Just some Pangya & Tartaros blurbs

If this was 6 months ago, I would have bought Lucia’s Kimono in a heartbeat. In fact I think I had requested they bring it back and I wanted it all this time. But now that it’s released I just don’t seem to care. I almost forget to login to the currently on going login/play event to be honest. The idea of spending anymore money on Pangya just annoys me. I think the Kimono is lovely but now that I got Lucia’s magical girl & wedding dress, and bath towel, and SSAF, and the swimsuit I bought that I only wore for about a week…yea the last thing I need to do is blow $15 on pixels without having a job first.

My play time is so sporadic that I wonder how long I can keep this up lol

Nobody ever quits pangya, we all come back to it, but then again not too many people play it daily either. Ever since I came back to Tartaros my interest in Pangya just flew out the window. I don’t even login for exp/pang events anymore even though they’re actually going on for a long time every weekend this month. (´・ω・`) Not even super shuffle mode kept me interested for more than a couple days. For now I just login daily, play a 3h with JP and log out. I have no interest otheriwise.. but if anyone wants to play a game or 2 hit me up on twitter or something.

Double JP

In regards to Tartaros 2ch had a discussion today regarding party exp vs solo exp. Turns out that as you play with a party, the enemy exp is lowered but it’s made up by a higher clear bonus. Of course, if your party members are fucking assholes who run ahead and kill stuff away from you, you’re not even getting exp from those enemies. So basically after reading I’ve come up with the following conclusions:

Solo = better for exp events because exp events increase exp only for enemies not clear bonuses but bad because you can only do 5 runs before your fatigue is full (unless you have anti fatigue pots/panflute.)
2 & 3 people = about the same. clear bonus slightly increased but you still only do 6 runs before your fatigue is filled up. up side is the 6th run may or may not get you close to 100 fatigue so you can still get that final clear bonus. (example in Dendou Ex we end up at 99 with 3 people.)
4 people = you lose exp on the enemies but gain clear bonus and a little bit of a 7th run (usually hit 100 so you don’t get the clear bonus.)

So the conclusion in regards to the above is:

  • If you’re in a shitty party where people run ahead, you might as well play solo.
  • If you’re in a party where someone doesn’t use a cash revival scroll, you lose on the clear bonus, might as well play solo.
  • If you got fatigue pots, you might as well play solo.

Playing solo can be a drag though since it takes longer and characters like Nagi/Cromodo may have a difficult time playing alone (well Cromodo not so much anymore…) Either way thanks to this lovely data I don’t think I will be bothering with random parties anymore. I guess if I want to finish a map quickly and I’m by myself I will jump in somewhere but otherwise I will probably just play with JP and anyone else in the guild who’s online. Sick of all the b/s and 俺TUEEE crap that goes on in parties these days. Take your +15 weapons and stick them up your butts. (#゚`Д゚)