Otome Game Review: Under the Moon ~Crescent~


Well I decided to play the PS2 version of UTM because I think I speak for everyone when I say “I’m pretty damn curious what they do to replace the massive amount of rape in the game!” since PS2 games can’t have porn. So this post will mostly be a comparison/thoughts rather than a summary. For the original PC game summary please check my PC review. I plan to discuss the love/hate routes in detail since I ended up skipping those for obvious reasons in the PC version.

Seizh – So since Seizh is the most dislikeable character in this game I decided to do him first and get that SOB out of the way! \( ^o^)/ While there are 6 endings, only endings A appear to have CGs so once Seizh killed Asch in love/hate B I decided not to bother with the rest (ಠ_ಠ). So they replaced the rape with them making out in an elevator (and asking some random dude to join in  😆 ) and some scene where Seizh pulls her on to the bed to make out some more. So yea  I guess instead of raping her he’ll kiss her to death! The funny part about not having the rape overshadow everything, the obvious context of Seizh having some BL obsession with his brother was as visible as a fat person’s buttcrack. Everything was Leni Leni Leni Leni Leni. Well maybe in the original it was like that too but I was busy raging and flipping tables everytime he was raping Asche (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ Also since I ended up skipping the love/hate routes in the original I didn’t know what the endings were like so I guess this gave me a chance to read upon them…and in the love/hate end for Seizh Asche became basically his slave (doll? Lol.) She had this happy look on her face so it seemed like it was really cute if taken out of context but in reality……(#゚ω゚ )お断りだぜぇ. At least the pure love route has some cuter CGs such as them going to the amusement park together or cuddling on the couch under a blanket. Even if there was no rape in that route in the PC version, who wants to a loli with basketballs attached to her chest (ಠ_ಠ). So needless to say while the no rape was a major improvement to Seizh and made his love/hate route at least watchable, it was still pretty despicable and I still dislike him…but at least there was some cute scenes worth watching in both.

Leni – Ah Leni, how I love you! Leni was pretty sweet in both his love/hate and love/love routes. Don’t know about the rape in the original since I force skipped through it in order not to ruin Leni for myself. Basically in the love/hate Leni ended up fighting Asche to see who is stronger and more fit to be the maou. Leni obviously won and Asche is like yippie now we can hump like rabbits kiss non stop! Also by this point Asche’s route reached my headache’s limit so I had to just turn it off. 😆 While they included 1 kiss CG from the original game, they edited it so that they were just kissing rather than Leni tonguing that shit ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ Also the ero scenes were replaced with some dream about Asche being Alice in Wonderland and Leni being the mad hatter or something XD? There was also more dates/kissy stuff added and some hugging CGs as well. I personally thought the new CGs made Asche look a lot older so she didn’t look like some weird deformed loli. Overall a very enjoyable route, as expected of Leninyan. ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆

Sena – …..(ಠ_ಠ) Well what can I say, Sena was Sena. Since I sat through both of his routes in the original game there wasn’t really anything new to see. As usual ero scenes were replaced with either kissing or intense hugging but it felt like they also had Kishio add an extra bit of wangsty yelling while he was at it. I mean I thought he was gonna like lose his voice because of him yelling so much 😆 There was 1 CG where in the original game they were totally naked humping but a simple photoshop of adding clothes now looks like they’re just kissing on the floor! It’s a miracle! 😆 I completely forgot about the scene where he beats the crap out of nekoKyle and it made me rage again ( ಠ益ಠ ). Also there was totally that piano rape CG but hey just cover up Asche’s boobs and legs and they’re just…kissing! Lol yea you get the picture. I guess it was easier to do that than to add new scenes like for Seizh. Since there was no rape in either route I guess the lovelove route now felt “nicer” than the love/hate one which felt more manipulative and despicable. Too bad in the original I thought the opposite since the rape just overshadowed everything in the entire route sigh.

Kyle – Aughhh I completely forgot how much “KYLE KYLE KYLE” “HIMESAMA HIMESAMA HIMESAMA!” there was so I ended up having to turn Asche’s voice back off..again my god 😆 Again without the rape it was a lot more obvious how much of a bitch Asche was being to poor Kyle and so honestly I was like “wow you know maybe that rape was justified in the original…” I mean I guess it didn’t occur to me but basically the whole time she’s acting immature and childish and sticking her boobs in his face…and she expects him not to react? lol okay little girl (ಠ_ಠ). For some strange reason this time around I actually liked the love/hate route (but not the stupid ending) as it was less….annoying? While Kyle is quite |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ the constant himesama himesama thing started to get annoying pretty quickly. Also this route featured the final CG of them doing it – repainted with clothes on. It’s such a weird position that you look at it and wonder “why are they sitting that way and blushing so badly?” LOL yea. Sadly I cannot post the comparison on this blog as I’d like to keep it all ages xD. Speaking of all ages I went back to my post and realized that in the original Asche kept saying how much she wanted to screw Kyle but I guess they removed all those lines which is why it felt like something was missing xD.

