Skill resets, upgrade safety items, oh my!

New event, from today until 4/29 while you do mission mode that black dragon thing will randomly appear in your maps. When you kill it it will drop a treasure box which will give you a random item:

That’s right one of the items you can get are safety upgrade items for E, D or C (!!) rank equipment. Unfortunately there’s a very low chance of receiving one OTL. Knowing my luck I’ll get a bunch of CP books and wing portals -_-;

Next is another lucky box gacha. The main item set of the box is the set above. Each item by itself only gives 146sp and 146 mp. However when you have 2 of the items you get all attacks +70. When you have 3 it adds an additional all defense +70. When you have the set of 4 you get meichuu (concentration) +10. Not really a great set in my opinion so I’ll be passing. The other items you get from the box are not bad though, concentration stones, various attack/defense stones and even a bag of 100k riru. Anyway if you like stupid berets & glasses maybe it’s worth a shot for you xD?

Other stuff:

  • Skill resets are on sale again. I don’t know for how long but I’m buying one for Soma cause he needs one desperately. Buying one for Cromodo too >_> lol. Please note, there’s still a bug where if you reset Nagi’s skills, she will lose 3 skill points…so don’t reset Nagi 😯
  • Security card system has a little change. Now when you login, instead of asking you for a security code before you fully login, it will ask you once you hit the start game button.
  • Your login campaign items should have been mailed to you after this maintenance.
  • They maybe fixed the Cromodo clothing drop issue but apparently the names of the clothing will be messed up (like the highest rating will be listed as lowest or something??)

Anyway that’s that for now. Still thinking about skill reset. I’ll play around with this thing and decide I guess!


6 thoughts on “Skill resets, upgrade safety items, oh my!”

  1. ok I got a black chest from that dragon. when you open it, it shows you cards then you have to pick one, so it’s not totally random @_@ I got mmmh -can’t read the kanjis xD;- the second item starting the end. What is it ?

  2. ひでぽん>ああやっぱりそうか?w まぁべつに期待していないw

    Main> the same thing they were thinking when Cromodo’s level 40 outfits weren’t dropping? 😕

  3. I just laughed at the part about Nagi’s reset skill XD; what were they thinking ???

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