Otome Game Review: Vitamin X

Well since Hanayoi was a disaster I heard that VX would be easier so I gave it a shot. I agree that it’s definitely easier but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s time consuming and it took me 2-3 days to do a single guy’s route simply because this game has no common route. The chapters for each character are split up based on character so each one has their own distinctive scenario. Combine that with paying attention to certain text lines and then making your way through 12 exams from 5 different subjects…….:;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:; Anyway the story is about Minami Yuri, a new school teacher who is assigned to class X full of idiots & rejects. Her goal is to make one of them graduate, particularly the B6 (baka 6). Problem is the B6 would rather hang out in the clubhouse of their rich bocchama leader Tsubasa than bother even coming to class. Time for Yuri to use her tsukkomi powers to get these idiots back on track!

Makabe Tsubasa – Well I did Tsubasa first because he was the first on the list. He was actually a fun tsundere rich bocchama character so it was a good first choice. Tsubasa is half brit/half Japanese. His mother was a model in England and his father is the rich owner of a Japanese conglomerate. His mother died from loneliness when Tsubasa was 5 and he pretty much was raised by maids & butlers because his father couldn’t care less about him. Because of this, Tsubasa is a spoiled brat and he thinks that he can buy anything with money so Yuri pretty much has to literally slap some sense into him. He also has a strange matryoshika obsession (lol wut) and looking at them is like the equivalent of an orgasm for him. He also loves eating cheese and polishing his checkered statue. Because Tsubasa’s Japanese is fucking terrible (so is his English may I add…) he got left back a year. It also didn’t help that he skipped classes at least half the year as well 😆

Throughout the game it’s obvious that these 2 are all ichaicha and the rest of B6 notice it, especially Goro but Yuri thinks nobody knows! So to get each ending you need a certain study/love score.I was actually aiming for dream end first but somehow ended up getting Perfect end in which Tsubasa graduates, ORDERS Yuri to be his girlfriend (while she drowns in a sea of rose petals), goes to college and takes over a part of his father’s company. He then buys a jet with his “pocket” money and takes Yuri away on a vacation. In the dream end, which I guess now I’m glad I played 2nd as it’s the better ending, he decides not to go to college & instead becomes a model. He remembers about Yuri’s horrible bento that she made him the year before and almost vomits, while telling her that he quit his agency today because he’s been accepted at one in France. This agency is the same one that his mother was a model at as well. He asks Yuri to go with him to France in which he then I guess also has a teaching job set up for her.

In the seiyuu talk, Suzuki Tatsuhisa apologized for all the Engrish he had to spit out during the game. I mean I guess it was amusing but sometimes I really think when they bring in a character who’s gonna spit out a lot of Engrish lines, they should get someone who has better English pronunciation… ( ´_ゝ`). Anyway I liked Tsubasa a lot but the fact that he had multiple kissing scenes in bother endings and not a single kiss CG….yea what’s the reward for my effort here? Since I ended up somehow unlocking Tsubasa’s append story 1, he & Yuri went to the hotsprings together and the landlady there said they’re like a “married couple” XD. Then I was greeted by a CG of the 2 of them in the hot bath together. Zomfg I didn’t expect this at all @@;;. R-18 fandisk where ヽ( ´ー`)ノ This is actually quite nice considering all the hell I had to go through in the game xDDDD. Also makes up for the lack of kiss CGs I guess haha.

Kusanagi Hajime – I don’t know if this was intentional or it’s because he loves to eat meat but Hajime’s stand-in pics were so gachimuchi it was ridiculous. He’d look okay in his CGs then suddenly back to his stand in and he looks like he gained 20 pounds (ಠ_ಠ). Hajime’s the supposed “bad guy” who gets into fights and runs around threatening to bring stabbity to everyone with his knife. He has a gay fanboy named Sakashita who wants to see Hajime beat people up instead of do what he really wants to do – play soccer. Hajime’s memory is probably the worst of all the B6 and I think it took him 2 chapters before he even remembered that Yuri was his teacher 😆 I think my favorite mistake he ever made was saying “Lonely wife” instead of “lone wolf” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Despite having this bad boy persona, he actually is really kind and loves animals. He loves animals sometimes he confuses people with animals and actually he’s the only one who can properly communicate with Mizuki and his pet lizard. Even though his memory is bad he’s very keen on hearing Yuri talk to herself and often say her fantasies out loud XD. Hajime is also like the “mom” of B6 because he takes care and watches over everyone (lol poor Ono Daisuke always ends up with these kind of guy roles *looks at Suzuya*).

