Poupee Hanami Event

What a shame the ribbon items are hideous and the jewel items are so so/over priced sigh. I was hoping we’d get a bunch of new kimonos or hair styles or at least a hair discount campaign…really Katherine I think you can do better than this (´・ω・`;)

Tartaros Phase System is a Go!

So I decided to play around with the various phase skills. I used Nagi as my test subject and boosted her stuff up. She’s definitely a lot stronger than she was before and soloing things has become a lot easier. Nagi fans will probably be happy with this! At least the Animist phase – I’m guessing the healer is probably weaker. I intended to be a trapper with Ruko but after reading that she loses sidestep I instead went for Shadow. While you lose that paw print explosion and kawarimi attack, the shadow step can be kinda nifty. It’s like a mini-brink step (which I have now also taken to replace the skills I lost.)

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Rage Quit Review: Hanayoi Romanesque

So I tried to play Hanayoi Romanesque today. I was warned it has a really annoying system but I figured hey I made it through games like Love Revo and Real Rode and Last Escort….it can’t be that bad right?

YES IT CAN (ಠ_ಠ)

So I’m going to explain why and save everyone the time and effort to even bother with this crap! The game works like this – you have to read dialogue sentences – and certain sentences act as a “stat” raiser. When a certain sentence comes up in the dialogue box you need to press X to collect that stat point. If you miss this sentence, have fun starting that entire chapter over (since it automatically asks you to save each time) or quicksave/save state after every single time you make a choice to make sure you don’t have to start from the beginning if you miss it. It’s irritating as hell because it’s not like an option that comes up on screen, it’s part of the dialogue.

Normally when I play otome games I tend to sort of glance at the dialogue and multi task etc ya know? I am a frequent user of auto-mode but here if you use automode you’ll miss like 3 important sentences within a 5 minute span. Now imagine doing this S&M session for 30 chapters (common route) + 3-4 chapters per guy with like 10 guys or something…

(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

So yea needless to say I quit that shit faster than Dyse says “Mezawari da.” during Real Rode’s battle scenes 😆 So just from a first impression I don’t recommend this hell of a game to anybody. The art isn’t even that great. The seiyuus are okay and maybe the characters might have been interesting but the premise is as fun as watching paint dry.  I’m open to trying any クソゲー you hand to me but there’s only so much b/s I can take \( ^o^)/

Well good thing I quit this game when the quitting was good as the story apparently is a piece of shit too.