Rethinking My Phases

You can read about people’s phase opinions all you want but I guess until you try it yourself you just never know. Because of the addition of the CP -> skill point scrolls was implemented I was able to try different phases for my characters. Well Ruko without side step is crap and Cromodo’s time mage is poop on a stick so I didn’t bother with those. Instead the focus today is on Pinko, Elphintos & Soma.

So my overall thoughts are:

Soma – Electronic magician is cool  and the Chain Wave and Shockwave attacks are neat but when in a pinch those attacks aren’t going to save you. The up side is that Soma gets the critical & anti-knockback buff in this phase but that still didn’t save me from death so I decided to try out Voltec Fighter (which is the physical inclination phase.) This is much better. Soma’s original JK can get you out of mobs and overall this phase was a lot easier to use. I will probably continue using Soma as a Voltec Fighter but of course the biggest downer is the massive SP consumption. MP consumption isn’t as bad anymore though so Soma is probably my only SP consuming character at this point and this is a good balance between all my other MP consumers.

Pinko – I thought Champion was the way to go but after they gave Guardian some boots, screw Champion! Guardian’s where it’s at. Pinko’s new L attack stops the enemies in their tracks & increases her damage. This is much better than shield because shield will just decrease damage but if you’re getting mob raped that isn’t gonna do much now is it? Additionally booby trap is like hit barrier with some attack added on to it. You can also cast it while being interrupted while the regular hit barrier on Champion if you get interrupted it’s gone. It also increases Pinko’s attack speed and overall I just found Guardian a lot easier to use. Flying drop will also save you from a mob while robo juniors will just get in the way. I also realized I almost never used Bomb Site so losing that attack didn’t do much to affect my playstyle. I didn’t bother getting Rocket Punch since I am a magic inclination with Pinko but I heard they improved it? I can’t see using it for anything except to push enemies back in the Flying Dragon challenge.

Elphintos – Everyone said that Holy Knight was crappy and that Commander was the way to go so I started with Commander. I found however that Cold Break was slow & crappy and I never used it. The front guard was nice and I really liked Frost Wave but for practicality purposes I switched over to Holy Knight and found it’s just much easier to use. Once Elphintos hits 50 I would flip between Commander & Knight just for the frost wave but the critical, con & attack buffs on Holy Knight are just much better for regular missions. I do miss not having Frost Wave at 46 but I definitely don’t miss holy shield and cold break because they just sucked!

Ruko – Well I didn’t try trapper but I found that I miss using kawarimi. It’s really helpful when you’re trying to gather a mob on your own when playing solo so I find myself switching between Shadow & Kihon often when I’m playing alone.

Cromodo – Time mage? LOL. No thanks (ಠ_ಠ).

Nagi – I admit that Shielf Guard is kinda pointless. It’s annoying & slow to cast and I’d rather have a big heal to use instead…but without Crazy Goat Nagi can get hurt really fast (although I heard battle heal now has level 3 block?) I haven’t tried using Heal Bishop but maybe someday when Nagi is 50 I’ll see what it’s like.

I haven’t tried Ilishia, Shubalman & Aerlot on my own but from my observations:

Aerlot – Chain heal is pretty awesome. It saves Aerlot when he’s in a pinch and it heals others while he’s at it.

Shubalman – Potatoes do massive damage and now he has a buff that increases his running speed like Ruko’s trapper phase. Cool!

Ilishia – Counter Attacker has a party buff skill that gives everyone 15%(or was it 20%?) extra dodge. Very helpful to have a counter attacker in your party!

2 thoughts on “Rethinking My Phases

  1. Overall pretty good info right there, If you don’t mind what is the addition of CP–> Skill Points scroll? Did you mean changing CP into skill points? 0.0

    I did not play JP server so I did not know what is going on out there but i heard that there is a new update of map “Curtain of Aether” and story or something along those line?

    I follow your theories about phase last time playing Pinko as Champion but maybe i will change it soon into Guardian considered that Guardian have a buff that negate all attack for 5 second and that is pretty cool.

    Sorry for a lot of writing but i have been following your update of Tartaros for a long time but did not comment and I pretty much like your Lvling Guide and the info on the update and stuff, Hope to see more news coming soon on Tartaros ^^

    Lastly if you don’t mind telling what is your lvl for each of the characters? 0.0

  2. yes actually! the points you need when you take a skill (like say flying drop needs 75 points) are now exchangeable from CP scrolls that drop from missions. It costs like 45k to exchange and I blew like 8 million lol but I think its worth it since I was able to now give skills to a 6th character.

    Japan hasn’t gotten the Curtain of Aether scenario yet just the maps. From the NPCs it looks like it will be about Aerlot & his friends xD

    I find Guardian a lot easier to use than champion. The best part is how her hit barrier doesn’t get interrupted in a mob (booby trap is the new name). Robo Junior was just a waste of time for me lol.

    Glad my guide came in handy 😀 My main 6 are 64 cromodo, 61 ruko, 59 pinko, 45 Nagi, 46 Elphintos and 45 Soma. Everyone else is 31 and below lol.

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