Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Honey Milk-

I told myself after Vitamin X I’d avoid Rejet games like the plague but since this game is short and fairly simple to go through I figured why not! None of the guys really appeal to me but they have a winning cast of seiyuu which then obviously puts it into the seiyuuge- category along with Crappy Magic & Starry Sky. Unlike Starry Sky, the premise of TYB is very simple. It’s a competition where a high school girl chosen as the “princess” must get cozy with some mans and then pick her destined one. When she & that guy are prince & princess then there’s some legend that they’ll live happily ever after. So yes the game concept is quite shallow but there was definitely things I didn’t expect so beware of spoilers ahead lol. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Tokyo Yamanote Boys -Honey Milk-“

Do you change your Poupee’s outfit often?

Cause I sure don’t. (ಠ_ಠ)