she’s like “it’s gonna be awwwright” and he turns back to human form. He babbles about how he’s a useless weak bum who just hurts the ones he loves, and Sayuki shuts him up with a kiss ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He then later kisses her again stating that hers didn’t count and how dare she kiss him before he kisses her! xDDD When they finish their ichaicha, Seimei’s ready to kick some Douman ass (and save the capital) and they make it out of that door. Seimei fights in his fox form that he can now control, & defeats Douman who then gets taken back to hell by the demon lord. So then Seimei does a special dance that clears all the fires and purifies the demon lord….who then turns out to be his father! LOL who woulda thought XD. The father asks Sayuki to take care of his son and he disappears. When they return they’re flooded with questions on what happened and not to soon after Seimei goes out on his next mission leaving Sayuki and the other 2 behind. Sayuki rages that her master is an ass and suddenly he’s like “who’s an ass? >_>” and she’s like “wait I thought you left” so then he tells her he forgot something….and gives her a kiss キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:+;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━  He then goes off on his journey while Sayuki is in lala land awaiting his return as she cleans the house (´^ω^`). Daww at first Seimei kinda annoyed me being too S but he grew on me and actually really reminded me of Hijikata from Hakuoki lol. The whole hannyou thing gave me major Inuyasha flashbacks though….didn’t help that Seimei’s BGM sounds like “End of Memory” as well 😆 He definitely has the main character thing going on so sometimes I think I shouldn’t have done his route first lol.

Miya Izumi – Sayuki does her work with Izumi in his route. Izumi is the prince of the capital and he has a body guard Raikou always by his side. He seems like a sweetheart until one day he tells Sayuki that falling in love is a waste of time because eventually one of the person’s feelings will fade and the love will end. When the princess tries to confess her feelings to Izumi, he tells her that it’s not love but just admiration. He says this because he knows that she’s to be a pure servant of god and cannot fall in love or marry. Despite this, later on he takes Sayuki on a date and walks through town with her holding hands (´^ω^`). The story basically is similar to Seimei’s route where the final battle begins with them fighting the demon lord. So then both Raikou & the sacred sword go MIA and everyone runs around looking for them. Izumi is so distraught without his manslave at his every whim that he doesn’t know what to do with himself and falls apart in front of Sayuki. Then a bunch of guys (or traps oh god Hino why..) come to kill Izumi because he’s apparently the inheritor of the sacred sword. So then some “shinigami” shows up and tries to kill Izumi and Izumi somehow shows up in a zombie like state and keeps babbling Sayuki’s name.Anyway needless to say Izumi gets sliced right accross the chest. Sayuki cries a river until Genshin’s like “lol okay enough trolling Izumi” 😆 and lo and behold Izumi comes out fine from behind the wall. He used a fake shikigami that Seimei created to fool the guys who came to kill him, which worked but sadly also fooled poor Sayuki XD. When Izumi looks at the cut on the fake body he freaks out saying only 1 person has that kind of sword technique.

Needless to say, based on the long brown hair strands in the shinigami stand-in pic I had a feeling as well…and it was confirmed as Izumi ran into the forest. The “shinigami” was indeed his former bodyguard Raikou. Izumi is so shocked & heartbroken that he can barely move as Raikou walks away into the forest admitting to have betrayed him. Izumi comes back to Sayuki’s place and spends the night there emoing not about the fact that Raikou betrayed him; but about the fact that he couldn’t stop him from doing so. He emos that Raikou was ready to do his “mission” but Izumi thought of their friendship above his duties and so he was unable to kill Raikou for being a traitor. The next day Sayuki goes to town to get some info on Raikou but instead she gets a bunch of paper cranes from all the townfolk with their feelings of thanks for Izumi. She goes over to him and he’s so depressed he’s sitting there with his head down digging himself further down. To get him to stop whining she gives him the pile of paper cranes everyone made, which finally works and he finally smiles. Izumi then uses his powers to manipulate the paper cranes to fly and find Raikou. So then Sayuki & Izumi find & rescue Raikou’s sister, and she explains that Raikou agreed to take the sacred weapon for the bad guys in order to save her life. So then Izumi goes to the forest & fights with Raikou and since Raikou loses he demands Izumi cut his head off as an appropriate punishment for betrayal. Instead however, Izumi just gives Raikou a haircut 😆

