Otome Game Review: Kago no Naka no Alicis

And so after Bloody Call, Icing Candy has released their 2nd game. The artwork is slightly different but the premise is a lot brighter and has a more otome feel to it than the dark feeling of BC. The story here is about a kingdom named Ruche that is directly connected with the Tree of Gemut. A long time ago the gods left the kingdom and the tree began to wilt. One day a girl shed some tears and it helped the tree revive. This girl decided that she would pour all her feelings into this tree to save the kingdom so she was locked up in this cage while she provided life energy for the tree. One day she fell in love with a man and her feelings began to go towards him instead of the tree. The Gemut tree began to wilt once more and so the man she was in love with decided to free her from the cage. Unfortunately upon doing this, the girl immediately died. The man was so heartbroken that his feelings of rage caused darkness to create an evil aura and so he created his own kingdom of Noir. Usually the Ruche kingdom has daylight 24/7 but when Noir strikes it becomes suddenly dark 😆 Because Noir causes damage to the Tree of Gamut, now Ruche is looking for a new “Alicis” who will use their life energy to basically keep the tree going! So much for the “white” kingdom being good eh? So now one day a girl named Sumeragi Runa is abducted from Japan by a loli & shota named L & M who tell her that she has to be the next Alicis.

Harvey – Harvey is about 24 years old although I believe they never age in the kingdom or something 😆 Harvey is the leader of Roachrist princes. He does a lot of work with Gerald and always bickers with his childhood friend Darren. He loves curry and absolutely adores cute animals, especially puppies. He tries to be all cool & manly but when a cute puppy starts jumping around him bursts into a stream of ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ . The two of them both pretend to be lovers in order to try to get some stolen jewelry back but I guess doing this twice sort of gets their hormones moving because before you know it Runa is falling on top of him, being grabbed by him while he’s half naked( & half asleep) and I guess it all boils down to her confessing to him right before she has to go be a sacrifice in the cage. I didn’t like Harvey at first because he kept going like “oh it’s my job to do what’s best for the kingdom” and “sacrifices must be made” but once he realized that he loves Runa, the tables have turned! When Runa saw him flirting with some maids she got jealous and ran away crying.

While doing this she dropped a “tear” which looked like a red jewel that Harvey picked up and kept for a while. When Runa ended up in the cage, she couldn’t talk with anyone except El & Em who erased her feelings for Harvey. Thanks to the tear he had, Harvey was able to telepathically talk to her and tell her that he will get her out and that he loves her – knowing that her feelings for him were gone. Despite her feelings being wiped, her heart still felt something for him so Runa believed in him anyway. Harvey goes to Maximillian for help (who apparently is also his childhood friend 😯 ) and Max is like “oh so you try to kill me like the entire game but now you want my help EH!?” ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ Max explains that when the Alicis loves someone they will shed a tear and when they relay their feelings to the person they love, the tear will turn into a key. So then when Harvey goes back to save her, he blows up the cage and gets her out using some magical force field to keep her from dying when she leaves the cage. Harvey confesses to her out loud this time and suddenly the magical key restores all of Runa’s memories and she’s like zomg I love you too and they furiously make out (*´д`*)ハァハァ (while Max is in the background prolly taking pics or maybe crying a river who knows.)

So in ending 1, Harvey & Runa get teleported back to her world and she continues going to school while Harvey becomes a salaryman…and a jealous one at that. When he finds out that she’s been “seeing all the Ruche kingdom guys in her dreams” he gets really jealous and kisses her in the middle of the street xD ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん In ending 2 she stays with Harvey in Ruche and despite what he did was a “criminal act”, Gerald & Francis took care of the small problems because they needed Harvey to desperately help them with all the work that was piling up (and cause Gerald apparently hadn’t slept for 10 days what.) Harvey rages that he has a shit ton of work to do and takes a break dragging Runa on to his lap while making out with her and asking her to marry him because he didn’t like all the guys around there constantly hitting on her 😆 Guess in either world he never changes (*´ω`*). Basically in both ends everything was restored magically thanks to the power of love!…or some b/s but who cares all the cute Harvey CG scenes made me like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ so I will forgive xDDD. So if you don’t like Harvey at first, just give him some time to break out of his cold shell…hehe…

