Otome Game Review: Himehibi -Princess Days-

Himehibi is a Takuyo game so of course you can expect there to be crack as I learned from Little Aid. As expected though you can’t get with the crackiest character (until the sequel so I’ll save my fangirling for the next game.) The story is about Aizaki Koi (yes her name is KOI not Ren 😆 ) who finds out that apparently she has this grandpa who is the principal of an all boys school. Since her parents are abroad in some foreign country (what else is new) she is told to transfer to this school…and then it will become a co-ed school! But! Since she is the first female there, she of course becomes this huge idol and you have to play mini games to “earn fans” and do “fanservice” for them 😆 I guess if you don’t have enough fans your favorite bishie will not look your away oh noes. So she transfers to the male dorm with her 2 nukos Mii and Nyaa (possibly the best part of the game) and her room is right next to all the guys so they can be her knights in shining armor. Sadly the biggest turn off for this game for me was…cousincest. I don’t care how distant or close cousins they are, it’s still incest to me yuck. Playing the game though I forcefully put this information out of my mind so I could at least 萌え~ during the cute scenes lol. Spoilers ahead 😎

Tenjouji Masaya – Masaya is SUPER TSUNDER ORANYAN MAN….and he’s also Koi’s fiance apparently 😆 I mean I’ve run into my fare of tsunderes but yea it’s REALLY bad here. It’s so bad here that I got used to looking at his angry face to the point that when he smiled it looked weird to me 😯 Masaya is on the track team and he’s just generally good at sports so other clubs often ask him to help them out with games and etc. So even when the princess club is formed and he’s one of the leaders he always jumps out and goes to do some sports activity instead. Koi is the first person who stands up and openly argues with him which I guess earns her some recognition from the guys in her class. Because Yoshino Hiroyuki voices him just imagine a really pissed off Heisuke from Hakuoki like 90% of the game. I mean even during his dere scenes he still sounds kinda angry geezus give me a break here! When Koi begins to get threatening phone calls telling her to leave the school, Masaya says he promises he will protect her and find the guy behind it all.

Okay I’m down with that, except she spends MOST OF THE GAME WITH HIS BROTHER. Like okay look I love Nao and all, I think he’s a darling, but come on dude wait your turn! And since Hikaru is like her boydguard, while Masaya is off tsundering somewhere she basically spends her time studying with Nao and being protected by Hikaru. When she gets attacked by this bootleg Jason with a baseball bat, Hikaru is there to save her and Masaya is nowhere to be found. I thought at some point that I was on the wrong route or going for a bad end lol. To cheer her up Nao and Masayo (along with her annoying friend Maaya) all go to the amusement park. Maaya still thinks that Koi has a crush on Nao like she did back in middle school so she grabs Masaya and tells her to confess to Nao. By this point Koi doesn’t really like Nao anymore and then later on she finds out that Maaya blurted out to Masaya that Koi had a huge crush on his brother. So then Masaya’s tsundere level shoots to over 9000 and he stops coming back to his dorm room, avoids everyone and even in the classroom he pushes Koi down to the floor. Shocked at what he did he runs away in shame and doesn’t come back for a while until one night where he sneaks near Koi’s room.

He talks to her tells her he can’t stop thinking about it but he has no idea why! (what a dork lol) He then tells her he has this dream about making some promise with some girl in the past and whaddya know she’s been having the same dream. She later finds out from her grandpa that she did indeed make a promise to “play” with Masaya when they were like 7 or something because at that time Masaya & Nao’s parents went through a divorce and they were separated…so Masaya was a ronery shota. So yea anyway turns out this classmate guy whose dad is the vice principal is behind it all and he tries to get 3 guys to beat up Koi but she yells out for Masaya to save her and of course superman appears and kicks all their asses\( ^o^)/. Later that night Koi confesses to Masaya that she likes him and tells him that his feelings are that of love too (sigh maybe he needs a powerpoint presentation on it while we’re it). So then they kiss d’aww (thank god I completely forgot they were related ugh…) In the epilogue Masaya is tsundere as ever and they take a dorky purikura. He then tells her that he wants to be closer to her so he’ll try to tone down the tsundere levels for her lol. I guess his positive thing is he always holds by his promise but then he gets annoying about never breaking promises so I guess its evened out.