So anyway the big story here is that he used to be on the soccer team but he was forced to quit because of an incident that happened the year before. Turns out that his former bff Okazaki, who’s the student council pres, had something crawl up his ass & die because he could never beat Hajime in soccer. So he purposely injured Hajime and staged it so that it seemed like Hajime attacked this other dude named Takemoto with a knife. Hajime then quit the team and rumors spread that Hajime attacked Takemoto and from that day on Hajime would walk around town and get into gang fights. Since he’s super gachimuchi he would win but it was all a huge misunderstanding (oh Japan etc.) Yuri was the only one who believed Hajime wasn’t guilty and she even acted as a buffer for his rage whenever the soccer incident was brought up. Thanks to this Hajime finally calmed down (and hugged her) and from that day on whenever he saw Okazaki he would ignore his attempt to piss Hajime off. Then on graduation day Takemoto admitted that it was all a setup because he wanted to be on the student council so it would look good on his college application and then suddenly everyone’s like “what Hajime is innocent!?” So yea needless to say Hajime was cleared of all his past wrong doings (?) and then we get thrown into the endings. Before that though, Hajime’s gay stalker Sakashita had to push Yuri in front of traffic therefore having Hajime save her & injure himself. Freaking gay homo rage ( ´_ゝ`).

So in the perfect ending Hajime confesses to Yuri (in a sea of sakura petals this time) and then kisses her (but we get no CG sigh.) He goes to college and then they decide they will watch the cherry blossom together while Yuri makes another one of her deadly bentos. In the dream ending Hajime doesn’t go to college and instead decides to continue practicing soccer to one day play professionally I guess. Bleh lol. Again no CG in this ending but the part where Tsubasa offered the 2 of them a love hotel room made me lol. 😆 My other favorite Hajime scenes were when he took his shirt off to change his clothes and Yuri started freaking out – then the next day she babbled out loud how nice it was that she saw Hajime (half)naked. Hajime of course had the appropriate reaction ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Since each guy gets a different sensei to support them, this time we got the history teacher Ootori-sensei who was pretty awesome. Unlike Katsuragi he was actually pretty smart and helpful and often pretty much beat Katsuragi on the head whenever he would attack Yuri with his Engrish & breathing :lol:. Ono Daisuke mentioned in his seiyuu talk that Hajime was a scary delinquent lol. Some of the scenes were like semi raep but I just couldn’t take it seriously because the CGs were just so disproportionate… I unlocked Hajime’s Append Story 1 in which he plays soccer and Yuri comes to watch him and makes him a bento while all the team mates are jealous of him. When they see her bento they’re like il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン and Hajime’s like “see how deep my love is!?” He then proceeds to kiss her a few times saying he wants to cook for her from now on. Well at least he got a kiss CG but ugh so awkward…lol

Fumonji Goro – Goro is the token trap and Kishio Daisuke regrets ever doing a role like this 😆 Goro makes everyone call him “Goro-chan” and he has a pet weiner dog who he calls Pau. One of Goro’s hobbies is painting and then selling his artworks on the street. He sucks at math and hates wasting time on studying when he could be out making money from his art. At one point Yuri tells him that his art screams “attention whore” and instantly Goro falls into an art slump and actually decides to attend the after school lectures for once. Yuri later apologizes to him and Goro gets his spirit back and his art improves. In one of the chapters Goro and Nikaido sensei switch bodies and Goro runs around in Nikaido’s body saying “I’m Sho-chan” when obviously the serious Nikaido would never call himself that XD. During the school festival Goro finds a bunch of his artworks in the garbage. He gets upset and this is pretty much where we find out his past. Turns out back when he was in middle school he was teased a lot by this girl named Misuzu who is the president of the art club. The reason being is that Misuzu always won 1st place in the local art contests but 1 time Goro took first place which made her rage. She got her female buddies to not only make fun of him but abuse him and force him to wear girl’s school uniform.

