Otome Game Review: Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete ・ Natsu Chigira Sansen!

So here we have the fandisk for Kaerubatake! I don’t know if Takuyo got fan input or what but the design of this was so much better in every way! For example you get to run through the after story and another story just like a VN without having to torture yourself with mini games. If you want bonus omakes like an extra illustration or some bonus voices then you gotta beat the characters in poker and black jack. (Both games I suck at so good thing I have my husband to tell me what to do! 😆 ) The point is, it was very enjoyable. The artist leveled up and the CGs were of much better quality than before (especially the profile pics.) There were also nice bonuses like detailed interviews with the characters such as what they like, dislike, etc. Additionally! If you left Fuu’s name default, the characters all said her name! Hallelujah! This way we’re not always hearing “anta” or “omae” 😆 While I had beef with the first game, I cannot say enough great things about how much I enjoyed the fandisk.

Hamura Mukuto – I decided to play the characters in the same order as I did in the original game so Hamutsun was first. I did the “Another Story” first which apparently takes place sometime during the summer of their cleaning activities. Everyone decides they will go to the beach and so they all decide to buy a swimsuit for Fuu because she had plans of wearing her school mizugi 😆 Mukuto of course had no problem with this (*’∀’*)ウフフフ♪ At the beach house Mukuto confesses to her (which I guess throws off the timing but whatever let’s roll with it) and she accepts it. Everyone’s like :;:;:;:;ガ―{´_`゜|||}─ン;:;:;:; but I guess eventually they accept it too. They run into a ghost frog which because it was angry at humans remained in this world. Once it found out that they were cleaning everything up, his feelings of hate went away and he told the raging Kazuhi to “smile” before he goes. So at the end Mukuto and Fuu kiss but then Touya shows up, cockblocks them and says he waited till they finished making out before he “came out” XDXD. In the “After Story” it’s like another reset since it takes place right before the epilogue where everyone had their memories erased. Mukuto asks Fuu to go to the summer festival with him and that’s where he tells her he likes her. She found out that his parents were forcing him to do an omiai, but he rejected it saying he has a person he likes. With this he asked if Fuu wouldn’t mind going to meet his parents and she agreed saying she is “ready” if she needs to be dating him for the purpose of marriage (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. Overall a very ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ route I was |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ everywhere XDXD.

Kuuga Masaomi – While Masaomi was kind of annoying in the first game and stuttered in fear all the freaking time, this one gave him a well needed improvement. Not only did he stop stuttering but he actually spoke up and really went ahead and took action. During the beach episode in Another Story, he asks her to go visit the ocean with him at night to show him the sparkling waves. He then confesses and says that he likes Fuu and that he’d like her to go out with him. After she agrees, one day when they are walking outside they run into a half dead wrinkled frog on the ground. Turns out its a dehydrated Kazuhi who’s somehow lost all his memories. All he remembers is he was a ronery frog and nothing else so for now everyone just calls him Blue Frog-san 😆 Because Masaomi is so busy taking care of Kazuhi, Fuu gets a little jealous wishing he’d glomp her like he glomped the frog XD.   She tells him this and when he hugs her she’s all like GOOD KEEP HUGGIN’. Anyway eventually Souichi comes to the place in frog form and then Kazuhi regains all his memories and thanks Masaomi for taking care of him. When they ask  Souichi’s gender, he says male, but he’s obviously so flamboyantly gay it sets of Masaomi’s fear of women. This further confirms that 1. Fuu is 男前 2. BL frog love square from the last game ヾ;(;(;*;゚;ω;゚;);););ノ゙アーッヒャッヒャッヒャッヒャァー. In the after story since Masaomi and Fuu kept their damas they are already dating and they go to the summer festival together. Masaomi wanted everyone to go but everyone was busy except Mukuto who was like “I’m not gonna cockblock dafuq man. ( ´_ゝ`)” So Masaomi and Fuu go together and they run into Kazuhi and Touya and take a photo together. Kazuhi shows up in the photo (vs how before Souchi wouldn’t because he’s a youkai) I guess because Masaomi really wanted him to. Anyhow overall the story was really funny with the whole frog adventures and Masaomi was really cute this time around so this is definitely an improvement for his character!