Zero – This route was just strange. First a guide told me I need to get every single CG and I had some Kyle CG missing from his 2nd lovelove route end so I went to grab that first. Despite this the game refused to give me a good end so then I went and followed the PC guide to get Zero’s lovelove end. When I went on to do his love/hate end I realized I completely flew over it in the original PC game since I hadn’t remembered anything that was going on and it wasn’t in my post. (I guess all the rape made me ragequit or something who knows 😆 ) In the love/hate route everyone like left Asche all alone so she ended up staying at Zero’s place as usual. Not much difference from the other route right? 😕 Secondly the selection choices for this were weird. I followed the PC guide but then it went way off so I went back to the PS2 guide in hopes to recover the good end. In this one Asche basically said “screw everything I wanna be with the sexy vampire bishie” 😆 And so that was that. Ugh but the sad look on Leni’s face broke my heart (´;ω;`). Speaking of Leni, in the love/hate route Zero had some complex like Seizh did that “oh noes Leni will take you away from me.” Now that I think about it I bet this involved rape in his love/hate route int he PC game too ugh…maybe it’s a good thing I never played that and ruined Zero for myself 😆

Once Leni & Seizh found out that Zero sucked Asche’s blood they started raging and attacked him but Asche got in the way to show that she chose Zero over them. Then Asche goes batshit and starts yelling that she refuses to go back and says to herself that she knows everything is her fault or some shit (°ω。). Leni, Seizh & Kyle give up and leave but Leni says it’s not over yet! Zero then admits that the “empty apartment” Asche saw was an illusion he created…and basically all those dreams and stuff he created so that she’d think the twins hate her and stay with him instead. Way to ruin a character for me! But then he’s all like “ok I feel bad now so you should go back to the twins” since you don’t love me and it’s all 1 sided but Asche is all like nooo I have Twilight Fever so I wanna be by your side!! They both decide they’ll be unhappy together or some crap god the wangst level was over 9000. So then they go back to living together again and Leni & Co. come back one more time for Zero just like in the lovelove route. This time instead of Asche stabbing herself, Zero grabs her and they attempt to run away but Leni & co. catch up to them anyway. Zero is about to give up and surrender but suddenly Asche’s magic powers return but in turn she accidentally kills everyone ( ´゚д゚`). Lol damn I didn’t see THAT coming ugh wtf. So then Zero and Asche are back in his apartment pretending that he’s her tsukaima and she’s the maou. Wtf just what the fuck (ಠ_ಠ).

Unan – You know what without the pr0n, Unan’s route is completely pointless 😆 I mean the porn and her dominating him was the entire funny part! Without that he’s just an emo manchild who doesn’t understand his emotions. I mean Asche doesn’t even like force her kisses on to him except maybe once ?? In the 3P end with Leni, they removed him grabbing her boob and removed the tongues. Honestly I don’t know why they remove the tongues since they leave the slurping sound effects anyway! (ಠ_ಠ)I was wondering what the hell they were gonna do with that massive orgy end so I was like “what massive kiss orgy?” LOL HOW RIGHT I WAS! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ So yea needless to say instead of screwing they all….made out with Asche. This is what I mean by the lack of pr0n in all these routes is just silly! So yea I guess for lols the R-18 version probably had Unan’s routes/endings best haha! 😆

And now for the hell of it, here’s some comparison CGs between the 2 games! (Sadly I couldn’t use the ones where they were completely naked lol.) Anyway left will be PC, right will be PSP.