At first Goro just cried because he was a short little boy ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ but then he was like “fine if you want me to be a trap so badly then I will be!” So from that day on he grew out his hair and started wearing makeup & girls clothes. Because he was so short and feminine to begin with, he looked cuter as a trap than most of the females around him and so people stopped teasing him. Nobody would start shit with him anymore and in fact he was able to get his way with his flamboyancy most of the time. At first it was just a self-defense mechanism but eventually Goro began to like xdressing and so it pretty much became his hobby & persona. Misuzu of course didn’t realize this and up until senior year of HS she had this guilty feeling that Goro’s trapness was her fault and she kept telling herself that she hates him in order to make herself feel better. When Goro hears her telling this to Yuri, he comes into the art club room and tells her his feelings and asks if they can just let bygones be bygones and become friends again. Misuzu agrees and so comes graduation day. Goro comes in wearing a male uniform with his long hair down. He comes to Yuri and tells her that he didn’t want to look like a girl when he was going to confess to the girl he loves (*´д`*). So then in the Perfect end he confesses to her and tells her that he got into the art college he wanted to go to. He ends up cutting his hair and dressing like a guy again.

While he continues selling his art on the street one of the higher ups at the college he’s going to comes up to him and compliments his artwork. Goro is so happy he glomps Yuri and she’s so shocked her head tilts in an ugodly angle in the CG ( ´_ゝ`). In the dream ending Goro’s confession is like “I love you! TAKE ME!” and so he doesn’t go to college and continues selling his art on the street until one day he’s scouted to be an illustrator. In this ending he calls Yuri “honeychan” and makes her call him “Gororin” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He comes over to her place and gets all ichaicha with her saying he needs it to get some “power” for his drawings. So in the ending they basically spill some paint while they’re busy making out in front of the canvas. Well while at the beginning of the game I wanted to kick Goro in the face multiple times, he kinda grew on me after he was really supportive in Tsubasa’s route. He wasn’t as bad in his own route (or maybe I got jaded who knows 😕 ) but my biggest disappointment is THIS. Even though he cut his hair, because I had his love points higher than study points he had these STUPID PONYTAILS EVEN THOUGH HE CUT HIS HAIR UGH. So like until the CGs showed up I just couldn’t take the romance seriously because of how ridiculous he looked (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻  Or did they think this would be funny ugh…But Goro’s route at least had a (badly drawn) kiss scene…I should be thankful right?? =_= I only found out 2 routes later that you could turn the accessories off…so I went back to replay the final scenes to see what he’d look like without the drill hair XD. I unlocked Goro’s Append Story 1 in which he’s rabu rabu & ichaicha with Yuri as usual.

Madarame Mizuki – Mizuki’s BGM sounds like a lullaby and most of his dialogue is “zzz” or “……….” So at first his route was actually quite painful to go through. The good news is, just like with Goro, most of his action lines were just him answering questions wrong during the study sessions which made them really easy to point out (vs how with Tsubasa & Hajime it was random lines during conversations.) Mizuki has a pet lizard named Toge who screams “togeee!” and sounds like a chicken. He also has a horrible talent of attracting albino reptiles. At any given moment a mob of white snakes & iguanas will come slithering nearby him and on anyone who is within the perimeter. This doesn’t exactly make Mizuki’s tutorial sessions easy and I give props to Yuri for putting up with that shit lol. Since Tsubasa dragged him to be a model, Mizuki’s part time job is being a model but that’s okay since he pretty much just stands there looking emo which is all models have to do anyway. While Mizuki has a talent for summoning reptiles, for tanabata he summons a panda that goes rabid and eats all the tanzaku and makes Tsubasa rage 😆 This was probably the most hilarious moment in the whole route プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  During the school festival and the cafe thing, Goro gets all jealous because of his obsession with sensei and he bumps into someone who ends up spilling hot water. Yuri is afraid Toge will get burned to death so she pushes Mizuki out of the way and instead gets the hot water on herself. Mizuki suddenly talks like he’s never talked before and carries Yuri to the nurse’s office.

Yuri is so shocked that he can talk but then the next day he goes back to being his silent self. One day the  Bakasayu clubhouse is full of snakes because Mizuki & Toge got into a fight over who Yuri likes best. Apparently Toge, despite being a lizard, grew a crush on Yuri because she saved his life 😆 So if that wasn’t wtf enough, after the winter ball, Toge speaks to the viewer saying he wishes he could tell Yuri his feelings. So then Goro appears and using his popera magic and turns Toge into a human that looks like a Mizuki clone. Toge then goes to Yuri’s house and confesses his love to her before disappearing アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! The next day Mizuki is like “maybe that wasn’t a dream..since Toge wasn’t around last night” 😆 So finally when this idiot from Class A keeps trying to start shit with Class X, Mizuki totally pwns him by acing the entrance exam. Turns out Mizuki has an IQ of 280 and he’s actually a genius who just pretends to be dumb! That means that he purposely fails his tests and basically his “study sessions” with Yuri were all just him killing time lmfao. Apparently when he was younger, because he was so smart a lot of people wanted to experiment on him since his parents were researchers. Mizuki got really scared since he was little and so his parents sent him & his sister back to Japan to live together so that they wouldn’t be bothered by the crazy Gendo Ikaris anymore.

