Otome Game Review: Asuka! ~Our Seitou High School Baseball Team~

The Japanese slogan as a mouthful so I just translated it into English. This is Madoka Games’ first release – but don’t be fooled, as Madoka Games is actually Mirai Soft’s all ages brand. I’m glad they are thinking beyond the porn for once but I have to admit it really does show that that’s all they think about. This may have been their first all ages release but it felt like it was released by a company that’s never made an otome game before. Anyway the story is very simple. Our heroine Asuka is the manager of her high school’s baseball team who also works part time in a cafe with her older brother Haruto as well as her younger brother Hikaru. The town folk get together and realize if they don’t somehow make their town stand out, everyone will start to leave and their shopping district and community will fall apart. They ask  Haruto to become the coach and guide the high school baseball team to make it to Koshien. Doesn’t help that one of that star players of the team is moving away as well, so now it’s up to Asuka to convince everyone who quit to come back and kick some baseball ass! This isn’t a problem of course since everyone is her childhood friend 😆

Homura Daichi – I really like Tachibana Shinnosuke’s voice but only when he plays calm deep voiced bishies like Haruto in Arcobaleno or the guy in Garnet Cradle. I don’t like it when he’s this loud obnoxious idiot who half of his lines are screaming like someone lit a fire under his ass. (ಠ_ಠ) Seriously all I remember about this character is he spent half the game screaming either at himself or at his childhood friend Ren. Oh yea he’s also Asuka’s childhood friend so cue the whole “we’re childhood friends but now we have feelings for each other” drama in here. He’s the only member of the archery club which he just used to run away from his ragequitting of baseball in the past. The entire story just switches between baseball games to some raburabu scene between him and Asuka after he confesses to her. In the light house, when they were kids, he scribbled on the wall that he wants to make Asuka his bride some day. After they lose the chance to go to Koshien, Asuka then scribbles on the wall that she wants to be his bride lol. Like magic, he had a box of rings prepared just for this moment. Of course since they’re like 17 these are silver rings that he says are “temporary place holders” until he officially proposes to her. In the bad end, he emos and breaks up with her, and then she writes in the light house that “she will make him fall in love with her again” or some crap. I mean all that time I spent in this route with the games training and they didn’t even make it to the damn Koshien! Wtf’s the point (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻.

Minase Ren – Ren is the other childhood friend so a lot of his route parallels and overlaps Daichi’s. While Daichi lives at a shrine, Ren lives at the next door temple rofl. The whole misunderstanding and the other guy being a “bro” was almost identical. The difference is that Ren is a freaking crybaby and he baws and cries all the freaking time. Instead of being busy making out with Asuka like Daichi did, Ren is busy being a shy dork worrying about whether or not they should hold hands. 🙄 When he first confesses to her, he’s like forget it! Then he sees her hugging Daichi and gets all emo and cries. ( ´_ゝ`) As with Daichi’s route, he makes the whole “I’ll take you to Koshien” promise and as I had expected, they lose and he breaks this promise. In the epilogue he says he will just join the baseball club in college and then he and Asuka kiss in the purikura booth finally. The bad end (?) was better because he basically got the baseball bullshit out of his system and asked Asuka if they could start their relationship fresh over. This way all the dumb baseball crap was cut out since they lost in both endings anyway. Best end in my opinion! \( ^o^)/ The only positive side of Ren is that he was a lot less loud and annoying that Daichi, but to make up for that he was extra emo.

Kazamoto Nanami – I’m really not a fan of Suzuki and to me in this role he sounded like he would rather watch paint dry than voice this character. He sounded really quiet half the time and it was almost like he was trying to sound like a Japanese cowboy or something. UGH DO NOT WANT. Didn’t help his character wore this stupid ass cowboy hat and stupid cowboy boots so until he took it off he looked like an idiot most of the time. Nanami’s got this whole getting into fights problem which causes all sorts of meiwaku for the team and it takes the team to finally get the other delinquents from starting shit with him. The other weird quirk about Nanami is he makes these weird cakes like tomatoes broccoli and whipcream or a cake with udon inside of it. Luckily for him, Asuka’s taste buds are completely dead and she thinks all his cakes are delicious! At one point he invites her to make a cake together cause it was always his dream to make one with his girlfriend. After they lose as usual, he goes on to become a pro cake baker and says he’s practicing making for for their wedding 😆 In the bad end, Akanuma goes and kisses Asuka because he wants to hear an answer to his confession to her. Akanuma was kind of a stupid character but he had the same voice as Rittan so I just couldn’t hate him orz;; rofl.