He demands that the “new” Raikou now only exist to protect the capital with him and to never throw away his life like that again. So then before a love triangle starts, Raikou runs off to stop cockblocking Izumi & Sayuki. Sayuki then realizes she loves Izumi but also knows that one day he will be the emperor and that the 2 of them will not be able to be together. So then Raikou, Izumi and Sayuki go to that place with the gate (see Seimei’s route) to try and get the sacred sword back and while in battle they get distracted and Hino Satoshi-trapkun comes over and takes Sayuki hostage. He then slices her and kicks her in the head but she tries telling Izumi that she’s okay and to continue the ceremony to protect the capital. Izumi gets sick of the trap-kun’s bullshit and he walks over and stabs him. In the epilogue, Sayuki is back cleaning up the house as usual while Seimei’s been mia somewhere. She knows that he’s okay because otherwise she’d be dead too since she can’t live unless he’s alive. The entire time she’s been thinking abuot Izumi who’s now become emperor and because of that she feels like they’re in different worlds and it’s been hard for her to see him. Due to this she’s pretty much avoided seeing him so she could get over her feelings until one day a guard from the royal castle shows up at her doorstep.

He demands that she come with him and he brings her to the place where she first met Izumi…before revealing himself as Izumi 😆 (*´ω`*) He’s extremely upset that his Shikigami-chan hasn’t come to see him and he misses his dear beloved Sayuki. Sayuki’s like “zomg no way he likes me too” and then she gives a long stream speech about how she’s a shikigami and he’s an emperor and they’re not meant to be etc etc and Izumi’s like “whatever I don’t give a crap can we make out now? P.S. I want to marry you and make you my queen” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  And so obviously not being able to turn down such an awesome opportunity, Sayuki gives in and confesses her feelings to Izumi and they smooch by the lake and live happily ever after. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ Man Namikawa you sure know how to use dat smooth voice. While I was getting Alicis vibes when Izumi became all emo, that was quickly dissolved in the epilogue rofl. See like in Alicis, once the character was ruined for me there was no going back but Izumi is just so adorable …oh my heart (*´д`*)ハァハァ The only thing is….oh my god poor Seimei? I mean I don’t even know when it happened but somewhere along the line he just…dropped off the face of the earth. Like he went on some mission and never came back and everyone was totally okay with this. I was like “wow really” when in the epilogue Sayuki was like “yea he’ll be back some day! Anyway Izumi, where arst thou!” Lol yea I realize they had to kinda get Seimei out of the way but I think it woulda been more fun with him in there being jealous or something lol. I guess they really wanted us to focus our attention on Izumi & Raikou instead oh well.

Minamoto Yorimitsu (Raikou)- Raikou is Izumi’s bodyguard and your typical blockheaded clueless samurai man. Even though it’s obvious to everyone that his younger sister’s friend has a crush on him he’s like wut? However he’s not completely dumb because anytime he gets compliments from Sayuki he blushes like a tomato 😆 Raikou’s story is pretty much identical to Izumi’s (to the point where I got annoyed that I had to hear the same dialogue but not skip unless I force skipped.) The different is after Raikou kills the fake Izumi, Sango goes after him alone. She finds him waiting at the spot where they saw the koi fish in the lake and talked about the hair pin for his sister. She’s like “if you’re a traitor then why were you waiting here”. Raikou of course is being trailed by a shikigami so he can’t say anything and instead he just says Sayuki’s name and gives her a hug before leaving. So then Sayuki decides to go look for Yoriko while Izumi goes to look for the sacred sword. She finds Yoriko being held captive by trap-kun and he almost kills Sayuki but just in the nick of time Raikou saves her! After he kicks trap-kun’s ass, Yoriko comes out going “I think trap-kun is a siscon cause he was like really nice to me!” 😆 So then when Izumi meets up with them he says he won’t kill Raikou since he had his reasons but you know mr. righteous samurai Raikou demands that he pay for his sins with death! So then Sayuki slaps dat mofo and tells him to stop being a foo’ and bawws that she doesn’t want him to die and it’s Izumi’s decision anyway.