Tongues removed
Boob kissing vs hand kissing? XD
Asche likes her boob grabbed as much as she likes Leni blowing in her eye
Again dont see the big deal about tongues..
Asche decided to sew up massive the holes in her outfit
See this I just dont understand. Whats wrong with the PC one that they couldnt use it ??
Boob grabbing/tongues removed

And last but not least, for those who played the PC game and are so curious about what the hell the “orgy” CG looks like:

How scandalous! 😆

Well what can I say? No rape is good right? I didn’t understand why they edited things out like tongues but they kept the slurpy sound effects anyway. Then they kept the 3P and orgy routes despite those being obviously sexual but instead drew them kissing? I can’t really understand if this game is trying to be pure or trying to push it as far as Japan lets them for PS2 games 😆 But now without all the porn the game just felt…short and empty? And the parts that were long felt eternal simply because it was just angst and angst and more wangst since they couldn’t just solve everything with sex 😆 I mean like I said above, the only route that just needs the pr0n for it to be funny is Unan. Everyone else didn’t really need it and well Sena was hateable with or without it 😆 Okay well maybe his lovelove route was less hateable but it was more annoying because of Kishio yelling in my ears (ಠ_ಠ). As always I loved Leni. The sad look on his face when you had to dump him (especially in Zero and Unan’s routes) broke my heart (´;ω;`). I think if you’ve never played UTM it might be a good idea to play the PS2 version first to get the idea of how the game is like. Then if you’re ready to man up for some hard core rape and abuse, you can go play the R-18 game. Going from the PC to PS2 gave me a lot of bias so even though Sena and Seizh weren’t rapists in this one, the memories of the PC game made me hate them from the start 😆 I guess this is why I would recommend this one before the PC one! I had to go back and re-read my PC review since I hadn’t played this in years to remember the plot and I made myself laugh. I think my posts were a lot funnier back then….ショボ━━━━(´・ω・`)━━━━ン


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  1. >Hinano Hiyo left Sugar Beans to try and get more money out of her products, I’m guessing.

    I forgot about that Vampire Sweetie game the moment I heard of it… the protagonist just seems so…. out of place? With that stupid frilly pink dress. Besides, it’s Sugar Beans, what’s with the QUALITY drawings?
    Maybe I’ll give it a go.
    It’s written by someone named Yurie… Don’t know her, but 2ch people say she’s not as good as Hiyo.

  2. Kiri> lmfao you reminded me of all those scenes I forgot about in the R-18 game 😆 Hey who wrote the plot for Vampire Sweetie? That one’s heroine looks “of age”….lol xD

  3. Oh wow, UTM with no rape, when I heard this I thought it was a joke. Next you’ll be telling me Hiyo will stop using dumb lolis and switch to sophisticated strong heroines!
    About Zero – He never raped Ashe, I don’t think he did anyway, I don’t remember him doing that, nor that whole illusions thing and drinking Ashe’s blood… Maybe I should replay the game. The 赤 赤 赤 赤 was really powerful in the game, that I remember. I love every ending where Ashe becomes the 魔王, so obviously I LOVE KYLE KYLE KYLE~~ the 姫様 姫様 姫様~ never got old! :3
    Only Ashe’s sqeaky voice was glass shattering, which could be said the same about Kurumi, Colette and Tiana. God damn lolis.
    I also hate Seizh, his route made him sound like such a whiny selfish brat.

    I thought I was the only one that force skipped the love/hate route of both Seizh and Leni! I didn’t want to do them at all, but then I saw I had to if I wanted Unan.
    I think I was just shocked about Sena and Kyle whom I loved suddenly RAPE RAPE RAPE.
    But seriously, force kissing? How would that work in Sena’s case? The whole point is that he can’t kiss her… Force making out with her hands? >.>

    Also, dominating Unan wasn’t the only funny sex scene, who could forget “KYLE~ KYLE~ KYLE~ HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON ME WITH YOUR HAND? NOM NOM NOM.”
    Or Kyle’s first time with Ashe… It was a dirty joke, but it cut the flow of the sex scene in such an in-character way that I couldn’t help but laugh.

  4. I am on 64 bit so…as I suspected that’s probably the problem. And no it cannot be solved with Windows XP even in virtual PC as then it asks me to insert my WinXP Disk (Lol?) to install the stupid Japanese fonts so…yea thats most likely the issue.

  5. I’m on 32 bit, and I haven’t had many problems with PC games that couldn’t be solved with setting the compatibility to windows XP. I did have some problems with Heart, mainly that I could not get the patch to work, but I copied an old patched installation from another pc to a DVD, and that installation worked fine on windows 7. Otherwise, everything is working nicely.