Narumi Sena – See I had high hopes for Sena because I like his seiyuu and he seemed like the only sane guy who didn’t yell like an idiot or do stupid shit like get into fights. I guess he was TOO sane because his route was super slowpoke.jpg. He’s appointed the new team captain so most of the drama is “oh noes I’m not a good captain, bawwww” His parents own a bookstore so he likes to read books. He has a secret hobby of drawing manga that Asuka one day stumbles upon. He then asks her to help him draw a manga to enter into a competition. Also for some reason in this route Ren and Daichi threw a shitfit when they saw Sena and Asuka doing stuff together but yet in Nanami’s route they were totally okay with it! (ಠ_ಠ)So anyway as usual they lose again but then Sena’s comic gets published in some small magazine. In the epilogue he finally confesses to her and we get some half assed kiss scene. BLEH. I am so disappointed. It’s like Daichi got so many rabu rabu kiss scenes but I feel as I’m going down the characters here the romance just gets progressively dwindled down (ಠ_ಠ)。 His bad end was kinda bittersweet. He threw out the manga he was drawing into the ocean, but Asuka saw the last page where the baseball captain was confessing to the team manager… 😦

Kamiji Minato – Minato’s not a tsundere he’s just a fucking dick. ( ´_ゝ`) While in KuroKin Hino voiced the otouto I guess he liked the yandere barber role so he took it on in this game 😆 I mean for a while I was like okay he’s just being tsun but he’ll get dere eventually. But no, he continued to call her annoying, a stalker, a dumbass like the entire game. If she then continued to persist he would attempt to sexually assault her to get his point across. Thankfully this is an all ages game but if it was R-18 he’d be the MTR(Mirai Token Rapist)(tm) if nothing else. I can tell they are biased towards these characters because he had a ton of CGs and a ton of CGs with kissing in them. He’s such an ass that even when stupid Asuka (yes anyone who persists this guy really is an idiot) makes him a bento, he rages and flips it to the ground (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ ←like that lol. But then she runs off crying and he eats it anyway lol. It’s only when Asuka begins avoiding him that I guess he finally is all like YOU’RE MINE NOW HO. So now he can sexually harass her in public and throw Ren and Daichi into a fit of despair. When she finds out he’s moving she throws a shit fit and he explodes with his feelings of love towards her. I guess they’re both so sexually frustrated that they actually end up doing it. See, the MTR(tm) gets to screw the heroine, but nobody else does \( ^o^)/ As usual they lose again and then he moves away – they have a long distance relationship – then he randomly comes back for her. It was so random and stupid I was like 🙄 by that point. At least in his bad end he acts in character and breaks up with her roflmao. Gosh I really do like Hino Satoshi but Minato can just go die in a fire (ಠ_ಠ).

Kuraoka Tooru – Seems like if you finish Daichi and Ren’s routes, you can get a chance to get cozy with Tooru senpai 😆 I saved him for last though since all his CGs were listed under “other” anyway. This route has the usual “on no he’s known me for so long he only sees me as a little sister” problem so of course Asuka is all sad panda and then goes and confesses to him cause she’s tired of being sister-zoned. I guess he realized then that he does feel something more “special” about her than he does compared to others but sadly not much comes of it and he moves away. They end up writing letters and emails to each other, but eventually he stops responding. She then gets a phone call from him and turns out they both thought they were being oh so meiwaku to each other! \( ^o^)/ He comes back for a bit and glomps him in front of everyone making them all be like (;゚д゚)ェ… After they lose as usual Tooru tells her that he likes her after all and he realized that while being apart. Asks her to be his girlfriend so I guess they continue the long distance thing and he visits once in a while so they can be together. Eh kinda short but sweet route I guess?

