Another login campaign

If you login AND logout on the 17th, 18th and 19th you will receive 5 revival scrolls, 20 D upgrade stones, and 10 500pt CP books. I think they finally realized that having “hourly” login campaigns only causes people to login and idle/lag the freaking servers.

The catch? You need to login/logout between 7-9PM Japan time. This is 6-8AM my time so it’s doable before I go to work (or if I wake up early on the weekend.) Make sure you do this during the correct time or it won’t count.

Edit: Forgot to mention recent bug fixes-

  • Lv. 40 Despell Challenge should now be dropping lv. 40 character outfits not just weapons.
  • The new high level potions are back to only being in Delio castle and they are back to being the ripoff price. Apparently the “reasonable” price was a bug. What? 😕
  • Supposedly the error with crashing while making Tioses has been fixed (confirmation?)

Anyway those are the only noticeable bugs that have been fixed (or broken in my opinion). I need some pink stones so I’d like to do some challenges this weekend. I also got Handbrake to play around with for converting files into H264 format for youtube & nico. We’ll see how that works out.