Darren – Darren’s such a shit and his route was such a drag.☆ミ He’s basically that “emo wangst yusa kouji character” that you see in like every otome game ever. If this was R-18 he’d be a rapist too but since we’re in all-age land he’ll just rape the heroine with a million kisses instead (see under the moon PS2 version 😆 ) Not only is his personality annoying but he has this annoying wavy pink hair and his nose looks like he’s got the flu or something. So either way he was just unpleasant all around and every other moment he’d be grabbing and molesting Runa. I guess the only “positive” thing are the smexy kissing sound effects yusa makes (*´д`*)ハァハァ but otherwise do not want (ಠ_ಠ). I also hated how in this route Runa was like passive & helpless too and some of the choices she made annoyed me because I was like “damn dude I don’t feel this way at all!” In order to get Luna to be Alicis, he tricks her by taking her to the cage, making out with her and while she was busy recovering from the smooch attack, he pushed her into the cage and locked her in.  ( ಠ益ಠ ) Freaking asshole. To top it off he’s all like “you’re my pretty bird in a cage, I must keep you locked up so you can continue to be forever beautiful”. (#゚`Д゚)ハァ? Then he realizes he didn’t think his cunning plan all the way through when he can’t actually make out with her anymore – so he has to do it like the cyber sex way and be all like “pretend I am near you..can you feel me?” LOLOL FAIL. Then we got genius Runa who is like “daww gosh darnit you didn’t need to push me into this cage! I woulda voluntarily walked into it!”

I mean I guess I give props to Runa for not whining like a baby and accepting her fate, but I woulda liked her to kinda put more..resistance into it (like Nadeshiko from Clock Zero.) So as is required by Yusa Kouji Characters(tm) Darren has this emo angsty past where he was all alone in the dark and the loli/shota twins rescued him so of course he has to do anything they say or oh noes he’ll be all arone again! So by now I pretty much zoned out from the game hoping this route would end quickly as Max tried to rescue Runa several times and had to fight off Darren for it. Max was like “if we fight here Runa will get hurt” and Darren would be like “oh well to keep a bird in its cage you need to pluck a few feathers sometimes.” Wtf? What a dick. Then at some point the random angry mob showed up and destroyed Runa’s cage while Darren failed to protect it and got stabbed a million times instead (hooray!) So then he died in her arms but magically in ED1 Runa wakes up in her house back in her world and there is Darren serving tea for her! It’s all because he said he loved her beforehand and then he says he’ll never lock her up in a cage again! Great you freaking psycho! The power of love saves the day once more and they lived happily ever after 🙄 In ED2 Darren decides he wants to be like sleeping beauty and while Runa continues her Alicis work outside the cage, she kisses him and he finally wakes up after his eternal slumber. They’re both so happy they make out on the bed and do other dirty things if this was an R-18 game.  Bleh I just couldn’t wait for this route to be over sooner. When I went to get the missing CGs, in the bad ending I think he kills Runa or something. What the fuck. Well I guess some people like these kind of characters but I certainly do not want. It’s a shame yusa’s cast in these roles that are so predictable. The only roles I can think of that I actually LIKED him cast in was probably Sano from Hakuoki. I wish they’d cast him in more of those but I guess the fangirls wanna see him wangst and molest the heroine more than anything else 😆

Francis – At first Francis was kinda boring to me. He was that typical bookworm glasses wearing nerdy guy. His sister Vivi always beat him up for being a pansy and most of the CGs were spent with him in the library. Runa thought he was moe for blushing all the time though. One time while they’re in town some drunks start shit with them and Runa thinks that Francis will just get beat up so she tries to protect him. At one point one of the drunks pushes him down and knocks his glasses off. THIS IS WHERE THE ROUTE GETS EXCITING. Turns out Francis has these magical glasses (okay well they’re not that magical) that when taken off it brings out some VIOLENT BLOOD in him! キタ(ノ゜∀゜)ノ━━━。;*:゜:+,.○*:゜.:⌒━ So then he goes and beats the living shit out of the drunks and until Vivi slips the glasses back on his face he showed no signs of stopping his rage 😆 Apparently his violent persona is his true self but he’s trained since he was a child to suppress his urge to smack a mofo by wearing those glasses. He can take the glasses voluntarily as he wants but instantly he goes from sweet & gentle Francis to foul mouthed yakuza. Despite this he’s still serious about his work as a Roachrist. In one scene though when Runa tried to take revenge on that attitude of his by stuffing a macaroon into his mouth, he gladly ate it licking her fingers afterwards (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ.