So in the Perfect Ending Mizuki goes to college and the wing man snakes come over so that he could lift up Yuri in his arms and kiss her xDDD. He ends up staying in Japan and not going to see his parents in America. As usual the snakes continue coming after him but he tells them that they gotta not cockblock him and Yuri while they’re on a date. In the dream ending, Mizuki continues staying all raburabu ichaicha with Yuri (at school for some reason?) and they get cockblocked by everyone on his graduation day. So then one day when he visits Yuri at school it turns out he’s a candidate for the nobel peace prize for something that he had entered in on his “free time”. Mizuki then complains that he doesn’t want fame & fortune and he just wants to live a simple life with Yuri XD. In this ending he also dropped his suitcase and gave up going to his parents in America too. Well anyway at first Mizuki and the Snake Brigade was kind of annoying and the constant Togeeeee! could have been toned down but when Mizuki actually began to talk I was like キュ──。+゚(*゚Д゚*)。+゚──ン!!  Especially the scene in the nurse’s office after Yuri got the hot water spilled on her. It’s so funny to hear Suganuma-san in this quiet & calm down role when I heard him as this loud shota in Himehibi and obnoxious ossan neko in Kaeru Batake haha. I think in the seiyuu talk even he admitted this was like a “new experience” for him.

Nanase Shun – Shun is a kuudere band leader guy. He’s also pretty much a victim because near the middle I pretty much had said “poor Shun” on multiple occasions 😆 He’s also a cheapass frugal dude (not that I can’t relate) and he always hunts out bargain sales and gets excited when he finds out there’s a dollar store near his apartment. The reason being is that his mom’s a dirty hooker so he’s kinda been living on his own since middle school so he’s gotta practice his band, do his part time job and pay for all his own expenses. When Yuri shows up telling him she wants him to study he’s like “umm wtf no (ಠ_ಠ)”. He’s so busy that he ends up sleeping at the bakasayu becuase he just doesn’t get enough sleep between band practice & work. Yuri makes a deal with him to instead study during his lunch hours and while he bitches about it at first eventually he agrees. Early in the game he kicks a guitarist named Mori out of his band for being a lazy halfass, and so before one of the concerts, Mori sneaks into Visconty’s changing room and cuts the strings on Shun’s bass guitar. When they find out who did it, the leader of the band Mori is now in kicks him out and lets Shun borrow his guitar for the show.

There’s also the super bad luck scenario where Kiyo spills water on Shun’s waiter uniform, then Goro spills perfume on Shun’s head followed by a watermelon falling on him and then he accidentally drinks out of Konokage sensei’s water bottle. 😆 Poor poor Shun… プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Shun’s accessories were black bat wings at which point it just got so ridiculous I just had to turn accessories off or I wouldn’t be able to take his route seriously.  So anyway when Yuri meets with his slut mom and tries to get her to actually give a fuck about her child she’s like “ew don’t call me “mother” thats disgusting.” She picks up her mail and leaves, leaving Yuri crying for the sake of Shun.  Shun wipes away her tears and from that day on becomes Shundere saying that Yuri helped him rediscover the joy of music – rather than just a way to become rich & famous. One night she gets a phone call from Shun asking her to come to the band practice stage the next day. Yuri agrees but when she gets there she’s greeted with a bunch of rapists from other bands. Before they can have her way with her, Shun shows up telling them all to GTFO and they’re like “hey what the hell man you sold her to us!” Turns out that that stupid band bitch Fumi said b/s to shun that Yuri would abandon him and since he’s weak hearted he fell for it and thought he should “abandon before he gets abandoned.”

