Otome Game Review: Last Escort ~Shinya Kurochou Monogatari~

I call February host club month because I’ve decided to duke it out and make my way through all 3 last escorts! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ The story is about our heroine Akari whose father owns a host club “Gorgeous” that she decides to start attending. Her father ironically isn’t too happy about this but it doesn’t matter because she gets to visit hot mans and blow her life savings to make sure they get the number one host spot! I almost gave up on this game but Koori helped me out at the beginning which motivated me to continue. You have to first run 1 route of just doing part time jobs to make money and then using that money to buy supplies to make presents for all the mans. That means you gotta make sweaters, earrings, bracelets, hats, scarves, 3 course meals and paint pretty pictures. I mean our heroine really is a jack of all trades! Of course unless you have save state, when you make these presents and they fail you will lose the items and you’ll need to buy more. With save state it was very easy so yea unless you play this on an emulator the game is the equivalent of getting spanked with a belt over and over 😆 Once you make all the gifts and you get the “friend” ending, you can then start playing all the guys routes. While you won’t actually gift them every single gift, you do get a cute “I love you” message from each guy when you complete his “set” of gifts so it was a nice reward for all the effort you have to put in. While doing all the mans’ routes you have to then cheat using save state or in game save and win the jackpot lottery. There’s no way to be able to afford the alcohol for the guy twice a month (which comes out to about 3.5 million yen each time) unless you win the lottery. That said, this game’s values are incredibly unrealistic but let’s roll with it!

Kashimiya Yuuichirou (Kazuma) – Kazuma was Akari’s former classmate but they never talked much in high school because she felt distant from him. He doesn’t want anyone knowing he works as a host so he tries to disguise himself by changing his hair style and wearing contacts. I guess this is some kind of amazing disguise because even his own sister can’t seem to recognize him even though she thinks he “looks exactly like her brother” but has “too much of a nice personality” to be him 😆 Kazuma is probably a kuudere because he always acts like he’s all cool and pro but give him alcohol and a scarf and he blushes like a tomato! 😆 While Akari tries to tell herself that he’s just a host and nothing more, when she sees him with other women (and making out while at it) she starts to cry. They go to the beach together in August (to which I had to redo July completely cause you have to take a day off on that day) and while there he kisses her. She asks him what the deal is with that and he responds saying he just did it to “please” her as a host should. She is upset because she really felt something but then he blurts out that he wishes that “she was the only one” who felt something as well as obviously he did it because he likes her.

During Christmas Akari confesses to him and says she likes him not as a host but as Kashimiya Yuuichirou. Kazuma admits that he likes her as well and they go do the mattress mambo at a love hotel \( ^o^)/ One day she sees his wallet but there’s no driver’s license inside. Turns out the big drama is that he got a fear of driving after he got into a car accident 2 years ago. While he was able to recover quickly, his childhood friend Haruka who was in the passenger seat got injured so badly that she’s in a coma. (Where have I seen this plot before…) He feels so responsible for this that he wants to marry her when she wakes up and the reason he took the host job is to pay for her medical bills. When Akari finds this out she’s like “wtf man why you say you love me if you have a fiance!?! (ಠ_ಠ)” At the end of the game on the 31st, Akari comes to club Gorgeous and finds out that Kazuma has quit. She goes to the hospital where Haruka is and looks through the window of her room and sees Yuuichirou there with her. Akari decides to give up and leaves crying.

Just then Haruka wakes up and after a couple days she tells Yuuichirou that she doesn’t want to marry him because she knows he has someone he loves. Yuuichirou runs out trying to contact Akari but of course he can’t reach her….until 5 years later he meets her working at her father’s company. They both realize they’re still wearing the rings they exchanged 5 years ago. Lol dorks 😆 Yuuichirou asks if they can start over because he still loves her and of course she agrees. The game ends with them kissing in the reception area. Wouldn’t it be funny if someone walked in プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Overall while Kazuma annoyed me during the present making route he was kinda cute in his own. Yea sure he had his manwhore moments but he had a lot of cute moments as well and I admit his blushing face – when you shoved 20 sweaters in his face – was |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . The only sad part is that 5 years later Kazuma is kinda fugly looking haha…I liked him before T_T.

