The dramatic history of Pangya

Just for the hell of it I decided to go to Ntreev Soft’s website to see the history of Pangya services and see the never-ending drama with this game.

January 2004 – Pangya contract signed with Gamania Taiwan.
April 2004 – Pangya beings beta test in Korea.
November 2004 – Pangya Japan launches, contract for Pangya Thailand is signed
January 2005 – Contract for Pangya China is signed
February 2005 – Pangya Taiwan launches
May 2005 – Korea opens up Pangya Season 2, Pangya BR contract signed, Albatross18 Contract Signed with Gamefactory (formerly known before they became OGPlanet)
July 2005 – Pangya Indonesia launches
August 2005 – Pangya Philippines contract signed
October 2005 – Pangya BR launches
November 2005 – Pangya SEA contract signed
December 2005 – Albatross18 officially launched (beta test began in October)
January 2006 – Pangya Philippines launched
May 2006 – Pangya China launches, France Telecom signs contract for 32 European countries (GOA)
July 2006 – Gamepot takes over Pangya Japan contract
September 2006 – Ntreev USA is founded
March 2007 – Pangya Europe open beta launch
April 2007(?) Pangya BR service closes.
January 2008Pangya Philippines service closes.
April 2008 Pangya Indonesia service closes.
May 2008Pangya China service closes
August 2008Pangya SEA service closes.
March 2009Albatross18 closes. Hanbit Soft & Ntreev Korea split, Ntreev takes over Pangya KR fully.
April 2009Pangya Taiwan service closes, Ntreev USA picks up Pangya for the NA players.
July 2010 GOA closes shop on Pangya Europe, Galaxy Games takes over.
November 2010 – Ntreev USA is taken over by Smilegate, & renamed to SG Interactive.
December 2010Pangya Europe service closes.

So I highlighted the closures in red. If you take a look the biggest batch of closures was in 2008 that means that in some countries the game didn’t even last 3 years. What am I trying to say? Online games don’t last forever. You have to play and spend money on a game with the confidence that any day your game may stop operations. The fact that Pangya is still somehow kicking in Japan, Korea, Thailand and the USA (I’m saying USA since HQ is in California) should at least make you happy that you can still enjoy a game you’ve played after so many years. Yes starting over is hard. Yes I’ve spent money on other pangya servers but in the end I’m stuck on the US server and I’ll probably be with it until the end.

At least I know that if the game were to close tomorrow, I’ve only spent about $60 and it’s not the end of the world.

Edit: Also this appears to be my 500th post! (ノ*´∀`)ノ☆ヲォォォォゥ゚+。*♪


7 thoughts on “The dramatic history of Pangya”

  1. Ahh..PangYa Philippines, Good times
    Oh how i missed it so 😦

    But at least we have PangYa Global ^^

  2. I remember that 😆
    Sadly no matter what my 500th post wouldn’t have been an otome game since I just started a new one and there would have been some pangya update before that anyway XD

  3. It’s a bit sad that THIS is is your 500th post lol. Would have been better with a otome game review or something, it’s more like you ah ah~

    as for the post itself, nothing lasts forever.
    also I got banned from USA (got it back after fighting for weeks and weeks lol) and thought I couldnt come back to japan so I know how it feels like and honestly it’s not that big of a deal. If you had fun, just move on~

  4. Ham> No that’s the way the blog theme is, I can’t change it. I’m not sure what problems you are having. Yes I still use google talk.

    Bell> I mean after jumping MMOs so many freaking times I think I’m used to it by now lol. Notice that I always quit a game and shortly after the game closes. 😆

  5. I actually agree on your thoughts. I’ve spent $1,000 dollars [or at least that’s how much is on my account from gifts + my own payments] and I’d be… a little depressed at best if pangya shut down. Sure, I’d miss it. Sure, I’d think back “what if pangya never shut down”? but oh well, life goes on, and they are just video games after all, not the end of the world.

    However, I do have to say that… Online games have never lasted this long before, we don’t know how things are going to turn out. If they’re going to die or just keep improving and improving, making more and more updates. Hell, pangya might get some kind of expansion pack someday, lol. But it is quite a popular game and it’s not likely to die anytime soon unless some bullshit company completely buys it out and forces it to shut down. (Yes, I’m staring at you, SmileGate.) Who knows? all servers might melt into one big pangya server with the client in tons of different languages.
    But yeah, I’m glad you’re not down in the dumps about the possibility of the closure of a server. Should’ve expected this kind of maturity from you. (´^ω^)☆

  6. Um… congrats on the 500th post. Um… can you change the default font for me? The layout doesn’t look too good. Also, do you still use google talk?

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