Anyway that stupid jealous whore threatens to quit Visconty if Shun doesn’t stop seeing Yuri and Shun tells her “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out”. So Fumi & her fanboy Manabe both leave the band but Shun is able to find replacements  (one being a trap 😆 )so all is good. In the perfect ending Shun confesses to her and thanks her for everything saying he got into college. He does a live especially for her and after graduation continues his band activites while going to school. There’s a crappy kiss CG at the end but hey that at least makes 2 characters that got one now… In the dream ending Shun doesn’t go to college but instead his band gets their debut and he tells Yuri he doesn’t care who knows that he has a lover…since it’s because of her that he got where he is today. He also kisses her and tells her to be continued “later”. In the maniac voices as expected Toriumi Kousuke made me go (*´д`*)ハァハァ  but sadly his seiyuu talk was really short I was so sad T_T. Anyway Shun was alright. His hair was kinda dumb and he wore a man-thongkini during all the pool scenes but I guess the seiyuu helped. I don’t know if I would have liked him as much had he been voiced by someone else…

Sendou Kiyoharu – Kiyo is a fucking son of a bitch who I’ve wanted to kick in the face every minute since the game started. I left him for last because I guess it took me this long to be able to tolerate his shit…but actually there were a few scenes in his route which were good to be in the “last” route of the game so I’d probably recommend Kiyo for last regardless. Additionally I felt Kiyo’s action lines were the hardest since a lot of them were during random dialogue parts like with Tsubasa & Hajime, and since Kiyo speaks like a fucking valley girl some of his lines are difficult to catch because they’ll be stuffed in midst of a sentence or just come out of nowhere ε- (^ω^;  ふぅ He keeps pulling pranks on everyone but since it’s now his route, needless to say the target is now Yuri…and she falls for his pranks EVERY SINGLE TIME. The only way to get Kiyo to like you of course is to take his pranks with a smile and brush it off like you’ve been hit with some sticks & stones. If you dare let a tear out, you’ve just lost the game! He even has this thing going on where he pretends that he has a twin brother name Kiyoaki and Yuri believes it for 11 chapters in a row. What the hell dude, 11 chapters, that’s almost an entire YEAR in the game (ಠ_ಠ).

It’s so difficult to get him to take the extra after school lessons with Yuri that she has to ask some of the teachers to guard the classroom doors to make sure he doesn’t escape. Kiyo also is really good at basketball, so good that he can pretty much take an entire team solo and win. The basketball club often asks him to come help them play games and win and when he refuses they start bitching about it. Anyway let’s see the pranks he pulled…During the sports festival he blows into her ear, during some study sessions he kissed her on the cheek & licked her nose, on multiple occasions he’s spilled buckets of various forms of liquid on her, for the winter ball he lied to her saying they’d do an obon dance and she came in her suit instead of a dress, at one point he pushed her into the pool and threw in Mizuki’s albino animals into there, pretends to change himself & confess to her only to film it all on camera,  and the worst was when he spilled water on her and they got locked in the gym equipment shed and she got a fever. I guess that’s when Kiyo realized he went a bit too far. Anyway when Yuri finally slaps him and tells him off he says that she’s the best and she’s the longest person who was able to take his shit this far so he says his goal is to make her cry before he graduates :lol:. If things weren’t bad enough already, Kiyo also has this weird thing when if he sleeps for about an hour and a half and wakes up he gets into this weird mental state where he becomes rico suave. He starts hitting on anyone near him, be it male or female.

At one point this ends up having him fall asleep in Shuns lap プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵To add on to the weirdness, the miss perfect Kuze Kaori from Class A seems to have a massive crush on him and is extremely jealous that he gives all his (bad) attention to Yuri XD. Anyway his shit pretty much continues the entire game and so in the perfect ending he says that if he shoots 100 baskets in a row he’ll have something to say to her. On the last basket he shoots and Yuri is afraid to see if he will make it and closes her eyes. Kiyo comes to her and is like “why are you closing your eyes” and kisses her |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Son of a bitch! Don’t suddenly start being all hot and shit gah. So I was pretty much in conflict of like rage and キュ──。+゚(*゚Д゚*)。+゚──ン!!  at the same time here 😆 He confesses to her and says she cannot refuse (流石…) and so in the epilogue he goes to college and one day drops by while she’s teaching her new 3rd year students. He tells them all that if anyone lays a finger on her, they’ll have to answer to him (as he throws some snakes on a random kid.) XD Then he “proves” that she is his by making out with her in front of the entire class (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Sigh Kiyo. In the dream ending he was actually a lot sweeter and confessed to her in the gym equipment shed. He drops out of college saying he has plans to go to America and get into the NBA because Japan’s just not good enough for him. They get all ichaicha on the basketball court while the other guys  he’s to play against start bitching at him xDDD.