Hirose Yuuki – So during the beach episode, Hirose asks Fuu to go out and light some small hand fireworks together on the beach. His keeps dying out because he says he’s nervous being near the person he likes. Suddenly Fuu grabs his hand and confesses to him and he’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ and then confesses back to her. When Kaneko finds out that Hirose is dating Fuu she rages because he beat her in some debate back in middle school. They also then get involved with some drama of Kazuhi and Souichi BL frog love where Souichi ends up running away from Kazuhi because Kazuhi won’t listen to his reasoning abuot humans. At one point everyone is gathered around the living room playing a board game and when they find out that Fuu and Hirose are going out they all gang up on him 😆 Basically most of Hirose’s story focused on him battling his inner self which he hated and changing himself because of his feelings for Fuu. There’s even a really hot rain makeout scene which sadly Souichi ends up cockblocking (´・ω:;.:… In the after story Fuu worries she’s not sexy enough because of what her friends say. Turns out Fuu and Hirose have been sleeping together every night (????) but “nothing happened”. So then Hirose’s all like “you know I’m holding myself back” and they decide to only do randy things when the forecast predicts rain so that nobody knows it’s just Hirose’s hormones acting up XDXD. During the summer festival they get cockblocked again while they are hugging by everyone calling them to meet at the bus stop. Poor poor Hirose lmao. Not as much of an interesting “story” this time around, but a nice character focus and a lot of hilariously “forward” lines by Fuu.

Maibara Misaki – Misaki’s route was…incredibly pointless. It focused way too much on the whole frog mess as well as Souichi that at some points I would forget whose route I was doing. In my eyes a fandisk should be fanservice with the characters just like the 3 routes I played above. In Misaki’s route he still felt like the side character that he is. Even when the confession scenes would come by that time I’d be so stoned from boredom that it did nothing for me. And honestly what the hell….not a SINGLE kiss CG? Really? Indirect kiss? What is this kindergarten? We saw them kiss in the first game, you couldn’t have given us a “in the future” CG maybe if you’re so worried about “pedo references” ? Okay. Anyway I am extremely disappointed with Misaki’s route. Considering what kind of character he is, they could have done a lot more with it but they just chose to beat around the bush and then try to shove some “romance” in. The only CUTE scene was the one in this CG here which was completely random and was never really brought up after its occurrence. ( ´_ゝ`)

Togami Akinori – Togami’s route suffered the same problem as Misaki’s where they basically just rehashed the entire story from the first game. During the beach episode, they decided they will be “dating” without even knowing wth that even means. (ಠ_ಠ) Only later on did Misaki explain to them what it REALLY means and they’re like “oh okay I guess we can try it.” So much for romance. The rest of the route was just focused on Togami telling us the plot again about him being a Karasu Tengu (why u do dis Takuyo) and his whole relationship/friendship with Misaki. Bleh. It only got interesting when Fuu said she would be by Togami’s side as long as her “life” permits her since she is a human and he is a youkai. In the after story Fuu decides that I guess she will be a youkai as well because she plans to be Togami’s waifu. Overall though, I couldn’t finish this route faster because Konishi’s constant yelling in my ears gave me a major headache. Actually it traumatized me so bad the next game I was going to play with him in it, I’m putting on hold until that HAAA~~HAHA laughter is purged out of my brain ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ At least unlike Misaki’s route though, there was a decent amount of romance, and the scenes where he was blushing were the only acceptable ones anyway because he wasn’t yelling like a fucking idiot.

