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RPG Review: Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

In the not-too-distant future, the earth has gotten into World War 3 and has become so corrupt it’s basically no longer inhabitable by humans. Because of this everyone has moved into space stations and has been trying to find life on other planets that they could help colonize for a place for humans to inhabit. Unfortunately due to the quick evolution by other extraterrestrial tribes, it has offset the balance of the universe and created the CHAOS that only our blonde Square Enix protagonist can destroy. 🤣

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Galge Review: EF -A Tale of the Two-

When I started playing this game I found out the sad news that minori. actually went out of business a year ago. While I wasn’t a fan of them constantly blocking foreigners from their site, I did like a few of their games. With steam having their usual season sale I decided to pick up both the EF games (first tale and latter tale) and eden so I will be playing and reviewing them back to back. The story focuses on various couples rather than the standard protag + heroines format. We begin our tale with the heroine Yuuko meeting up with her friend Yuu and talking about what happened in “the past”. Just a warning, I did NOT enjoy this game so if you’re a huge fan I don’t recommend reading this.

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Otome Game Review: Collar x Malice ~Unlimited~

This is the review for the Collar x Malice fandisk which contains after stories for the main cast, side stories for some of the side characters, and an alternative story that takes place after one of the bad endings of the game.

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