  6. are you on 32 bit or 64bit? I have feeling that might be where the problem lies if you could get Maria to work and I couldn’t.. lol

  7. Oh, I see. All of them run on my Windows 7 machine, including Danzai no Maria, so that must suck.

    Well, despite me preferring the PC version, the ps2 versions of Heart/Clover have added a couple of extra events and re-drew some CGs, so it’s not like it’s complete waste. All the original events are still there, the tongues and some text are just censored but you can still get the gist of the original events, not like this were the new stuff was just added to replace the 18+ stuff. Honestly, it’s not like they have to censor much after Heart, since when they hired the new ‘better’ artist we mostly stopped getting tongues in the PC since the new artist is not as good at drawing intimate scenes.

  8. Gothicat> I’m 99% sure none of the Alice games will run on my Windows 7 machine. A lot of older PC games like that refuse to run on Windows 7 which is why I’ve started to play some PS2 ports instead. I do plan to check out Grimm since I don’t have a PSP 😀

  9. Heh, figures, they couldn’t make SOB totally nice, so they had to put another squick in his route. That’s allowed, and yet tongues are not? Crazy Japanese standards. And blergh, SOB has a complex for his brother. Maybe as bad as it was, the original rape had a purpose, to distract us from the other stuff in the game. Doesn’t excuse Sena though.

    Frankly, I’d recommend that you’d play Heart/Clover no kuni on the pc, since it was only in Joker they implemented the shitty copy protection (though you can find a patch for Joker easily, but not for anniversary). Another recommended game for PC is Grimm, by Karin, which will be released in June. It’s a port of their first PSP game, which I played, and let me tell you it’s good. And the port will be even better because they’ll add happy endings to the characters that only got sad ones in the original, a la Franken.

  10. Gothicat> the elevator scene was a replacement for one of the numerous rape scenes in the original. Oh wow so the tongues were removed in the PS2 version? Now I’m wondering if it’s worth playing that one after all lol.

  11. So bottom line, even with all the sex stuff, this is still not a game you’d want to play in front of other people, right? I imagine just painting clothes on would not remove the original ‘dirtiness’ of the CGs. And by the way, did SOB really invite that random guy in the elevator to join them? Because I don’t remember in the original, but maybe I was just too busy raging over the fact that they were doing it in a freaking elevator.

    BTW the tongues thing isn’t exclusive to this game. Quinrose also removed all tongue kissed from the Heart/Clover no kuni no Alice games when they ported them over to the ps2 and psp. Personally I do not see what the big deal is, and the games were originally Cero 15 anyways. And yet 3 guys kissing Ashe at once is okay? Pointless.

  12. Btw is oddly satisfied that Sena stayed the douchebag he is like in PC version. I don’t know how I would cope if he suddenly became all nice. o.O (<–LoL can't let go…)

  13. xD LOL they should have come up with something a little more… capable of happening, I guess? LOL I mean I don’t think I’ve heard of a make out orgy until… well now lol 😛

    oooh i can’t wait to see your After Summer review, I just got the game today after realizing that it was out already haha xD

  14. Mimi> When I was playing I was wondering what would happen to the orgy route. My first thought was they were gonna take it out but in the guide I noticed it was still there…. 😆

  15. @SilentWolfie> You just described like, that one single typical male character in practically EVERY otome game… the one who’s broken, had a bad childhood/was abused, needs to do this so that he can live or whatever and blahblahblah that the heroine just wants to “fix”. Like when you say “trick Ashe into hating him so she can forget him” that is probably the most over-used and typical plot-line that has ever happened in pretty much every otome game LOL xD Even the whole “tricking the angels” is pretty much “tricking the wrongdoers” and then “leaving/getting the heroine to hate him so she’ll live a ‘better life’ without him” is something you’re going to find in… well almost every otome game LOL. Sena, in my opinion, is just that crazy kinda rapist dude that SugarBeans put in just to satisfy consumers… Because you know, there’s always that one crazy rapist (or potential one! :P) in every otome game haha XD

    Anyways, liked your review, and comparison pics lol when I read about the massive kiss orgy I was like “I hope she posts that CG…” xD because honestly. Massive kiss orgy?? like wat? haha

  16. It really did a take to the serious side O.o… but well, yes I do know that with counsel + various things = rise above abuse. There evidence to it.


    The circumstances for Sena is a little different where he can’t get counselling, and the next thing is if he fails to get Ashe powers, he dies. And I’m not saying because he’s abused so it’s okay for him to abuse.

    There’s a knife on his neck saying that he has to get Ashe powers (from the angels), else he dies. He’s being looked down in the Angel’s world, mother abused, don’t know who’s his real dad etc. In the love love route, he does everything to get Ashe to hate him even if he’s going to get killed, and that was what that made me think, really? And I think the crazy rapist about Sena is obviously faked and goes twofold. He

    a) Tricked angels into thinking he has ashe powers
    b) Trys to trick Ashe into hating him and well, probably forgetting about him.

