Pangya Europe just can’t get a break!

So looks like Galaxy Games is closing shop on Pangya Europe as of 12/31. This means that Pangya Global (?) now is opening its doors to European players to migrate themselves back here. They’re even offering compensation for European players in good standing or to those who have spent money with GG. Although since Pangya was their only game, I have a feeling SGI just…ate them up like they did with Ntreev USA 😯

Greetings Pangya Players! NOV.11.2010
We are happy to announce that from now on, European players will join us on Pangya Island!

By the end of December, Galaxy-Games will no longer be servicing the European version of Pangya, and we’d like to bring this opportunity to invite the European Pangya players into our region to enjoy the newest content and features.

1. If you are a European player who used to play Pangya with Galaxy Games, you will have the opportunity to start fresh with us.

2. If you had a character with Galaxy Games, with a rank of Junior E or higher, you can verify* your status through verification page from the Global Pangya website and receive the following items: 1st anniversary Papel Box (5), 20,000 Pang.

3. If you were a European Pangya player that utilized Premium Services with Galaxy Games, all new accounts that verify* the purchase of Premium Services on their old accounts will receive a comparable value of Scratchy Cards** on their newly created account with us.

4. If you are a returning European player who hasn’t logged onto Global Pangya since 7/31/2010, log in and “Say hi” between 11/23~12/31 and receive a Welcome Back gift.

* Characters must be created on Global Pangya prior to verification process. Verification Page will be available from (11/23/2010 PST)

** Rare items offered in each Scratchy update may differ from version to version.

In order to accommodate all European players that will be transferring from Galaxy Games, we have exhausted every available resource to gather pertinent Pangya Account information. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to transfer: Items, Rank, Pang, Cookies and Play Records from Galaxy Games.

To celebrate this great union and to welcome European Pangya players to the Global Pangya family, we will be holding a Tour Event from 11/23/2010 through 12/22/2010. Participating players may win various items for the December launch of the new Pangya character!

–Pangya team

December Launch of new Pangya character:

I know a few people who are already excited and waiting to throw their money to SGI 😆 I’ll have to see I guess, I’m still maining Arin unless I magically get Nell’s ears or wings or something XD; Also more shota clothing plz! Thanksgiving/Black Friday is gonna be big this year….I can feel it…


14 thoughts on “Pangya Europe just can’t get a break!”

  1. Yeah, SGI’s pangya probably won’t last too long either. I think all servers would be shutted down in 1-3 years depends on how the business goes.

    When you like the game, you spend more on it, and finally you got screwed more. In fact the SGI(Ntreev) take over is good for me. Because I have very little love for that server. So I won’t spend too much money either.

    Agree on CC chargeback, it’s the only way to get something returned. But it also means means account suspension. I can’t say that directly in forum either. Because I would probably get banned/blamed.

    I still hope they can bring my character over US server. She has 28 control 25 power. The Pangya Bar is so fat that you won’t miss Pangya, even if you played the game half sleepily. The spin is so high that I don’t care if the wind is bad. And there are enough autocalipers for a year so I won’t need to spend a cent in US server!

    More importantly, I prefer Kooh over Miss MILF.

  2. The point I think everyone is missing is it’s an online game, nothing lasts forever. I spent $300 on Tartaros and it went down the shitter. Yes I regret it now but at the time I had a blast with the money I spent so it’s not so bad to me now.

    Bright shadow closed in less than a year. Party castle closed. I’ve been on so many games that close you have to play with the mindset that any game can close tomorrow so if you blow a ton of money on it, then you’re the only one to blame. You shouldn’t spend more money than you feel the game is worth. If you do and then the game closes, the shit’s on you.

    Yes I do feel bad for European players losing their items but it can’t be helped. If they wanna sue or whatever they can go knock themselves out but it will amount to nothing. The only thing they CAN do is charge back their credit cards for that bullshit promotion GG pulled out of their ass the day SGI announced the takeover. That’s something they can do for sure. Suing SGI over it? LOL please, better luck next time.

  3. Yeah. The double cookies bonus sales has gone too far. Especially because GG doesn’t have other games. They won’t offer compensation package like other game companies.

    SGI is probably not too good either. The Arin box’s $80/rare is a sign of how they do business.

    The news in Pangya Europe is “SG Interactive get Pangya EU license and merge EU and US services . Welcome to Global Pangya!”. I still don’t know what is the relationship of SGI to the Korean Pangya developer, but I see a clear message:

    Welcome = Strip(Old_Europe_Customer)

    If that’s SGI’s business formula. I think I will be more cautious in the new global server.

  4. Maybe a Global Pangya is needed in case japan/thai drop the game?

    > I somehow feel like GG was a test
    Yeah, It feels like they were trying to bet on the pangya EU license and failed.

    GG did some interesting changes. But they don’t have marketing power. Frence telecom at least could bring French players in, GG couldn’t do anything. They can do well if it’s 3-5 years ago, but pangya has lost its momentum so it’s a tough business.

    This is my especulation:
    – Maybe GG got the license because someone is of good term with Ntreev KR, or just because GOA has right to transfer the license.
    – If the license costs money. Then GG had no chance to pay for it, its closure was decided from the very beginning. Office and staffs’s salary aren’t cheap.
    – If the license is revenue shared, it depends on KR’s approval. GG made a business plan of very interesting options, like scratchy exchange and auctions. But since the sales dropped a lot after fairy wings. Ntreev thought GG was a failure and ditched them.
    – In any case, obviously GG knew about this. They launched the scratch card x2 event last month and had some x2 weekends. The development has also stopped and the self-made forum was changed to vbulletin.

  5. What do you mean what will it be? SG Interactive Global Pangya? 😆

    I somehow feel like GG was a test while SGI took over Ntreev and Europe pangya. That’s why they increased rates and stuff like that…I could be paranoid here but somehow I have a hunch on why after 3 months suddenly announcing a service shut down

  6. R.I.P. GG, you’ll be missed.

    And I agree with DarkStar. I don’t think GG can make enough money.

    More importantly, what will the Global Pangya be?

  7. Haha yea honestly I thought GG was doing really well. They had released a lot of stuff that Global Pangya hadn’t too…so this is pretty shocking. But yea I’m also at the same time kinda laughing at some friends who were bragging about how Pangya Europe was better.

  8. Wooow I feel bad for the European Pangya players. And here I thought they were doing okay after that cool Gacha exchange thing they had going. But yeah lol’d at how Ntreev USA/SGI was like “GTFO” and now they’re all “UH, WELCOME BACK!!” I’m sure the players who never left are feeling good about their decision now.

    Welp, at least the tour event and Nell will be nice. I might pick him up for fun.

  9. If they’re going with the whole Global Pangya I would hope they’d make multiple language servers…although not like the stupid BRs/Indonesians would pay any mind to that 🙄

  10. I saw this coming, to be honest, with the way Galaxy Games was ran. I wondered if they were making any money off of it, and I guess they weren’t. The million dollar question now is, will SGI support several languages now, or just English?

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