In the seiyuu talk Yoshino was like “wasn’t this annoying?” YES omfg YES….but so hot at the end. Anyway I was recommended to do both of Kiyo’s append endings even though I REALLY DIDN’T WANT TO…but I just had to know what the hell was his reason for popularity in Japan! So in append 1, Yuri becomes the teacher to watch over the basketball club and Kihashi obviously has a crush on her…not knowing that she’s dating Kiyoharu. Needless to say Kiyo warns him that he better not “step over his boundaries” cause the guy has no idea 😆 XD So then Kiyo grabs Yuri and makes out with her in front of everyone again \( ^o^)/ In his 2nd append ending Kiyo makes into the NBA and Yuri, Hajime, Shun & Tsubasa all fly to America to watch his debut game. While they’re practicing Hajime decides to make fun of Kiyo so  he puts his arm around Yuri to piss him off. Kiyo rages and throws a basketball in Hajime’s face 😆 Since Hajime’s good at sports he manages to dodge it..and it hits Shun in the face instead. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then grabs Yuri and throws her over his shoulder and carries her away (while a raging Shun with a ball mark on his face chaces him) saying he could use his “strength” elsewhere ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん. Fuck I am so pissed off yet happy at the same time. I’m still not sure what to make of this love & hate feeling for Kiyo so I’ll just leave it at that xDD.

Normal Ends & Sensei Ends – If you get your love points/study points low enough, you will instead get a normal end with each guy. The best way to do is this to just “skip all” and not catch any of the action lines. Instead of confessing to sensei, the guys basically thank her for putting up with their shit for a year. Also I don’t know why Yuri actually looked  normal in the Normal end Cgs…which is sad considering how crappy she looked in the guys’ true ends Cgs most of the time ==;. Once you do the normal end and you redo some chapters for the right choices, you can unlock “Secret Story” which is basically the sensei ending. In Ootori’s he admits to putting up with her nasty lunch because he likes her that much XD.  He then gets the fangirl mob to take Hajime away so he can stop cockblocking the 2 of them 😆 In Ginji’s story Tsubasa asks Yuri to become his wife. Ginji rages and says that he hates being serious but he’ll be serious in order to prove that he really loves her XD. Tsubasa laughs at them & leaves. In Konokage’s she goes to Shun’s live with Shun & Konokage and some other band members hit on her…so Konokage opens up a can of woopass on them. He then claims her as his future wife while Shun is like wtf dude….then says “I want to cockblock” HAHAHA. Konokage is not pleased and the 2 of them face off or something XD. In Nikaido’s ending Goro pretends to be gay with him and Nikaido’s like wtf no and Goro is like oh so you like Yuri then? Nikaido blushes like a tomato and then confesses to Yuri asking her to date him with the intention of marriage :D. In Kinugasa’s normal end he finally pwned Kiyo which was quite refreshing and in his confession end he has the most kimoi CG ever. Seriously his face was like..UGH like okay if you can’t draw faces well why do you draw a closeup. ( ´_ゝ`) Then Kiyo shows up claiming he’s gonna cockblock like he’s never cockblocked before. In poor Masaki’s ending, Mizuki keeps cockblocking with Toge to the point where Masaki rages and kicks everyone out and screams in Yuri’s ear to go out with him xD. Poor guy lol.

