Poor poor Elpintos…(´ε`;)

So after a couple experiences with Elpin the last couple days I’ve come to the conclusion that sadly 2ch is right…Elpin is probably the weakest character next to Nagi, but at least Nagi can heal. I decided to compare my 45 Soma and 46 Elpin’s attacks at Kishidan Ex.

Elpintos has a 40+10 and Soma has a 40+11 weapon. Elpintos physical/magic is about 3900/3700 and Soma is about 4100/4200. Not much of a difference right? Their con/crit is the same and Elpin gets a buff that increases con/crit and a passive buff that increases her attacks by 500. So let’s compare:

JK for Elpin is Refuge where she recovers SP and does damage in the surrounding area. Soma’s JK is just a regular attack where he jumps into the air and crushes the ground doing a circular attack as well. It’s pretty obvious who’s doing more damage. Additionally apparently this skill for Elpin is considered “annoying” by Japanese players because it spreads the enemies apart and doesn’t kill them. Soma’s spreads them apart too but typically the attack is strong enough that it will kill them as well.

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