That’s right, he not only becomes more yakuzaish, he also becomes more foreward when it comes to these kind of things (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He even licks her forehead when the 2 of them bump heads while looking for his glasses XDXDXD. From then on Francis has issues with his other persona now that people know about it but he starts to fall for Runa because she’s the only other person aside from his sister who has openly accepted it. Worried about him Runa comes to his room one night and he hugs her and tells her he likes her. He says he knows she’s Alicis and doesn’t expect her to answer to his feelings. One time when a random mob of Noir possessed people attack the castle Runa gets hurt while Francis is violently raging at some guy. So then Francis is confined to his room & put on death row and in order to save him, Runa agrees that she will be Alicis. When Francis finds out about this, he rages and decides he’s gonna take Runa away from here. He goes & asks some of the other Roachrists to forgive him for doing this and they do (yay?) so he only has to fake fight Harvey (cause Harvey’s like you go bro!) and actually fight Darren cause he’s just a big ol’ shitlord. Anyways Francis beats up everyone and takes Runa away while they say how much they love each other and the magical key forms. Max shows up too and is like “I’ll take care of it all bro'” and so Runa & Francis run off to some field and make out. Then as usual the necklace reacts with the key and suddenly the tree is revived and the world is saved yippie!

So as usual in ED 1, Runa & Francis return to her world. Francis becomes a waiter at a cafe and since he’s hot he’s popular so Runa gets all jealous. He tells her to get over it until he sees some dudes hitting on her. He then rages at them that he’ll smash their heads in if the don’t GTFO and they run away. Francis then kisses her in front of everyone and asks her to wait for him until his shift’s over (*´ω`*). In ED2 the twins are so happy the tree is saved they make a love shack for Francis & Runa to live in. Runa becomes like Francis’ housewife or something and he gets to come home and molest her while she’s cooking 😆 …oh well those kissing sounds by Sakurai were hot (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. The bad end gives a CG so I went through it and basically Francis gets executed and asks the twins to wipe Runa’s memory of him. He leaves his glasses to his sister who passes them on to Runa who has no idea why but she feels they’re special. Sigh. Why they gotta have these depressing bad ends. ;_; Anyway surprisingly I liked Francis a lot! He seemed so boring at first but then all of sudden |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ So yea if Francis bores you at first just give him some time hehe.

Shinjou Kaito – Kaito was actually disappointing in many ways because I sort of had high hopes for him. The reason is he’s also from Japan like Runa so I was thinking they’d really be able to milk this for what it’s worth but they barely touched it. In fact Kaito’s scenario was so similar to Harvey’s that whether he was from Japan or Jupiter, would have made absolutely no difference in his story ==;. I also really think that Icing Candy are vocaloid fans because I mean look his name is Kaito, he has blue hair, he loves to eat ice cream… 😆 Now that I think about it the blonde haired twins… lol anyway. For some reason in Kaito’s route Runa became this clumsy idiot and half of the scenes are her falling face flat onto the ground while Kaito going “oh you’re just so clumsy ahyuck” alrighty then. (ಠ_ಠ)So while Runa is busy falling on her fanny, the twins warn Kaito that if he doesn’t convince her to be Alicis soon they will fire him from being a Roachrist. God forbid that happens because then Kaito would be required to go back to Japan to his evil family who abandoned him because he didn’t get like straight As and pass all his exams with flying colors or some crap. Kaito then gets all bitchy at Runa because she could cause him to lose her job (lol Japan) and so Runa is like oh no I’m so meiwaku and runs to apologize to him even though he just smacked her in the face with a teacup. (Okay not really but you might as well call it that.)

