Bright Shadow’s “Official” Epic Fail.

epicfailupdateThat’s right, we waited 2 days for them to implement a cash shop full of 7 and 30 day items. Nice, Gamepot, very nice. I don’t mind 7 day items from the lottery guy since you get them for free, but paying for temporary items? Are you kidding me lol. Oh speaking of the lottery guy, they’re removing him as of 11/16! So yea no more freebies either. Level cap is still 40, there’s no new classes…and they expect people to spend money? LOL fail. Oh well I’m not upset in the least bit – now I have more time to focus on Pangya and otome games 😀 Will come back and play more when they actually release more of the game instead of rolling out this half assed product and expecting people to pay for it.


Haha what else is new.

ahuahuahuahuThat was basically overnight. All the spam pretty much hit this post, why am I not surprised. Oh well eat shit Brazil 😀 Your spamming isn’t gonna work on wordpress! ahuahuahuehaueaheuaheua. Why don’t you go back to hacking cookie items on NtreevBR kthxbye.


Poupee Party Event

poupeepartyYes somehow I’m still doing poupee girl. Funny thing is that I don’t have to spam comments daily to get ribbons or whatnot since the ribbon item events are so rare that by the time the next one hits I’ve already accumulated 1000 ribbons or so lol. Anyway if you buy the ribbon stuff your empty tables will get food trays and cocktails all over them. Oh Katherine and your 150ribbon donuts 😆

How Bright Shadow experience division works

I decided to check out the Japanese BS wiki in regards to the whole experience dividing since over the weekend partying with someone 14 levels above me gave me 0 exp. See the table below:

Level Difference Exp % Notes
0 100% Based on the highest level person, if everyone is within 3 levels of each other the exp earned doesn’t change
4 90% Basically 5 level difference is the most you can go before it starts to get crappy.
6 80%
7 70%
8 60% It’s possible to be within 8 levels and still be more efficient than soloing
9 50% This is the absolute limit, after that don’t bother partying.
10 40%
11 30%
12 20%
13 10%
14 1 If you’re more than 14 levels apart, the highest person will get 1 exp and everyone else will get 0

So as you can see, ideally it’s good to be within 5 levels of each other. Anymore and it’s just a waste of time. I’m currently level 27 so any of you that are 22 and below or 33 and above are gonna have to either level up or wait for me to level up. 😕 At this point there’s a few people in the guild who are within my range and I’m sorry I haven’t been playing much. I’m trying to finish the otome game in the corner tonight as well as doing all the Pangya events. I was told that Bright Shadow is going to end open beta today and then officially reopen on the 11th. Hopefully that means no more level cap and new classes so at least it will motivate me to play more ^^;