Wow that was just…long. I am physically exhausted. This game took me 2 weeks man, 2 weeks! It’s so exhausting I couldn’t even be bothered completing all the CGs and getting all the guy’s append endings. It’s not even the exams that are tiring but the constant having to manually go through the text to make sure you catch every ‘action line’. I wanted to do at least 6 chapters a day so I could at least finish each guy in 2 days but after 3 chapters I’d start missing action lines, getting test questions wrong and just generally wanting to rage quit the game while fall asleep at the same time. The good news is if you go to do more endings, if you got perfect scores on the exams & you caught all the action lines the first time, you can skip and the game will automatically stop at the action lines so you can go adjusting your study/love points in order to get the ending you want. By the end of Tsubasa’s route I had more points than I needed so even though I had missed a few lines here & there in Hajime’s, it really didn’t matter because I had enough points to get whatever ending I wanted. The bad news of course being you must do this for every single character at least once. Seeing as how the CGs are freaking terrible. I mean this is almost on par with KiraKimi CG QUALITY and then not having CGs in certain scenes you start to really wonder…why did I waste so much time on this? The most annoying part was that some of the CGs in the extra endings (Normal, Append, etc) were SIGNIFICANTLY better than the ones in the regular routes. Щ(・`ω´・Щ) The voice bonuses were actually kinda fun to listen to but not fun enough to convince me to go back and get some of the missing append endings to unlock some of them ( ´_ゝ`). There were BL undertones everywhere so I guess if you’re into that you might have found it hilarious but I guess I kinda got tired of it by the time I was on the 2nd guy’s route. I liked Yuri as a heroine. She was actually pretty smart and really got herself out of sticky situations being able to say the right thing at the right time. Sadly this was all until the very end when I guess we’re supposed to get the romance…and then she turned into some kind of bumbling idiot. So I guess I can say she’s pretty awesome at least 90% of the time but this game seems to focus more on the lulz than on romance it seems anyway. I guess if you’re sort of playing games on & off this is actually a pretty good fit. Since you can do multiple characters at once if you wish by jumping between chapters in character selection. You can redo chapters anytime you want and you can save in the middle of a chapter if you wish to do so. Unfortunately I tend to plow through the game all at once and this was just too much (;´ω`)>フゥ...It’s a shame as I thought the character dialogues & interactions were actually a lot of fun but then not having CGs in a kiss scene or having a CG where the heroine looks like a blob, was like having to take a massive dump at the beach & going to the public restroom only to be told it’s out of order. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。I also heard in the DS version you can poke the characters in the CGs and have them say various lines…if only the PS2 version had this too 絶望したぁ!! Anyway for the character interactions/scenes I highly recommend this game but this is definitely something that involves EFFORT. You need to be able to read & catch Japanese text fairly well or you’ll just frustrate yourself & ragequit. Because there’s no common route the game will take you at LEAST 2 weeks assuming you played it at least 5-6 hours a day like I did (ಠ_ಠ). I didn’t think I’d be able to make it through every guy but I guess they kinda grew on me so I was able to do even do that bastard Kiyo’s endings 😆 For the typical VN otome gamer, I don’t recommend this. I guess I’m starting to grow a thick barrier of tollerance to D3P’s bullshit or something 😆 …however I am definitely putting Vitamin Z on hold until further notice. I just need a break before I jump into another action line fest (;´Д`A ```


23 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Vitamin X”

  1. I really like Ginji-sensei’s absurd Engrish ^O^ Really funny and baka!
    I also like Tsubasa and Hajime, well yeah they’re basically my type of guy ^^b
    I just HATE Goro’s appearance! NOOOO~~~~
    I MUST play his route to be able to get Nikaido-sensei >_<

  2. Are these games too bad??
    Haha,actually I think some R-18 scenes are really good, but I don’t know why, I prefer these scenes in BL games XD In otome I prefer more romantic stuffs…
    Thanks, I’m gonna improve my Japanese, since I’ve been playing these games I’ve already improved it, but I still afraid of reading text LOL

  3. Nope I”m actually avoiding KOE games and Quinn Rose games for the time being for various reasons lol. Yea sadly most GOOD games are PS2/PSP….most PC games are R-18 garbage lol

    I do have to say playing these games has really improved my Japanese reading speed & kanji knowledge so keep at it 😀

  4. Haha, I see. But I haven’t seen such a short description for any route in your reviews xD
    Well, I haven’t seen in your list La Corda d’Oro, didn’t you play any of game from this series? Cause I wish I could, but the first one is quite old and doesn’t work with translator, and others are for PS2 and PSP, and my level of Japanese leaves a lot to be desired…

  5. lol thanks ;D
    actually I like to take notes during interesting games because the plot is so complex that if I don’t take notes I get confused rofl. oppositely with boring games I don’t take notes and just write “nothing happened this route bored me to death” rofl 😆

  6. Masaka LOL Your English is incredible…
    When you take notes you don’t feel the atmosphere of the game… I guess xD But it depends on a game, with boring one I can easily take notes, drink tea or finally forget about the game LOL LOL LOL

  7. Glad you like it (I am also Russian btw :P)
    When I play games I either have a notepad or a text file open to take notes during the route…otherwise I will also forget when I try to write my summaries XD You can try doing that as well!