Norizuki Ren – Ren’s route is basically puppy love. The entire route is him and Fuu being all いちゃいちゃ and pissing everyone off (including Chigira 😆 ) Like with the first 3 guys, he confesses to her at the beach episode and she accepts it. They go on a date where there’s fortune telling machines. The one machine says that Fuu is a bacteria and then says Ren is a frog lol. At one point they go on a date to the park and it rains (probably Hirose bawwing in his room or something (´ε`;)). They hide under a slide but then they hear lightning and Ren gets scared cause he hates it. This is where 男前 Fuu comes in and she puts her arm around him in a manly way and says she’s there for him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン 風羽ちゃんかっこいい!! Later they discuss how they want to see each other’s faces first thing in the morning so Ren asks if he can sleep in Fuu’s room. Fuu shyly agrees and I thought my heart was going to burst from that CG. Later Ren says that they slept together but hadn’t kissed so they kiss by the frog pond. In the epilogue they’re at the beach again splashing water at each other like the バッカップル that they are. In the after story Ren wants to turn Fuu back to human by taking away her Nushi powers. Chigira knows this so he gives her a special talisman to protect her from Ren doing this. Fuu convinces Ren that she wants to be by his side since he tells her he is no longer a human either. I mean honestly Ren why you gotta be a drama llama. You’re both gonna live a long life together, be happy man! \( ^o^)/ Lmao the entire route was adorable. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ A definite needed refresher after the 2 routes above (´・ω・`;).

Chigira Takumi – Well it’s obvious that the fandisk was pretty much created for Chigira so he had his another story route and then a bonus route which was about the “same length” as if you had played it in the first game. First let’s trackback a little to the first game. Chigira is the karas tengu and also Togami’s “teacher”. He claims to be older than Touya which makes him over 500 years old 😆 Birthday is November 5th so he’s pretty much a typical scorpio and I can sadly relate to most of his behavior (*’∀’*)ウフフフ♪ (even if I don’t agree with it most of the time XDDD). In the “Another Story”, during the beach episode, Chigira said he came along to see what guy would confess to Fuu and was disappointed that she ended up hanging out at night alone with him instead. He spends most of his time sleeping in the nurse’s office (which always seems to be abandoned lol) and when Fuu gets her foot scratched by some nukos, he tends to it. Of course nothing he does is for free so he forces her to play his hand held game and level up all his characters in return rofl xD. While he seems like a snarky ass, during a rain storm, he tells Fuu to leave her umbrella so Ren’s stray cats can take shelter under it – and then he walks home with her in an aiaikasa (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. One day she comes into the Nurse’s office seeing if he’s there and finds him sleeping as usual but he seems to be having some kind of bad dream. She holds his hand until he comes down but then he wakes up, says she has a weird stalker fetish and then pulls he down with him. At one point she says “Will you not let go of me then?” and is shocked at what embarrassing things she says obviously giving away the fact that she already likes him (*´ω`*)

Not sure of her feelings (as this is Fuu being Fuu), she tells Chigira that she admires him as a senpai. Chigira gets pissed and says she’s just like everybody else and tells her to stop bothering him again. Fuu feels bad and realize she’s definitely not used the right choice of words here so she goes to see him but he isn’t there. She falls asleep on the bed where he always sleeps but then he wakes her up by petting her head x3. He comes close to her and tells her to close her eyes but then he just pulls her cheeks and tells her to go back to sleep and think of all this is a dream – which she really does. She wakes up again and he’s there but pissed like before. She says she used the wrong choice of words and she wants him to have an interest in her because him leaving her alone has made her hurt and upset. She tells him to get into the futon with her and he’s like SIIIIGHHH you should treasure yourself more (〃ノノ). She asks if he’s worried about her and he blushes and says of course he is and as Fuu is about to tell him she likes him he stops and kisses her mid sentence (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン. In the epilogue they are sitting in her room while it rains (cause obviously Hirose is crying is eyes out in his room) and Chigira says he’s surprised he’s fallen for a human after so many years of not caring that deeply about them. After you did everyone’s another and after story routes, Chigira’s “true route” will unlock which is best left as your final route of the game.

