Poupee June Bride 2010

The bad news is I think the ribbon selection is kinda poor but the good news is that means even though I’m broke I didn’t have to spend much. In fact I only bought the dress. Everything else is stuff from last year lol. There will supposedly be limited items so I’ll hold off until then but I bet they’ll be some golden fish purse for 1000 ribbons again or some b/s 🙄 I also think last year’s June Bride background was nicer than this year :S.


4 thoughts on “Poupee June Bride 2010”

  1. You might have time. Additionally eventually all event items are unlocked so they may be available in the market a few months down the line

  2. Aww, last year’s June Bride background was really cute. D:
    It sucks, I’m broke right now so I can’t even afford any of the dresses. >_< Oh well, I might be able to get one before they leave the store.

  3. i dunno maybe i’m a traditional oldfag but for a June Bride event I feel there should be a better selection of “white” dresses rather than just 3 and then all others in random colors

  4. The last purple/black dress looks nice once you wear it, but I’ll hold out until the next items come out, or just save for the honeymoon event.
    I did LOL when I saw that amusingly ridiculous yellow dress.
    And yeah, the limited items will probably be ridiculously expensive.
    Last year’s background was definitely nicer, this one is just too tacky, I do like the row of candles, though.

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