One night Runa who is now absolutely in love with this idiot comes to Kaito’s room and is like “so if I become Alicis and I never talk to you again how does that make you feel?” Kaito’s like “lol idk nothing?” And Runa’s all like (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!! cause she wanted him to think something special of her so she runs off crying and drops off an Alicis tear. Kaito picks it up & hangs on to it. The next day Runa decides she will be Alicis so Kaito isn’t FIRED and then she puts on this fake smile in front of him and tells him that she will do her best. Before she goes to the cage she kisses him and says that she liked him. She goes to run off to the cage but Kaito stops her and kisses her too without saying anything about his own feelings. He walks her to the cage but then after Runa’s in there he starts emoing about this PAIN IN MY CHEST and so the best way to get rid of this pain is to erase it! He then begs the twins to erase his memories of Runa because he doesn’t wanna become “pathetic” like he used to be. Instead of facing his feelings and being a man, Kaito is a pansy who runs away from them, how charming! So his feelings are erased and his bff Effy is like (#゚`Д゚)ハァ?! So then to save the plot, Max shows up and attempts to free Runa part deux and Kaito shows up to fight him saying he has to “protect the Alicis”. When Runa realizes that Kaito had his memories erased she’s heartbroken but in the midst of battle I guess her tear thing reacts and Kaito gets all his memories back. Max is like “well looks like my job for this route is down” and flies off.

Runa rushes to a beat down Kaito and he immediately goes back to “I must hold mu FEELINGS back” mode and then contemplates about having his memories of Runa wiped again! So this time Effy is like ゴ━━━━(# ゚Д゚)━━━━ルァ!! and rages at Kaito for being a moron and is like “you dumbass this is what happens when you LIKE A GIRL MKAY.” Kaito is like “omgosh these feelings! Suddenly it’s all clear to me!” So then Kaito rushes to the cage with the key that’s now formed because he decided he will confess to Runa. Thanks to the key she can hear him speak and he tells her he loves her. L & M show up and they are not amused but Kaito’s like “Idgaf Runa’s mine now!” and after his amazing speech suddenly everyone comes in and claps because now the power of love ending is here! So as usual in ED1 they return to Japan where Kaito gets his own apartment and he’s busy working and studying. He & Runa don’t see each other much so they meet for a date where he gives her an extra key to his apartment asking her to come as often as she wants. They then make out on a park bench. In ED2 they’re eating a bento by the Gemut tree when Runa says they’re like a married couple and Kaito spits out his tea プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. He’s like “damn you beat me to the punch gurrrl” and he sticks a ring on her finger asking her to marry him. In the bad end Runa & Kaito die together while Effy’s like “aw shit you guys suck!” I probably made Kaito’s route sound more amusing than it really was honestly 😆 It was actually really disappointing. I was so pissed that when he finds out he has feelings for her, he goes & tries to push them away. I just can’t stand those kind of indecisive pathetic dudes and well the fact that they didn’t do much with him being from the same place as Runa really sucked.

William – I really wanted to like William because of Namikawa voicing him but in the end the route left me a bit disappointed. William is the prince on a white horse type of guy who often sparkles when he smiles to the point that he can light up room. Usually I find that boring so I was hoping like with Francis, something would change and make it more interesting. Fortunately my wish was granted when Runa became jealous of him being nice to all da ladies. After buying her a ring, he goes and buys rings for some random hoes who start oogling over him. Runa realizes that she’s in love with him and gets all jealous and hates herself for thinking she was special to him. She begins avoiding him which only starts to make William upset and when he notices that she smiles for all the other dudes but avoids him, he kinda starts getting jealous too. At one point Runa is talking to William’s right hand man Alastair who explains to her that William once had a fiance who got jealous of him always talking to other chicas and not treating her special. I guess it was because she was one of those “decided” fiances and he didn’t really love her any more or less than he did any other female. Needless to say the 2 of them broke up. Runa then admits that she likes William and while she’s all キャキャうふふ with Alastair, William sees them and comes over kinda pissed off.

Runa is now in “stupid otome game heroine” mode and instead of talking things out with William she runs off like a chicken with its head cut off and William chases her down and pins her against a wall. He’s like “what the fuck ho, why do you ignore me but laugh all happily with other dudes” and then as all walling scenes will go, he kisses her. Unfortunately unlike most walling scenes, the waller guy will usually be like WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I LOVE YOU or something right? Sadly in William’s case, he doesn’t even understand why he’s doing this and so now we got like 2 bloomin’ idiots running around while Alastair’s like やれやれ. So after this incident instead of trying to work things out (part 2) our BRILLIANT heroine Runa decides “oh I’ll just pretend it never happened ^_^_^_^” and so she has some jolly teatime with William and Alastair while the sexual tension is over 9000. So then as usual the angry Noir mob attacks the castle and the twins order William to take Runa to the cage room so she would be safe there (not put her in the cage just the room.) William takes her there and they split up with Alastair on the way. When they get to the room, William hugs her and suddenly turns into Darren and is all like “YOU MAKE ME HURT SO YOU MUST GO FAR AWAY MAH PAAAINNN~~” and so he pushes her into the fucking cage GEEZUS FUCKING CHRIST BILLY (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Needless to say William just lost all his brownie points.

