The stupid sheep challenge

After like I don’t even know how many attempts, we finally managed to do it & have me record it lol. (Too bad I’m a failure and I died once T_T) Still haven’t been able to do the joukyuu tenkuu challenge with the guild since it’s level 58 but maybe once everyone’s fighting characters hit 58 we can try it again.


Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Honey Milk-

I told myself after Vitamin X I’d avoid Rejet games like the plague but since this game is short and fairly simple to go through I figured why not! None of the guys really appeal to me but they have a winning cast of seiyuu which then obviously puts it into the seiyuuge- category along with Crappy Magic & Starry Sky. Unlike Starry Sky, the premise of TYB is very simple. It’s a competition where a high school girl chosen as the “princess” must get cozy with some mans and then pick her destined one. When she & that guy are prince & princess then there’s some legend that they’ll live happily ever after. So yes the game concept is quite shallow but there was definitely things I didn’t expect so beware of spoilers ahead lol. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Honey Milk-

Do you change your Poupee’s outfit often?

Cause I sure don’t. (ಠ_ಠ)

Just some Pangya & Tartaros blurbs

If this was 6 months ago, I would have bought Lucia’s Kimono in a heartbeat. In fact I think I had requested they bring it back and I wanted it all this time. But now that it’s released I just don’t seem to care. I almost forget to login to the currently on going login/play event to be honest. The idea of spending anymore money on Pangya just annoys me. I think the Kimono is lovely but now that I got Lucia’s magical girl & wedding dress, and bath towel, and SSAF, and the swimsuit I bought that I only wore for about a week…yea the last thing I need to do is blow $15 on pixels without having a job first. Continue reading Just some Pangya & Tartaros blurbs