    Otherwise in the hate/love he appears to be such a nice boyfriend, how can that be “crazy”. More like really devious and planned.

    Sena’s the only route that I think the author put the most effort into. Or maybe it was just unintentional and I’m making a boo boo by mistaking it for quality writing. Hahaha~

  17. Janette> Yea no problem, I do have some non otome games in my list so I”ll keep this in mind =D Thanks for the recommendation!

    Hazuki> Wow that was the love hate ending ?! Not like..a bad end? wtf D: But I’m glad Zero was not a rapist. Even Leni raped her in his route orz

  18. Also, @Wolfie

    A bit of real world. I’ve grown up into an adult who’s a strong advocate against abuse and neglect and works to help speak out rather then rather then continuing to abuse. I do have some issues with proper conflict resolution and my relationship skills are immature, but I am not an abuser.

    Yes, there are materials, and yes they have percentages, but what speaks more strongly then any textbook is what you witness in the real world. Not everyone comes out okay, but over and over I see people who were abused go on determined to get the counseling and help they need and become stable enough adults. So many rise above it.

    Never settle for what’s in the materials being the absolute truth until you’ve met the people the materials are about as well, is what I’ve found is the best way to make yourself reliable on the subject~ Oddly enough, what you see out there doesn’t always match up.

    And this is oddly serious for this blog. We need more sechings…

  19. No, I wish I was that cool. ;_; I just find things. Someone linked it to me saying they liked it, and I thought I’d share. It’s a game without h material, was free, and the story looked interesting, and I remember you saying you were to trying things, so I thought I’d share the link to see if you were interested.

    I know it’s not an otome game, but it looked so interesting, I thought it was worth sharing. ^_^;;;;

  20. In the PC version Zero never did rape Ashe in the love/hate route (thank god, I was kind of surprised myself. He is the truly good one in this game LOL) but yes basically it’s the same. But in the end Ashe decides to be a “good girl” and go with her original plan of making one of the twins kings and ditches Zero. However, she’s tricked, gets locked up, and finds out that Zero got killed. ^^;

  21. SilentWolfie> I’m with hairband on this. You can analyze this all you want but the game’s target audience are fetish-loving females whether you like it or not. Like how Kyle is the sweet cat boy and Leni is the sweet boyfriend, Seizh is the jealous asshole and Sena is the crazy rapist. You can defend him all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact on what his character personality was created for.

    What you’re basically saying is “Sena was abused so it’s ok for him to abuse others”. Sorry that’s not how it works.

    And I play otome games mostly for the art & voice actors not a deep story line. If I only played for story lines my review list would be 1/4 the size it is now.

  22. Hm. First of all, there’s a huge assumption that abused children will grow up to be people who hate abuse. Quite wrong, if I recall correctly.

    I remember reading up on materials where abused children grows up to abuse their children in return. That percentage is certainly there and at least significant enough.

    Sena grew up very resentful under a very biased society. His incomplete wings and his attitude towards life, to me reflects a little of the dark truth in life, and that was interesting. Subtle hints of how he regretted the church in the aftermath, etc…

    Of course the thought of a guy not doing that in the first place etc is there, *but* the idea of redemption is there imo, and honestly it is in my opinion that Sena was also hurt emotionally when he tried to make Ashe do *that* in the church, especially when she obeyed him.

    And… Sena is imo not a yandere. He’s a very delicate character and probably will really be the Genki type if he didn’t underwent the childhood abuse thingy.

  23. I see SilentWolfie’s point in that if you really want to, you can basically paint Sena’s image in a better light and focus on how “sad” and/or “angsty” he was.

    But the thing is, that doesn’t make him NOT a rapist. Just because he doesn’t want to do it doesn’t mean he DIDN’T do it. It’s kind of like say I’m an axe murderer and I’m like “but I don’t WANT to be an axe murderer!” and then I murder someone with an axe. Yes, I didn’t WANT to murder that person with my axe because I think killing people will cause them (temporary) pain. But nevertheless I still willingly picked my axe up and murdered the person. Which would make me an axe murderer. (The thing is, Sena could have decided to NOT rape her. Yeah, there’s a thought eh.)

    But then of course we go back to the whole thing about yandere chars so technically Sena had to go that way since that’s what fans are expecting… Ultimately it’s just about the target consumer. (Still, I wouldn’t count Sena’s character as being “literature” though. I think that’d be going a bit too far. Either way he’s not complete enough to really be taken seriously, at least imo.)