Hayami Naohito – I really love Nao, I really do. He’s my favorite otome game type guy but this route is just a damn shame. First of all 70% of the route I ended up skipping. The worst part being that I had to hold down the R1 button to skip. It wouldn’t skip unless I kept holding the freaking button. Needless to say my hands began to hurt and by the time it was time to do the mini games I was really not in the mood to press more buttons ( ಠ益ಠ ). So anyway everything was going really well and since this is Nao’s route, basically all feelings with Masaya were neutralized and Koi went and confessed her love to Nao. What does he do? He tells her to forget what he said and that it’s all a misunderstanding then he runs away. Then the next day he leaves a letter for Hikaru saying he’s going to go study piano in Austria. What the hell really? 😯 So then Masaya’s like WTFF DUDE and he finds Nao and tells him to stop being a pussy. Then he purposely provokes Nao to admit that he still has feelings for Koi but of course that guy who wants Koi out of the school shows up with his goonies. Then we get to see a nice recycled CG with Nao drawn into it.

This time though they injure Nao’s fingers so he’s unable to play his piano properly or something. Anyway by that time Hikaru and Shinobu show up and everyone is beat up. Later on Nao and Koi talk together in his room (after Masaya told her to go in there and confess her feelings again) and Nao finally admits that he’s in love with her and we get a really fugly kiss CG. 😡 Anyway in the epilogue they are shopping and then Nao tells her to close her eyes while he takes her “somewhere”. That somewhere is a church and there he gives her an engagement ring and asks her to come to Austria with him after she graduates. I guess it was a cute end but I still feel ripped off because basically the routes were reversed. Now Masaya was the nice guy comforting her and Nao was turned into a drama queen just to create some kind of conflict. Also they went deeper into I guess the relationship between the 2 brothers and how Nao always wanted Masaya to acknowledge him as his oniichan. At least during the non angsty scenes Nao was pretty sweet so for those playing this game I’d recommend playing Nao’s route before Masaya’s.

Natsuyagi Hikaru – Hikaru is the local shota and also Koi’s bodyguard. Unlike other otome games he’s an actual shota because at the beginning of the game he is only 13 and at the end , 14 lol. Hikaru took an exam and skipped some grades so he could be in Koi’s class protecting her…so yea he’s a smart shota. Unfortunately he looks like a little kid regardless and Koi often glomps him and ruffles his hair like a little dog. Hikaru hates to be treated like a kid but what shota is gonna refuse an older woman fondling him all the time? 😈 Hikaru is room mates with Nao and is fearful of his dreaded cooking lol. Hikaru’s birthday is July 7th but it’s not his real birth date. He was an abandoned baby and he was found by an orphanage on that date. This is why he never really celebrates his birthday. In order to celebrate though, Koi takes him shopping and buys him a shota appropriate outfit (bell necklace included lol).

So as usual Koi starts getting harassed by Ryuya and his goonies. She starts getting rocks thrown at her and at some point she is hit so hard that she passes out while Hikaru is there next to her. He is so upset about this he thinks he is unfit to be her bodyguard. When Koi tries talking to him about it, he finally can’t hold it in anymore and he blurts out his feelings of love for her. He says he knows he is unfit to be her bodyguard or lover because he’s short, looks like a child and is younger than her. On top of that he cannot protect her. Koi runs off like a dork to think about her feelings. Then Ryuya tricks her to following him to that isolated area and he’s about to attack her then Hikaru comes to save her (because her nuko Mii ran to him acting strangely which prompted him to look for her x3). Later on they are talking outside her room and she tells him that she thought about her feelings and she likes him as well. He says that she’s just teasing him but she gives him his first kiss (probably) and admits she’s a shotacon 😆 Anyway in the epilogue they are going on their first date and she still treats him like a kid saying she likes him the way he is. (See she’s a shotacon xDXDXDXD)

Takashiro Yamato – Yamato is the student council president so of course he’s the typical proper guy. He’s also very Japanese and often when not in his school uniform he’s walking around the dorm in a yukata. From the start he’s very much against the school being a co-ed school. He was raised to be this proper guy amongst manly men or something and so he claims Koi is his enemy. Despite saying that, when he runs into Koi’s 2 kitties, he goes crazy over them (like I do 😆 ) and plays with them and talks with them like you’d talk to a little kitten (aww come hewe yu kyute wittle bebi~ etc xDDD). I don’t know if I’d categorize him in the tsundere category because he acts very cool and composed but in one of the scenes when he’s in her room late at night he starts babbling like “WE ARE A MAN AND WOMAN OF AGE THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ME TO BE IN YOUR ROOM THIS LATE …not that I mind or anything… WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING!!?” 。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。アヒャヒャ So yea he definitely has his moe moments and especially when it happens you can tell he’s blushing x3. It seems like the two of them are getting along when suddenly he begins avoiding her as well as his room mate Masaya. Masaya is pissed but when Koi tries to confront him he just shrugs her off and eventually blurts out that it’s for her safety. Koi tries to dig deeper but instead she gets captured by Ryuuya and tied up right next to Yamato.