Jin Claude Katagiri (Takami Akira) – This alias thing is getting confusing so I guess I’ll just refer to them by whatever name is easier to type! So anyway Jin seems like the pimpy playboy type and he even has this pimptastic jazzy BGM that I wish I could record but this game failed to have a music gallery (´・ω:;.:… When Akari first meets him he says his only goal is to be the #1 host at the host club. He often calls his customers “hime” and asks them to buy him expensive alcohol to get him the top spot. In order to tickle his fancy you need to shove you painting masterpieces to him every month. They go to the pool together where he sports a speedo プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ and somehow they have the entire hotel pool to themselves so he takes advantage of the opportunity to plant one on Akari. She gets all embarrassed and runs home ┐(‘~`;)┌ When she asks him about that kiss at the host club later that week, he says he did it because he wanted to and then proceeds to kiss her in front of everyone at the host club as well 😆 Anyway as you could tell from his name, Jin is actually half British (mother) and half Japanese. When October hits Jin is perma-requested as usual by Akari but also by Ayako which causes some tension. Ayako’s parents happen to know Jin’s parents as well so she gets annoyed when other women get with Jin beyond the host/customer situation. For Christmas Jin gives Akari a ring and then in January he tells her he likes her and asks her to go out with him. They eventually move into some hot digs together while he continues making out with her in public and embarrassing her further \( ^o^)/

One day she comes home and finds Jin sitting alone in the dark emoing. She asks him what’s wrong and he just says he was lonely without her and then gets all huggy/kissy with her. At the end of March he says that he has to go work at his parents’ company and go on omiai’s. He tells her he will drop the apartment and that she needs to move back home. Akari slaps him and runs home crying. Her dad then asks her if she can go on 1 that one omiai that she refused last year but she can refuse afterwards. She agrees without even looking at the photo of the guy thinking she’ll reject him anyway. When she gets there her omiai partner is – Jin! \( ^o^)/ It turns out, he was her omiai partner a year prior but she refused him without even looking at his photo and his pride was hurt. He then stalked her and found out she was going to Gorgeous so he became a host there to try to get close to her. This explains why he always was all kissy and huggy with her – he obviously had intentions to marry her! XD The reason he made her go home though was a requirement by her father and his father wouldn’t let him marry someone unless it was through an omiai – so yea 2 birds with 1 stone here xD So yea 5 years later they are married and living in England t ogether. Because she stuffed a million paintings in his face, she became a professional painter! You go girl! 😆 Also I think Akira looks way better 5 years later (unlike Yuuichirou lol). Also I totally think Jin’s name is some pun on Jean Claude Van Damme.

Kajou Yoshikyuki (Omi Masato) – Masato is the kinniku baka so he loves to do all sorts of training and he loves food. That’s why to win his heart you need to stuff his face with various dishes and let him know that you’d love to cook for him. When they go to the beach together his body is so rippled and shiny he looks like David Hasselhoff did on Baywatch 20 years ago. When Akari catches him getting slapped by one of his customers he tells her that it’s because that customer fell in love with him but he rejected her. He says that he cannot get into any serious relationship because he had someone he loved a lot in the past but she broke up with him because he didn’t have enough bling. Akari is upset about this but tells herself she’s just a customer and she may as well give up too. Turns out he used to be a delinquent and would get into fights in the past but he focused his energy into boxing and his goal is to win a big match now. He participates in a match on xmas eve that Akari comes to cheer on but unfortunately he loses. Not only does he lose but his sight begins to get worse afterward.

In January Akari comes to his place and he admits that he likes her and he’s been in denial. Akari then decides its okay to stop denying too and they both do it (for the 2nd time) at his place \( ^o^)/ As time goes by his eyesight worsens and he almost gets into a car accident because he doesn’t see the red light. When his coach finds out he rages and tells him to quit immediately but Masato begs him to let him continue training and at least win 1 last match. He also realizes that while his eyesight is poor he can rely on “feeling” and “hearing”. Thanks to those senses he wins the match but he goes completely blind. While he’s in the hospital Akari opens the gift he asked to open after he won the match. Inside it are a card that says I Love you, and a diamond engagement ring. Five years go by and after multiple surgeries Masato becomes a coach for other boxing guys younger than him along with the ossan who coached him. One day while cleaning up in their apartment, Akari finds an old lover letter he wrote to her but never gave to her. She reads it and he gets all embarrassed and then asks if she will marry him. Wut? I thought they were already married. 😆 Oh well anyway it was still a cute ending. I really do love Sugita’s voice but I wish they gave Masato a different hair style so he didn’t look like a porcupine most of the game ( ´_ゝ`).

