Otome Game Review: Last Escort ~Kurochou Special Night~

As I mentioned in my last post, this is the appendix disk to the original LE. You’re supposed to be able to transfer all your save data and etc. from the first game. I tried to do this many times but after failing I decided to just start from Minazuki’s route and try to make his and Chihiro’s gifts along the way. Fortunately along the way somehow magically….everything transferred O_O! I was so happy I could cry and to add on to my happiness I ended up winning the 20 million yen jackpot like 8 months in a row /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So anyway the only thing that didn’t transfer were my saves but all the Cgs, mails and thank god even gifts transferred. That means the wagashi gifts I made for Minazuki in the first game I didn’t have to remake! Yippie!

Koshinoyuki Satoru – So I found out that if I play Minazuki’s route I can never get Satoru’s ending again. 絶望した! Before that happened though, I went back to try to figure out why the hell I kept getting a bad end. Voila! Turns out, the way LE1 saves is that they’re all self contained which is so fucking stupid I don’t even know what the hell they were thinking back in 2005. This means say you complete 1 guy’s route – you save – you start a new guys route – the route you just completed gets written over as if you never completed it in the first place. Stupid right? With this horrible realization I went to my save for Masato (making me oh so glad I saved separate slots for every single guy’s ending) and I started a new game from that save point. Boom, instantly the moment December hits, Satoru’s birthday event opens and that’s how you know you’re headed towards Satoru’s end. If you don’t get his birthday event on 12/2, you may as well start over cause you’ve just strayed into another direction. I guess that means please make a note to SAVE MASATO’S ENDING IN A SEPARATE SLOT and then start Satoru’s route from there. Once you start Satoru’s route you can save in a different slot as the game will know you are “continuing after finishing Masato”. 2005 guys come on get with the program (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Anyway I’m glad I persevered because I really do love Satoru. Satoru’s like 30 but he’s still 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌. He’s the master at the cafe and friends with Masato. He tells Akari that he “can’t get married” and she thinks that it’s because the person he loves may be someone else’s wife 😆 He has a painting and a ring that a person he “one sidedly loves” gave him. Turns out that it was his fiance who had a weak body and she died immediately after they got engaged. Because Satoru couldn’t see her off during her dying moments, he feels like it’s his fault and because of that his time has “stopped” 8 years ago. He still wears his engagement ring and cannot love anyone else. He sees Akari as a little sister even though Akari starts to have feelings for him. At one point his fiance Ai’s ghost starts showing up in front of Akari. When Akari finds out the ghost looks like the girl in Satoru’s photo with his fiance, she confesses her feelings to him. Satoru thanks her but tells her that he cannot answer them because in his heart Ai is still there. Akari is so desperate for Satoru to love her back she even asks him to go to a love hotel, to which he agrees and before they do it he says he’ll be “hers” for the moment and he takes his ring off. (´;ω;`)

Akari gets desperate and one time while he’s cleaning she takes his ring and hides it. For a few days she notices Satoru is going nuts without it and she returns it to him apologizing. She says she realizes that there’s no room in his heart for her and she quits her job at the cafe. Ai’s spirit shows up and tell Satoru that just cause she’s dead doesn’t mean his life has to stop! Akari runs back to Satoru because she can’t get over him and Satoru realizes that without Akari there was an emptiness in his heart too. He tells Akari that if she doesn’t mind waiting, he will need some time. Akari agrees and says she will wait as long as it takes. A few months later they go to the ocean together where Satoru says he will try to move on with his life. And so 5 years later, Satoru and Akari are getting married. Akari says she was going to wait like 10 years for him so she’s surprised it only took 5 😆 Daww. Ai shows up 1 last time to say goodbye and tells Akari to be happy as she flies off to heaven. Well anyway I thought it was a really sweet route even if a bit wacky with the dead ghost girlfriend. (*´ω`*) I hope my rage notes at least make it easier for anyone trying to play Satoru’s route from now on as well lol.

Minazuki Touma – So since this route was where the new material started let me just start out by saying – what the hell happened to Akari’s voice? It’s like all the new lines were recorded in 8bit mono so of course it was really easy to tell which dialogue was new and which one was just the same as the first game 😆 As I mentioned in the first paragraph I somehow got insanely lucky in this route and without having to spam Yakety Sax and save/load state I would just magically win the stupid lottery every month except like 1 where I won 5m instead of 20. XD Maybe D3P pitied me for having to spam the lottery 20 times per month in the last game and decided to give me a break! That said by the end of the game I had like 120million yen that I didn’t even use. Anyway Touma uses his real name as the manager of the host club. Because the host club seems to be in the red he decides to manwhore himself out for some extra cash. Sadly he’s 30 and he makes it quite known to everyone that he’s an ossan (god makes me feel like an oldfart too) and that he can’t compare to the “youthful” host boys that work for him. As a child he wanted to become a pharmacist because he thinks that mad scientists are cool 😆 In November (the day of my bday too haha) there’s an event where Akari comes to see him and he hugs her saying he’s “slightly drunk” and asks her to stay that way for a bit.