So then when Runa becomes Alicis and William is “far away” from her he’s all like “oh no! My pain hasn’t gone away what should I do!” While he’s bawwing Alastair comes over and holds his hands in a gentle BL scene and then he slaps William’s stupid face and tells him “GUUURRLL WHATS YO PROBLEM!?” Alright stupid jokes aside, William realizes he loves Runa (thanks to the slap in the face) and so the tear piece he had from the walling now turns into the key. He takes the key and goes to see Runa telling her that he plans to ask Max’s help (as usual) to free her from being Alicis but keep the tree of Gemut from dying. So then everyone else cooperates in distracting the twins while he brings Max over and as usual the power of love saves the day and so the tree is revived in all 7 colors of the rainbow and Runa is free from the cage. In ending 1 she goes back to William’s country and meets his parents to whom he introduces her as his fiance. Runa’s like “oh rly?” but like she’s gonna say no lol so of course they get married. Ending 2 was kinda anticlimatic as Runa just got a ring from William. If I knew that the 2nd end was the engagement I would have played that one first honestly. In the bad end oh god Runa like uses up her Alicis powers to prevent the twins from erasing her memory of William that she dies. Again. William is so heartbroken he runs to cry in Alastairs arms…aka BL end. Turns out Runa like turned into the tree and William says he will protect the tree (while having yaranaika time with Alastair 😆 ) Lol god this route became such a joke when Runa began running around like an idiot and William just had NO IDEA what these FEELINGS were ugh. It’s almost as bad as Kaito honestly. I thought it was gonna get better when the jealousy thing came in to play but…not so much.

Maximilian – While I was hoping Max would be the ultimate best route since he’s on the other side of everyone else, ultimately I still find myself feeling like something was lacking. Max had cute scenes. He has his 2 feral cats (a puma & a leopard?) around a lot and there’s a lot of CGs with the 2 of them. Whether they’re eating ice cream with him and Runa, jumping on his bed or being brushed all of them were really sweet. It was so sweet that the fact that he had this whole dark Noir aura going on just felt ridiculous and out of place. I would probably leave Max for last simply because when you do his route, the fact that the other routes make him out to be this evil bad guy just becomes a joke lol. To get with Max Runa had to be this massive NEET and stay in her room all day until it was Noir time when his nukos would come to pick her up and bring her to the Noir castle. What made me frustrated is for the first half of the route Max is like “Runa, you don’t HAVE to be Alicis and sacrifice yourself. I will free you!” And of course Runa is all like “NOOO BUT BUT….NOOOO *runs away”. Sigh (#゚`Д゚).

Anyway this sherade got old fast and until the twins & Roarchrists shoved Runa into the cage did she finally realize “oh shit I’m screwed!” So as he did in most of the other routes, Max of course comes to save her and this time she actually goes along with him. He uses some spell that allows her to leave the cage without dying and basically as long as she stays in his castle and in Noir time she will not die. One day when Max is sleeping he mumbles the name of the former Alicis, his ex-gf in front of Runa. Runa gets all jelly and runs away crying dropping her tear. Max picks it up and since he actually knows what it is he realizes “oh I think it’s time to get over my dead lover.” So then for like no apparent reason while Runa is running alone through the forest some random rapists attack her and I guess one of them licks her neck or something and she like has a spaz fit like he just raped her 1000 times. So then Max shows up and beats them up and Runa starts freaking out and punching him and the only way to calm down a hysterical woman is to kiss her! 😆 So then Runa calms the fuck down and suddenly goes into a trance where she gets to talk to the previous Alicis who’s like “hey take care of my boyfriend for me since I’m kinda dead…and you’re my reincarnation.”