Izumi then makes Raikou swear to be loyal to him from now on, and similarly to Izumi’s route, Raikou cuts off his own hair. So then the 3 of them go to get the sacred sword back as in Izumi’s route, but since trap-kun is dead fortunately there’s less Sayuki abuse. In the epilogue, since Seimei goes MIA again (geez lol), Sayuki ends up working with Yoriko at the royal palace for Izumi. So then Izumi jokes around saying that he found someone for Raikou to marry and Raikou’s like “I have someone I like” and when Izumi keeps insisting, Sayuki bursts out that she’s against it too because she likes Raikou /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Extremely embarrassed, Sayuki runs out but Raikou runs after her and then they both confess to each other and he kisses her to further prove that he loves her. He also then gives her a cherry blossom hairpin that he picked out on his own this time, and asks her to marry him. Meanwhile behind the wall are Izumi & Yoriko being like “yep, Izumi’s a pro wingman” 😆 Anyway well Raikou’s route was short since the entire story and most of the events pretty much ovelapped with Izumi’s. Obviously Raikou’s events were more favorable to him and Izumi was less emo this time around so I guess each route has their own positives. It’s just a shame that I had to sit through some of the exact dialogue scenes because they were considered “new” due to there being 1-2 new lines of dialogue. Raikou as a character I liked a lot though lol. He’s brickheaded but when he blushes it’s so adorable ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑  Also he looks so hot with his haircut. I wish that was his original character design lol. Why does it feel like Sakurai best voices these kinds of dudes? XD

Genshin – Genshin is a teacher for small children in the village. He’s like the older nice guy type, but because he’s voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko that adds like 20 years to his age and frankly I felt like I was doing some ossan route :(. In this route, the plot ends up being that the bad guys kidnap some of the kids that Genshin teaches. During battle with the burly guy, everyone finds out that Genshin can read people’s thoughts. All the parents of the captured kids are now shocked and feel betrayed by him. They yell at him and call him a monster and tell him to stay away from the children. After the bad guy leaves, Genshin and Sayuki leave the raging villagers and that night he tells her a story of his past. When he was younger, in his village someone was stealing food. He used his powers to find out who it is, and told the guy to stop it and that he wouldn’t tell anyone…cause all he wanted to do was make the village peaceful again. Sadly the guy was a dickface and told everyone about Genshin’s powers and then lied saying Genshin used the powers to “control” people to steal the food. The villagers then ganged up on the poor guy and kicked him out of the village. (´・ω・`;) So from that day on Genshin tried to live with his eyes closed as much as he could so that he wouldn’t use his powers. He came to this village and decided to be a teacher, and despite Izumi & Seimei knowing about his powers, they still accepted him. Sayuki tells him that he’s not a monster and that he’s a very nice guy but then she also finds out that he cannot read her thoughts, possibly because of the way Seimei created her. So then at this point Izumi informs us that #1 & #2 are mia, Seimei’s also MIA along with Raikou and the sacred sword. Guess they’re all doing their uh..route businesses? 😆 The next day Sayuki tries to comfort a sad Genshin and he tells her that he’s no longer needed in this village as the children now have a substitute teacher.He goes on to further say that once the sacred sword mission is over, he will leave the capital.

