So many events I can’t keep up! @@;

Just when I was thinking I’m glad Pangya’s kinda dead because I was busy with Tartaros – they throw like a million events on me! So first is Hana’s birthday. I did a few missions but I’m gonna have to hold the off until maybe next week. I have until the 20th to complete them all so it should be enough time. Hana’s birthday, like Kooh’s, includes Hana masks! Even Hana masks for Hana 😆

Next is the 2nd Anniversary Pangya rally.

I missed last year’s 1st anniversary (busy with Tartaros lolol) but I figured I’d try to make it for the 2nd. Looks like you play and get some coins from the holes to redeem for stuff like exp chocolates, pang masteries, fragments of time, comets and some other junk. You can also enter to win an iTampon and a crappy Dell notebook but who needs those ( ´_ゝ`). There will be 2 coins out of the hole if you have a motion item but I was using Hana to get the birthday missions out of the way and she’s only wearing the bare essentials lol. Also if enough holes or coins or whatever are reached, there will be milestone awards for the whole server such a double gacha, double scratchy, double exp etc. Well for those grinding – good luck. I don’t know how much I’ll be helping you there lol.

There’s a Pangya global tournament cup thing going on and they’re allowed 396 players to jump in but it’s Wind Hill so screw that lol. I suck at Pangya anyway so I don’t think I’ll even be bothering with this event.

Anyway lots of Pangya events going on but Tartaros spring time race ends next Thursday and this weekend for 72 hours they’re having 1.5 exp so I’m gonna grind the crap out of Cromodo, Ruko, Pinko, Nagi & Elpin!!!1one (`・ω・´)キリッ


4 thoughts on “So many events I can’t keep up! @@;”

  1. Yuki> 私1時間しかやってないw

  2. ジャパンヤのメンテが延長だったので回りました(笑)

  3. I guess but I think the only burnout I’ll be doing is on Tartaros lol. Grinding on Pangya isn’t as appealing anymore to me 😆

    I just plan to mostly do the hana missions to get the masks and maybe do a couple coins for things like papel coupons/chocolates etc.

  4. servers are so crowded that all the ppl i know have been getting dced =_=U

    i guess pangya switched to burnout event style

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