    …Sorry for the spaz. Tried playing the PC version of this game and went after Sena first… Yeah.

  24. Well I believe literature can be found in games, and I think there’s some subtle artistic merit found in Sena than all the other characters in UTM. One of the reasons why I played otome/even BL games is because it was interesting to analyze the characters. I am quite certain that he planned all that church thing to make Ashe hate him and it probably worked too well, seeing so many of the female players went into a rage mode.

    Oh well…

    A yandere… Does he really exhibit this characteristic in the fandisc? I would have thought his real character would be a mischievious type instead of being “violent”, “insane”, or “just bat shit jealous” lol. That would be Seizh, where everything is about being jealous.

  25. Janette> did you make that? O_O; Is the lead character a male with the female cast right? Thanks for the link. It looks interesting 😀

    Fox> I can’t really follow most of your defense as I only played his “happy” ends for lovelove and lovehate routes so I don’t even know (or care actually) what Sena did in the bad ends. It’s a game after all, and Sena is just a typical yandere character for the girls who love dem yanderes – no matter how deep you try to dig into it lol

  26. I think I’ll just defend Sena and use what I posted on the Chinese forums. Long post warning.

    I played Kyle first and it was the love love route after the hate/love route. And I got eaten. Like Sena is a big bad wolf, and I’m a sheep. For all my insight and reading skills I couldn’t even tell he faked everything. If the audience thought he was just a kid trying to obtain power and Ashe all for herself…

    I’m sorry, you’re just naive.

    Sena is a guy who’s planning from the start to the end, Ending CBA (hate/love route ends), manipulating all the events with only his words and his actions.

    Ending B, killing Ashe, represented his determination to nip the rose in the bud while it’s still pretty and preserve it.

    Ending C, with the way how he treated her throughout, he HALF EXPECTED ashe to kill him, and in the end, I think his ending was “Hah, you see… you’re that evil.” But honestly, if you expected that Sena, didn’t you want to avoid that route? And yet he does it anyway, hinting that he wants to be killed.

    Ending A represented his desire to own everything, both in power and Ashe. Another user pointed out that because Ashe couldn’t cure Sena because she made Sena remember too much about the hateful past, therefore he was unable to get out of that. Ashe didn’t help things while she remains like a kid.

    See how broken Sena is? It was hugely hinted with the broken wings and stuff that he has been bullied and look down upon left and right and partly wants to die.

    After which going thru CBA, I finally put on my thinking hat and carefully analyzed stuff.

    Okay, Sena I think halfway started to treat Ashe pretty badly FED, including the infamous Church Scene. It was pretty clear that NO KISSING = Death for Sena. It’s the angel’s policy for betrayal.

    But Sena couldn’t do it. Ashe was always so nice to him. So he plans operation “make the protagonist hate me.” in an attempt to die alone. His goal wasn’t to “Remember me always by hating me!” but “Hate me so that you will forget me!”.

    By refusing the Church Scene, Ending E and F I think ends like that or something. If I’m not wrong E is Ashe lives, Sena dies by angel attacks, and F is Seizh explaining to you very nicely as to how Sena dies in a horrible death.

    So for the finale, Ashe says YES. I will, in the church scene (ending D). And if you listen real closely the seiyuu chokes and cries a little! I was visibly impressed by Ashe in this regard, because by instinct she recognized Sena’s pain and this “healing” type is really irresistible to those broken types.

    And Sena’s big bad wolf planner finally let on this big hint that he really didn’t want to do this do this in church, and seriously didn’t expect her to agree.

    And finally, in ending D. WIthout the angels disturbing him and both of them ends up as humans, look how sweet he really is…

    End post from chinese forums.

    And there we have it. Analysis from a male otome game player and explaining Sena’s position. I thought his character was impressive and the most thought out character overall in UTM. It was understandable for him who’s really, what, 16-17 versus the twin demons brothers who are over centuries old and still acting like kiddies.

    I also turned this classical piece on during the H scenes.

    Bach’s little fugue!

    -Fox, and I’m not really Silentwolfie. Just using his account. Move along.

  27. lol I don’t even know but it made me laugh really hard 😆 Seizh would be all like PAY ATTENTION TO ME *slurp* and then Leni would be like NO DONT FORGET ABOUT ME TOO lool.

  28. I had no problems with the hardcore hand-kissing, but a massive kiss orgy? Seriously? Like, how does that even work. 😆

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