  8. Well, humour is good, and your words made me decide to try it, thank you!
    I’d like to thank you for all this hard work you’re doing, I mean games’ reviews, I’ve chosen games to play being guided by your reviews although usually I liked the characters you didn’t like, but… your reviews are awesome! I’m russian and I’m trying to make something like this in my language but it’s quite boring and I can’t memorize everything about the characters and all events, such a mess in my head! LOL

  9. I mean there are but they’re really crappy lol
    The game is more about funny scenes than romance lol..romance kinda fails and they make up for it in the fandisk I guess lol

  10. I liked the song in opening xD
    But I hesitate to play it because of this kinda strange style… For me only Tsubasa looks OK, but you say there’s no kissing scene…

  11. nozmo> lol yea I try to avoid mini-game only games like the plague. you won’t see me touching Takuyo’s mix box with a 40 foot pole!

  12. I love this game. It had me laughing so hard! I really love the characters ahahaha but I admit, it’s really exhausting.
    Also, there’s this ridiculous game for it on the DS called Vitamin Y (don’t recommend playing it, it’s basically all minigames with no voices) BUT there’s a CG on there of Kiyoharu and Kiyoaki together and I was like “O___O?!?! WTF?!?” LMAO

  13. Hazuki> Oh? I got perfect every time haha….but I cheated with save state so 😆 omg I loved Kiyo’s half asleep mode. if only he was like that all the time he’d be like my favorite character xDDD

    Rin> except those eyes…THOSE eyes =ω= lolol. I didn’t grasp the Japan popularity either haha…I still like Hajime the most I think! Even if he was a bit too emo in his own route he was just so cute in all the others lol.

    Koori> Yea I didn’t really do the study scenes. The game was just so exhausting I couldn’t be bothered to go back & watch them lol. I liked Tsubasa too but for some reason I also really liked Goro orz. That Vitamin Y looks like something Takuyo would have created with all those mini games!!

    domshiki> yea I saw the screenshots for Z and the art looked a lot nicer so maybe that’s at least something to look forward to. I don’t think I wanna play anymore 2 week games like that for a while!! (´;ω;`)

  14. “Kiyo speaks like a fucking valley girl ” <– LMAO LIKE OMG TOTALLY IKR?!?! XDXD

    god this game made me shit bricks laughing but i onli got through tsubasa's route before givin up lol. same fore vit z, i got through 2 characters and the cg there is *slightly* btr but nutin to phone home about still.

    I applaud u for bein able to finish this game xD

  15. ∪*・ω・*)ノポィッ⌒【☆:*:・オツカレサマ・:*゚☆】
    LOL Kiyo was the first guy I chose, and that’s what I get for judging the guys from their looks. He’s both うざっ and sexy at the same time, so I understand your love/hate feeling. Though I still don’t get why he’s that popular in Japan. ┐(´~`;)┌

    Maybe I should try playing the PSP version.. someday, if I have the time and effort to do so LOL.

  16. Congratulations Hinano~! You cleared VitaminX! (Maybe it’s a good thing that you don’t have a PSP emulator because even though in the teachers route it’s shorter it was harder for me to get the damn points ’cause I couldn’t get a perfect 10 on the tests. I still can’t get Ootori-sensei’s perfect end dammit!) But then again the PSP has so much extra stuff OTL

    *looks at JP’s comments* What…no “My Sweet” in there too. LOL

    I’m glad that Yoshino Hiroyuki agreed that Kiyoharu was annoying. LOL But I think he eventually grew to like him…I can’t help but think that Kiyoharu helped him get the role for Hallelujah for Gundam00. Especially the double act with Kiyoaki. LOL
    I can understand why you love/hate Kiyoharu…but the appends didn’t win over my heart that much but I do like his half-asleep mode…cause he’s SO NICE AND NOT UZA! But the lines he says are pretty embarrassing LOL

  17. Sabrina> Lol he’d never make it through cause he’d never be able to pick up the dialogue like I do!!

    Mimi> I figured it was you so ain’t no thang 😆
    That laugh totally reminded me of Naruto ugh…I was having so many conflicting feelings ;_;

  18. (xD I changed my name from just Mimi to Mimichii to match my justin.tv name so it didn’t get confusing xD)

    Making me go ドキドキ yet still managing to be an asshole all at the same time >_>
    wtf man, wtf. Lol
    and that laugh… that laugh, good lord I swear xD LOL

  19. It looked interesting, but after reading your review, I don’t know how you suffered through this. I would have quit this bitch after the first couple of days.

    Your patience is admirable. Now make JP play it. 🙂 It can be a new spin on “what I was forced to watch”.

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