Kurosu Masaya (Chihiro) – Masaya is the adorable younger guy but at least its in a cute way rather than the “I’M A SHOTA BOKU!” way ( ´_ゝ`). To win his heart you need to shove 20 rings in his face so that he has one on every finger and toe 😆 His dream is to become a doctor so he takes the host club job to pay for medical school. Honestly, it’s a great idea because let’s face it he makes a shit tone of money being a manwhore and medical school is damn expensive! He doesn’t like alcohol and he doesn’t care about his host rank as long as he gets paid his regular paycheck. One day Akari catches Masaya wearing a school uniform at the train station with her younger brother Kazuki. Since Kazuki refuses to tell her anything, she then drills Masaya about it (after being his solo requester) and he finally admits that he lied about his age because he needed a job that pays a lot. Akari promises to keep it a secret if he goes on a date with her on Xmas eve. This is probably not a bad thing for him considering he’s obviously in love with her so of course he agrees. He ends up getting his own apartment and moves out so on Xmas eve they go there and he admits that he loves Akari followed by him pushing her down on the couch and having his way with her (not that she minded 😈 ). For Masaya’s birthday in January, he and Akari go snowboarding where he kisses her to “warm up” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

He gets into a fight with his dad because he feels like he’s a burden on him which is why he moved out in the first place. When his dad finds out that Masaya works as a host he rages at him but Masaya argues and says he wants to live on his own. Ever since their mother left them he felt like he was just a burden and he didn’t want to live with his father anymore. Because of this Masaya is a bit immature and emotional so he starts hogging Akari all to himself and gets upset and jealous if she even talks to the other host guys (even if it’s random stuff like Gorgeous events/schedules etc.) At some point he stops coming to Gorgeous and keeps calling in sick because he doesn’t want to run into his dad there. He brings Akari to a church and says he wants to marry her. Akari’s like “wtf little boy you’re still only 18 and we’ve only been dating for 3 months”. Masaya gets all upset and then after a few days tells her he got accepted into medical school. At the end of March he moves back in with his father and apologizes to Akari for suffocating her with his immaturity. He then breaks up with her and 5 years later they reunite at a hospital when she catches the flu. He tells her he wanted to wait before he graduated college to meet up with her once more but since they bumped into each other while he’s an intern they decided to get back together as they PDA with each other in the patient waiting area 😆 Masaya was cute honestly. A lot of adorable moments and dat blushing face was (*´Д`)ハァハァ Kinda hard to believe that his seiyuu also voiced Madarame in Genshiken xDD

Ayaori Kaname (Kugami Enju) – Kaname is the celebrity guy who ends up doing a TV program about a host club which is why he becomes a host at Gorgeous in the first place. He’s only 20 and pretty immature and talks like a valley girl (うお、マジっかよ!ww) In the first 3 months it’s hard to even get with him to begin with. First I was refused to even see him, and when I finally got the chance to see him, when I picked 会話 the manager would tell me “ah sorry he’s busy”. WTF MAN (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ What I ended up having to do is save state and if he refused to talk to me, I’d just shove 20 shirts in his face that month. I think in June I ended up giving him like 7 shirts because of this instead of the usual 2 per month 😆 At first Kaname only remembers Akari as the girl who didn’t want his autograph because Akari is not a fan of his anyway. She ends up being filmed for a CM with him but they cut her scene out so when she runs into him on the streets, Kaname tells her that next time he’ll give her priority. Fortunately after this incident, I was able to have a convo with him without any problems although I had more than enough bags and wallets to spare just in case アッヒャッヒャ!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノアッヒャッヒャ! This route is pretty typical regarding the whole “being with a celebrity” situation so of course you get your usual batch of paparazzi scenes. At one point Kaname asks her to perma-reserve him at the host club and she’s the only person he allows to do this.