If you get every single ending (including bad ends) for each character above, the “After Story” unlocks. It’s just some extra baseball game, and the dude from the other team hits on Asuka 😆 They still don’t make it to Koshien but they are “trying their best”. Come on all that after story and they couldn’t even get to Koshien? ┐(‘~`;)┌ There were some extras from sub characters “futures with Asuka” speeches too if you completed the after story. Basically: Seiyuu fodder. The bummer was that for some reason it was REALLY quiet. I had to like turn up my speakers to even hear a damn word any of them were saying. For some reason Haruto’s voice file bugged out and didn’t work so I couldn’t even hear his speech 😦 I guess they didn’t release enough bug fix patches ( ´_ゝ`). Oh well a nice omake I suppose considering the seiyuu are the only saving grace of this game.

I guess I would cut them some slack but it’s obvious where the budget of this game went: Seiyuu and Backgrounds. If you look at my tag list for this post you’ll see the seiyuu list is quite impressive. There was absolutely no character development. All the characters fit into their stereotypes quite nicely so I could pretty much expect every detail/event in the game and they were the same from beginning to end. The pacing was pretty awful. One moment they’d be telling each other how they’re in love, the next we’d be seeing some baseball game, then moments later they’d be raburabu at some matsuri. I mean I just felt like they shoulda maybe combined some raburabu moments in one cluster and baseball ones in another instead of switching back & forth.  The switches were so jarring that I just lost track of what was happening until the “final” game. Speaking of the final game, all that and you couldn’t even let them go to Koshien? My god why did I sit through all of this baseball crap then? Coulda just made some plain ‘ol school romance renai game instead. I don’t watch baseball or sports for that matter so none of the baseball terminology made sense to me anyway (and I wasn’t about to go read their little glossary of it because I don’t give a crap.) The plus side was that there was a lot of CGs, but the minus side was most of them were terrible. There would always be at least ONE thing off in the image that would pretty much ruin the entire thing (face, mouth, ears, nose etc.)  The music was nothing special, some of it was a bit elevatory and most of it was forgettable. The cool part of this game was the default resolution being 1024 x 768 but since I broadcast I shrunk it back down to 800 x 600.  While I used a guide to play this game, you could probably just wing it since most of the choices were “do something or other with _________” and you’d usually have like 6 choices on the screen so it would be REALLY OBVIOUS whose route you were pursuing lol. The font and layout of the game was easy to read though so no beef with that. Overall a pretty poor first release, so I don’t really recommend the game other than if you like any of the seiyuus in it.

8 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Asuka! ~Our Seitou High School Baseball Team~

  1. Damn, another all ges one. Damn you world, for not letting me enjoy the best of both worlds – baseball and porn!!

    ahem. Anyway, it has been such a long time since I’ve played a normal, low drama game, I kinda wanna pick this shit up. Also, baseball ❤ (hey, I ran outta oofuri doujins, what can I do?)

    Hinanom you have some iron (eye)balls to play all these games, how do you not fall asleep while playing this? Does JP sits with you and provides humerus innuendos to pass the time?

  2. Haven’t finished any routes yet, but..

    What? They never made it to Koshien? Since Madoka made it clear that baseball is one of the main points in the game, I thought they’d win the final match and go to Koshien next. What the.. ಠ_ಠ

    I don’t watch baseball either, so I got lost in all the baseball terms too. But if they’re gonna lose anyway, then what’s the point of having all of this baseball stuff lol. I agree with you there, they might as well make this a plain high school renai drama instead.

  3. yohlovergirl> yea he’s quite entertaining. it also helps when there’s people in the broadcast chat to keep me from falling asleep. Or maybe after so many games I’m jaded 😆

    Rin> Yea the fact that they didn’t even go to Koshien in the AFTER STORY I was like (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ dafuq;’s the point lol. So much fail Mirai so much fail.

    hairband> the broadcasts should still be up for a week so you can catch up 🙂

  4. Sad to see that this was so disappoint since I liked the trial version. The baseball stuff should have been just a practice match against the captains of the sports team at school like in Little Busters. That way they don’t have to wear uniforms or go emo about it.:| Tooru route sounds like the only decent one. Which is A-OK because I love Takeshi Kondou.

  5. Didn’t expect much from this game so I didn’t bother to waste money…Good thing I didn’t. Thanks for the review as always.

  6. spadey> It’s the only decent one probably because it was the shortest one so it was more romance than baseball – either that or by that point all the baseball scenes were just skip material anyway ┐(‘~`;)┌

    blalala> I didn’t expect much either but I kinda was hoping to be wrong oh well 😆

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