Otome Android Games Part 2

Well since my first post was unsuccessful (need Japanese email bleh) I decided to look for more otome games on the android market and this time I found ones that are actually playable! I downloaded 2 demo games so I guess I’ll just post my impressions and links for you guys to try them out!

First one I tried is イケメン★ホスト学園 春馬編 demo. Basically the story is about a girl (whose name I forgot so I just wrote in hinano 😆 ) who goes to some otome high school while her childhood friend Kanzaki Haruma goes to some ikemen host high school. Anyway the demo was basically him coming to pick you up for school and getting all tsundere and shit 😆 It’s pretty stereotypical but he’s really cute!

The art is really nice and it has save/load/auto-mode in the demo. There’s no voice as usual for a cell phone game but there’s music. The game has 3 different routes for 3 different guys but sadly its $3.74 per guy so it’s definitely recommended you try the demos for each guy before considering purchase. Personally I liked Haruma haha so I would recommend him for sure ;D. You can buy the game here or try the demo here.

Next I tried 恋せよ応援団!~Cheers for you~ which is a game where the heroine is a cheerleader but the new high school she enters doesn’t have a cheerleading club. Instead they have a man cheerleader team and so you join them and I guess raise cheer stats to get with the right bishie.

I tried the trial and you couldn’t save so when I failed to do the mini game (it’s kind like one of those taiko no tatsujin games) the game instantly ended for me and I couldn’t load! 😆 The art is really cute and there’s 5 characters in 1 game so you get a better deal than the game above. For some reason when searching the android market through my phone I could only find the demo but I found the paid version through the online android market instead. Not sure if paid version is Japan only or not but the demo works for all. Hopefully the full version is downloadable for everyone!

Finally – I haven’t tried this game but when looking for the 2 games above I stumbled upon it so I figured I’d share this…

|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Lmfao it’s a game where your chilhood friend otouto-like shota spills cream all over himself during a summer festival and you have to use your fingers to touch the screen and “wipe it off”. If you “massage” it properly, apparently you get some kind of special good ending??? xD Lmfao there’s no demo for this I think so you have to buy it to see what it’s like. If anyone buys this let me know lol. Apparently they also sell a “strategy” guide which is kind of a ripoff if you ask me lol.

Anyway seems like otome games are slowly making their way to the android market so hopefully this trend will increase and maybe one day we’ll actually see some with voice acting included (*´ω`*).


12 thoughts on “Otome Android Games Part 2”

  1. no because I tend not to buy games that are unvoiced sorry! voice acting (even if by a random person) is a huge decision maker for me because I can just play unvoiced games for free on mobage.

  2. I was just wondering but will you be doing a review on the android app : shall we date? Ninja love? It has a good reputation so far.

  3. I.. Must… Try this. </3 Too bad I can't buy them. xD;; I'm currently broke. Ohoho. OTL;; Rofl. Either way, I'll be sure to try out the demos though. : D

  4. domshiki> lol i really wish the cream game had a demo xDD I wanted to try it out before deciding whether I wanna fork over $3!

  5. omg the cream on the shota’s face…ASFOSDFSDFOASDF XD

    crap these games actually seem pretty good. need…android…now xD

  6. oh lol I see. I used to use google checkout when I sold my doujins back in the day and since you can use it to buy apps on the android market it’s a lot handier these days

  7. Just didn’t feel like registering my CC detail at more than 1 place <_<;
    Ah well. Will try all the demo first before deciding which one to buy XD

  8. sharakael> what’s wrong with google check out? it’s actually probably safer than Paypal lol

    sandeian> well since most android phones are touch screen, I’m surprised that this trend hasn’t fully caught on yet lol

  9. oh god. man, i love the naming sense of these mobile phone otome games.
    イケメン★ホスト学園!! wtf XD
    Argh! God, Im actually kind of interested now.
    Though if its wiping off cream, might as well make it into a ds game right?

  10. Haha, I saw that Ikemen Host and was tempted to buy, but canceled on it since I didn’t want to use Google Checkout… I might give in to temptation now <_< megane chara~ \(^o^)\

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