That evening before they go on their mission, Izumi informs Sayuki that the bad guys kidnapped the kids again and Genshin went after them. So then Izumi tells Sayuki to go to Genshin instead and Mr. Burly bad guy is there fighting him as usual. Then he reveals that his left eye has the same powers that Genshin has! Dun dun dun! It’s the battle of the mind readers! So then to protect him from Mr. Burly axe man, Sayuki jumped in the way and got hurt instead. Genshin bawwed that he only hurts those he loves until Sayuki tells him that his power is to save people and he shouldn’t turn away from it. Suddenly Sayuk’s magadama reacts and some lights that come out from her shoot into Genshin’s eyes, and not to soon after awakens his future seeing powers. Thanks to this he’s able to rescue Sayuki from a tree that falls on top of her. Anyway I kinda wasn’t paying too much attention cause Mr. Burly man just refused to die but eventually he admitted defeat and broke his revival curse (a curse where basically no matter how many times he dies, his body will revive.) He jumped off a cliff and his body turned to dust and got carried away by the wind. All the kids then run up to them saying that they’re not afraid of Genshin and that he saved them. When Genshin, the kids & Sayuki return to the village, all the adults are like “durr we realize you aren’t a scary evil man and we feel like asshats now”. Meanwhile Izumi & all the other chars in this game are fighting Douman, Genshin takes the opportunity to mack that shiat and makes out with Sayuki telling her that they should just stay put cause he can see the future and everything will be awwwright. And so in the epilogue Sayuki ends up assiting him as he continues his teaching. I really thought Genshin’s story was sweet but his hair and voice just ugh….it was very hard to like him aside from his story. In fact until his sad past came up could I barely pay attention to his route since the character itself just bored me. I don’t mind sweet gentle older guys…but please make them good looking! I realize he’s a priest and all but really you don’t have to go THAT far to make him look EXACTLY like one. Hell even Miroku from Inuyasha was at least good looking lol…

Shikigami Ichigou – Our #1 Shikigami-kun is the beloved tsundere. He’ll often be like “fun!” and “betsuni!” as he blushes furiously at the heroine. During one of the missions where they play with some shota, he even gets the “bump into heroine and land on top of her kissing her” scene |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ One day when he and Sayuki go out into the field together, he tells her that he feels some similarity to the place he was born in. When Sayuki inquires more about it, he says he doesn’t remember much but that until he met Seimei, he spent most of his time alone…and that’s why he has trouble expressing himself to others. Thanks to Seimei he learned to be able to interact with others better and so he decided to devote his life to him and become his shikigami. So then Seimei disappears again and news comes that he’s captured. All 3 shikigami go try to rescue him, if the rumor is true and they run into that erojiji bad guy and Ichigou gets pissed off and starts shooting fire at him. Sayuki then finds out from Nigou that Ichigou’s body is pretty much made out of fire which is why he never gets hurt. Unfortunately for him, the erojiji placed some chain cuffs on him which sealed his powers and his body stopped being immune to damage. So then when Ichigou attempts to fight erojiji again he only ends up hurting himself forcing Sayuki to get in the way, injure herself and have all 3 of them escape.

When they get into the thick of the forest, he asks to be left alone so Sayuki & Nigou let him be for a bit until Nigou tells Sayuki to go get the poor kid. When Sayuki runs into the forest to get him back, she finds him smashing his hands against a rock trying to break the chain cuffs until his own hands are bleeding. She runs to stop him telling him that it’s not his powers that matter, it’s him, and that he’s not just a weapon who will be thrown out because he’s “useless”. The battle with the erojiji made him realize that his fighting style of “BURN BABY BURN” could hurt others, including Sayuki. She asks him to play his flute for her and after he does she says it makes her feel all warm & squishy inside and that even though he’s not Mr. Invincible, he’s still special to her~ (*´ω`*). So then before they go back she asks him “what is the one thing you want right now?” and he says “i want to be together with you and Seimei” (poor Nigou www) And then they both get all like (〃▽〃)ポッ and somehow end up kissing |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Sadly his kiss is more like smashing his mouth against her face lmfao and she’s like “ow what are you doing!” and he instantly goes into tsun mode and is like “figure it out yourself!” なにこれ|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Oh my heart xDDDD. Anyway they go fight the erojiji and they combine their shikigami powers and defeat him, but sadly he dies before Ichigou can remove those shackles. So then they go try to help Seimei in the final battle and once again Ichigou whips out his fire despite being chained and burning himself. Nigou and Ichigou then plan to go into the door to seal it from the inside and Ichigou explains that he and Nigou are actually “one” and turns out the Suzaku is their true form (ok lol that’s what I thought but they never really explained it!)

