Otome Game Review: Himehibi -New Princess Days- Zoku! Nigakki

This game is a direct sequel to the first game I played prior to it. This time, our past heroine Koi has gone to study abroad in France with Masaya and Nao so now the school is back to being all dudes. They opened up registration for girls but because it will take 2 years for them to finish building the girls dorm, not a single female has enrolled. Meanwhile elsewhere a girl who lives alone with her older brother is told they are going to have to move. Her brother gets a job at Tenjouji Gakuen and so she is forced to move up there with him (since the school is in the middle of some mountain lol.) When they get there and find out its all guys they are both upset and her brother says they will only stay there for a month. Nanami, our new heroine, agrees to this but at the same time Ken attacks the prey while it’s still fresh and revives the Princess club 😆 Nanami ends up staying in Koi’s old room and is told she would be Koi’s room mate when she returned from France. Spoilers ahead~! Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Himehibi -New Princess Days- Zoku! Nigakki”

Otome Game Review: Himehibi -Princess Days-

Himehibi is a Takuyo game so of course you can expect there to be crack as I learned from Little Aid. As expected though you can’t get with the crackiest character (until the sequel so I’ll save my fangirling for the next game.) The story is about Aizaki Koi (yes her name is KOI not Ren 😆 ) who finds out that apparently she has this grandpa who is the principal of an all boys school. Since her parents are abroad in some foreign country (what else is new) she is told to transfer to this school…and then it will become a co-ed school! But! Since she is the first female there, she of course becomes this huge idol and you have to play mini games to “earn fans” and do “fanservice” for them 😆 I guess if you don’t have enough fans your favorite bishie will not look your away oh noes. So she transfers to the male dorm with her 2 nukos Mii and Nyaa (possibly the best part of the game) and her room is right next to all the guys so they can be her knights in shining armor. Sadly the biggest turn off for this game for me was…cousincest. I don’t care how distant or close cousins they are, it’s still incest to me yuck. Playing the game though I forcefully put this information out of my mind so I could at least 萌え~ during the cute scenes lol. Spoilers ahead 😎 Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Himehibi -Princess Days-“