This doesn’t exactly please his ex-g/f celebrity Risa. Since in every route Akari gives the manwhore a suit, the suit she gave him was a massive improvement over his “my 70s prom” thing he was sporting most of the game. In December he lies to her and says he likes her giving her a bracelet. He says he will keep it a secret and so they secretly meet at a bar run by his uncle. A week later she overhears him outside Gorgeous speaking on the phone to someone saying that he only started dating Akari to get Risa off his back. Akari hears this and gets upset. She says she shouldn’t have expected anything from him so she returns his bracelet back to him and says goodbye. She continues acting like his “customer” and she starts to look a little prettier and wears a skirt. That’s when Kaname’s heart suddenly goes キュ━.+゚(○゚Д゚○)゚+.━ン and he realizes what he’s lost and becomes restless. Finally in February he asks to see her at the bar and admits that he’s really fallen for her and didn’t realize it until she told him goodbye. He then asks her to call him by his real name (Kaname) and from then on he doesn’t care who knows it, but he’s all raburabu with Akari. Even for Valentine’s day he doesn’t care that some cameraman is filming him feeding her chocolate cake 😆

His manager begins to sigh and Risa gets all pissed off saying it’s no fair that Akari got her man. He takes her out and gives her a pair bracelet and then kisses her. He tells her that a kiss is not enough and they run off to a hotel (from the pararazzi) and make lovin’ all night. Kaname says he cannot hide his feelings when he’s really serious about something so he doesn’t care if the world knows that they’re dating. At the end of March the host program ends but he tells her he wants to be her “perma-host” for life. Later he has a press conference where he admits that he and Akari are dating and that he will take a break from his celebrity career to focus and become better. He takes Akari to America with him and 5 years later he’s a famous Hollywood actor. While they are shopping Akari sneaks a kiss on his cheek |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ It’s funny but Kaname’s ending plot was prolly the only one that didn’t end tragically. At the end of March all the other guys’ would have some shocking revelation that would upset Akari but here Kaname proposes to her XD. Oh well I guess the shocking thing for him was in December instead. While at first Kaname/Enju annoyed the shit out of me, after the realization that he’s voiced by Takahashi Hiroki and then further into his route he really grew on me. Even the UOO MAJIKAYO when I gave him shirt #100 😆

Satoru – While I really did like Satoru, I am sad to say I could not get his good end. I don’t know what the hell I did wrong but twice I would just sway off into some other guy’s bad end. I completed the good end for Masato which is what I thought was required but basically after November it would just stray me off into either Akira or Kazuma’s bad end routes. ┐(‘~`;)┌ INCREDIBLY upset about this because I was really looking forward to Satoru’s route but I’m fucking done dealing with d3p’s bullshit in this game. I’ll see if I can try my luck in Kurochou Special Night but otherwise I’m done. Not even gonna bother doing the owner/harem end because I’m too upset about the time I wasted trying to get the good end of one of the only characters I really was looking forward to. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Well since not getting Satoru’s route has put me into a fucking foul mood over this game I guess I have nothing holding back the rage that’s been boiling up in me the moment I started this god damn game. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Like I mentioned, without save state I woulda dropped this shit faster than a ton of bricks. You cannot save anywhere you want. You can only save once a week while you plan your schedule or during any days off where you relax to clear Akari’s stress level. While visiting the guys at the club and talking to them, I’d have instances of 3 REPEATED CONVERSATIONS IN A ROW. Considering the fact that the game’s sole entertainment factor is interacting with the guys, you’d fucking think they’d add more conversations. Yes that’s nice I know you wanted to kiss me on the forehead Enju, I fucking heard you say it to me the LAST 2 TIMES I CAME HERE. The game was buggy as shit and there were multiple instances where the dialogue on screen was completely different from what the guy was saying. I was like what the hell? It was worse when a choice came up and I had to basically save state/guess whether choice 1 or choice 2 was the actual correct choice since the game dialogue and the written dialogue was completely different! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ While the whole mouth movement/blinking thing was kinda cool, it suffered the same fate as Death Connection where even if the characters had a “pause” in their dialogue, the mouth would keep moving making it look like a badly dubbed Kung Fu movie. The lottery spam game got annoying quickly because if you didn’t win the 20million jackpot at least twice, you would not be able to afford buying the entire drink menu 3x a month for the guys after they became your permanent request. There was no auto skip or skip read dialogue. That means anytime you saw a dialogue you “think” you might have seen, you had to manually press and hold R1 and skip it. If there was dialogue you may not have read but you weren’t sure, you press R1 and skip through it anyway. I may have missed some dialogue but oh well whatever I don’t even care anymore. The real winning aspect of this game are probably the characters themselves. Chihiro was adorable and Akira’s ending just put a huge grin on my face. Kazuma and Enju had their (*´д`*)ハァハァ moments as well. If it wasn’t for that this game would be absolute trash. I spent time making all those presents for all the guys but I didn’t even use half of them so unless you want that I Love You~ message from your favorite seiyuu you really don’t need to make all of them. My only last hope is the addon disk Kurochou Special Night where I can do Minazuki, the brother and maybe try Satoru again if the save data transfers. If not, good riddance I guess I’m moving on to LE2. ( ´_ゝ`)