They both try to escape but are luckily saved by Masaya and sensei so Ryuuya’s plan is foiled. In this one though Ryuuya’s hatred for Yamato is there as well because he is the student council president while Ryuuya was only the VP and his dad was pissed since his dad couldn’t be the school principal. Sigh at parents trying to live vicariously through their children 🙄 Anyway afterwards Yamato gives a speech at the assembly at how at first he was really against a co-ed school but after meeting Koi he’s changed his mind. He also then admits his feelings in front of the entire school and she runs up on stage and takes his hand. LOL this is where I’m confused on whether to call him a tsundere because a real tsundere would never do this! 😆 Anyway in the epilogue they are working on some banners for the I guess opening ceremony of the new co-ed school. Koi says how she’s afraid the new cute girls will steal Yamato away from her but he says he feels the same way about all the guys here. She dropped some piece of paper and when she went to pick it up he takes her hand and kisses her (man what a weird ass CG.) Oh well anyway at first I found Yamato annoying and felt like he belongs in some BL game but in the end he was really sweet so I did enjoy his route (*´ω`*)。

Tsukimoto Shinobu – Shinobu is Koi’s main bodyguard. Hikaru looks up to him a lot and he’s got the whole serious thing going on. He also has 3 personalities lol. One is his bodyguard mode where he wears sunglasses and only responds with nods and gestures but never speaks. The 2nd is his butler mode where he serves his ojousama. The final is his kitchen lady mode where he acts like an okama while cooking food for the entire school. His okama mode threw me off completely since I didn’t expect the guy who voiced Itachi from Naruto to sound like a flaming homo 😆 Koi’s cats also absolutely adore him. Whenever he is around they mew like crazy and jump all over him x333 One time when he gets hurt and Koi tries to heal his wound, he instantly moves his hand away from her. From there on she notices that he doesn’t like to be touched. After the whole Koi getting attacked scandal hits Shinobu begins to avoid her more and more. At this point Rinto sensei tries to talk some sense into him as well as comfort Koi. Eventually he feels really bad so he decides to tell Koi about Shinobu’s past. Turns out Shinobu once had a fiance, who was Rinto’s sister. Unfortunately she died in a car accident (as is required in these kind of games) and from then on Shinobu pretty much lost his marbles.

He tried to kill himself but Rinto managed to stop him. Unfortunately what he couldn’t stop was Shinobu closing himself off from everyone and creating these crazy personalities for himself. He also stopped talking much to anyone, including Rinto which hurt him a lot since they were practically best friends for many years. Rinto sensei asks Koi to please save Shinobu out of this state because he thinks that Shinobu may like her as she has similar traits to his former fiance. She confesses her feelings to her but he just responds saying he is not qualified to love anybody after what happened to Yuriko. Koi manages to ask Shinobu to go on a “date” with her but he refuses to take off his sunglasses (even in the movie theatre) so not much talking happens. Koi explains that she really wants to talk to him and know more about him so I guess eventually he feels bad and begins slowly talking to her. When Koi asks him about his time as a student with Rinto, he finally takes off his glasses and has a conversation with her. As they are walking to the train station a car comes towards Koi but Shinobu manages to push her out of the way and save her.

All that happens is she gets a slight bruise. Anyway this somehow I guess is a shocker enough to bring Shinobu back to his sense/old self. As they meet up with Rinto he tells them to hide in the bushes while he called Ryuya to come over and telling him a lie that Koi got really hurt. As he leaves they watch as Ryuya laughs manically and calls up the guy who tried to run over Koi, and thanks him for a job well done. Shinobu gets from out of the bushes, thanks Ryuya for his “efforts” and punches his lights out 😆 So anyway alls well that ends well and so in the epilogue I guess Koi and Shinobu are lovers. No matter how I look at it it just looks like some stupid teenage girl clinging to some guy like some fangirl or like her oniisan or something. We didn’t even get a kiss scene so I wasn’t really that satisfied with the ending to be honest lol. I did like Shinobu and I thought this route was really interesting but I felt they could have done a lot more with it.

Kashiwagi Rinto – RINTO SENSEI 萌えええええ(;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ!!! Ahem pardon me. 😆 If you couldn’t tell already he was my favorite. Rinto was my favorite the moment he walked into the screen with his Ishida Akira voice and his glasses and his winking and….(〃▽〃)ポッ AHEM. So anyway Rinto is the super teacher. He’s typically Koi’s Homeroom teacher but he also sometimes subs in for the nurse, the gym teacher, you name it lol. He’s often found sleeping like a bum so it seems like he never does anything. He teases Koi a lot, and it seems like he hits on her but when she takes him seriously he tells her she has nothing to worry as he is not interested in little girls 10 years younger than him. He also often grabs her when she isnt paying attention and says he could do whatever he wants to her. Of course when she finally takes it seriously or Hikaru shows up, he instantly says he is just doing it to show that she is not on her guard. Eventually after Shinobu has his emo moments (see above) Rinto just tells her to forget about him and only focus on Shinobu. Koi’s all like but noo sensei I only care about you~~!

