April Fool’s Roundup 2011

So last year I did a general April Fool round up on my anime blog but this year I wanted to do one for things relevant to this blog instead like otome games & my MMOs! So let’s get started

Go on a date with Ken on Poupee Girl!

Tartaros clothing switch avatars!
Uta no Prince Sama has turned into a trap game?
Tartaros x Starry Sky
Amedeo is releasing a game where Kyuubey is a capturable character
That Otoko no Musume thing Yonaga Tsubasa is in has gone GachiMuchi XDD

Anyway that’s all I could find. Sadly Pangya Japan isn’t doing their April fool’s this year 😦


5 thoughts on “April Fool’s Roundup 2011”

  1. haha yea the girl who made it said she got a ton of hits on her site from China lol. I guess lots of SS fans there? XD

  2. Main> lol did you notice the underboob? 2ch noticed it too 😈 last year’s pangya jp one was the like random plates or something lol

    Janette> lol I loved the gachimuchi Kyuubey the most I think

  3. I keep getting a kick out of all the Madoka April Fool’s…because I like seeing characters dressed up as other characters and I like Mami’s outfit.


  4. MMO April Fools Days are not cool because you wish it could actually happen! Those clothing switch avatar are so cool xD Nagi looks cool with Soma’s outtfit 😦

    What was last year Japan pangya’s april fool? invisible clubset only? I liked Pangya m@stery :<

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