Runa wakes up bawwing that she loves Max on her own accord, not because she’s the reincarnation of his ex. So then for no apparent reason Darren & Harvey show up going “we were told to come save you from some rapists.” Like thanks for showing up, if she had waited for you she woulda been raped 10 times already (#゚`Д゚). So then the magical light shines and the tree is revived, power of love ending as usual. In ED1 Runa & Max return to Japan and for some reason he ends up living at her house or something and he’s so bored he’s studying her high school books 😆 In ED2 Runa stays with Max back at his castle and the tree’s been revived and everyone’s forgiven Max. Harvey & Darren keep coming over for tea and cockblocking his raburabu time with Runa so Max has to make up for it by making out with her when they leave. Harvey got pissed that his childhood friend doesn’t pick bros over hos. 😆 I didn’t really mind Midorikawa like I usually do but in the final scenes for some reason I had wished Max was voiced by someone else. The entire game I realized that Max really wasn’t a bad guy so pretty much everything in this route went as I had “expected” which kinda made it less interesting than I thought it would be.

Other Endings – To get the 2 bonus CGs you gotta complete all the endings, get all the CG instances (#゚`Д゚) so I went and got them. In ending 1 you basically don’t really get with any specific guy and you then fight Max for no apparent reason (seeing how I did this route right after Max it felt so pointless). Then like Runa stands in the way of all the beaten down Roachrists and magically the tree is somehow revived with her “love” and so everyone forgives Max and Runa is returned to Japan. She cries that she didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone and one day when she goes to school she runs into her man harem (-Vivi and L) who are like “we came to say goodbye but we can stay here as long as we want!” So I guess that’s harem end 1. In ED 2 basically Runa fails to purify her heart and so M & L throw her back to Japan cause she’s not fit to be Alicis. In ED3 it’s the same as ED1 but Runa instead wishes to stay back in Ruche and so she becomes the Queen of Ruche – cue Harem end 2. Actually at first she was holding Harvey & Max’s arms so I thought it was gonna be a 3P end haha lol. If you get all the CGs and endings the 2 bonus CGs are them on the beach and yet another Runa queen harem CG.

Well what can I say – disappointed. Well not as disappointed like I was with the Tsubasa Oka Hime but this is definitely below par compared to Icing Candy’s first game Bloody Call. The story felt really short because they had this nice intro and sort of detailed ending but everything in between would just bore me sometimes. Having the assistants to all the guys was nice so you go to see various interactions but stuff like Vivi always punching Francis and Alastair ready to buttsecks William at any moment kind of got on my nerves. In order to get the bonus CGs you had to complete all the CGs in the game. To do this you basically had to complete all the “instances” of a CG which basically included doing the same scenes again, but wearing a different outfit. This was annoying because when you went back to change the outfit, just doing this would suddenly make the game think it’s an “unread” scene so you’d basically see the same dialogue/scene/CG but only Runa’s dress would be different. I had to basically force skip my way through any scenes where the only change was her outfit. The heroine had no personality. Well rather she had one but it “molded” to the guy whose route you were on. For example in Francis’ route she was a bit forward and thought he was cute but in Kaito’s she was this typical stupid clumsy Japanese girl. Also some of the choices she made in the game were completely NOT what I would have done so I couldn’t even relate to her in any way. In some of the routes there was no “build” up to the romance. For example in Harvey’s route I had a lot of trouble figuring out why he was suddenly in love with her. For Francis you could see him starting to like her but Harvey and hell while we’re at it even asshole Darren…why are you 2 suddenly in love with her? 😆 Because it’s the end of your route? 🙄 Out of all the characters Francis just ended up being my favorite simply because his scenes were entertaining, his route progression was good and he had some (*´д`*)ハァハァ moments especially in his endings. Everyone else was kinda meh. Harvey had some cute scenes but overall most of his route he irritated me with his “I must do my duties as the Roachrist leader” crap. In the stand in pics the noses bothered me beyond believe. Runa’s face frontal pic made her look like she had a pig nose. Darren looked like rudolph the red nosed reindeer. The CGs and the music were quite lovely though so no complaints there. Probably the worst part of the whole game is the “power of love saves us all magically” template. It was like watching some cheesy Disney movie because you could predict what would happen from a mile away.  Anyway while it’s a decent game to play, it doesn’t nearly compare to BC and so if you just want some light fluff then I would recommend it. If you’re looking for a deep story and well thought out characters then don’t waste your time. I almost feel like I would have rather played a fandisk for BC instead ┐(‘~`;)┌