He then goes on to say that once he and Nigou combine into Suzaku, because of the chain curse, they may not be able to turn back. He says despite this, he still wants to protect the capital, Seimei and Sayuki. Nigou tells Sayuki to wait & pray as the 2 shikigamis combine together to become Suzaku and just then Nigou turns into his “human” form. While Sayuki is busy being shocked at Nigou no longer being a chicken, suddenly the magadama inside her body reacts. When the battle ends, Sayuki sees nobody around her and begins crying until Seimei comes up to her and makes fun of her face. He then gives her Ichigou’s chain cuffs saying that the curse has been lifted. Sayuki cries realizing that Ichigou is never coming back but Seimei tells her not to lose hope. She then decides to wait and hope one day for Ichigo & Nigou’s return. In the epilogue, Sayuki is busy doing her jobs as usual and as usual Seimei leaves her to do work outside the capital. She decides to take a nap and soon as she closes her eyes she hears a familiar voice and opens them to see Ichigou in front of her. She jumps on him and hugs him out of happiness..only to find out that the reason he’s back is because Nigou switched bodies with him so that he could return to “human” form. (ಥ_ಥ)Nigooouuuu. The 2 of them decide to wait for Nigou to return one day. DAWW POOR NIGOU geez I almost cried at this ending T_T_T_T. Thank god Nigou has an actual route in this game. I can imagine if I was playing the PSP version I’d be pretty pissed off ;_;. Anyway I still loved Ichigou lol. He’s so cute and tsundere and blushy and ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Can’t get enough of him. I almost wished there was more tsundere scenes with him and less erojiji fighting scenes lol X3.

Shikigami Nigou – Nigou is chicken-kun and as we know from Ichigou’s route, he’s like Ichigou’s “brother”. Nigou has his own animal army that follows him. His dream is just to spend time with Seimei, Ichigou & Sayuki. Often he does the cooking together with Sayuki, and unlike Seimei & Ichigou, he isn’t a tsundere and is honest with his feelings. Maybe too honest, since he hits on Sayuki pretty often 😆 Nigou’s plotline is similar to Ichigou where they get a message about Seimei being captured but this time Nigou & Sayuki sneak together to check if it’s true or not. The erojiji this time sets a curse on Nigou which turns him into his human form. Apparently the human form is like a “borrowed” body or something and if he stays in it too long his chicken body will get destroyed along with his existance. The next few days, Nigou spends most of his time in the futon while Sayuki tends to him. A few days later he seems like he’s good and he says that the instability between the 2 forms has calmed down and he’s fully moved into the “human” container. Sadly he then admits that he cannot live too long in this container. That night they run after the erojiji to help Ichigou and the erojiji entraps them all inside the cave. While they’re there bored to tears, he starts drinking and tells them how he ate mermaid meat in order to gain an eternal body. They’re like “omg we don’t have time for this shit” but the jiji tells them that if Nigou has a drinking bet with him, he will tell them how to get out. The bet is to choose the red or blue drink and one of them contains poison. If you pick the red one, the jiji laughs and both think the drink is good like 2 drunk idiots. The jiji then tells them how to get out, and as the 3 of them run off the jiji dies. The 3 shikigami make it to where Seimei is, and thanks to Nigou’s power, all 3 of them escape out of that cave after Douman had presumeably been defeated.

As they start walking home Nigou, Ichigou & Seimei act like their usual selves, making fun of each other etc. but Sayuki is the only one who can think of how Nigou will disappear soon and she breaks down into tears. (ಥ_ಥ)Nigou notices her and offers to carry her on his back home, and then they all get drunk 😆 Sayuki notices Nigou is gone and so she goes outside and sees him pretty much ready to disappear. She tells him that she won’t cry because she promised she’d see him off with a smile and so she says that she loves him and kisses him. (ಥ_ಥ)He’s surprised but then kisses her back (´;ω;`) He tells her to wait for him as he disappears leaving her with 1 of his golden feathers. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん I CRIED SO HARD MAN T___T NIGOUUUU. In the epilogue Sayuki continues waiting for Nigou as she focuses on her work. Then after the credits roll, there’s the voice of  Nigou saying he’s home but there’s nobody there anymore… (ಥ_ಥ)I went back to my save point and picked the blue drink this time but the ending was still the same….WHAT THE HELL WHY CAN’T HE GET A HAPPY ENDING IN HIS OWN ROUTE (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Oh my goddd if his fate wasn’t depressing enough in Ichigou’s, why do they do this to him in his own route. Oh my god I just love Nigou, I don’t care if Midorikawa uses that annoying grating voice of his, I LOVE NIGOU WHY  DO THEY DO THIS TO MY FAVORITE CHARACTERRRRRR 。゚(*ノДノ)゚。わ~ん I’m kinda glad I didn’t leave Nigou for last. I had intended to, but I’d probably rage so hard if this was the last route of the game I had to play. Actually I think if I was a PSP Miyako player and I was looking fwd to his route since this was the new addition, I’d probably be seriously pissed. Ugh why do they do thissssss. WHY SANCTUARY WHY!

