Poupee Valentine 2011

Meh the ribbon section this year is kinda disappointing. I thought last year’s stuff was a lot better.  Hell I even think the 2009 stuff was better. I think Katherine doesn’t realize sometimes LESS is MORE ( ´_ゝ`).  Apparently there will be some limited chocolates that I guess turn into white day related stuff on 3/14. I always seem to miss those limiteds though but I guess I’ll try to buy at least 1.


Otome Game Review: Last Escort ~Shinya Kurochou Monogatari~

I call February host club month because I’ve decided to duke it out and make my way through all 3 last escorts! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ The story is about our heroine Akari whose father owns a host club “Gorgeous” that she decides to start attending. Her father ironically isn’t too happy about this but it doesn’t matter because she gets to visit hot mans and blow her life savings to make sure they get the number one host spot! I almost gave up on this game but Koori helped me out at the beginning which motivated me to continue. You have to first run 1 route of just doing part time jobs to make money and then using that money to buy supplies to make presents for all the mans. That means you gotta make sweaters, earrings, bracelets, hats, scarves, 3 course meals and paint pretty pictures. I mean our heroine really is a jack of all trades! Of course unless you have save state, when you make these presents and they fail you will lose the items and you’ll need to buy more. With save state it was very easy so yea unless you play this on an emulator the game is the equivalent of getting spanked with a belt over and over 😆 Once you make all the gifts and you get the “friend” ending, you can then start playing all the guys routes. While you won’t actually gift them every single gift, you do get a cute “I love you” message from each guy when you complete his “set” of gifts so it was a nice reward for all the effort you have to put in. While doing all the mans’ routes you have to then cheat using save state or in game save and win the jackpot lottery. There’s no way to be able to afford the alcohol for the guy twice a month (which comes out to about 3.5 million yen each time) unless you win the lottery. That said, this game’s values are incredibly unrealistic but let’s roll with it!

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