Otome Android Games Part 2

Well since my first post was unsuccessful (need Japanese email bleh) I decided to look for more otome games on the android market and this time I found ones that are actually playable! I downloaded 2 demo games so I guess I’ll just post my impressions and links for you guys to try them out!

First one I tried is イケメン★ホスト学園 春馬編 demo. Basically the story is about a girl (whose name I forgot so I just wrote in hinano 😆 ) who goes to some otome high school while her childhood friend Kanzaki Haruma goes to some ikemen host high school. Anyway the demo was basically him coming to pick you up for school and getting all tsundere and shit 😆 It’s pretty stereotypical but he’s really cute!

The art is really nice and it has save/load/auto-mode in the demo. There’s no voice as usual for a cell phone game but there’s music. The game has 3 different routes for 3 different guys but sadly its $3.74 per guy so it’s definitely recommended you try the demos for each guy before considering purchase. Personally I liked Haruma haha so I would recommend him for sure ;D. You can buy the game here or try the demo here.

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