Otome Game Review: Vampire Sweetie

The daughter of an beachhouse owner Yurie Evangeline is told by her father to take care of the house and its guests while he’s out on business. However Yurie didn’t expect that suddenly she has to take care of 4 brothers, all of which are vampires. Also I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the heroine has the same name as the person who wrote this game 😆 Be warned this game’s R-18 so read at your own risk!

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Otome Game Review: Love Drops (PS2)

So for old time’s sake I decided to replay my first otome game, Love Drops for the PS2. Obviously this means taking out all the pr0n, adding new scenes and there’s actually a new character. This will be mostly a comparison post rather than a full summary. For the original game summary please see my PC game post.

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Otome Game Review: Under the Moon ~Crescent~

Well I decided to play the PS2 version of UTM because I think I speak for everyone when I say “I’m pretty damn curious what they do to replace the massive amount of rape in the game!” since PS2 games can’t have porn. So this post will mostly be a comparison/thoughts rather than a summary. For the original PC game summary please check my PC review. I plan to discuss the love/hate routes in detail since I ended up skipping those for obvious reasons in the PC version.

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Otome Game Review: Under the Moon ~Tsuki iro Ehon~

So if you didn’t have enough of annoying big boob loli, she’s back once more!! Actually this is a prequel to under the moon so if you’ve never played UTM before, I recommend playing this first so you kinda go “in order” of the story. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Under the Moon ~Tsuki iro Ehon~”

Otome Game Review: Under the Moon

This was my 2nd Sugar Beans game. I guess rape in Love Drops was a big hit since they inserted a rape route for every male character in this game. Needless to say I don’t even need to mention the game they released after this 🙄

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