Tartaros Game Adjustments 5/12

why's pinko not in this picture... (;´・ω・)

As of the 5/12 maintenance:

  • Nagi’s shielf guard has been nerfed. Great let’s nerf an already weak character!
  • Elpin Frost Wave skill has been changed from Magic to Physical attack property. 🙄
  • Cromodo’s Blizzard skill is back to requiring level 53 not 50.
  • Elpintos Wake Soul skill has now a freeze effect on TOP of taunt. (Adjusted after testing.)
  • Elpintos Ice Justice changed from Frost Bite to Freeze (I believe it goes from being “slowed down by ice” to just frozen in place.) Edit: I tested this out, it’s actually really helpful for boss battles so no complaints here!

Other stuff just includes certain status ailments now depend on the tokusei that “increases” the chance of those ailments. I played with Pinko & Cromodo today but I haven’t noticed any major changes. Other adjustments:

  • Robo Donjan lv 35 challenge – the one room where you gotta kill 100 guys, now only require you to kill 90. ┐(‘~`;)┌
  • The hentai buta yaro map in Arnica (58-59), when you pull the flag it used to give you a massive debuff. That debuff’s been removed. (About the only decent change sigh.)

Other adjustments are fixing Soma’s electricity stuns, Aerlot & Ilishia becoming overpowered, & restoring Cromodo’s ice window so it’s not shitty and back to doing damage like before.

While I’m not happy with ice wave being turned to physical, I do like what they did to Ice Justice. Also I didn’t realize until now that I’ve been using Freezing Limit which does significantly more damage than freezing field (ice commander.) 2ch is bitching that magic Elpin is over but it’s really not that bad. In any case I was able to do Dendou  Ex at 46 without dying so maybe it’s not so bad after all ?_? Still won’t take Elpin to public parties because I spam Refuge every 2 seconds lol.

In other news, the spy guns for the guys are rentals. Lol rentals? Why would you bother with a rental when you can buy permanent stuff in the auction nowdays…what are they thinking…┐(‘~`;)┌