Douman – Douman is the game’s bad guy but somehow our heroine feels like she’s met him before! She keeps having dreams where she sees a guy bawwing with a dying woman in his arms. During the ceremony with Seimei, Sayuki then meets this woman who calls herself Kikka in her dream and she asks Sayuki to save Douman and put him out of his misery. When Douman ties her up and she says she wants to save him because of Kikka telling her, he rages and then goes on to tell us his sob story about how not just Kikuka but his entire clan was destroyed. The final battle is pretty much the same between Seimei & Douman but Sayuki feels bad for the poor ronery bad guy and decides to try and save him! Douman I guess wants to bring back his dead clan but Seimei’s like “no man you can’t do that.” Sayuki then ends up falling into the door to hell and Douman’s like “OH SHIT I CAN’T LOSE YOU AS WELL!” Suddenly we’re thrown into a flashback where Douman and his bad guy friends are actually good guys in the past. We also get to hear trap-kun (Kuuya at the time) and his sister Houko there as well. It follows the meeting between Douman & Kikka who asks to join forces with him to stop the wars going on in the country. Kuuya then became evil when his sister got killed due to the war and he swore revenge from that day on (not sure what being a  fugly trap has to do with it.) Needless to say, Kikka got caught in the war & died as well and of course Douman swore revenge too sigh lol. When Sayuki wakes up she finds herself together with Kikka’s spirit. She explains to Sayuki that her soul combined with Sayuki’s “container” and that’s why Sayuki has her memories inside of her and kinda looks like her. This all ended though once Sayuki did the ceremony with Seimei and split the magadama so that now the magadama took over and Kikka’s soul went byebye. So then Kikka’s like “okay so now that I’m out of you, do you actually like Douman or were you just riding on my feelings the entire time?”

And of course the natural assumption is “lol no” but leave it to Sayuki to be like “no wait I think I do like him!!” Sigh lol. So then thanks to the magadama reacting with the sacred sword, Sayuki is able to get out of hell. Sadly she’s a bit too late and by the time she returns Douman’s got into super-saiyan mode 😆 So then it’s up to Sayuki to get him out of it, and her voice reaches him so that his SS mode breaks down and he’s relieved that nothing happened to her. So then the 2 of them defeat the remaining demons floating around and close the doors to hell. So now that Douman’s given up his mission of reviving the dead, he’s got nothing better to do so he decides to take the next best thing to his dead girlfriend – Sayuki! So then I guess after his regret speech he gets sucked back into hell by his left arm, because he uh used their powers a bit too much. Sayuki then runs after him and gets him out thanks to Seimei’s daddy, who tells them that in return they must destroy the vast amount of demons that escaped. In addition they will both get eternal life (since Sayuki wants to take some of Douman’s punishment on to herself) so they can suffer forever (umm okay? lol.) And so they live happily ever after but no matter what the reality is, it still looks like Douman’s robbin’ dat cradle 😆 Sigh this route was such a drag in every possible way. I wouldn’t have minded the emo bad guy, since it’s pretty much required for these kind of games but couldn’t they at least have made him better looking/less ossany? No seriously stop using Morikawa & Inoue to voice guys that are to be paired up with a loli heroine. Seriously stop it ( ´_ゝ`). Didn’t help that Douman was really gachimuchi and it looked like his body was used as some cat’s scratching post. Also I love how Sayuki just runs off with Douman and no mention of where Seimei is and what he thinks of the bad guy stealing his Shikigami like a massive pedobear プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Once you finish Douman’s route (or whoever’s route you do last), an omake opens which has all the characters talking about their route after the fact. It was funny cause all the bad guys were like pretty much dying in their speech, especially trap-kun. 😆