Shinobu later gets a hold of himself (since it’s not his route 😆 ) and he tells Koi that the reason Rinto is always tired is that he doesn’t sleep. When she confronts him about this, he tells her it’s not that he doesn’t want to sleep it’s that he can’t sleep. No matter how light or deep his sleep is, he’s been having reoccurring nightmares for 5 years about his sister’s death. Koi tries to comfort him and talk to him and one night on the roof he grabs and kisses her ミュミュ(´ε`* )☆ She’s surprised but he just says thank you to her and they call it a night. The next morning she comes to wake him up and notices that he’s actually sleeping alright for once. As she tries to wake him up, he opens his eyes and mumbles about this being a dream and he drags her into bed with him. He puts her into such a strong hand lock that she can’t get out and ends up falling asleep next to him xDD. He says for the first time he didn’t have the nightmare and instead he had a dream about her. He also tells her lately she’s been on his mind but she’s unable to speak her feelings to him yet. The next day a photo of him kissing her is spread all over the school.

They are both called to the principal’s office and it’s obvious that this was all set up by Ryuya and his dad. They tell Rinto that he must resign and that Koi must also leave the school. Rinto says that he forced the kiss on to her because he is in love with her and he can’t help doing what he feels from his heart. He tells her to cooperate with him and say that she was kissed against her will. With this he takes all the responsibility on himself. Unfortunately for Ryuya & his dad he had a recording of their phone conversation to bring down Koi’s grandpa and so the idiot is fired and at least the school will continue to become co-ed. Later that day Rinto says while they were behind it all, its a fact that he’s her teacher and he kissed his student so he will resign regardless. She says she doesn’t want to be away from him and that she loves him as well. He asks if she wants to come live with him in his house for the summer. And so she agrees and they spend time together. He says he knows a better way for them to be together legally – and that’s to marry her. She’s all flustered at first but then agrees. (Who wouldn’t? (*´д`*)ハァハァ ) Ahhh I love Rinto senseiiii. Ishida Akira should just do these kinds of roles. I can’t stand it when he does some angsty manchild role. These roles are the best!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

Final Thoughts: It was a fun game what can I say! Takuyo definitely is good at making fun games. But skipping was not fun! Not fun at all. I always raged about starting a new guy’s route because I had to skip and skip manually. I don’t know if this is Takuyo’s fault or the emulator’s fault or what but ugh DO NOT WANT. If I have to do this with the 2nd game I’m gonna flip a table or something. (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻ While some of the kiss scenes sucked balls a lot of the scenes/CGs/characters were great. There was nobody who I particularly disliked (except Ryuuya cause he’s a shitlord) and even the side characters were a lot of fun. (Kenchaaaaann!! ♥) The biggest complaint I have is the mini games. Sure they were fun….the first time around. Not the 2nd, and certainly not the 6th route that I had to do them. I don’t even know what the point of “gathering” fans was. I mean it was fun at first with Ken going crazy about it, but overall the gathering fans part just felt like something they stuffed into the game to give you something to do other than read text. It didn’t really feel that much relevant to the story and they could have taken it out completely and I would have felt no difference when interacting with the mans. But anyways I do recommend the game, the story endings felt a lot more satisfying than say….Little Aid 🙄 so at least the mini game and skipping was worth suffering through ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ。


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  1. oh surprising to hear of others that have played this game. i only know a few friends that actually played it XD; Masaya was cute but he was just yelling in my ear a bit too much lol that’s why I liked Rinto the most (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。)

  2. The most favourite character for me would be Masaya! I have a huge thing for tsun characters. ^w^; Running next would be Rinto sensei! He reminds me of KHR’s Dino sensei. :3

  3. Yea I really liked Nao he was so sweet but his route…bleh lol. A shame when characters are great but they get shafted (cough Ken cough)

  4. Yamato and Rinto-sensei was my favourite. Nao’s route was rather boring, sadly…

    And yes, agreed, Akira Ishida should do these roles more often :3

  5. Awww I wonder if this is in english. Would like to get my hands on it. Teehee I would have gone with the shota sotry first.

  6. So I see that you’re using the R1 button, does that mean you’re playing on a PS2?

    Too bad I don’t have an import PS2 or a decent computer to emulate these games on…or that might be a good thing cause I don’t think I’d ever stop playing if I ever get into PS2 otome games. Just check out the sheer amount of these games for the PS2 D8

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