Ramia Soloed

Finally it’s actually fairly easy to solo this challenge. I guess if you have at least 5500 magic/spirit/physical attack it can easily be done on your own. The exception to this is Elpintos, Nagi & Cromodo. Cromodo simply because he just gets knocked around too much and Elpintos & Nagi ….well Elpintos and Nagi (ಠ_ಠ). The exp book from this challenge gives you about 38k. Pretty nice to solo and level up sub characters. Took me about 10 minutes per run.

The poor man’s weapon & armor guide.

I’m not a tartaros pro and I don’t really spend money on the game anymore so I guess here’s a guide for cheap but still doable weapons armor. Continue reading “The poor man’s weapon & armor guide.”