I liked this game a lot! I think before I started I heard some bad things about it but I don’t know I rather enjoyed it. Okay I will be honest, there were parts (i.e. Douman & Genshin’s routes) that made me want to take a nap on the couch because I couldn’t multi-task during them. Yes the game is annoying and if you flip windows to do something else, the game stops. That includes auto-mode AND skip. ARGH Y U DO DIS. (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ The art is beautiful, the music is wonderful, and it made me cry so definitely worth a play. The battles kinda reminded me of Sangoku Rensenki, the scenario gave me Natsume Yujinchou vibes and the character interactions reminded me of Asaki, Yumemishi. If you liked either of those, then you should definitely be playing this game. The game features allowed you to change the system voices so you could have Seimei making fun of you or Izumi being a sweetheart when you went to the music or gallery sections. In the gallery, each CG had 2-3 lines of dialogue from the character regarding that scene which was really nice. At the beginning of each game bootup, it gave you a chance to do a daily fortune which was cute (especially when everyone turned into a chicken like Nigou xDDD.) I thought the heroine this time was also pretty decent. She was very similar to the one in Sangoku Rensenki and even though she didn’t have too much powers, she still at least attempted to fight along with the others. Even if she couldn’t do much damage in battle, she definitely kicked some butts emotionally for some of these dudes who at their lowest points were whining to no end XD. Seriously she should get a trophy for dealing with all these idiots lol (I’m looking at you Douman, Ichigou & Izumi ww) Speaking of Ichigou…I mean I love the boy, he’s adorable but oh my is he gay for Seimei. Sometimes I think he was more in love with Seimei than with Sayuki (ಠ_ಠ). Some wtf moments were a scene with Seimei, that I thought was fairly romantic, pretty much went through EVERYONE’S routes. I guess okay it’s kind of needed for the plotline but they should have thought more about that before putting that scene so it made it seem like Sangou was cheating on everyone with Seimei lol. As far as play order I’d recommend Genshin, Izumi, Raikou, 1, 2, Seimei,  and Douman last because his story has the most spoilers about Sayuki. My only real gripe again is with Nigou’s route. If you give the guy a route and ending, GIVE HIM A HAPPY ONE. Oh wait, apparently a fandisk is coming, let’s keep our fingers crossed! \( ^o^)/


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  1. 日本語お上手ですね!!


  2. いやいやただ日本語を勉強しましただけ(。・ω・。)

  3. 初めまして!





  4. 初めまして&ようこそ!(。・ω・。)

  5. Hello!
    My name is Komari(●´ω`●)
    I love miyako+゚,especially,Seimei is good*。:゚+(人*´∀`)ウフ+゚:。*゚+.
    I want to make friends with you.

  6. twentyninenights> Yea from what I saw I think they really only added new CGs? Well I don’t blame you for skipping since while the game is nice, I’m not sure if it’s nice enough to sit through all the battle stuff twice. And yes poor Nigou ;_;

    sandeian> I think Raikou looked great with his hair cut. I wish he spent more of the game looking like that 😆 I love that CG as well, Izumi is such a wingman xD

    Luna> lol yea I had William flashbacks as well OTL; LOL well Starry Sky in autumn I started with Iku and it’s really emofaggy and pointless. It’s kinda like how they were desperately scraping for plotlines in Spring because there was nothing interesting to write about. Maybe Kotaro & Naoshi’s routes will be better rofl.

  7. You are so right! At first I loved Ichigo, because he was so cute with his blushing and all. But then he goes “Seimei, Seimei, SEIMEI!”. I was like “Are you sure you are in love with Sayuki (and not Seimei), Ichigo-kun?” O_o xD
    I thought Izumi was kind of cute, too. But as much as I love Daisuke Namikawa as a Seiyū, I’m not so fond of his “princelike” voice. (Just thinking of William gives me the creep. xD”)

    On a side note, do you play Starry Sky – After Autumn right now? If you do, then how do you like it so far? I’m still pondering if I should start playing it. xD’ Because all that emoing in Starry Sky – in Autumn left me with a bad after taste. ><' And Honeybee always seems to go after a pattern: 'love, peace and harmony' right before something happens to start the emoing. Then I find myself wanting to strangle either Tsukiko or the guy. xD

  8. Nigou. … Sanctuary still couldn’t give you a happy ending?

    Still, you never know what they might do for the fandisk. I think they wouldnt be so bs and not add a happy ending for that.