So in the true route, the game begins on 6/30 and pretty much anything above from Another doesn’t come into play. Chigira is being his snarky self as usual but he starts showing his sweet side to Fuu like when he gives her his jersey jacket to cover herself up from the rain (sending a shocker all around the dorm.) Fuu’s friends point out that Chigira seems like that scary guy but then you’ll go キュ──。+゚(*゚Д゚*)。+゚──ン!! when you see him save some puppy or something. XD They all watch some popular TV drama where this guy named Mitsuo-kun basically is in love with this girl and he forces her to do it with him even though she denies but it’s all because she likes him anyway. The plot is based on some cell phone novel (which they never did say who wrote it..) but it seems to mirror the events happening in Fuu’s life with Chigira. One time during broadcast club when it’s just the 2 of them, she breaks the broadcast machine game (thank god! ( ಠ益ಠ )) and then she says Chigira is sado. Chigira says “So you think I’m a hentai?” 😆 Chigira is so bored that he thinks they should tease Ren and Hirose by pretending to be “dating”. When Chigira tells them that they are, Hirose and Ren just laugh like “yea nice joke lol anyway moving on”. Chigira is pissed that it didn’t work and says he wants to try harder and tells her to come to the literature room later on for PLAN B. To add on to the misunderstanding, Fuu’s friends think that she and Chigira have something going on (and Fuu doesn’t deny it cause she knows Chigira will prolly rage lol) so they gave her a handbook with “tips” on what “couples” should do. The tips in there say stuff like “Say sweet things to each other, kiss in front of everyone, be all ichaicha, have the guy push you down…. :lol:”

Chigira reads this in the literature room and asks her what she wants to do. Fuu is confused as usual so he tells her to shut up while he pushes her down on the couch. He says that her no-reaction face is too boring and to get a reaction out of her he sticks his hand up her shirt (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Fuu says he’s just screwing around with her for his own enjoyment (a true ドS) and he agrees and says of course he is lol. Togami starts emoing that his “shishou” may have fallen in love (which thank god stops him from yelling and laughing like an idiot.) One day they’re at that frog shrine and Fuu hurts herself so Chigira helps her clean up the wound. He also gives her back that book full of “couple” tips and then tells her to pick from a list on what they should do. She picks one and he says she’s picking stuff she doesn’t know anything about so when Fuu asks what he wants to do he points to the one that says “kiss in front of everyone.” (/ρ\)いやーん Fuu doesn’t want to lose the “chicken race” so she agrees but when he seriously comes close to her she apologizes and says he’s too close. She also tells him that she doesn’t want to kiss someone she’s not in love with. Chigira asks “what if I take responsibility?” and Fuu blushes and says “well if you are serious, then please proceed, otherwise please move away.” Chigira stops, moves away and laughs and just then Ren and the others come near by. He continues making her lie to her friends that while they were “faking it” at first, they are really dating now (even though they are not.) Around this time Kazuhi’s rage comes up and he tells Fuu that if she becomes a youkai (the Nushi I guess) then she can use her purification power to save all the living creatures of the Tsukiyado lake and that one sacrifice is nothing.

Hirose gets sick (probably from depression due to the fact that Chigira’s having a hoihoi time with Fuu) and then gets into a fight with Mukuto. Chigira comes over for dinner and Miksai tells him that if he makes Fuu cry, everyone in this dorm will kill him. When Chigira leaves Fuu runs after him and notices a weird symbol light up on his arm. She pretends not to see it because she feels like it’s something she shouldn’t have seen. Togami who is still emoing, goes to talk to Chigira saying he heard that Chigira’s been putting a barrier around the dorm and has been doing the duties of the Tsukiyado Nushi. Chigira gets pissed that Togami is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and tells him that he’s no longer his disciple. Mukuto asks Fuu for advice on how to make up with Hirose, whose gotten better thanks to Fuu. Hirose gets up and tells Mukuto that their damas will be removed soon anyway so not like it matters if they make up or not since they will forget about each other’s “relationships” anyway. Anyway with this whole Kazuhi mess everyone goes to the Tsukiyado shrine where they run into a very unhappy Chigira who’s pissed that Togami spilled the beans about him being the karas tengu. Togami says it’s not like he is his teacher anymore but Chigira says he still broke the rules of the Karas Tengu regardless. For a while Tokunami’s been MIA and Chigira shows everyone a clear dama that he says may or may not be Tokunami. Everyone thinks Chigira killed him but Chigira says if they want to know more to have Fuu come with him. Fuu trusts Chigira and tells everyone that she will go.