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  1. (OOPS I just realized I wrote Alice no Heart no Kuni =_= sorry I meant to say Heart no Kuni no Alice LOL I feel like an idiot woot lol) I forgot they made a PS2 version of the game lol and that’s kind of strange that they would cut down, you think they’d up it since the PS2 can probably handle more than a PC can 😛

  2. Phoenix> yea it’s kinda obvious the creators of this game have a vocaloid obsession lol

    Mimi> I heard they cut down on the length of the game in the Ps2 version which is the one I plan to play anyway

  3. Lol well TYB being strange is to be expected I suppose 😛 Rejet is all about their weird games hahaha!! If you want to play a Quinrose game, I think the Alice games are the only ones that play like normal point and click decision otome games…. One warning though LOL the games have like 6 billion CGs ._. I mean, I think the first game Alice no Heart no Kuni had like, 700+ CGs… LOL =_=;; And they just added more for each game after (Clover, Joker, and now they’re coming out with Toybox…. Ohh boy lol) and I dunno how many Anniversary has, since it’s a remake of Heart but I hear it has more events/EDs or something like that. Lol anyways good luck with TYB 😛

  4. Mimi> lol I paid for it =v=; lmfao oh well at least the artwork was lovely xD TYB is really strange…like how vitamin X was really strange. Oh Rejet.

    Wolfie> I’m trying to avoid quinn rose games like the plague after my encounter with Crimson Empire. I do plan to try Alice one of these days but it’s not in the front of my backlog.

    urina> yea if you liked BC then you won’t really like this game. maybe they had a different writer/artist this time? The only “trace” of BC similarity was when Darren got all bloodied up in his ending lol. Then again Remei’s route in BC was kinda crappy – maybe whoever wrote that route wrote this whole game 😆

  5. Hahaha…i think they must make this game before BC because i alway see that the next game usually not good like their fisrt game…..And since BC was so good so you naturally have high hope with their next game but it’s not like what you are expected….so you disapponted 😀
    Maybe i will skip this game since BC still have strong influence in me 😀

  6. Seeing you rage was pretty much funnier than the routes I watched hahahaha.

    Why not try Alice no kuni and series? From what I heard the protagonist is pretty cynical and snarky, pretty strong protagonist to them.

  7. ;____;
    so disappointed.
    I was hoping Kaito and Max would be win routes, because I loved Kaito’s character design and Max looked like badass win.
    I’m kind of glad I didn’t pay 4 zeny for this now lol but damn! I had great hopes for this game since IcingCandy’s Bloody Call was really good…. ;_; so depressed…. I hope you like Tokyo Yamanote Boys and I can’t wait for your review on it! I installed it onto my computer and…….
    never started playing it =_=;; lol oops 😛

  8. It might as well be a BL end! First Alastair slaps him and then he cries in his arms 😆 It’s such a shock that BC was so deep but this game was so extremely shallow…I should have been more careful when the castle in there looked like the disney castle and the opening theme sounded like some disney movie 😆

  9. Waa..Too bad. More than anything I was hoping for something deep and some contrast. (WTF at the Noir PV) Thanks so much for your review! It told me all I wanted to know and I had fun reading. BL end for William XD ROFL

  10. lol I had high hopes too T_T I didn’t really like her twin tails…they were so high above her head it looked weird rofl. I preferred some of her other hair styles xD

    they coulda done so much with kaito but yea so much for that 😕

  11. aw wut kaito turned out to be some copout crapass indecisive wuss? and i was looking forward to his route the most T.T

    lol francis sounds like he’s gonna be a blast to go for but das abt it. uuuu and i kinda had high hopes for this wut with the nice art, fantasy premise and twintailed heroine xD

  12. lol yea I heard TYB is interesting so hopefully it’ll be a good play. its just a pity that BC was so good and this just pales in comparison!

  13. i am laughing so hard when reading this =D ya u didnt exactly stay calm when writing this but it cant be help since it was stupid half the time with the ‘ur love saves all’ cookie cutter ending >.>
    i enjoyed the time though since it became quite a laugh, hope u have more fun with the next game
    cant wait to read the review =D

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