Akari finds herself falling for him and him for her but the entire route he spends telling himself that he can’t hit on the owner’s daughter and that he’s 10 years older than her. During Xmas eve he’s so busy with his other customers that Akari gets frustrated and leaves. He chases her down and asks her to wait for him at the club. When the events end he takes her to his apartment but nothing happens because he’s too scared to lay a finger on her. In January he gives her a ring and apologizes for beating around the bush. Akari is so sexually frustrated she’s like “oh god please just take me already” but doesn’t want him to think that she’s got randy thoughts (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He invites her for lunch at his place later that week and before she leaves he finally gets the balls to kiss her. Originally Touma became a host because he made a bet with a female friend and lost forcing him to continue working as one. That’s when Akari’s dad asked him to become the manager of Gorgeous. In February they go to the hot springs together and finally Touma lets it all out and says he loves Akari and he will stop denying it. Akari’s all like “oh god please just take me” and they finally do it 😆 Ayako already knows that the 2 of them are going out and tells Akari that there’s no need to hide their relationship. Like who cares what your ossan dad thinks ??? Oh Ayako XD.

Touma goes to talk to Akari’s dad and tell him about their relationship. Akari’s dad of course rages like the first of the north star about how their age is far apart yatti yatti ya. Touma leaves for the day and then later that week he asks if Akari will come with him to Germany. That way, they can be together without anyone getting in the way. He tells her if she will drop everything for him to come see him at the cafe 3 days later. Akari of course does so but when she gets there her father is there too. Touma called him there to prove to him that they were both willing to throw away everything for each other. Her dad finally gives in but they end up going to Germany for a vacation. Five years later they have been married for 3 years and they visit the hot springs where they first did it. Touma looks hotter and spots some moe glasses. I swear he got 5 years older but the cutouts made him look so freaking old it looks like he got 5 years younger 😆 Anyway I really liked tenchou-san a lot! He would blush so adorably and ask if he could hold hands while blushing and asking if you look like a couple waking together (*´д`*)ハァハァ I love adorable ossans. I’m all for adorable ossans vs like nasty pedo ossans like the guy in Riddle Garden (ಠ_ಠ).

I give up for real this time – So because the save system on LE1 is a piece of cow dung, I wasn’t able to actually do Kazuki vision route. From what I read around Japanese blogs, this route is basically from Kazuki’s POV and that he’s a siscon but its mostly his friendship with Masaya or something? Anyway in order to do this route you need to complete Chihiro’s profile. To do this you need to do the “Seippai” end which unlocks once you complete all the guys good ends…….IN THE SAME SAVE. Of course I saved in different slots because any NORMAL game has a “global” save not a self contained save system. So needless to say the game of course didn’t think I completed anyone’s good ends despite all the CGs being in the gallery. Funny thing is though, Special Night totally knew I completed all the guys! Sadly though, you have to do this in the original LE and Special Night doesn’t actually allow you to fucking redo anyone’s routes (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ So yea after failing to get seippai on the original, I tried on Special but instead I got Ayako end (ಠ_ಠ). Fuck you d3P seriously I’m done with this shit lol. I can only take so much abuse. Not even winning the damn lottery every month and allowing me to skip scenario will make me play this stupid game any further.

It’s one thing when a game is annoying because of you having to do a lot of work to get your good ends. It’s completely another story when the programming is fucking shit and you’re completely screwed because of it. At this point the only way I would have gotten Kazuki’s end is if I went and redid everyone’s routes (or at least everyone but Satoru and Masaya since I saved those in 1 save herpy derp) and saved them all in 1 spot. From what I heard LE2 or 3 aren’t like this so I’m just gonna blame whoever the fuck programmed this stupid game. If the game was total crap I probably wouldn’t be as pissed but yea it’s frustrating when your favorite characters are either annoying to complete or become uncompleteable because of the company’s ignorance. I definitely don’t recommend this game to anyone at this point after all the suffering I went through. Well maybe you can at least play the first one since the characters are charming but unless you have ossan moe this “appendix” is completely pointless. If you still wanna suffer through it at least make note to save in the same freaking save slot EVERY TIME so you aren’t fucked over like I was. ( ಠ益ಠ )