As usual turns out Chigira was just being a tsundere troll and Tokunami is totally fine. He was just being MIA because he was kind of working together with the crows to get the whole lake purification plan going. Kazuhi of course has no idea that they’re all on the same side so he gets Mukuto and Kuuga to join forces with him against Chigira. Fuu tells Chigira that she will follow him until the end in a backasswards confession XD. They run into a raging Kazuhi who has magadama and threatens to use it. Chigira says he don’t give a damn and he swallows it, which actually makes him really sick and probably shortens his (extremely long) life span. Chigira and Fuu go around to gather all the broken pieces of that plate thing and they run into Souichi and Misaki. Souichi asks Chigira to “fight him” and Chigira’s like “god why can’t we just talk this shit over mendokuse~” 😆 Chigira is pretty strong so of course he defeats him. Chigira feels really ill so they go rest for a bit. He tells her that the mark on his arm was given to him by the Tsukiyado Nushi and because he’s been in his human form for so damn long he’s started to develop human feelings/emotions. He says he knew Fuu because her distant relative was his first disciple. He says at first all he did was just “watch over her” and nothing more. Her family tree had no special genetic properties but for some reason they could see youkai. Chigira then overwrote her property the day she met him as a loli at the festival when she got lost. That’s why she changed to the purification property. Because of this she lost her ability to see youkai at a young age but her grandpa suggested it was better that way so that they wouldn’t bother her ( like with Misaki ). Her grandpa also asked Takumi to then watch over her to make sure that she is safe (since he was responsible for the change anyway.)

Chigira’s condition gets worse and he says that he’s lived long enough so it was fine this way. Fuu is upset and says she doesn’t want him to die but he says he’s not dying just yet but he probably wont be living much more than maybe another hundred years or so. She says that she may have only known him 3 months but that’s not enough time for her to be with him. He admits that he’s probably fallen for her just like Togami said and then gets all tsun saying that he’s just babbling this shit because he’s like on the verge of death (*´ω`*). He tells Fuu that he’ll give the rest of his life to her (〃ノノ). Anyway next the head off to get the last piece of the disc thing where Hirose and Ren are there. They say they want to fight Chigira but not because of the whole eco system thing but obviously because they both like Fuu XD. Of course Chigira kicks their butts and Ren complains that he didn’t need to hit them THAT hard. They go to the frog shrine with the combined disc and Chigira asks Ren to open it for him. Kazuhi thinks that only he can open it but Ren obviously can since he’s a distant relative of the Tsukiyado Nushi. They do their thing there and then head off to the lake for some purification time! Chigira changes into his karas tengu form (which makes Fuu’s heart jump (*´ω`*)) and during the purification Fuu asks to be by his side.     In the middle of it the Nushi seal starts acting up and Fuu begs the Nushi to stop making Chigira suffer any longer. I guess it listens and instead it transfers itself to Ren and takes over his body. The lake is purified and all the flowers in it bloom again. Nushi-Ren explains that he is the “memories” of the Nushi and he had sealed himself up in Chigira’s arm. He was supposed to transfer himself to his guardians  Kazuhi and Souichi but I guess because Chigira spent too much time in human form he was unable to do so.  Fuu says that if Chigira stayed a youkai form then the 2 of them would never have met and Chigira blushes while Tokunami gives them a “get a room” look (ಠ_ಠ).  Nushi leaves Ren’s body and says his goodbyes to Kazuhi and Souichi and says he lived a good life with Chigira.

In the epilogue we see the full flashback scene of when young Fuu got lost at the summer festival and karas tengu form Chigira had found her. He told her that he knows her grandpa and he will take her to him. Fuu then asked to hold his hand while he did so. It’s now the day when it’s time for everyone to get their damas taken out of them and make their wishes. Tokunami informs Fuu that her dama has evolved past regular removal level and he cannot take it out without risks so he tells her that Chigira will do it in his place. Fuu runs to the  Tsukiyado lake and she and Chigira have a little chat. He explains to her that her father is actually a bird youkai that her mother fell in love with when he was in his human form. Bother her mother and grandpa knew this but they didn’t do anything about it since they were in love. Her entire lineage in fact is a bunch of humans becoming youkais and youkais becoming humans lol (which explains why Fuu fell for Chigira probably XD). He also tells her that she’s a distant relative of the Tsukiyadohime – which he asks her not to ask him the details of how this “hime” was actually a guy… (ಠ_ಠ). Kazuhi comes to say goodbye because he’s leaving to do the duties that Nushi asked him to and Souichi says he will stay here and protect this place while waiting for Kazuhi to return. Fuu says she heard from Tokunami that Chigira put a protective barrier around the dorm to protect everyone and Chigira blushes saying the nyankochan talks too much. He says that her grandpa asked him to take care of her because her dama was past the regular removal level her properties were too mixed in with his. She says that when she was little the property change probably happened because she took his hand that day (and he points out that young children are a lot easier to change properties of than adults.) He also points out that her grandpa probably wanted him to “take her hand” that time because her mother had already passed away and he had no idea how to raise her. Chigira also points out that he’s the one who gave her the name “Fuu” and then says it’s time to remove the dama – saying he will do it so that she keeps as much of her memories as possible. He tells her to come closer and says “Didn’t Togami tell you it’s done via mouth?” and she says “Isn’t there another way” but then he says “yes but you want me to do it another way” Fuu of course blushes and says nothing so Chigira tells her to just be quiet and do as he says. Fuu says that he really is her “Hikoboshi” and then she thinks to herself that she was “caught” at this lake by him. (Like the title Catch me at the frog patch (*´ω`*)). Ahh I watched this entire epilogue twice and was near tears both times (´;ω;`).  I just kinda wish that the 2 CGs where he’s ABOUT to kiss her…he actually DID kiss her (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