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  1. I actually ended up replaying Satoru because I figured out why the hell the damn game wasn’t letting me get his good end. I’ll have his review up in the post about kurochou special night 🙂

    I use a desktop – there’s no way any laptop can handle that emulator 😆

  2. Ughhh, I am so glad I didn’t get this game now. :\ The game characters sound great, and I do love some of the seiyuu and designs BUT GOOD LORD if the system is absolute crap, I’m not sure I could get through it!! I have Club Katze though, so I’ll probably play that…. But damn.

    Not getting to play your favorite character?? I would have thrown my laptop across the room!!! (Lol I would say PSP but you’re on an emu so… laptop)

    Or just gotten really angry and fumed. Do you think you’re gonna try again? Or is it definitely done for good with Satoru?

  3. sharakael> no literally she only went because she spotted her former classmate there and then…she just kept coming. I realize that the escorts get better as they improve but I guess this was some kind of weird ritual one must go through as some kind of otome suffering rights of passage 😕

    Rin> Yea definitely emulator. Koori told me her PS2 crashed a lot during saves and from reading 2ch a lot of people said saving really lagged anyway….so yea I wouldn’t trust it for asecond.

    Koori> well thanks for letting me know – I was about to attempt Satoru’s route 1 more time from the start and change the bday to 12/10 sigh. I’ll check the notes if I don’t see the doodle I’m not even gonna bother. Unfortunately the fucking save data refused to transfer to special night so basically I’d have to replay Chihiro I guess and then just play Minazuki. Really pissed off. I rage quit the game last night and went off to do other things cause I just couldn’t take it anymore (´;ω;`)

  4. Well…

    1) If the bad ends came from Satoru’s christmas event not activating – congratulations. It seems the game doesn’t recognize that you have done Masato’s good end, as the notes should have somekind of doodle in them (by Masato’s profile?) to prove it and oj-god so much HATE.

    Hopefully Special night will work for you, or else it’s time to deal with LE2’s system.

  5. Wow, the system sounds really frustrating. >_>;
    LOL @ bribing the hosts with presents. I only played LE 2 and gaining money / affection is a lot easier than this, and you can skip events. Haven’t got the chance to play this yet, but I’ll use an emu to play this instead of PS2 lol. Thanks for the review.

  6. Otsukare-sama~~ …egads. The system in Club Katze had definitely been improved then <_<;

    Club Katze had some repeated dialogues, but it didn't happen often enough to be annoying.
    The skip system for Club Katze worked well too… and the lottery system was gone from Club Katze. …I always thought that in Club Katze the heroine got money way too easily, but I guess that's better compared to having to play a lottery mini-game for the money…

    …also, the heroine… they really didn't give her any reason to visit the host club did they <_<; In Club Katze the heroine was there to do research for her work, in this one… just to see Daddy's workplace? *lol* …I wonder if they have Bring Your Daughter To Work Day 8D

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