    Fav CG is where Izumi and lil sis are hiding behind the wall, watching Raikou. XD wasnt that into Raikou’s design but that was cute.

  9. I love this game, even if I have to do the boring conversation at battle so much! The art, the background, the music were all so great..

    I’m really sad about Nigou’s route though ’cause I’ve been waiting for his story and just ended like… he can’t be with everyone else.

    I had played the PSP ver. too before and except for Nigou, been skipping all their routes ’cause it’s still the same (maybe except for the new CG, but nothing change much).

    Some of the voices for CG are really cool, especially, Seimei and Izumi’s echanting spell

  10. Lol I agree with you on the “you look like my dead girlfriend/sister/mom whatever” that’s kinda yuck. I actually disliked douman mostly because of his emofagging/his looks. I could even put the I look like his dead g/f thing aside if at least he was good looking… 😆 I think Seimei’s route was so sweet, I liked him Izumi and Nigou. I liked Ichigou too but he was a bit too obsessed with Seimei rofl.

  11. I liked this game a lot. ^^
    For me the most disappointing route was Douman’s. I’m not a fan of romances where a girl (or a guy) looks like the past love of their desired one. That was a huge turn-off for me. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a guy that was only interested in me because I look like his ex and so I can’t understand a woman that is completely fine with that. xx” Maybe I’m too much of a romantic for that? (But who wouldn’t want to be the only one for the man they love? xD)

    I can’t really decide who my fav. guy was, but my fav. route was Seimei’s. ^^
    Nigou was so cute, so I was kind of shocked that he got an ending like that.

  12. Yumii> Great I hope you enjoy it 😀

    sharakael> lmfao well like I said, I think the PC game added more romance (at least CG wise) to the other characters as well….so it’s not just Nigou rage xD But I guess since you played the PSP version you may not wanna bother lol

  13. Thanks for the recommendation~
    I had totally forgotten about this game, and reading your review made me really hype about it ^_^

  14. Playing the PSP version burnt me such that I swore I wouldn’t get the PC version. Reading your blog on what they did for Nigou’s route… I think I’ll simply give up on playing any game by Sanctuary. Ever. Again (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

  15. You almost cried, I actually did cry (ಥ_ಥ)I saw the PSP CG set and it seems like the PC game also added more romantic & kiss CGs so that could be the huge improvement for all I know XD

  16. ICHIGOU ❤
    NIGOU ;_________________;
    I'm so happy they gave Nigou a route in this game…. but his ending…. WHY?! ;________;
    Ok, I have to admit I was expecting a bad review of this game because I heard the original PSP wasn't as good as people thought it was going to be and I heard the PC version wasn't much better… But after reading your review I have to say I would have really liked it. I have it on my computer (waiting to be installed) so this will definitely give me incentive to go and play it! 😀
    When I read that part at the end "Then after the credits roll, there’s the voice of Nigou saying he’s home but there’s nobody there anymore…" I almost cried. ;___________; Nigouuu uhuhuhuhuhuuuuu 😥

  17. Nataly> Yes this is the PC port! The original game was for the PSP. Nakamura Yuichi voices Abeno Seimei 🙂

    ほたる> I KNOW RIGHT GOD (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ yea I’m so shocked that they’d give him a route and then make it so depressing ugh T_T Yea fandisk is our only hope (ಥ_ಥ)

  18. NOOOO—-!!! Nigo—-!!!! Why, why do they have to do this…!・゚・(ノД`;)・゚・
    I did the psp version and I wanted sanctuary to add Nigo`s route and they actually did for the PC version, but no happy ed…? well, I do like sad ed too, but only if there`s a happy one. I guess we have to put our hopes on the fandisk

  19. Is this game for PC?
    I looked through the list of these guys… Midorikawa Hikaru, Nakamura Yuichi and Sakurai Takahiro are my favs, can’t imagine they all together in one game (I would be in heaven if there were Mamoru Miyano and Fukuyama Jun, too=)). So I tried to find this game but failed=(
    Could you tell me plz who has the voice of Yuichi???

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