Final thoughts? (;´Д`)ハァハァ/lァ/lァ/ヽァ/ヽァ ノ \ア ノ \ア / \ ア / \ ア ahem. 😆 This game was just too good. Chigira’s true end route basically shows how good a story can be without the need of any mini games to break up my train of thought. The first game was good (mini games side) but this game just did everything better. The mini games were just poker and black jack really (the garbage game didn’t seem to unlock anything for me ..?) and you got rewards just for playing them/beathing them. Hell they were at least fun to play with hearing the snarky and fun lines (except for Kazuhi please die in a fire). The after stories were OKAY for me but the Another Stories were probably my favorite ones. I thought my heart was going to explode from all the |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ CGs/scenarios in the game. The lines from Fuu in Hirose and Ren’s routes were probably epic. Hell they were pretty epic in Chigira’s route too but Chigira’s so full of win sometimes I think he upstaged her awesomeness (〃ノノ). Ah I just cannot say enough great things about this fandisk. I hope any future Takuyo games are done in this fashion. This way they can have their mini games for those who like them but still please the true VN fans like me. Ren, Hirose and Chigira still remain my favs but after that epic Chigira route he’s definitely my #1 (〃ノノ). The route ended me wanted for more though. I was kinda hoping to see like what happens after her dama is removed, will she be a youkai or a human? I mean if her dad was a youkai then shouldn’t turning her into one be a piece of cake (like in Ren’s route?) Maybe I’m just unsatisfied because I wanted the last Chigira CG to be an actual kiss not the “2 seconds” before image XDXD. I guess time to get ye olde’ photoshop working for some fanart…. ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪ Overall I give this game a huge huge recommendation. Obviously you need to make it through the first game but the first game almost feels like the broccoli you gotta eat before you have the delicious cake that is this fandisk ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.


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  1. I plan to eventually play WOF but waiting for WOF2 fandisk to come out then I’ll marathon it. At the moment I’m kinda sick of otomate’s crap and I’m trying to play games by other companies ^^;

  2. Oh, so this game (both the fandisc and the original) are short? That’s cool. XD

    So you ain’t doing any reviews on WoF, I presume? Though WoF is pretty long, but I think overall the story, art and voices are really awesome, so I guess it’s worth spending the time to inch forward in the game. ^^; I would have quit completely if the quality is low hahaha.

  3. i liked the fandisk a lot, but I also like Takumi so I guess I was biased? Hirose had a cute route too though so give it a shot. It will certainly take you less time than WOF lol

  4. Awesome review! Sadly, I’m still unsure if I really want to play this game – I’m only going after Hirose ’cause the seiyuu is Irino Miyu. :/ I’m currently trying to complete the Wand of Fortune II before the fandisc is out this year. So far I’ve only managed to complete 1/3 of the game.

  5. haha my wallll
    it was really cute too T_T The first game was more of a drag so if you can make it through that then the fandisk is definitely worth it


    Sounds insanely cute, but I’m too much of a lazy ass to go through the original just to play awesome Chigira route.;_; One dayy~

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